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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$6.25 Million - Gambler's Chest Roll #5, Changelog update + Cooperative Nightmare Horror

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

Cooperative Nightmare Horror

Kingdom Death is a nightmare horror world, wherein the cooperation of all the players is needed to withstand a harsh game system. If you have a personal problem or an issue. Please direct it at me and only me. We are doing our absolute best to answer everyone and although I know we are behind, we will get there. 

I have nothing but tremendous thanks to everyone that made Kingdom Death possible. Please treat each other with respect. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Please pledge responsibly and thank you again!

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For the sake of just pushing the update out as quickly as possible. I will let all the giant images do the talking!!!!



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    1. Charcoal Wolfman on

      It took me a whole freaking day to figure it out, but I finally found the actor the Murderer reminds me of: Billy Campbell.
      Picture for reference:
      Most notably because of his role in The 4400, as a character who seemed good, but had some latent evil that was well-hidden.

    2. Johnathan Sergeant on

      @Florian Delmas- Seems a little hamhanded for this universe. I would say a murderer ranks pretty low on the insanity scale for KDM

    3. McDevil on

      Murder & Last axeman that kind of male I will take on hunt. Not Pin up boys :P

    4. CaGeRit

      Also I'd encourage people worried about the renders to go back and look at the armor kit renders from the first kickstarter. They looked the same, soft detail, wonky proportions etc. The figures turned out fine. I'd wager Poots doesn't show the final renders or that there is some process in between these renders and the mold making which makes the figs look normal.
      The murderer In particular looks like a giraffe because the camera angle is pointed up. That's going to make anyones neck look longer.

    5. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @Shane Full Yes that's not that bad for me is they don't change it. But with minis, you may want to exaggerate things because important details may be lost at this scale.
      That said : there are certainly other murderers in development, so they can still leave him like this and model really mad men.

    6. jeep on

      @Paireon you're right, I mixed up the pledges, I meant ancient Gold, Satan and Satan's twin.
      @Salvador I'm not taling about New Expansion, but about the old one (dubbed "Current Expansions"). If they are all twelve going to be included in some of the pledges, then reprint of these should happen.
      @Alessandro : maybe there is some stock, but that seems a lot of stock to fulfill all Ancient Gold and both Satan pledges ... so who knows ? we might be able to pick up a few of the 1st ed ones also :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @Kingdom Death: Young survivor feedback : She is cute :3 I really like the artwork. About the 3D model, I think that the V shape of her face should be flatter, especially near the chin because on the artwork she has more "puffy" jaws which is cuter. On the 3D model, she seems to have almost no chin due to that shape.
      Other than that the model is great and the whip is big but sturdy when it will be a mini (which is the best).

    8. Shane Full on

      @kingdom Death: I actually love the murderer sculpt and I hope you don't change it. I know his neck is long, and it makes him look weird and creepy. The expression on his face conveys one of a man who is very pleased with himself: perfect.

    9. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @Kingdom Death: Murderer feedback : Same as the others + If the murderer is a mad man, why not changing his position so he is looking closely at his last victim on the ground and maybe grinning ? Or looking right above him to the sky with the mouth completely opened like a mad man laughing.

    10. old beetle on

      A traitor? A Terminator in our midst?

    11. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      It seems that those spots a few people thought were lost aren't lost at all but contain some special rewards that can be both good and bad for a settlement.
      I agree with some previous comments from backers that one of the rest can be a cannibal. But what about the other two? Something already on the game or new things from the revised hunt table?
      Maybe a thief? A monster hiding inside our settlement?
      I hope Adam reveals them soon.

    12. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      @jeep, The new expansions, the new pin ups and promos and the gambler chest will be for sure and that's a lot of things already. But who knows? Maybe Adam will be a bit more crazy by the time the pledge manager comes around and those expansions will be there. I'm sure there's a lot of people who wants a few of them but not all.

    13. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @jeep - Gambler's Lantern doesn't include the older expansions. Ancient Gold Lantern and the two Satan's Lantern levels are the only ones that do.

    14. Alessandro S. on

      @jeep - Interesting idea; I'm not so sure about that, perhaps Adam has enough stock already for some of the expansions to cover the (limited) number of satan's pledges?

    15. jeep on

      My understanding is that the highest levels of pledge (i.e. Gambler's Lantern and Satan) include all 1st ed expansions so logically, all these expansion are getting a reprint in this KS campaign. Does that mean that we will get to see all 1st ed expansion as adds-on at KS price for this one ? I think yes. Opinions ?

    16. Samael on

      Love the update. The scraf makes the murderers neck too long, but love it anyway.

      I'm sure the young survivor's whip will be sorted out. the whips we have already are fine.

      I just want to know if the dismembered limb is one of the new gear cards that the murderer gives us access to.

    17. Jon Simpson on

      I think it's just the scarf making the neck look long ,it's excellent

    18. E. D. on

      Murderer sculpt feedback:
      -Neck is too long
      -Face is a bit big it seems, almost a little oddly cartoonish it it's proportions, and the expression is different
      -Swordhand is now resting near the "pommel" area instead of further down the shaft and I don't think I like it

      All in all, from what has been shown, it fails to deliver the concept into 3D.

      The rest seems cool, young survivor sculpt is obviously far from finished so won't comment on that yet.

    19. Eyne Nacht on

      @Demigod Games, +666

    20. Ephasian on

      I like the murderer miniature, but isn't his neck a bit long?
      Or is the angle of the render?

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      I imagine next Update will be Lion Knight pin-up + reprint.

    22. eWave on

      @Kingdom Death: Thank you for the update. I think most of us understand the pressure weighting down on you and how difficult running this campaign can be. Keep up the good work. :)

    23. Demigod Games on

      I have my heart hoping to see the wetnurse become an addition to the game or the lantern festival to make it back in after what happened with the last one. Fingers crossed some of the expansion models cards might make it into the update pack too...

    24. TheAwaitedKing on

      I think it will confirm the Lion Knight reprint.

    25. Sulucion

      Only update i want to see is that the Panels will be upgraded, and not paper thin :) that's all i need :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      Bah! Selfishly, I hope the next update isn't the Lion KNight actor minis, I just bought those on the last sale.

    27. Rascarcapac on

      Is the teaser for the next update is about the lion knight's actors minis? Will they be an add-on?

    28. Alessandro S. on

      Nice update!
      I like the new sculpts, with a couple of tweaks to the whip I think the young survivor will look really good

    29. Rascarcapac on

      What do we have in the other skull slots? A cannibal obviously! And there has to be a male young survivor coming soon...

    30. Luke Roberts on

      @Michael Pflug,

      6 would be preferred for those of us that just play the 5-6 player variant, although using your own pieces of card/paper with e.g. Bone Sword drawn on them also works. It gets a bit crazy when you have 12 bone swords for a single party though. :p

    31. Michael Pflug on

      @ Adam: Please give us 4 of each gear card. Only having 3 cards for gear that can be built 4 times sucks! We get the miniatures 4 times, but only three of each gear card. I think in a premium game like this, there shouldn't be a need to use post it's, because there aren't enough cards to represent the gear of your survivors.

      So please Adam, think about including a 4th if each of the major gear cards!

    32. Joe

      Nice to see what the death slots are for. Hopefully we just got lucky, and got the reveal early as opposed to Adam feeling like he had to force the situation in order to calm things down. There was a 16% chance of getting one, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

      Nobody has been charged any money yet, so people just need to be patient and wait for things to be revealed. After everything is revealed, anyone who doesn't want it doesn't need to get it nor do they need to pay for it.

      I, for one, am finding this entire campaign highly entertaining so far, and am enjoying the daily reveals. And, as someone who didn't even know Kingdom Death existed before last Saturday, the way Adam has been running this campaign so far has given me confidence of his dedication to the craft.

    33. Elmon on

      The murder mini looks like negan from walking dead^^

    34. David on

      Gonna have to chime in with others and hope that the hunt/settlement board gets some love along with the hunt table being updated! Love the updates so far, keeps the anticipation going!

    35. tasky87 on

      @ Page i completely agree, i was in the first kickstarter have all the promos and expansions, but i only got the twilight witch pin-up. would love to see an option for a few of the other pin-ups... Dragon Sacrifice most of all. the models are obviously getting a new production for the Satans so I'm hopeful to see them as a option or show up in the store again some time after this campaign

    36. KFu on

      @Page Phillips me too, bought few of the current expansions. i really wish to get all the pinups and promos from previous KS without backing satan...

    37. Superschrubber on

      @Page Philips: Have you thought about buying a Satan's pledge and selling anything unwanted?

    38. Jason Massatt on

      @other Jason, the Poots has stated multiple times that he is in no way doing away with armor kits. It was supposed to be addressed in tonight's update further, but he forgot so it should be in tomorrow's.

    39. Missing avatar

      Page Phillips on

      @Kingdom Death as someone who has all of the previous expansions/content, but missed out on the original Kickstarter, what are the chances of an add-on that is not included in any pledge level (gamblers, gold, etc) to gain the pinups and promos from said campaign? I would really like to get my hands on them, but paying for a Satan pledge is not needed option for me to attain them. Thoughts?

    40. Twigbeard on

      Love everything about this.....Lion Knight plx Jebus

    41. Jason Windedahl on

      I noticed that the new expansions seem to only have "narrative" sculpt heroes... is poots doing away with the armor set sprues? I rather liked to opportunity to create survivors to represent the exact gear they had in game and paint them up before each session.... -_-

      I'd rather have the armor set sprues that these narrative figures... but that just me...

    42. GinjaNinja on

      For anyone complaining about the 3d stuff looking odd, those aren't final sculpts, those are Work-In-Progress screen caps from Zbrush. A high end 3d modeling program. For instance, the whip looks huge, because that is how you start something like that out. Once finished that whip will be sculpted down to a more appropriate thickness.

    43. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      Poots, you sneaky bastard. I, among others, thought you crossed the line by removing 4 rewards. I was expecting the removed rewards to be unlocked at some point, but revealing at least one as a beautifully malevolent reward had me completely off guard and just made my day.
      You're nuts, man. A complete genius, but totally nuts.

    44. Erik on

      Great new update and I don't mind that it was put out more quickly with less text. I'm very interested in the gameplay items that get put out with the gamblers chest.

    45. Ben on

      I hope the new hunt and settlement board gets a quality upgrade too. It should be a wrapped board stock instead of a flimsy card stock! Hoping.

    46. BYOBLT on

      Only a murderer would wear a cravat with culottes. Is nothing sacred?

    47. Jacob on

      Yeah OK the whip looks stupid and nothing like the concept but the Murderer looks great! Don't you think? Love how his weapon is lodged in someones face that is part of the base!

    48. Missing avatar

      Jesse Martin on

      Ed, I think that's just the nature of the renders.

      If you go play around with, the 3D printed miniature site, all the renders on their have obnoxiously large weapons, but everything comes out to scale when printed.

      Also, nothing I've seen of actual KD physical goods has bad proportions - I'm sure we'll be fine.

    49. Jose Luis on

      Love the murderer sculpt and art, specially the face, seems deranged.

    50. Ed Leech on

      Love almost lol. Bloody autocorrect