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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$7.3M Gambler's Chest Roll #11, LETS DOUBLE OUR PINUPS TODAY!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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    1. Brett MacDonald on

      Yeah the Mario challenge was awesome! Only Poots could pull that off and it was amazing.

    2. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @Kingdom Death Oh very nice pinups by the way. I really like the pose and the custom base of the first one. Can't wait to see it in mini :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @Kingdom Death Keep giving us fun Poots :) This and the Mario challenge were nice ideas =P
      A lot of us realized it was just for fun and you added some slots to the GC anyway.

    4. CaGeRit

      @Adam let them eat salt. This has to be my favorite Kickstarter yet.

      Also, not directed at anyone in particular. But I'd gamble "smirk" that comments and complaints don't really effect the direction of the Kickstarter or the game itself. Once this thing funds Adam is going to look at the number of each thing bought and decide the future from that. Or ignore it and YOLO. If you don't like "thing" don't buy "thing".
      I for one despise the frogdog and all it represents, unfortunately I need to buy one to embark on my crusade to purge them from the lands of kingdom death. Life is suffering.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ken R on

      ? Marks below are applause and praise btw.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ken R on

      Keep being you, Adam. ������

    7. Missing avatar

      Ken R on

      I love the update.

    8. Brett MacDonald on

      I mean it (the GC) already has heaps of great minis (that come with added cards/philosophies which I think are more than some are giving them credit for)... and an expanded rule book... and we still have quite a bit more to see! This update was annoying sure... but it was in the spirit of KDM (sometimes things go wrong)... and Poots confirmed we didn't actually lose anything and already apologized for upsetting people. It is just another one of his planed surprises like the Mario challenge.

    9. Brett MacDonald on

      People are still complaining about BFGL tier? Seriously... you are getting a better deal than most backers ($50 off already severely reduced pricing) and getting just as good a deal as the pledge tier you are comparing it too. Yes it is not as flexible since that "lower" tier can add on the GC for the same cost as the difference in pledge tiers... but they are not getting it cheaper.
      I do understand the GC is not turning out how some desired... and wish it was better outlined from the get go... I was there with you. I am backer #36 and switched between the $200 and $300 tier numerous times... but Poots confirmed the GC add on in plenty of time for me to switch back down to $200... and we still have a TON of reveals left for the GC. I am 99% sure I am going to want it and 100% sure it will be the best deal on this KS. Just the one spot he locked I am sure has something good.... give it some time and see how things are in 3 weeks. So take a step back and just see how things pan out. You are getting exactly what you pledged for and at a great price.

    10. Shane Full on

      @Kingdom Death: Understandable, everyone gets carried away sometimes. It has been a long week. Take today to rest, everyone also needs a weekend.

    11. Cardoc24 on

      Just scanning the comments and looking at complaints and responses...what about the outline?!? Is that KD Mothman? Cockroach King? What is it?!?! Looks awesome


      Poots you do not have to worry, this game is not for some people. Is better they understand it right now, that complain later. Keep the fun stuff..the Kickstarer JUST a game...some people is just too difficult...Also At the end the kickstarter prices will be reasonable, do not do the math right now.

    13. lee sangin on

      I enjoy this project.
      ha ha

    14. McDevil on

      Kingdom Death dont apologize. Its fun, If someone does not have a sense of humor and distance, well that's his problem.
      Dr Manhattan I hate censorship. And this whining about feelings and limits. If you feel offended, it may not be stuff for you. And it hard to determine exactly when something is still right for you and what does not.

    15. Michael Pruden on

      Poots has achieved troll level super sayian God! He's a master of emotion. You guys will be ready for this game and the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with the first play through. :)

    16. Patrick Dozier on

      I am really enjoying the show, and I know Adam means to entertain us. Keep it up, checking the site every day is a treat and it's really growing my anticipation for the game!

    17. Missing avatar


      I was laughing when I watched the video... He said multiple times that the chest is more or less done so why the fear he might take something away... and even if he did he could do so without us even noticing. Just spread a relesa of mini plus cards in two sepereate ones and reveal ´em a piece at a time.
      Anyway I liked it... was fitting the theme.
      Nobody raged as he added those golden double disclosure points btw ;)

      On another topic...
      Like the new pinups especially as a double feature.... BUT I really would like the complete package including Art prints so it would be very helpful to know for sure if they come with anythin else but the small character card (that is not really confirmed imo)...
      Sice I´m on a budget I would arrange my spendings accordingly ;)

    18. DonUlfo on

      @Sven: when Adam wrote "everyone will like it" I allready thought, that this was a Kingdom-Death-like-it. So I was kind of prepared ;).

      But like Michel Baumann wrote this morning in the comments section:
      "I am not complaining about a lack of reveals or this gamblers box thing. But I would love more other kind of updates. Some with information perhaps with how they work, concept art, more information about revealed expansions or even old expansions. I love to peek behind the curtains especially with such a small, dedicated publisher. I would love to know what he is thinking when designing updates and what makes them special."

      That's what I would like to see too.

    19. Sera Non on

      As long as we still get the full value of everything that was potentially in the Gambler's Box by the end of the campaign it will be worthwhile.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sven Wasberg on

      I mean expectations

    21. Kangaroorex on

      Hey Adam,
      Just wanted to say the game looks to be a sure winner, but your presentation is delightful! I have never been so engaged by a kickstarter before. Keep up the great work!

    22. Missing avatar

      Sven Wasberg on

      @ DonUlfo: Adam said that he wants to take things slowly on weekends and that he will probably not roll a die for the gamblers chest. I guess that is the mainreason why many people are upset about this kind of thing. People knew that they will probably have to wait 2 days for the next roll and because of a joke have to wait another day. The next problem is, that Adam wrote that everyone will like this update, which created high expection for people (myself included). To say this made me think that we would get something different than a narrative miniature and 1 or 2 cards. At least I was expecting a new mechanic, or a new location for the settlement, or a new kind of armor, or maybe even a knew monster to fight.

    23. Sera Non on

      Do NOT "step away" from the anime faces.

      Kingdom Death has the best visuals of any tabletop game, period. Why would you complain about the best virtue of this product? If your tastes so much better, go make your own game.

      Yes I'm salty. Fug off.

    24. DonUlfo on

      My problem with this campaign is that I'm allways really excited when we get a new update. But the update like the last one disappointed me somehow. Not because of the killing aspect but because of it had no information about the game for me. Then it even more disappoints me that I know that I have to wait again 24h to the next update. THIS IS TORTURE....

    25. Martin Bomark on

      Adam, no worries, you cant make everyone happy in this world, but most people know its all part of the show... Take a look at this though

    26. Adrian on

      @Kingdom Death who made new pin up art? I simply love it. Furthermore it is my favorite pin up so far in this campaign, in last one it was Primal Huntress. I hope that this huge skull will be included in miniature sculpture!

    27. Michael Pflug on

      @ Dr. Manhattan: Are you aware, that your Religion (christianity) didn't invent christmas?

    28. Missing avatar

      James Williamson on

      @Kingdom Death Most of us thought it was great!

    29. Michael Pflug on

      @Poots: I loved it! It was fun and surprising! Thanks for a whole month of great entertainment!

    30. Marek Sorf on

      @Kingdom Death: no it was actually a good move, more fun would be actually if he kills some revealed reward though :)

    31. Marek Sorf on

      @Paireon: concerning your 6th Article, as it is clearly a reply to my post. You turned my whole post upside down. First of all, I was not complaining that we in Early Pledges did not know the content. I was complaining, that the GC was presented in different way than what it actually looks like to be now (and yes I understand, that this can change yet). I was also not complaining about the fact, that something is not exclusive, I was just saying, that the 300/350 slot is redundant, as there is absolutely no point in it, as you can have the same in 200/250 slot, because GC is not exclusive to 300/350 slot. So at the end, learn to read others posts and behave respectfully to other opinions, as the only one, who is behaving as an elitist here at this moment is you.

    32. Alfonso Hernández Haro on

      It was fun!!!! No worries, keep rocking :D

    33. Michael Guidry on

      This update sucks for a Friday update. That being said, I'm not into the pin ups but that nightmare ram armor might be a purchase for me.

    34. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      Just wanted to quickly say that the Gambler's Chest is just a fun way for me to present things. It's all just part of the show! Kingdom Death is a harsh, but I am not. In my sleep deprived state, when the murderer's roll came up... I just couldn't resist! If you were offended I apologize. But there is nothing to worry about.

    35. AGN1964 on

      Two pinups for $15? The way people complain here, I expected to see complaints that the other pinups are over priced.

      I like the new pinup.

    36. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      I respectfully disagree concerning the MSRP, as Adam has been rather consistent there. 25$ MSRP is the norm for pinups and survivor-sized promos and the like, so we can safely know that that's what it'll cost after the KS to buy them when they're available at the webshop, and expansions' MSRP is right there at the top of their description and seems to be in line with previously published expansions' MSRP. Plus I'd say that we haven't seen a bunch of expansions that will likely raise the alue yet higher, MSRP or not.

      Also, people still don't seem to get the memo that 1- pinups are NOT part of the Gambler's Chest; both are separate add-ons that are included in certain pledge levels (including the Black Friday Gambler's Chest levels, which isn't the same thing as the Gambler's Chest itself);
      2- Conversely, saying that this is about pinups more than monsters/expansions is being disingenuous or plain incapable of seeing what's in front of oneself, as barely more than a third of the way in there are already 4 new monsters (including Gold Smoke Knight) and 4 new expansions (First Hero, Nightmare Ram, Screaming God, Frogdog), with at least two more that have been teased but are definitely happening (Satan and this update's Glorious Moth-Thing silhouette). The first campaign had 12 expansions, 10 of which had new monsters, and the only way I see the first campaign having more "new" monsters during its run overall is due to its core box having 7 monsters in it.
      3- anyone who's played with the expansions can confirm that they're not mere "monster packs", and "expansion" is the keyword - most of them significantly change how the game is played, up to and including complete campaign overhauls for the Dragon King and Sunstalker (and also likely the Ring-Tail Fox of we see it here);
      4- There is going to be a LOT of new rules contents in the Gambler's Chest. Every narrative sculpt except White Fang comes with at least one new card, be they gear, philosophies, fighting arts, disorders, etc., and so far there are two new unique campaign rules modification options; the pure crunch content is already about on par with a regular monster expansion (like, say, Gorm or Lion Knight), and we're not even halfway in. By the end I'm expecting the full gaming contents of GC will be near that of the core box itself (and probably will end up costing about as much at retail). A monster would be cool, yes, but it simply may not be the box's focus.

      Oh, and complaining about not knowing what you were getting into when you swiped an EB in the first few minutes due to your elitist, entitled pride being wounded that what you're getting isn't exclusive to super special snowflakes like you is so ridiculous I think it isn't even worth a full rebuttal, especially since the misplaced ego of those concerned will prevent them from considering any counter to their self-righteous, self-indulgent position (also, people don't like being pointed out they're wrong, which is doubly true for those types).

      In any case, this is like a haunted house ride or a roller coaster. It's not to everyone's tastes, but those of us who enjoy the ride are having a blast. Unlike an amusement park ride though, those who don't like it can always get out whenever they want as long as it's before the ride ends, and they won't have to pay a single cent for it. And there are four weeks left on the ride. And those who don't like the ride may not like the game, given that the ride has been described by many as quite similar to the flow of the game itself, on an emotional level.

    37. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Ryan on

      I'm guessing there is no way to convert my pledge from 300 to 200 + 100? I'd sure like the same flexibility as the rest of the early backers.

    38. lee sangin on

      what happen.
      I don't know gamber rule.

    39. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      @Dr Manhattan: I find your logic weird and confusing. Satan expansion okay, Satan expansion on Christmas, a holiday that non-Christian people celebrate as if it's the norm, is not. Poots will do what he wants, you can also do what you want.

    40. Barry the Butcher on

      These two art designs bring to light food for thought though. The talk about pinups being a lite hearted for fun thing should ring ture for art like the old ram "pinup" but I completely see an actual place in the world for the new art.

    41. Mellekai

      That is what I call brutal funny! Great, love it. Happy to be a little part of this KS.

    42. Barry the Butcher on

      The new Nightmare Ram pinup looks awesome! Really points out how lame the original is though,lol.

    43. Jeffrey Owen

      If the gamblers chest gets a single expansion or quarry, it will immediately become more than worth it to me... Until then, I'm on the fence like other people but not in a hurry to drop it. Unfortunately I'm in the 300$ pledge too.

      And the whole msrp argument doesn't do it for me either, value is subjective and what's in the chest now is not something that I would willingly spend 100$ on, RIGHT NOW. That being said, we'll see what three weeks more rolls brings to change my mind.

    44. Rick on

      That should be the other way around, you already have the pinup ram armor ;)

    45. Dr Manhattan on

      @Kent Strasen If "Christmas surprise" will be a representation of Lucifer, and it will be offered on Christmas day as a "gift" or add-on, it might look very irreverent and offensive to the Christian religion. So that's fine supporting a boardgame, but I won't accept to support a kind of a unwitting advertising campaign for the Prince of Darkness. Perhaps Poots is a Satanist or maybe not, I do not care, but I would not accept a desecration of my religion. It would be very offensive. There is no one who cares? I like the game, but I think it and this campaign should always set limits and not be offensive. Adam asks to be respectful, but this is the real respect, not being polite in speaking ...

    46. Missing avatar

      Patrick Walker

      As much as it sucks to lose a Gamblers Item, the whole box is really extra goodies - no one should really be expecting anything, it was a 'gamble'.

      I've seen some grumbles about it being more sculptures than mechanics, and though I've never played KD - I'd probably be inclined to agree. So @Creator, if you've got some more cards and mechanics I can't wait to see them! (Murder some sculpts not these please!)

      That being said the more positive way to think about it all is that we already have 13 rolls which netted in items, and if we estimate each one to be a +$15 item we've already doubled the Gamblers Chest value.

      My pockets are sore from all the other add ons personally, and they're at a great MSRP discount. Either way I hope some of you higher pledge clowns drop cause I want your spot!

    47. Missing avatar

      Tim Wright on

      Count me in on the bandwagon here. As a previous bakcer of KD:M I have learned to enjoy the ride. As in life so much is not in your control. I'm strapped in Poots, take me for a ride!

    48. Missing avatar

      Kasper on

      Petition for a BFGL tier GC remove, BF discount retaining option!

    49. Missing avatar

      Billy Crawford on

      Hahaha very clever! The murderer has murdered:-) high anxiety folks should not watch this update!

    50. Missing avatar

      Billy Crawford on

      Haha!!! Very clever Posts. The murderer has murdered someone/something. Very cool. Hahaha. Warning: anyone with high anxiety should not watch this update :-)