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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$7.1 M - Gambler's Chest Roll #9, Flower Knight Expansion Reprint Confirmed

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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I have a good idea of what to add to the Gambler's Chest for the xmas reveal. Gonna get working on that right away! hehehe.

Yeah so... $7.1M... Right now I am wishing pretty hard that this was a digital product. Then I could really show up to the bank in scrooge mcduck cosplay! Lol there is a mountain of paper and plastic we gotta make now! Forests will weep! But it's awesome!!!

Will we make it to SSJ GOD?


Flower Knight Expansion, reprint Confirmed!

This is a current expansion, that we are going to reprint! There will be no changes to the content. This expansion is included in the following pledge levels: Satan's Lantern, Twin Satan's Lantern, True & Final Form Satan's Lantern and Ancient Gold Lantern.

Get stabbed through the heart in the center of a fairy ring! woo!

Gamblers Chest Update That I Forgot!

Here is the GC image from update #13 that I forgot to post. 

Annnndd of course our teaser + a teaser update!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      I am new to KDM but it seems pretty clear to me that like many other Kickstarters, KDM just has some pledge levels with and some without stretch goals in the form of the gambler's chest, at least ones beyond the planned improvements to the core game which everyone is getting (since we are well past the 2mil or whatever was planned) given that the core game is already in production so that it can be delivered this summer this is entirely reasonable, adding more content that would have to be modeled and play tested would definitely delay it and require all sorts of changes to the inserts, etc.

      @Plug other campaigns plan around freebies by charging full retail price of the game and then using the extra percentage that they get beyond what they would sell to a distributor to provide "free" stuff to their backers. IDK about to you but I'd think the retail price of this game would be prohibitive for most people if they wanted to get it and start playing... I think it's kind of nice that he's offering rewards without "stretch goals" beyond what's in the core to make it more accessible to the average person, but I wasn't an original backer so maybe its less of a factor to me than someone that already owns the game.

    2. NotDomo on

      @John Mullins

      "now, just point the rest of us to the pledge level WITHOUT the Gamblers Chest and WITH the original Xpacs content" "I REALLY hope I can opt out of this thing come time to pay"

      You can opt out of it now. I'll just point you to the $250 Lantern Pledge where you can just add on all the original "Xpacs".

      I really really don't see the point of anger until the Kickstarter is 90% done and you actually know what's coming with your pledge. You're causing both yourself and the rest of us unnecessary grief.

    3. Missing avatar

      Charles Lutz on

      Will there be an update tonight? I can't sleep lol.

    4. japester

      @Plug Uglie
      As a CMON fan, I totally understand where you are coming from. It's great seeing $400 of exclusive/free content unlocked for a $100 pledge. Frankly, I'm surprised I'm okay with the pricing and layout here, but I am. I guess because of the quality of the product he managed to put out. And the uniqueness of the game. I heard the same things Kent did, and I've heard several people say that if it wasn't for the pinup sales, the game elements from the first KS might have sunk the company. If that's true, it explains why everything has jumped up and the discounts are lower. But it seems like sound reasoning. I think the reason we don't feel blown away is the slow reveal of the Gambler's Box. Adam seems to love his fans, and with that box included in nearly every pledge, it simply has to be an amazing value. There's no other reason for him to push it on everybody. So I have a feeling that (besides cool new expansions yet to be announced) the real "Wow!!!" moment won't hit us until the last week or so, once the full Gambler contents are revealed. :-)

    5. Plug Uglie on

      @ Kent obviously that is the last thing i would want to happen to him. I want the game to thrive and live on but if other kickstarters can financially plan around freebies than im sure poots can. Just not feeling the love this time around.

    6. Alpharius on

      @Plug Uglie

      I heard murmurs about how he went too overboard in the first Kickstarter and had major financial issues, because things were too cheaply priced and too many free goodies. Something about how he didn't realize how costly it would be to make this and all.

      If this is true, I do not want that to happen to him again. If he wants to play it safe, then fine by me, as a newcomer.

    7. Plug Uglie on

      Really starting to miss all the free goodies that poots through in with the first campaign. Some people dont like getting more of the same thing but i for one loved the extra armor sprues/ monsters. Not blowing me away yet this campaign but i still have faith.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      Regarding the Satans pledges I think that the problem isn't that they were popular but that the more new expansions they release the more it costs to fulfill both the Satan's and Gambler's Pledges. They knew how much it would cost them to fulfill the old rewards at the outset.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      Quotes from Poots RE: The Gambler’s Chest

      11/30--“my plan from the start was to make the Gambler's Chest into a final for retail product. That makes my own SKU list and the more logistical side of the business much easier. It's yet to be seen how much the retail will have to be though. With the Gambler's Chest, I will be happy so long as we don't lose money on it! Lol”

      12/07--"Please keep in mind that the Gambler's Chest is basically where all the "stretch goals" are going. Last campaign I got far too carried away and ended up ballooning the core game to the point where we lost a good deal of money producing each unit. This time I decided to focus it all into one expandable product. Right now the Gambler's Chest has nearly a score of awesome miniatures and an Advanced Rulebook and like 50ish game cards and counting. This lets me deliver a much better experience in a bit more of a responsible way.”

    10. Martin Bomark on

      Kristian... Thanks, thats a load off my mind.

    11. Kristian GS on

      No problem :)

      Here's a few pictures of the happy germans shipping Kingdom Death and expansions to european backers:

    12. Michael Pflug on

      Thanks for the confirmation Kristian!

    13. Kristian GS on

      @Martin Bomark - Fellow Dane here. Last kickstarter everything was shipped from Germany by Ulisses Spiele so there was no VAT and no $20 fee for collecting the VAT. I wouldn't worry about it.

    14. AGN1964 on

      I hope my comment was not misconstrued as meaning the NS sculpts have no value. It's great to have some. I just saying I would like some variety.

    15. John Mullins on

      more and more calls to add something of value to the Gamblers chest. I REALLY hope I can opt out of this thing come time to pay, cause as of right now, to me, its garbage. Ebay here it comes, and I hope I can at least get the money back Im going to be stuck paying for it.

      If he DOES add something like a monster too it, alot of the complaints would cease immediately.. or at least give us pledge levels where we arent forced to pay for it to get what we actually want!

    16. Sage Smith on

      I that there willingly be a nemesis encounter and the nemesis will be the gambler, since it his chest.

    17. Martin Bomark on

      Poots, I like how you do allot for fans of your game, but to be honest, I think there could be done a bit more for fans in EU as I have also written to you in private with no response. We are taxed very highly and end up paying allot more for what is already a very expensive product. It must be possible to get a deal going with a warehouse somewhere central like Germany, that actually works (I understand the current warehouse in EU gives you trouble). To import here in Denmark, you have to pay $20 just in handling fees for every single package above $8 in value and THEN you add taxes.

    18. godgorF

      I am definitely buying two Gamblers boxes though - these narrative sculpts are the equivalent of the promos from the last campaign and they're amazing.

    19. godgorF

      I actually kinda expect there to be probably one Nemesis encounter monster in the chest - like, a new knight of some sort. Maybe under that slot Poots rerolled early on? Maybe on double-lantern?

    20. AGN1964 on

      I'm hoping for a bit more variety in the 'Chest. I'm not saying the NS minis are bad, but something different might be fun.

    21. eWave on

      @Markus Häsler: They do have to make a living ^_^ especially since it seems like the Satan pledges are going to cost them more (or earn them less) than initially thought due to their unexpected popularity.

    22. Markus on

      @eWave yes thats true and so its no real new information ^^
      if they produce 2000 Flower Knights or 4000 will increase the cost by 100% but they can be sold separately! so a big advantage for KD hehe

    23. eWave on

      This may be related to the investments needed by the production process (making new molds, fronting cash for the printer, warehouse space, stuff like that).

    24. eWave on

      @Markus Häusler: Given the situation, my understanding is that reprints were planned for the Satan and Ancient Gold Lantern pledge levels, and that the current funding allow Kingdom Death to (re)print a greater volume of those items.

    25. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      @Marko Parviainen
      At the start of this KS campaign, I was hoping for at least 1 or 2 new monsters in Gambler's Chest being double the price of BF 1.5 upgrade that includes a new monster "gold smoke knight".
      But after seeing few reveals, yeah there may be none at all.

    26. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      @Bavo: They all have their own merits. Lonely Tree is the worst - not because it's bad, just that it doesn't come up often. Spidicules is marmite (some love, some hate; the model is awesome). The Green Knight Armor is a minor campaign variant, and more of a challenge mode than anything. Lion God is ungodly hard, but with the campaign being extended with the Gold Smoke Knight, may be more useful.

      Gorm, Dragon King and Sunstalker are considered the best. Flower Knight makes the game easier, Slenderman/Manhunter make it harder. Dung Beetle Knight and Lion Knight add variation, and DBK is quite fleshed out (as it's one of Adam's favourites) and adds Farming, whilst the Lion Knight adds resource mixing, and did recently get a buff with the themed survivors being added on for free.

    27. Foxwhisperer on

      I don't expect a new monster in the Gamblers chest... Adding a monster means adding the miniature + A.I. card pack + hit location pack + hunt pack + monster related resource pack + monster related items pack + maybe a new village location card. That's a lot of cards to be added... I don't see it happening.

    28. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      My bad. You did mention about a new book.

      When I read the explanatory on philosophy of death, I got the impression that the contents in gambler's chest will mostly be related to the advanced game rather than tons of narrative miniatures and few cards.
      I was hoping to see some monsters to fight against, but that may not happen either.

      I'm not complaining though.
      I'll just drop my pledge if I don't like what I see ad the end.

    29. Daniel Wagner on

      give us the King! :P

    30. Steve on

      @Buddha Luva, you are misinterpreting me. I know its part of it and that there is plenty of rules in there already. I am responding to the people complaining that it is not a good deal.

    31. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      "The Philosophy of Death is a new game system that's part of the Kingdom Death:Monster Advanced(working title!) game book that comes in the Gambler's Chest"
      This is stated in Philosophy of Death explanation.

      You can find it in the campaign page.

    32. Markus on

      ok now every other backer can throw money on this expansion too ^^

    33. Markus on

      "Flower Knight Expansion Reprint Confirmed" why is this a News? this expansion is in every Satan and ancient gold lantern. so yes i knew that this will be reprinted :P

    34. Foxwhisperer on

      Well, I paid 100 for that plastic pinup box that came with 8 pinups, 1 item card and 1 village event card. Compared to that, paying 100 for gamblers box is really not expensive at all (more figures and way more cards and advanced rules book). Lol.

    35. japester

      I strongly encourage people with questions about how expansion content works and suggestions on which ones to get go to a proper forum like The complete lack of structure provided by Kickstarter makes their forums near useless for finding what you need to know. (Not that it isn't fun to chat about the latest news, but thats all this is--a chat log.)
      (please use the Search tool rather than starting a new thread--I guarantee there are already at least a few threads addressing all your questions) ;-)

    36. Samael on

      @steve it is scattered throughout the updates. Also in the main comments Poots mentioned that it is coming with a rulebook

    37. Bavo on

      Oh, never mind, coffee started working and I understand now. Thanks!

    38. Bavo on

      @ Peter Bowie: Also, at what do you mean old expansions being 50 % off? This is relevant to my interests...

    39. Steve on

      I had a look on the main page and don't see anywhere that says the gamblers chest will be full of expanded rules or expansions so nit sure why anyone feels trapped... Especially since it does contain game content including a new book.
      What precedent was set in the last ks? Most of the stretch goals were duplicates of models like a second phoenix, watcher, armour kits which you actually can't really use in a game. So this chest has a lot more game stuff than last time.

    40. Bavo on

      @Peter Bowie: Thanks for the comment! I'm backing the game after a friend of mine kickstarted it last time, but I'm wondering, what expansions do you think are most intriguing/fun? I don't have 750 dollars to drop on the entire thing, but I'd love to get one or two extra's. Any tips?

    41. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      @Bavo: Flower Knight is an old expansion. You have to purchase it separately. It's a huntable monster that adds a small campaign variant (that can make the game a little easier).

      Looks like the Ancient Gold level will be more of a discount than Black Friday Gold + Old Expansions now. 50% off all the Old Expansions is $442.50. Add on the extra $10 from Flower Knight not being 50% off, that's $452.50, add on a Black Friday Gold, that's $752.50, versus the $750 for the Ancient Gold level.

      My expectation is, for the expansions that have been out of print and hard to get for a while, they're 50% off (Dragon King and Lion Knight mostly), for others, the best deal is to get the bundle.

    42. Bavo on

      So, I'm asking this before my morning coffee so there's a 95 percent chance it's a dumb question, but the "Floral Knight" reprint is part of the gamblers chest (as in, you get it with the Gamblers chest)? Or do we have to order it separately?

    43. jeep on

      @RocK_M yes you're right ! I had overlooked that

    44. Saajan 9000

      curious - is the game content packaged with miniatures going to be put into an add-on or even packaged at a later date?

      i feel like many people would like the game content w/out having to go outside expansions + maingame...

    45. RocK_M on

      @Jeep: Actually if you haven't noticed each miniature comes w/ game content ranging from weapons, philosophies, innovation/disorders. The innovation/disorders specifically are pretty big game changers since they will affect a fair few events in game :D

    46. Rascarcapac on

      Oh my! This gambler's chest is going to be a treasure trove with all those narrative minis! A Screaming God pin-up! Wonderful. I hope we can get one pin-up for each new expansion (including the previously un-planned Satan's one!)

    47. jeep on

      It is true that KD:M is known for its miniatures so no one should be surprised to discover a GC full of miniatures. I had hoped however for a couple of optional game rules included in there, or minor extensions to the game. But in retrospect I guess these were all included in the 1.5 changelog rather than the GC. Ho well, still happy wth my BF Gold Lantern.
      Ok, now, when do the Black Night, Sotrm Knight and Ringtail Fox get annonced ????

    48. Samael on

      Loving the gamblers chest.
      Dozens of new miniatures, new gear cards and hunt events

      But most of all an entirely new rule system (kingdom death 2.0???), this alone is worth the cost

    49. Missing avatar

      Yargyr on

      @Günther - You can choose the Gold Lantern pledge and then you can downgrade for 100 bucks if that's what you want ;) ... it's called gamblers box for a reason

    50. Kanzen Hirukan on

      @Günter Oelfke, i see it more like an opportunity than a trap, because a lot more people were able to get the black friday discount, even days after the main day and also be part of Poots master plan for the gambler´s box experience.