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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$6.5M - I love you Anna!!! Gambler's Chest Roll #6 and The Return of the Lion Knight!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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Armor Kits

I love the armor kits. They were an immense challenge to create and building customized survivors brings me tremendous joy!

I have decided to produce them separately from expansions. The narrative sculptures allow me to focus on the storytelling aspects of each new expansion in a different and new way, which excites me.

This does not mean they are going away. And I may have a surprise or two in their regards when we see them again.

In fact, the idea of kit bashing Narrative Sculpts and Armor Kit parts is amazing! For the more advanced hobbyists it opens up SO many possibilities for awesome customization.

Many bakcers, expressed their concern to me and while I do enjoy being a showman, I want to ensure that everyone knows they are not going away. Thanks! Now onto the rest of the update!!!






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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      @Glenn Low pinups are just a sculptures to show on shelf, they dont have anything to do with the gameplay. while other (like narrative sculptures) features in story + have some gear cards etc related to them

    2. Glenn Low on

      A dumb and noob question. Whats the difference between pin ups miniature and those that are not pin ups?

    3. Eric Randolph on

      @Daniel I don't think it's too unreasonable given one pin-up is $15. I own the Lion Knight and will probably still pass on the role survivors (if I decide to give up my Second Face pledge), but I don't think it's a terrible deal.

    4. Nick Knight on

      "Didn't anyone notice in the video!?" Did he add a monster at the end of the front page video?

    5. UtmostGent on

      hmm I am a little unnerved if the KS pledge I got has what I think it has.....I did the 777 Black Friday Gamblers Lantern which I assumed was exactly the same as the Friday Gamblers Lantern 2nd face. But I noticed every time a new expansion was announced Friday Gamblers Lantern was not on the list, this is the first thing that does have it..... Should I be worried?

    6. Daniel on

      $25 for 4 mini's or $35 for the expansions... do you get anything with the role figures?

    7. Plug Uglie on

      @Kent I was hoping it was gunna be some sort of ape...darn. Frog dog looks ok tho. No where near as cool as the screaming god and nightmare ram.

    8. Paul Bauman on

      So this is way it's going, huh. Narrative sculpts and add-ons for the add-ons.

    9. Alwyn on

      For a moment I was disappointed that I already had the lion knight because I would miss the role survivors, but then realized they were included in the new expansion rewards. Score!

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris_stopper on

      @William what you say is true unless you are already at a -2 penalty to hit. Then the base chance of 1 out of 2 becomes (1-(0.8*0.8))*100 = 36% and the single with the +2 bonus is 40% and it is even better at -3 penalty then it is 19% vs 30%. So it does have a niche use and can help if things are really not going well.

    11. Alpharius on

      Woah woah woah. So, 4 Role Survivors and the Lion Knight expansion for $35 in total?! If so, I'M IN!!!

      Also, Frogdog... uuuugly as hell, but totally seems like a fit in the world. Gives me the creeps.

    12. Will

      @Kingdom Death, shouldn't aim make it easier to hit?

      The chance to hit once firing two shots at 7+ is [1 - 6/10 * 6/10] = 16/25. Just for clarity, [6/10 * 6/10] is the chance of not rolling 7+ on the two rolls. Subtract that from 1 and you get the chance of rolling a 7+ on at least one.

      With one shot at 5+ is 6/10 = 3/5. [3/5 * 5/5] = 15/25. And then you can see, the 16/25 from firing two shots is better than the 15/25 from firing one...

      I still see that it is useful for those times when you don't want to draw two HL, but you're giving up chance to hit, a chance to hit twice, a change to crit twice...

    13. Plug Uglie on

      Anyone know what the next monster will be?

    14. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Martin Hakenesch: Thank You.

    15. E. D. on

      Cool stuff, the bloody sword looks especially awesome.

    16. Drew on

      That's really cool that he added the role survivors to the Lion Knight expansion. Those are really fun sculpts.

    17. Neelz on

      So you get to hunt followed by a show, multiple times during a campaign, and with 4 bonus figures.
      How could anyone say no to that?
      Thanks for the info and another $35 set aside for the lion knight.

    18. Sarah on

      Lion knight is a special showdown which happens in your settlement. You get also get to do a normal hunt that same year. He's returns up to 3 or 4 times during the campaign depending on how well you do. There's also a caravan/shop mechanic with the girls on his base.

    19. Ian True Believer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Neelz, you fight him at specific points in the campaign, in addition the the hunt for that year

    20. Scragglefoot on

      @neeiz the lion knight functions more like a nemeses so his encounters happen at certain lantern years you don't need to hunt him.

    21. Neelz on

      Question about the lion knight, after watching several game play vids I think I have a basic idea of the game.
      The lion knight doesn't seem to fit into the Hunt-showdown-settlement model very well.
      Is the encounter with him settlement event or a hunt event?
      Secondly do you just encounter him once, or is he quarry like the lion where you can hunt him multiple times?
      I could probably ask the same questions about the young beetle, mind you I've already decided to add him to my pledge, lion king I'm not sure about yet.

    22. jeep on

      @Rascarcapac agreed ! Also, since it seems various monsters are turned into quarries (Frogdog, nightmare ram) maybe we will have the Goblin Guard. Love the look of this one !

    23. Missing avatar

      Pedro Duque Fabregas on

      Thanks again Jean. Awesome. Thank God I have plenty of time to get used to the game mechanics till it is delivered!

    24. Rascarcapac on

      @jeep. You're right, I understood the reference to the pledge after I have checked Adam's answers to backers. Still, the Satan twins would be a great expansion with a bigger master Satan model.

    25. hakoMike on

      I'll be getting another Lion Knight expansion for the Role Survivors and to have another Lion Knight to chop up for bitz, bitz, BITZ! ($10 more and get the knight!? Oh yeah)

    26. Missing avatar

      DKMirror on

      Role survivors now included in Lion Knight expansion = even more minis I need to ebay away.

    27. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Pedro : i done an article about one phase of the gameplay ,it may interested you !

    28. jeep on

      @Rascarcapac "true form Satan" and "Final form Satan" are also names of the latest pledges added to this campaign ; and "True Form Satan" lacks any details as to its contents ... not sure what it means. Nevertheless, having the Satan twins to hunt would sur be nice (with an interesting AI deck that would have to combine the actions of two enemies instead of one ...)

    29. AGN1964 on

      I am one of the guys that likes the armor kits. I understand I am in the minority.

      I really liked they way each set of KD:M had unique minis, telling our own settlements stories. For sure these NS minis are high quality, but they seem to be tell Adam's story. I'm looking forwards to getting more information about the new kits.

      Plastic role survivors are cute and double gamblers payout is generous!

    30. Missing avatar

      Alpha on

      +1 to Frogdog lovers, because come on, puppies!

    31. Rascarcapac on

      Everything is just great in this update. But the thing I'm most excited about is the Post-it in the video: "True Form Satan"! Could it be a new expansion with a new nemesis which would also include the two previously released Satan Pin-ups? It definitely seems so. In that case, that would be a huge surprise. Exciting!

    32. TeenaBee on

      Are the original expansions going to be exactly the same and still come with the armor kits? Just the new expansions won't be including them? Or are the original expansions losing content? I got confused. Thanks! :-)

    33. Samael on

      Frogdog is the expansion I'm least looking forwards too (though I am a completionist so it is in my $777 pledge). I am looking forwards to what Poots is going to do with it, and maybe fall for it.

      Also is the other update silhouette a pin up with a bow?

    34. Sammy on

      Good to hear the armour sets will be continuing.
      Those narrative sculpts look very nice!

    35. Missing avatar

      Pedro Duque Fabregas on

      Thank you Jean.
      As a newbie to this game I'm getting lost with all the stuff.

    36. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Pedro : no,you just need to add 35$ ,they will be include in lion knight expansion.

    37. Missing avatar

      Pedro Duque Fabregas on

      I'm sorry to ask but, if I buy the Lion Knight Expansion, does it include the role survivors pack, or I have to pay $35 for the Expansion and another $25 for the role survivors?

    38. Paint'Riot Studio

      Role survivors in lion knight expansion,nice !

    39. Adam Fair on

      Not exactly happy that an expansion I already paid $25 for (and some people paid $50 for) is being offered for only $10 more with content that would cost me $25 as an add-on.

      Are the expansion retail prices somehow not high *enough*, Poots? Not content to just charge the price of a big-box boardgame for each monster?

    40. Martin Hakenesch on

      @Kodesh They are part of the Lion Knight encounter but optional. In the Encounter every survivor takes on a role in a stage play. The role survivor models are meant to represent the surviviors in their stage outfit

    41. Sarevok on

      Oh the Frogdog! If i was Adam Poots, i would design the frogdog as a fight with multiple swarming doggies exactly like nurglings.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Kingdom Death: What are the role survivors meant to be used for? And how does narrative sculptures work? In detail. Are they minis you replace special survivors with or can you find them as statues?

    43. Eyne Nacht on

      I wish, but it looks like something else.

    44. Ecredius on

      Whoop whoop! Very excited about this kickstarter and the Gambler's chest. The advent calendar-like format was such a good choice. Thanks for all the hard work!

    45. Robert Lyons on

      So Ancient Gold Lanterns like me get the Lion Knight and the Role Survivors, right? :D

    46. Claes Olsson

      @Breotan, Yes you get it at pledge level Black Friday Gamblers Lantern (777$). You can see it in the same box as the price description.

    47. Michael Salt on

      @Aaron, i wouldn't worry about it. You REALLY don't need them to play. Besides given roles can change during the battle, it might be weird to have the constant gender swapping of survivors. The cards are the best way to keep track really.

      @Kingdom Death, i for one support the move to Narrative sculpts. It help to keep each expansion a bit more self contained, and the option to have kits later on satisfies the die-hard modellers.

      And buying them seaparately from expansions means you can use them for anything without being forced to also own a dozen spidicules :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      I really like those minis :) I can't wait for "somewhere in the distance". So far, the new add-ons are very good :p