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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)


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Last night, I issued a challenge to TwitchGameNight. They fought bravely, even bringing in two KD designers to their aid for a second attempt vs a level 3 Phoenix. It was amazing! Everything had a tremendous amount of fun, truly another part of this campaigns legend! Thank you guys so much for being an awesome, fantastic and wonderful part of our community. You risked it all! And lost with magnificence! I am so impressed!

Now I honor the defeat in the best Kingdom Death way possible. Today there will be no changelog reveals and no Gambler's Chest Roll!!!!!

But... we still have a pretty neat expansion to share...


A Lantern year 20 Monster, with a whole slew of cool things, read below! I forgot to mention in the big image that this has a few cards for the First Hero Expansion. This lets you use the First Hero Expansion to jump right to year 20 (if you beat the hero of course!) and get Hunting the Screaming God right away!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Jasmine Kendall on

      I want it so badly I keep staring at it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Bell on

      Mother of God... that is the absolute coolest looking Monster to come out yet. That armor kit too? Holy shit I can't wait to get my hands on these models. �

    3. Missing avatar

      Ron G. on

      I like your approach to the gamblers box. I think it's a lot of fun. It keeps me interested for the next update.

    4. Missing avatar

      Timothy Schumacher on

      @Matthew Hannan I'm guessing we are just getting "screwed" out of the reveal of said content and all content he had planned to put in there will end up in there. Or maybe it won't and there's a reason it's called the Gamblers Chest?

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthew Hannan

      We are seriously getting permanently screwed out of gamblers chest content based on the failures of others, and 4 at a time? Pretty frigging disappointing.

    6. Maxime Oracle of the Forest Walrus on

      Something people often forget about this kind of kickstarter is that this is not based on let's say the Cmon philosophy. With Cmon they overcharge you for the base game and them ''give'' you free stuff so you get a distinct sense of getting a lot's of bang for your buck because there's that illusion of free stuff everywhere.
      This kickstarter on the other hand, you end up paying way under the regular sell price of all the products you acquire during the campaign but almost nothing get added for ''free''. So you dont get the same feeling of value for your pledge, but when you look at the big picture and look at what you get vs what you paid, everything we get is great value.
      Compagnies like CMON are good at using marketing tactics to make you feel good about your purchase as Poots here use honesty and we are so not used to it(in marketing) that we just cannot see it for what it is.

      Also I was promise a Forest walrus...

    7. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      I really like all designs on this page. =]
      The monster for example fits really well into the world. It has this weird feeling like all monsters in this world and it is still badass.
      Also, I really like the details : like the arms stretching the mouth or the eyes replaced by masks.

    8. Travis Scott on

      I agree with a number of statements, I can not wait to have this game but it seems most of these goals, which are clearly not defined, are just more pay for add ons. Yes I'm not spending a 1000$ or more but I think any new content released and given that the backing has reached over 6mil should be enough to include the goals without having to pay extra! That's just my opinion.

    9. Timmo Warner on

      While I'm pretty confident we will get all the contents of the Gambler's Box before the end of the campaign (and I like the slow reveals), I'm starting to dislike it for the fact that the majority of the comments are now about the box and its mechanics more than the actual things revealed in each update (this comment included!)

      Kickstarter makes it very hard to follow discussions as I'm pretty sure they still view comments as cheering on the content creator rather than any kind of social area.

    10. Kenta on

      Whelp time for me to back out of the gamblers chest...

    11. Edwardo on

      I have never assumed most are intellectual beings after my first KD KS but fascinating creatures

    12. Benny6Toes

      @Kiyoko Kawakami:
      i mean, i could be mistaken or things could change, but i think that's unlikely.

      @Jason Rapp:
      the kickstart comment system is pretty bad it would be nice if they would, at least, let you reply to a specific comment and, if not show the two next to one another, then insert a link in the reply to the original comment. it would also be great if they let us edit comments for a short time after posting (or until the first linked reply comes in). but, nope. it's like the oldest of the old message boards. i feel your pain. :(

    13. Kiyoko Kawakami on

      Thank you, that is perfect. I tend to read into things very literally, so the standard description on the campaign page had been bothering me. I've been hesitant to just say as much as a result, but it seems that was foolish ♥

    14. Benny6Toes

      @Jason Rapp those question marks are just the contents of the Gambler's Box (included in your pledge level). they're not a stretch goal. they're just included but not yet revealed (see my last post for the comments from Adam about that).

      i can see where your frustration is coming from, but it's just a tease to keep the campaign interesting. there are (at least) 32 items of content included in the Chest. if you decide it's not worth it at the end of the campaign, then you can always switch to the basic Lantern pledge, do the hard math with the individual add-ons, and then add the pinup-ups and expansions from this kickstarter when the pledge manager opens up.

      personally, i hate the hard math, and getting all the new stuff at 50% off retail already makes the Gambler's Chest worth it (to me) even if its contents aren't amazing.

    15. Timmo Warner on

      The illuminated lady is now in-game?! That's awesome!

    16. rebisbear on

      Yeah for an illuminated man, hopefully he is plump like the ladies are. Need differences for the people, not all men are small and skinny

    17. Kiyoko Kawakami on

      I want to be with you on that, I do. Every day I sit here refreshing like a madwoman to see wears been added. I also want to see if my investment pans out, and I can rest easy. If it helps, last KS I ended up buying everything anyway. EVERYTHING. Pin-Ups, Promos, Expansions, EVERYTHING. So for me, at the very least, the 777 (and in your case 927) seems a very reasonable decision. We'll probably at the very least break even, and you (definitely not I) have a month to stew and revise.

    18. Benny6Toes

      @Kiyoko Kawakami The following is from the FAQ:

      "Any pledge that includes a Gambler's Chest will receive a box that is crammed full of amazing content. Most of it is still a secret but will be revealed over the course of the campaign using a random roll on a d100 table. As each piece is revealed, Adam will update the Gambler's Chest infographic to show what it contains."

      based on that wording, and the 32 total slots in the gambler's pledge, it appears that the Gambler's Box content is already finalized. the rolls are simply a slow reveal for what it contains. what's more, there are 26 remaining weekdays in the campaign (27 if you count today), and Adam mentioned (i'm not digging for the comment right now) that he's rolling at least once per day for the Gambler's Chest (break for . there are 26 slots still unknown (6 revealed, 32 total).

      then there's the plan to make the Gambler's Chest into a retail product:…

      and here, Adam says the rewards are "currently hidden":…

      and there's more here:…

      put all that together, and you've got a tough job convincing anyone that the Gambler's Chest content isn't already fixed.

      it's also not a stretch goal. so there's no need to "unlock" it. it's either included in your pledge already or it's not. so there are 32 pre-planned items in the Gambler's Chest, and we're getting all of them.

    19. NotDomo on

      Thanks for being a voice of reason, Kiyoko. =)

      (Even if I don't plan to stop whining against the people I perceive as whiners. =/ )

    20. NineFingers on

      sorry for the spelling errors in my previous post, can't figure out how to edit it.

    21. NineFingers on

      Not so much confusion, as frustration. There is an image full of question marks that were to be revealed after a certain pledge goal was reached. They are not relieved, they are dragging it out like it is something extra special. Just frustrated with what I perceive as game playing with the people that are backing the project. While my $927.00 is a small amount in the bigger picture of several million, it is a lot to me (happy to spend it on a quality product / entertainment). We have reached the goal, show us what the rewards are. Show us all of the planned expansions that encompass a SIX MILLION dollar goal, if not show us, at least let us know how many to roughly expect so we can see the value of our investment instead of having to wait around. As for the gamblers chest.....well that's a gamble, isn't it......
      I am going to hang on, and hope that I believe there is a great enough value for the investment by the end of the campaign. Difficult to justify when you are making a large purchase on something you have not even played, and are going off of reviews, and youtube videos.

    22. Slagathor on

      Could you imagine a normal person running into the Screaming God?

      You're lost out in the wilds, all turned around and it's dark now. You have the electric Lantern from your campsite but the woods are so dark and thick you can only see a few feet ahead.

      You come to a clearing where the moon shines through the trees. You see a big shape. As you get closer it looks to be a big old ram. You should avoid it but as you decide this the thing turns toward you. You're frozen in place. As it walks toward you you see skulls and what seem to be tiny illuminated lanterns hanging from its fur. Thin human hands grasp the corners of the creatures mouth. Small human faces stare at your from its eye sockets. As it enters the Lantern light you see its hooves are grasped in human hands and you hear a soft breathing sound as it's underbelly exhales and inhales. You catch a glimpse of gleaming white teeth and a face? Yes a msshappen face on the creatures underside. It's bulbous horns gleam magnificently in the lantern light. It opens its maw wide, impossibly wide as the humans arms and hands streach the mouth open even further.

      A blinding flash of blue light.

      You wake up some time later, dazed. As you sit up you wonder what the nightmare you just had was all about. Something about a sheep? A goat?

      "A Ram" you whisper to yourself as you begin to cough.

    23. Kiyoko Kawakami on

      These comments I like =D
      And I'll admit I'm a little sad about not seeing another Pin-Up. I AM excited about an extra Illuminated Lady though, and an ILLUMINATED MAN

    24. Miguel Leon on

      I can understand why people would prefer that every number on the gamblers table be revealed, so that when they roll you can be "please roll *instert number*" it increases the anticipation.

      As far as the whole "the dev can choose whatever the prize is no matter what number is rolled"
      I can see what people mean by this. A few days ago when a 46 was rolled they cheated and changed the roll.
      So whats to stop him from doing it again or choosing a meh prize just to save the best for last.
      I guess this would be another reason backers would want all gamblers prizes to be revealed some peace of mind maybe.

      I honestly dont care either way because if i dont like whats in the gamblers chest by the end of the KS campain i lower my pledge and get add-ons.

    25. NotDomo on

      To quote Joshua below: "Also, who's to say those rolls and that chart mean anything? It's all just theatrics. Adam will unlock what he wants to unlock when he wants to unlock it. Getting upset about this stuff is a complete waste of your life." It *really* doesn't matter will everything is unlocked at the end of the campaign. Everything is a game till then.

    26. Kiyoko Kawakami on

      Can we please use less incisive language orz
      Also, @Courtney, lay off @Alessandro, you really did misread his comment > >

    27. Rascarcapac on

      Hey guys, don't you have any sense of humour? This update is hilarious. The real problem is that backers have been formatted into expecting the usual board games Kickstarter scheme: more money=stretchgoals unlocked= 1 more mini. The problem is that with these kinds of KS, you end up with many cheap plastic minis you can't even play with. What's the point? Trust Adam and his bounden sense of quality and playability. I don't think there will be many sour faces at the end of this KS with all the good stuff that is going to be added anyway. Everybody was frustrated this morning not to see any add-on for the Gambler's Box and no pin-up (gasp!), but a little frustration is not that bad. Expect the unexpected.

    28. NotDomo on

      I don't get how anyone can think they're losing anything. Poots is playing a game with us. The game will be done in 37 days. If you're not enjoying the game, come back in 35 days, see what you're getting, and make your decisions. There is literally no reason to have a negative reaction to a campaign *game*. You're not literally gambling anything. In 35 days the Kickstarter will be in its final stage and you will know if it's worth backing or not. That's the only state of the game you should be looking at regardless of what happens in them middle of the campaign.

    29. Slagathor on

      On a less preachy note I love the Screaming God. He is every bit as awesome as I has hoped. Can't wait to sacrifice 4 of my survivors to it.

    30. Benny6Toes

      @Jason Rapp what is in each pledge level (at least what has been revealed so far) has been mentioned in comments before (which you could be forgiven for not keeping up with). if a stretch goal or revealed item is included in a specific pledge level, then those pledge levels are mention in the item image shown in the "Add-Ons" section of the campaign tab.

      for example, the Black Friday Gambler's Lantern 2nd Face (at $927, it's, "almost $1000") so far includes the 1.5 Core Game, Gambler's Chest, 1st hero (see the add-ons image), all the currently revealed NEW pin-ups, any other NEW pin-ups that get revealed, Nightmare Ram, and any other NEW expansions that get revealed over the course of the campaign.

      if you're confused about what's in the Satan's Lantern's pledge levels, then check out Update #4 to see the details.

      there's a general summary (misses a couple of things added to Satan's Lantern), which was quickly buried in comments, here:

      is your confusion about what the contents of the Gambler's Chest is?

    31. Slagathor on

      Nothing has changed with the campaign. You are getting exactly what you were getting before.

      Adam wants to show new information slowly. You guys can whine and cry all you want but that will not change a darn thing.

      Nothing. Has. Changed.

      The Gamblers Chest is a neat versatile item that Adam can use to keep the campaign extra lively and it is fun. In the end you are getting everything that was promised. How he shows you the info is his choice.

      If you're that impatient to get new info then you're gonna have a hard time. You won't know everything for a month or more until the campaign ends.

    32. Eryth on

      Now that you're doing narrative sculpts for the new expansions, are there any plans to revisiting previous armor sets and having a set of 4 sculpts for those as well?

    33. Kiyoko Kawakami on

      Adam's only comment on the Gambler's Chest is found here:…
      Take from that what you will, but all other comments from him refer to the 1.5 Changelog. Now, that being said, Adam has yet to correct anyone by saying that the Gambler's Chest isn't already entirely unlocked either. I believe (see:hope) that the chest is already competely unlocked, but there isn't enough confirmation yet.

      A few things to remember:
      •"Revealed" doesn't necessarily mean previously granted. Adam is notorious for insufficient diction; you would do well not to make assumptions unless there is clearly a typo
      •I don't think Adam would actually remove things from a pledge because of an arbitrary result from a fight he personally designed to be nigh impossible. Give the man SOME credit, he's clearly doing something right...
      •On mobile my comments do not appear in chronological order... Watch out for that, it may be the cause of some misunderstandings or unnecessary zombies
      •Adam runs his show pretty differently from most. Some of us are used to that, most of us aren't. Be respectful of both =\
      •We are all investing, or contemplating investing, a serious amount of money here. Many of us are irrationally loyal after Adam did damn right by his previous backers, but most of us are new and have every right to be skeptical. There are many stances in-between, I'm sure. Emotions will run high, I get that, BUT:
      •Please do yourselves, ourselves, and Adam a favor by understanding that we all have legitimate concerns and we should discuss them rationally if we choose to. There is no need to demonize, infantalise, or marginalize, and we shouldn't act like a misunderstanding or misinterpretation makes someone stupid or lazy or entitled. There are almost 30,000 comments guys, and even scrolling through just Adam's Comments knowing the exact comment I needed took me like ten minutes.
      • This took forever, I really hope it's unnecessary now =3

    34. Rodrigo Froes Marra on

      @Salvador Bernadó Sala
      I get your point about the way he is revealing strech goals, i realy do.
      STILL unless youre working with him on this project wich youre not everything youre saying about this things having already beeing unlocked is just assumptions from your own imagination.
      the truth is you dont know nobody does so quit acting like you know stuff you dont.
      if people who backed a project feel bad for the way things are being guided during the project is their right to be upset about it and express it on their comments.

    35. Missing avatar

      David Joseph Bousquet on


    36. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      The screaming god looks awesome. With a 100 mm base I expect it to be a real beast.
      The update is another great one if it weren't for the comments of some people.
      The ones insulting the people at Twitch are going to far.
      It's clear that some people don't understand the way Adam is revealing the stretch goals that are already reached and that we already have but don't know about.
      Maybe they would prefer reading a wall of text for two hours and don't come back here because everything has been revealed and there's nothing new to announce.
      Considering that they mistake most that they read, probably they would misunderstand half the stretch goals and then proclaim that Adam is cheating them.
      Frankly, if you have to react like today, I would keep away from the campaign until it's over or you'll get an stroke.
      I backed a lot of games here and the Kingdom Death campaigns are some of the best conducted I have seen.

    37. Rodrigo Froes Marra on

      I dont realy like feeling penalized for the performance of some random twitch streamers i dont even know or care about, its certainly not enough to make me withdraw my 1666 pledge but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth for sure =(

    38. Slagathor on

      This goes double for @Alessandro

      For no other reason than he is amusing ;)

    39. Slagathor on

      Let me help those folks who got their feathers ruffled by the last update.

      Nothing has changed. Nothing. You are going to get what Adam decides you will get (which is always more that what you are paying for. He is brilliant and fair and would never back stab his fans).

      Nothing has changed with the gamblers chest. If Twitch had beat the pheonix then the end result would be no different than it is now. We would be getting yesterday what we already got and today what we were already getting. Every few days is planned, the whole campaign is planned.

      The only change is that now that the Kickstarter is so successful we will be getting more. More stuff. Quit being insecure blubbering survivors. Trust in Adam. Use common sense.

      That is all.

    40. Alessandro S. on

      @ Courtney - Please point out any given point in which I've been "whining", as opposed to expressing doubts in a reasonable manner. If you can't, perhaps you should stop whining about those who do not agree with you.

    41. Slagathor on


      I read your comment just fine. You were worried that Adam was walking a fine line with Kickstarters rules for gambling. You were asking why would he risk it?

      This is his sencond multi-million dollar Kickstarter. Something tells me he is aware of the terms and conditions. You don't have to whine about the "fake penalties" or worry that he is "being too risky". He knows what he is doing waaaaaaay better than you do. Leave the man be.

    42. Frank Wisnes

      I'm just here for the comments.

    43. Jon Simpson on

      I love this game and I can see the funny side of this update, but giving backers the idea that they might be losing something , that's brave. It's creative but that's going to mess with some people's heads. I want to see the kickstarter have a runaway success even more than it is.

    44. Maxime Oracle of the Forest Walrus on

      @Guilherme, cant beleive i felt for that... well played sir, well played

    45. Maxime Oracle of the Forest Walrus on

      @Joshua It was said in one of the first update that all the gambler box was unlocked, this probably mean that we just wont get to see what those slots are. He's keping the revel slow to have something to show everyday

    46. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      I'm confused, where did it ever say we'd unlock all the gamblers chest rolls before the campaign ended? So far it's been about 1 a day right? So I don't think we were ever going to get all 100. Also, who's to say those rolls and that chart mean anything? It's all just theatrics. Adam will unlock what he wants to unlock when he wants to unlock it. Getting upset about this stuff is a complete waste of your life.