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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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Gambler's Chest Roll #10, Changelog Update Art Innovations, New Pinup and a teaser, teaser update!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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Male Pinups
I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank the artists whom have worked on Male Pinups for Kingdom Death. Pinup artwork can be a very personal thing for artists and it takes a lot of creative courage to be comfortable presenting it to new fans. I am tremendously thankful, humbled and very proud that we are able to add these pieces of fantastic artwork to our collective whole. 

The Male Pinup Screaming God Armor, was created by the super talented HamletMachine. HamletMachine's style is utterly fantastic and in my humble opinion, in the genre it is peerless, expressive, and powerful.

If you enjoy HamletMachine's work you need to go read / buy everything. HamletMachine is an independent, self-published, crazy hard working artist. Check out the Starfighter comic here. WARNING NSFW NSFW I MEAN IT!!

Follow on twitter for amazing new art all the time.

Directly @HamletMachine, 
Thank you. Thanks so much for giving us a part of yourself. It's fucking awesome and you need to know how much I cherish it. On behalf of Anna and myself, getting to work with you amidst the swirling chaos this kickstarter has been, was / is amazing! When I am done with this update, I am going to print that badass babe and slap him right on my wall!!

Woo! Now unto our changelog update!

For our new players, you might not understand how huge these changes are since you haven't played the original version! After a lot of play-testing, all I can say is that the changes are awesome. Your new experiences will be better, having been built on a mountain of dead survivors before it! lol


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    1. Skarmy on

      Hamlet is one of my absolute favorite web comic artists. I am SO ECSTATIC to get a pinup guy designed by them!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Vertseper on

      so , is this starfighter comic just a gay comic?

    3. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      So if Pottery removes Barber Surgeon location (which never made any kind of sense), where is it built from now?

    4. Edward Farkhiev on

      The male pinups are not for me but that's totally fine. They're extra models that don't effect the game. I fully support them!

    5. Crystal Groves

      @Matthew - Never underestimate the raw, sexual power of a merkin!

    6. Stiffleshanks

      Loving the male pin-ups! @Melhilion bless your heart.

    7. Bruce M on

      Appreciate the art of the male pinup but will just concentrate on core game plus a few expansion as it's costing me heaps . Just need to decide on what expansions

    8. Melhilion

      i dont like the male pinups - i dont have any use for them... never understand why so many people like them.

    9. Rascarcapac on

      Great update. Thanks for making us discover the work of Hamlet Machine. Il love it!
      Can't wait to see the next one (pin-up revealed, gambler's chest add-on, new teaser of Satan, new expansion revealed...).

    10. Sammy on

      @ Crystal Groves - Not a bad idea. He could be an alternate for the Count Dracula mini!

    11. Missing avatar

      Allana S on

      So much love for the male pin-up figures. It is just so awesome to see dude minis like that, I'm buying them all. Also; you guys actually managed to make the normally silly looking sexy poses look frikken awesome on these guys rather than tongue in cheek. Love the heels!

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      I'm surprised so many people like this pinup. Who knew that a genital hair beard would be popular.

    13. AGN1964 on

      @Jason Massatt I see it very differently. We use those 4 minis as survivors all the time. Gear changes so quickly, that our minis are never 100% exact representation of the gear cards. I agree that those minis might be poor representations of gear cards, but it's no worse that using the 4 starting survivor minis for the entire campaign. People do that.

      And who is to say that someone in the settlement can't make a rawhide bag for holding any legs you pick up? We have great narratives for whats in that bag and where the skull necklace comes from.

    14. Crystal Groves

      I just realized that this pin-up would look completely at home in the vampire hunter D world. Love it.

    15. Cuscusdakka on

      Love the pinup. This is going straight to my Age of Sigmar army. The Messenger of the Spiral Path is going to be sad to not be the general anymore.

    16. Timothy Roller

      Excellent stuff. Keep it up!

    17. Ed Leech on

      It would take magnets or rehousing each time you changed but you could use the representative disorder bases with different models not just the ones they come with.

    18. Jason Massatt on

      @Jonathan yes they are. It looks like Adam is thinking to replace the armor kits traditionally included with expansions with narrative sculpts, then releasing armor kits separately to reduce costs on the expansions. Who knows though... he's a crazy man... who I trust and support fully.

    19. Ed Leech on


      Lol, new players won't understand the differences as they can't see the original cards to read the differences :p

      All joking aside they look really good. Having more cards that are good makes the decision to innovate even more difficult. Innovations are so important to your settlements progression. Getting the balance right to being able to innovate vs getting some armour/weapons/gear to help you kill/survive is always a challenge. A key part of why this game is simply wonderful

    20. Jason Massatt on

      @agn Paul, Anna, Aya, and Adam are promos. They all have non-standard gear and are just cool flavorful models giving more depth to the kd world. They are named characters. The narrative sculpts are all singular points that your survivor can actually achieve, like the people of the sun/ dragon. For example, in my first settlement I had the exact survivor that the white Lion armor narrative sculpt represents. I'm guessing that the special gear will become achievable, but even if it never did, at this point it's all just specialized versions of normal gear. A 'massive' bone axe, or a 'lucky' cat knife. They give flavor to the common survivor, and tell their story.

    21. Jon Simpson on

      Truly appreciate the direction to have male pin-ups , love you for that , about time. Saying that though the screaming god pin up is hilarious thigh length high heels and a skimpy c@@k cloth ? your killing me ...:0 .

    22. Missing avatar

      Jonathan A on

      So the narrative sculpts are the same size as the regular figures you use in game?

    23. Sage Smith on

      I would recommend sticking with the gamblers chest, it's coming with a lot of new game content such as scouts of death and philosophy of death, not to mention each sculpt adds a few more cards. (yes that does have an impact on the game)

    24. Alexandre Bilodeau on

      @ Jason, of the narratives aren't nothing more than dynamic figurines and don't bring much more to the game, I'll forget the gamblers chest and put that money in expansions instead.
      I'm new to this game and still don't understand the need for them at the moment...

    25. Tyler Hunter on

      Loving the new sculpture, makes getting a good fighting art a real boon.

    26. AGN1964 on

      @Jason, if the NS minis are "simply survivors that are pre-armed and posed", couldn't you say they started with Adam, Anna, Aya and Paul in the first KS?

      I find it much easier to see them your way (more survivors), than seeing the story or narrative elements that many people are talking about.

    27. Jason Massatt on

      Alexandre- there's nothing to question. I'm assuming you have yet to play the game. The narrative survivors are all simply wearing a full armor set, while the armor kits allow you to mix and match sets. The game isn't kill w Lion, get w Lion armor, you have to craft all the pieces separate and putting the pieces of the set together gives a set bonus. The narrative models are mostly the same survivors you can build with the kits, just more dynamically posed. The exceptions so far are the romantic (which is hinted to be an evolution of rawhide armor) and the scout. The narrative survivors actually started with the people of the sun and people of the dragon. They are simply survivors that are pre-armed and posed, but they can also be easily represented with the armor kits.

    28. Shane Full on

      I like these narrative sculptures so much more than the armor kits. They have such a better look to them (IMO), and really captures the thematic feel of moments in my last KDM campaign. My miniatures are going to feel much more like a living artistic embodiment of the settlement.

    29. Drew on

      Ah, the new art track looks fantastic.

      I've had a really hard time trying to get my group to develop the arts (the Barber Surgeon is very good) but it is hard to justify taking pottery or sculpture over so many of the other options.

    30. Alexandre Bilodeau on

      @ Kingdom Death: could you consider doing an update of FAQ about the use and implementation of the narratives sculpts please? If the armor kit is the representation of a survivor with the armor he built after he killed a particular monster, how do we implement a narrative one instead?

    31. Nick Knight on

      Does anyone know if we're going to get a replacement "organ grinder" location card with the typo settlemet?

    32. William Little on

      These narrative sculpts are fucking gorgeous. Thank you.

    33. Xero Faith on

      I would think this excludes secret fighting arts since those are very limited and hard to get.

    34. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on

      @Reverant - hum...actually you got me an idea to convert the male pin up into a female one, as it's really feminine in looks it'll be a piece of cake.

    35. Missing avatar

      Derek Rundell

      I really appreciate the male pinups! My collections of KD:M miniatures was really getting lopsided - abundant in females, but scarce in males. I play with female friends, and I know they'll appreciate something other than voluptuous, scantily clad women for a change. Plus, I've heard KD:M get some bad rap as being sexist toward women. Male pinups show that it doesn't just objective women, it objectifies everyone! � Cuz' in KD:M everyone, regardless of gender, is just meat for the grinder!

    36. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Reverant - Same thing for me regarding this pinup.

    37. AGN1964 on

      @Adam, The Cockroach Queen is a really nice mini. But how do the Narrative Sculpts help us tell the story? For example, what if in my settlement, the person with this disorder and philosophy is male and we only have rawhide armor? I see how the cards affect the story, but the NS sculpts seem like regular survivor minis too me (very nice survivors, for sure).

      I hope the empty slot next to the scout is for a scout of the other gender. KD:M is pretty gender neutral.

    38. Missing avatar

      Reverant on

      Wow that small chested female pinup has lightly too much going on in the abs for me to be in to her.... lol ;P I am just kidding this pinup is really pushing the boundary of what is sexy. I haven't decided if i am going to buy any pinups, but even as a straight male, I actually might consider buying this one.

    39. Scott Markham on

      Adam- LOVE the Cockroach Queen! Best narrative model yet! Any background to the bugs? Is there some sort of gross big baddie that births them?
      I am excited about the new philosophies as well!
      About the male pin-ups, not my cup of tea but I see them not only as another fantastically sculpted miniature, but I see them as another part of your fabulous world. I will take anything from Kingdom Death that you give us! To me, the male pin-ups are like Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars- not a big fan of him, but if he didn't exist then he wouldn't have proposed giving emergency power to the Emperor and the Galactic Empire wouldn't exist. And that would be sad.

    40. Joseph on

      Will the Sculpture fighting art exclude secret fighting arts?

    41. Tias - RTF dream lives on on


      Oh no, the travesty, male nudity. What will we ever do?! Not like women have had to deal with this sort of stuff for so many years right?

    42. Jason Massatt on

      Jerry, there are no pinups in the gamblers chest. All the minis in the chest to this point are narrative survivors wearing armor sets from the game, plus two promo minis: Adam and Aya. Zero pinups.

    43. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @Jerry T - Pinups are not included in the Gambler's Chest itself. They are in the Black Friday Gambler's Chest PLEDGE LEVEL, though, which is NOT the same thing (also no longer available except when someone at that level drops it).

      Seriously, the reading comprehension and research capacity of some people here has me worried.

    44. Ruinaes on

      I think there is a typo on the sculpture card. "fighting art you DEPICTED"

    45. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      I would like to see the Pin Ups as optional add ons and only see non pinup stuff in the Gamblers chest.

      I wont be going for it.

      I havent gone for any Pin Ups in previous Kickstarter

      @Poots is there any way we can have the Philosophy of Death system add to the 1.5 update options.

      I am more interested in the gameplay and I am sure there are a lot of others who feel the same. So please keep these separate.

    46. Sybaris of the Abyssal Woods on

      The queen is fine, i just am absolutely not the target audience for the male pinups.

    47. Eduardo Guimarães on

      Best male pinup till now, let's see how the sculpt will be! I'm not the target audience but these are awesome. Great artist that i did not knew of! More of my money going to KD, my wife is gonna kill me!
      And the cockroach queen! awesome. Probably the coolest narrative sculpt till now (or maybe the second coolest one, dark eye is pretty cool too!)
      The teaser of the teaser of the teaser of Satan, i hope this monster really push the bonduaries of acceptable, because, you know, SATAN! (lol)
      Great update, keep up the good work!

    48. tasky87 on

      @japester: yes narrative sculpts are new in this campaign, and perhaps? its hard to say went i look at it the Pin-up promo cards are more often light hearted, pervy or whimsical. but the others Percival, Fade, the Walls extra content added more solid little additions to the game and almost every Narrative sculpt we've seen also comes with little bits of new game content. so yeah i think some of those recent store minis were kinda proto narrative sculpts

    49. Baylock on

      "All these homoerotic pinups aren't exactly motivating me to grab a high priced Lantern pledge. Those of you who like that sort of thing, be happy. You've got one less person competing for your spot."

      But sad that you weren't a true Form Satan's pledger. That would have been awesome.