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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$6.8M - 2x Gambler's Chest Rolls, Pinup Reveal and New Expansion! Also some more teasers! lol

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

Just a normal monday. Just a normal monday where you wake up to nearly 14,000 people and $6.8 Million dollars sitting in your board game kickstarter campaign.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Allana S on

      @GinjaNinja - the word you are looking for is yonic. It means a form which resembles a vagina or vulva. Phallic is for when things resemble penises.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      Isn't it a bit illogical that the Frogdog risk crushing it's young by sitting on them...? I'd very much like a change in the sculpt of that so I don't have to change it myself when I get the model. Because it will bother me quite a bit.

    3. SerenityNow98 on

      Ummmm GinjaNinja, I'm relatively sure you don't have a clue what phallic means... I think you may want to look it up before progressing your argument.

    4. Angelic Despot

      I don't see what the armour sets have to do with the Frogdog, and I'm not a massive fan of electric farts, but I love the Frogdog. it's one of the monsters I was most hoping would appear in the game. Its pose doesn't bother me... I find it's crazy detached enthusiasm quite creepy.

    5. Missing avatar

      J Durrant on

      @John di Battista I'll give you that the expansions are often less serious in tone than the main game. I think the lions balls are in keeping with the overall tone of KDM monster rather than comedic though.

    6. Trx on

      I am in the camp that really dislikes the frogdog. I find the farts childish and unfitting of what I imagine the KDM setting to be, and the sculpt uninspiring (even think frogmonkey is a more fitting name).

      Having said that I do LOVE the content. Like the different nodes option, like the amount of equipment cards, even the base of the sculp. The narrative armors look amazing as well...though I dont know how it resembles Frogdog. :| I guess thats why I like it.

      Unlike some comments below, I am not trying to be a dick. This is by far m favorite KS ever, and in general I have never seen better design/sculpts/minies in a game. This one just doesnt do it for me. :/

    7. Coralline Algae on

      Ah! Link didn't work. Let's try that again.…

    8. Coralline Algae on

      For anyone who doesn't understand the update, here's a summary.

    9. Scott on

      @Ed Leech, I do feel that James Scott makes a valid point though. Even among die-hard KD fans, one of the most common complaints I see is the often static pose of the monsters and nemeses. One of the most valid examples is the Butcher miniature. This figure is supposed to represent a man so crazed and violent that his mere presence can throw others into a similar frenzy. Yet his model stands at ease, arms at his sides, with absolutely no dynamism. This type of stance makes sense for the King's Man, whose lore states that he is so confident he can't be bothered to protect his back. But not for the Butcher.
      With this in mind, I can completely understand James' point about the Frogdog. The fact that it is simply crouched atop a mound of its offspring doesn't convey a threatening intent. Perhaps if it were leaned forward with an arm outstretched, more of that would come through.

      That said, I do absolutely love the miniatures Adam is able to produce. I love the detail and the crazy, original ideas. I also think that the narrative figures from the gambler's chest are a step in the right direction of providing more dynamic poses. Finally, I am not a sculptor and therefore do not have a first hand understanding of the limitations of the medium. Perhaps the Butcher's pose was a necessary compromise in order to fit the sprue.

    10. Coralline Algae on

      @Robert - Best post I've seen in a long time! ◠ヮ◠

    11. Coralline Algae on

      @GinjaNinja - Are you really arguing with tre manor about miniature sculpture design elements? I assume you don't know who he is. The guy is a world renown professional miniature sculptor.

      If you still don't think that the monsters in KD have genitals in odd places just look at the Gorm or the Lion God. Hint: there are 3 sex organs in the LG photo.

      That said, I'm not bashing the Frogdog or the Gorn or the Lion or even the Wet Nurse. I'm just pointing out that unusual appearances of vaginas and penises are on many Kingdom Death monsters. The Frogdog isn't giving birth to it's pups from an "orifice", unless that's code for vagina.

    12. Robert Hatt on

      This is good but what is best in life?
      To kill a level 3 monster,
      To gain armour set
      And to not get electric acid farted

    13. Ed Leech on

      The model shown is resin. The plastic version will need to be produced but very likely to be separate.

      As I say, the model isn't new, it's a sold out resin that sold out very quickly so whilst many do not like it (which can be said of anything) many people do like it a lot. You can't please everyone. You are entitled to your opinion I just feel it was quite insulting to the sculptor and not going to make a difference as the model is already out there as a resin.

    14. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      Yeah, like anything else... it's only unique and interesting the first few times it's done/seen. After that it can get a bit "tedious" if too overly blatant.

    15. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      Sorry if I hurt the frogdogs feelings. If it's any consolation, it's not his fault he's an ugly, unspiring lump of statically posed plastic.
      I will say that the puppies are very nicely detailed, and the most interesting part of the base... hows that. Hopefully the base is separate.

    16. Ed Leech on


      I think there is a better way to give feedback. The model is not brand new anyway.

    17. Kaulder on

      Dat smoke night tho ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      Lots of interesting posts.
      I know there are alot of defenders and fans of this one. For me it's just an ugly, uninspiring posed lump of low detailed plastic. I mean really, the details are forgettable, and just eye rollingly stupid. The pose is so boring, I thought we where past this static posed blandness. Half the core box is static posed, don't need more of that.
      It's ugly. Only redeeming parts will be the other contents of the addon. If they are stellar I will still get it....but that model is going on eBay or the trash. Just replace it with an big frog model painted all toxic.

    19. Alpharius on

      @MattyFU You mean the Vag-mouth faces on Frogdog? The Dick-tail on Lion God? The dick-skirt on the Satan Twins? I kind of agree. Sometimes it seems a little over the top, like the skirt. Overall, I think most things are alright. But sometimes... I wonder if I should add funds towards an expansion, because I find it majority distasteful. But I'll see. Maybe I can push through and just enjoy the expansion for what it is and ignore the model.

    20. MattyFU on

      Pretty much my only issue with KDM is how juvenile it can be sometimes. People will bash me for saying it but the tone can be all over the place. Would like to see more monsters that don't immediately revert to grade school imagery...

    21. duz_machines_84 on

      Also not wild about the electric farts deal for reasons already mentioned.

      While I understand someone mentioned it will likely be different on the cards, something like "Poison Miasma" people pledging money for add-ons can only go based off what is presented here.

      Additionally, if it's changed that could upset the folks who really like the electric farts when they get the AI deck and find that move missing.

      Not everyone has to like every expansion, but we can all also have our opinions pass them on. It can only help Poot understand the variety of tastes in his audience (not saying he should cater to any or change his plans)

    22. GinjaNinja on

      @tre manor, like I said, people want to see genitals, they are going to see genitals. I can't help, but to boggle at the insistence that these things are anatomy. "no other orifice on the human body that has that appearance" First off they aren't on a human body and second I could put a close up of an armpit fold on youtube and people would think it was a vagina. It's not one.

    23. tre manor on

      Ginja Ninja those are vaginas. There is no other orifice on the human body that has that appearance. This is Kingdom Death there IS genitalia everywhere!

    24. Mike no hope left for the fox on

      I wish there was a model of the pin up

    25. GinjaNinja on

      Again, are the face "orifices" phallic? Yes. Are they actual vagina's? No. A sideways mouth does not a vagina make. They are orifices, not every slightly phallic hole in the body has to be fricking vagina, Christ. You know there are frogs in real life that give birth through it's skin right? Does that mean all the holes on its back are vaginas? No. I'm not the biggest fan of the overall design, just because I want something more like the Ringtail fox or the Honeycomb weaver, because they are way more interesting imo. But can we stop crying fowl because people think they see actual genitalia everywhere when it's not really there?

    26. eWave on

      While the frogdog monster is not really my cup of tea (it just feels "off" and "trying to hard" to me), I really like the way the armors are coming along.

      The gold Smoke Knight pin-up is shaping up pretty nicely as well. :)

    27. CaGeRit

      Oh and the Gorm will rear up and pee on you to assert his dominance which can kill you because acid piss. How could I forget that one.

    28. CaGeRit

      The Phoenix trys to stuff you up his butt.

      You can cut off the lions balls and he gets super pissed.

      The DBK has a unique monster encounter called the old master where he befriends a kid, but slowly loses his mind. The last time he sees the kid, now a young man says here take my most precious treasure before ramming his most prized lump of poop down the guys throat then walks off.

      The DBK period

      The lion knight was supposed to be some kind of super general for the golden entity before becoming obsessed with theatre and running off the put on plays. (Damnable liberal arts majors).

      Spiderclese has silk surgery which has all kinds of hilarious effects like amputating a survivors arm in the process of replacing her other lost arm. (Settlement had canabilize so we decided the surgeon got confused and tried to replace one arm with the other arm, but got hungry half way through the operation)

      Those are just the ones I can name off hand.

    29. Alpharius on

      I hope they can figure out how to make the Lantern Festival viable. I really liked that model...

    30. Missing avatar

      J Durrant on

      Which comedic elements are you referring to? While I have around half of the expansions I've only played the core game so far which has a strong consistent tone of serious horror.
      They could easily be explained as Adam not keeping the tone consistent very well or just making a mistake: it's not like there aren't any flaws with KDM, the hunt table for example, is an example of terrible game design.

    31. CaGeRit

      @krutis why? I like it.

    32. Rascarcapac on

      @Martin Chapman: +1 for the beehive queeen as an expansion, but still +1000 for the plant-like jungle queen as an expansion. The forgegod model seems really big for an expansion, but I might be mistaken (I still hope the gryphon will turn up to be one!)

    33. Kurtis on

      @JohndiBattista then don't buy it?

    34. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @J Durrant - Wow, comparing Frogdog to Jar Jar Binks? Claiming this is potentially the first step to a screw-up as epic as the Star Wars prequels? Low blow, dude, low blow. Also not paying much attention, as while Frogdog is probably the biggest case yet, monsters with abilities and fluff based around unpleasant bodily functions are pretty common (DUNG Beetle Knight, anyone?).

    35. CaGeRit

      I think KDM wants to be a tongue in cheek horror game more than a serious horror game. How would you explaine all of the comedic elements otherwise? It's not just the frogdog you know.

    36. Missing avatar

      J Durrant on

      The issue with the whole 'It's magic I don't need to explain it' is tone. KDM wants to be a serious horror game, having magic which isn't consistent and frankly stupid doesn't mesh; leading to dissonance in the mind of the player.
      Again I could relate this back to the starwars prequels who's tone is an inconsistent mess.

    37. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Well personally I love Frogdog; it's ugly as sin, disgusting as hell and acid electrified fart bombs are batshit crazy. Funniest monster I've seen in a long time though I definitely would not want to meet it. Also, for those who are like "But... but it makes no scientific or biological sense!" you all should remember that the world of Kingdom Death exists mainly due to entities with immense reality-shaping powers, so basically magic. And you know what that means...

    38. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      @Starting Survvor X
      May be he didn't mean to be offensive, but It annoys me when people instantly relates something weird and perverted to Japanese.
      It's kind of racist.

    39. Missing avatar

      J Durrant on

      We've found the jar jar binks of KDM!
      I feel there is a line between 'adult' meaning mature and 'adult' meaning covered in sexual imagery while in fact being rather childish. This expansion is miles into the childish side of it and honestly, makes me worry Adam doesn't have enough checks and balances in the creative process.
      An unchecked creator turned starwars into the prequels I don't want KD to go the same way.

    40. Martin Chapman on

      I like frogdawg, face births are right up KD street! Personally I hope to see the long necked lady with the beehive tongue and the Forgegod as expansions as I think the Ram headed models are currently in the ascendant. It's all fab though and shouldn't be taken so seriously by some but I guess that's the level of passion & dedication that Mr Poots vision engenders. I had to sell one of my Napoleonic armies to finance this, I can still hear the forlorn cries of Vive le Empereur! Don't regret it for a moment though, especially as something new or re issued ends up being included in my pledge. Keep up the good work and don't listen to the wingers as none of us has actually paid up yet. Your only priority is really to your family and staff, then your artistic and creative commitments and I salute you for the pace of your work to date on this Kickstarter.

    41. Jon Simpson on

      Abhoth of the KDM world

    42. Jon Simpson on

      Sort of liking the frogdog got to be the most disgusting creature in gaming, reminds me wotsname in Cthulhu mythology

    43. Alfred on

      Love the Frogdog! :D

    44. AnEnemy on

      Wow I want White Speaker Nico! Nice model.

    45. Daryle Yarab on

      I think we should get a bonus roll for the Gambler's chest since you forgot to post the results!! +20 Insanity for the backers.

    46. Pyro Stick on

      I guess the good thing about this game is that theres something for everyone. Those armour sets look awesome but i cant stand the frogdog. Shame they dont come with a monster that seems for thematically appropriate. Im finding the narrative sculpts all look a bit chunky (could just be the renders though) so im hoping something epic appears in the gamblers chest soon.