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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$6,666,666 - Secret Unplanned Stretch Goal Unlocked!!!!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

Hello Everyone!

I am going to take a moment to speak openly. I never, ever expected this kickstarter campaign to come this far. We are currently the 2nd highest funded tabletop game and the 8th highest funded kickstarter project of all time.

In fact, even with this secret unplanned goal here, I thought we'd hit it next week wherein I'd have a bit more time to get things prepared.

AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps I have underestimated the power of the form that transcends the transcended transcended form?!

Anyway. Here is what is happening!

The Satan twins, now destined for hard plastic, are being added to all the Satan's Lantern pledge levels. While cannon to KD, they were an artistic challenge from the original kickstarter. Plus... they wouldn't really fight survivors in that form (for lore reasons). All other backer's have access to them as optional Add-Ons. 

An expansion featuring their "final" form will appear during this campaign. If I had it ready now, I would certainly share it. But I don't! Apparently catching up on some much needed rest is a foolish for me right now! There was zero prior plan to include expansion during this kickstarter campaign, even in my most wild of funding expectations (which we have passed by the way)! I need to do some serious math, as I was planning a very LARGE monster. I'll have all the details together before I present it.

Gambler's Chest Roll

I made my roll for today and recorded it. I will be revealing it on Monday, along with Monday's roll. There will not be a roll on Sunday. I wasn't planning on having them on Saturday either (so I could catch up with messages) but I was staring at the dice and I couldn't resist!



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    1. AGN1964 on

      @eWave "From what I gather, the hard plastic kits have the same parts as the resin ones"

      This is not quite true. The parts are generally the same, but the models may be cut at different places (more parts for the polystyrene models that the resin models) and the joints might be different. For example, the resin skirt might fit against a smooth, flat-ish, skin surface, making it optional and the plastic skirt might have a well fitting tab that inserts into a slot in the body, making it less optional.

      At the end of the day, all this would mean is more green stuff on the plastic model to achieve the desired result. Have fun!

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew M on

      For those idiots who think this isn't worth their money, they either haven't played the game, or simply do not understand how amazing this product actually is. The pictures never do the models justice, they are simply outstanding, awesome pieces on the table. The game is outstanding, amazingly difficult, filled with soaring highs, and crushing lows, like when your starting character gets straight up murdered by the craziest character in the camp (Poor Hobbes, rest in peace!). I played that game for 8 hours yesterday and at the end of it tried to sort out how we as a group can buy all of the things.

      If you're worried about value, back the core set, play it, and then kick yourself for not buying more.

      Poots, I absolutely cannot fucking wait for what's next!

    3. eWave on

      "you _can_ leave..."

    4. eWave on

      @McDevil: From what I gather, the hard plastic kits have the same parts as the resin ones. So I guess you leave the skirt out.

    5. McDevil on

      On resin looks like, yes.

    6. McDevil on

      Was stearing at that twins some time ago in shop. And pass them. Now have chance to fix that mistake. :) Dong skirt is optional?

    7. eWave on

      @Guido Gloor: Exactly.

    8. FatPob

      Yes some of us have pledged a decent amount (for a boardgame), but TBH if someone is going to 1.7k at this, then sure they can have lots of special stuff. I think it is more than fair.

    9. Quentin Westcott on

      Agreed. 50% off expansions? Awesome! Hopefully Spiderclese get's added as I missed it the last time. But you know what? If not I'll just suck it up and deal with it.

      So much boo hooing. Everyone gets bent out of shape when their ideas of "fair" isn't shared by everyone else. Whatev.

    10. Guido Gloor on

      Just to offset the negativity here a bit - I'm very happy about this update, and I absolutely understand the decision to only include it in certain backer levels and not others.

      Every KS is about costs and rewards, and everything that's added to the pledge "for free" is eating into the publisher's budget. If the publisher can afford to add more things into pledge levels, then that's good and they should do it - but if they'd stretch thin, nobody benefits from a publisher that has gone out of business because they've promised too much...

    11. AlexB on

      I gotta say, I'm thankful, and excited. Three years ago I saw the original KS, and decided to wait till the game was out to see the reviews. Little did I know how valuable it would become! Couldn't afford it. Now this KS come along, I can afford to get the core game, and its being made better! Can't expect more than that! Deeply enjoying the anticipation, this has been a long time coming for me. Thanks.

    12. David on

      @Jacky: People have been spoiled by the Kickstarters that include a ton of "free" minis. That doesn't work with this game, due to high costs, and the fact that he is basically giving this to us at close to at cost. And like Poots said I think in this update somewhere in the comments, all of the "free" stuff is going into the Gambler's Chest. That is already worth more than the $100 for it, and we don't even have half of it.

    13. Jacky Phoenix

      OMG!!! Read some of the comments below, since when this KS BECAME a hate campaign…
      What is going on???

      Where did the Fun and Harmony comments from backers KS1.0 gone?
      Where did the patient let the creator to take his time to create pieces of Art/Game and the surprise of it?

      Still 33 days to go… how much of these hate comments going to last… till to 2020…
      moaning about the SG/Updates… follow by
      moaning about postage…
      moaning about delivery…
      moaning about the items…
      moaning about everything… what does it do, expect create a bad atmosphere… WHY?

      Please stop the moaning… Its not helping and this is not the way.
      Please be patient… you have the power AND the time to choose…
      If you really don’t like it… just don’t back the game… but it would be your loss in the end…

    14. Stealthcat on

      Err later today.

    15. Stealthcat on

      @Martin No. 2 rolls tomorrow though.

    16. Brad Vomocil

      The incredible amount of immediate funding for this project is evidence of its good value. An item's value is what someone is willing to pay for it. For the last year, I have been trying my hardest to buy this game for $400, but that was very impossible. Do you even know how excited I am to be able to purchase it now for $250? AND with all the 1.5 updates included? This is an amazing value. I know this, because I have purchased a few individual miniatures from the KD webstore to check the quality for myself, and they are far beyond anything I've seen before.

    17. Jason Massatt on

      @charcoal at least one of the twins is already in the game. I'll let you find out where.

    18. Sera Non on

      Poots, I have a random ass question but it very much relates to how I play KD:M... is there anything in this update that deals with how settlement events are resolved? Maybe a new innovation that lets you spend an endeavor to re-draw a settlement event or something?

      I ask because my group had finally gotten past year 10 in our campaign and things were going well, and we literally drew the following in three years: murder, skull eater, murder again (and not from skull eater, we actually drew it again). Basically killed all our worthwhile characters (more importantly though, it killed all my friends' enthusiasm to keep playing and the campaign fell off to never resume).

      Since then, I've been thinking of house-ruling it to where we always draw two settlement events and pick the lesser of the two evils. But all in all, I'd rather not cheat because otherwise we have been playing the game totally legit, so if there's some sort of innovation or any other way to mitigate a series of lousy settlement event draws from kicking over your sand castle and ruining a campaign, I would prefer to do it that way.

    19. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      Myth is completely different ways from KD.

    20. Will

      @Dreadknot69 If 50% off of everything, plus access to sold out / out of production stuff isn't worth it to you... you should probably drop. I don't see Adam doing much more than that.

    21. Dreadknot69 on

      @Josh... I'm feeling the same way. I'm sitting on a bf gold but will almost certainly drop it if I don't start seeing some value for the coin. I almost dropped MBP as well but they managed to pack in enough to make the core game worth it for me.

      I've been stung by Myth and Deadzone in the past. Large chunks of money I won't get back. Not gonna let that happen for this one considering my buddy already has the original and backed an upgrade here.

    22. tasky87 on

      yes! so glad these are add-ons i super regret not getting them the first time
      thanks team KD!!!

    23. Ethan Schaeffer

      Which sucks.

    24. Tyler on

      @Kevin Exploding Kittens

    25. kevin freksen

      might get the satan twins, because they speak to my ... evil desires :P
      Btw if this is the second most funded tabletop game, what is the most funded ??

    26. JayOBedlam on

      Satan Twins ain't new. We don't get them in the Gamblers Lantern pledges. I say this as a happy Gamblers Lantern Pledger.

    27. Charcoal Wolfman on

      As a backer at the BF Gambler's Lantern level, I'm quite satisfied with not getting Satan Twins included in the pledge.
      One, because they are (she is? it is? whatever) directly thematic to Satan's Lantern pledges; it makes sense to include Satan in a Satan pledge.
      Two, because it isn't a new thing. Poots said it wasn't a promo, a pinup, or an expansion, but the main thing it isn't is new. BF Gambler's Lantern includes new things, Satan's Lantern includes both old AND new.
      Three, because I don't particularly want them. Not that they are not good art, but in the interests of "responsible pledging" I can't justify to myself buying these.
      Four, because I'm apparently getting an expansion of Satan in this pledge anyhow, so...obviously not the twins, but having a thing that has rules and is included in my pledge is pretty satisfactory in my book.
      So there you have two-and-a-half logical reasons why *you* shouldn't complain about not getting Satan Twins included in non-Satan's Lantern pledges, and one-and-a-half reasons why I *personally* am not complaining.
      All that said, I think it would be an interesting challenge to put Satan Twins in the game. If you aren't fighting them directly, it seems logical that they would be a nastier version of gremlins, just stealing your stuff, breaking things, randomly murdering/mutilating people or what have you.
      To be honest, I'm pretty much totally new to the game, so I have no idea how that would fit in anywhere, and it's probably been explored already to an extent, but those are my musings on the subject.

    28. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @JokerLAn - Speak for yourself. I'm one of the "other backers" and I'm definitely not complaining. Here's why.

      1-This was a surprise, unplanned SG. 2- We're getting a whole new, unplanned expansion, probably a huge Boss monster comparable in scope to the Dragon King. 3- 25$ is half the price the 2 Satan minis were offered at in the webstore, and they've been sold out for quite a while now; it could have taken a year or more to have them available again, and even then at full 50$+ price.

    29. Coralline Algae on

      Every time a backer rants, an angel gets it's period. ☜(︶︿︶)☞

    30. Tyler on

      @Joker how is a pair of sweet minis and a brand new expansion a ridiculous stretch goal? What do you want a new different board game for a stretch goal?

    31. JokerLAn on

      @The Dragon King ,

      Yes, but still a ridiculous SG. And an insult to the other Backers.

    32. The Man in the Tan Jacket on

      I'm absolutely terrified of what based Poots considers to be a "very LARGE monster." And excited beyond belief. Love you Poots, keep doing what you're doing you absolute madman

    33. Deadication on

      @Joker did you read the whole thing? There's some big Satan expansion (included for everyone 777 and up) coming we just got to this point faster than he expected.

    34. JokerLAn on

      Hello Everyone!

      I am going to take a moment to speak openly. But What hell is this!? Mr. Poots this Update is a big piece of shit.

      Waiting for 66666666666666$ and this is the SG!?? Seriously? It is not a joke?

    35. Missing avatar

      ivankaiser on

      Do the translation with money. I don't understand why you don't do that, it ll be a futur expansion for the future of this game if it's in lot of language. Don't make a big Monster, make a french, german and spanish versions !

    36. Scott Lim on

      @AGN1964 Thanks for the brief explanation, helps a lot as I don't own the core game & still have yet to understand what certain terms used in the game mean. :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Andrew M on

      And I just realized you answered my question like 5 minutes ago. Ignore me, keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep trying to find money for all of this.

    38. Missing avatar

      Andrew M on

      @Kingdom Death: any possibility of additional Gambler's Lanterns being opened up? For those of us who already have the core game, there is currently no way for us to add all of the new content in one go.

      Also, any possibility of a gameplay content only package? One for those of us, who love but have little need for the pinup figures. Thanks, now I'm off to play some Kingdom Death!

    39. jeep on

      @Timothy Roller the boots are tongues (as well as various ornaments on their clothes) but the skirt is made of dongs (not visible on the pic given here, but check the miniatures on the Kingdom Death web shop, 'sold out' section)

    40. Deadication on

      @Timothy I believe everything shown in that pin-up art is Tongues.

      However....there is also a dong skirt.

    41. Coralline Algae on

      No no. One of them does have a skirt made out of penises. You can see it here:

    42. Timothy Roller

      Oh, those are TONGUES? I always thought they were dongs and she had a dong skirt. Interesting!

    43. Missing avatar

      Ethan Jones on

      This game has some of the horniest art direction I've ever seen hahaha

    44. Deadication on

      @Poots Maybe we could just take a peek at some big boss *concept art* for the Satan Expansion now...? ;)

    45. AGN1964 on

      @Scott (and others) The Satan Twins have never been described as pinups. There are several monsters in the KD world that have lore, are canon, but do not have rules for KD:M. For example the Forge God and the Wet Nurse. The Satan Twins are just another example of this.

      The easiest way to see if an old mini is a pinup is to go to the store and see if the model has pinup in it's name.

      (Some of these "no-rules-yet" monsters are being added to KD:M in this KS campaign. For example the Frogdog, up next and the Gold Storm Knight from early in the campaign. With luck, we'll see some more fan favorites added to KD:M, such as the Gryphon and the Black Knight.)

    46. Tyler on

      @ Scott Lim it means an expansion featuring a mini that has yet to be created (afaik) will be in this campaign. Seems pretty self explanatory

    47. Scott Lim on

      So when the description says "An expansion featuring their "final" form will appear during this campaign", what does it actually mean? That the current Satan Twin that is show on top is a pinup model or part of the game?

    48. Missing avatar

      nikie on

      @Kingdom Death will true satans actually get free stuff? will you open more of those pledges?