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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

5.7 Million - Help Twitch Fight a Phoenix!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

 This will effect tomorrows update, go help them now!

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Another huge gameplay feature added to the Gambler's Chest! Read about it in the giant image below!


Made from much, much tougher stuff!!!! The design isn't final, still some tweaks, but I am thrilled with the durability!


Surprise! Didn't even do an unlock teaser! Hot off the sculpting table from super talented Jacques-Alexandre Gillois! Oh and whats that just following her...


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    1. Filip Keinicke-Larsen on

      So will the new tray come with an xtra top tray that will fit over the bottom one. That would make room for all the cards, India the bottom one, and make all the terrain pices fit the top.

    2. Dad-R-Cubed-1 on

      A Male Screaming God Pinup! Please might Jacques-Alexandre Gillois do this?

    3. Dad-R-Cubed-1 on

      Would love to see more work from Jacques-Alexandre Gillois. Fantastic artist!!!!!! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Dunadin777 on

      I think the Scout should be renamed "Witness", for the reasons Rainer Woreck describe below. "Scribe" and "Documenter", while closer than Scout to the intended function, carry too much baggage in the Kingdom Death setting, where writing is a mystic and powerful art.

    5. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      To reword - seeking tactical information regarding terrain, enemy type, assets they possess (weapons/vehicles), numbers of enemy, location of enemies all with a time on when this information was discovered IS ALL VERY DIFFERENT from recording the adventures and exploitations of your group.

    6. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      "Scout' is a wrong term. You should have a fair understanding that a scout does reconnaissance, not detailed analysis of how things operate. This means if the team dies, you still end up with nothing. Or perhaps a more mentally scarred soldier.

      When you say 'watch and record what transpires' you are meaning a scribe, or documenter. Field researcher is another possibility. Not scout by any definition.

    7. Draxx on

      @Pablo if your getting everything and sleeving I recommend going on BGG for making your own custom insert. The base insert holds everything for the base game sleeved but it can't handle any expansions.

    8. Missing avatar

      Pablo on

      I am new to KD so I am the new box insert designed to hold cards that are sleeved? Or do the cards take up too much room when sleeved. Sounds like there's a lot of cards.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      Just posting here quick, they never did beat the phoenix :( sad panda!

    10. Elmon on

      Next stretch goal an New screaming antelope Modell?…

    11. Missing avatar

      Alejandro De La Mora on

      Will we get the new game box with upgrade lantern pledge? If not, will it be available as an add on?

    12. Chamoxil

      Really liking the scout mechanic addition. My question is whether the scout will get a distinctive sculpt to represent them, particularly if we upgrade them to fight with our core survivors, or will it be more abstract than that?

    13. jeep on

      @Brandon there is currently no pledge level that includes core game + gambler's box + all new expansions. You either go for 2nd face lantern, and get that plus all pinups and promos and a T-shirt, or you take a lower pledge ($350 with core game and gambler's box) and add all the rest manually (which is what I'm considering since I have no use nor interest in the pinups).

    14. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      oh by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois! This guy is skilled :)
      Just like Stephane SIMON and the sculptors of the KD:M minis.

    15. fastlane on

      @Brandon Silver comes with 1.5 upgrade, gambler's chest and first hero expansion. That's it. If you pledged silver lantern, the parts of this update you'll be receiving without spending money on add-ons is the new box insert (presumably, as it's listed under the 1.5 changelog that applies to 1.5 and 1.5 upgrade packages) and the scouts of death (from the gambler's chest roll). Pinups and expansions are add-ons.

    16. Michael Day on

      That Pheonix just needed some paint, then they would have succeeded!

    17. Gonewild40K on

      RIP Twitchers- Thanks for trying! Level 3 Phoenix is no joke!

    18. Ben Duerksen

      @Brandon The only expansions you'll get with the silver pledge are the ones that are part of the Gambler's chest, which I doubt will be many, if any, of the new boss expansions. You'd have to add the rest a la carte to your pledge or step into the $777 tier to get all the new ones, or the $750 tier if you just wanted the 12 current ones for the reprint.

    19. Brandon Stoltz on

      I'm hoping I get all this new stuff with the silver pledge. I can live without the promos and the pin ups but mostly I'm mainly concerned about the new expansions.

    20. John Fiala

      Personally, I'm pretty happy with how the project is going, stretch goals and all. It's fun finding a new thing that I'm getting every day or so.

    21. Evan Derrick on

      Never mind! I see it's included in the Gambler's Chest description (blink and you'll miss it).

    22. Missing avatar

      Lake Giles on

      @Augusto A Argolo simple solution- don't back the game then.

      The fact is, Poots is giving you a discounted Core game ($300 vs $400 MSRP) plus tons of free additional stretch-goal content. If you're not happy with that then you should just leave now.

    23. Evan Derrick on

      Did I miss something about an Advanced Rulebook? The update talks about "adding" a bunch of pages to the KD:M Advanced Rulebook, but I don't have one of those and I've never heard of it. Is this the first mention of it? What am I missing here?

    24. Sage Smith on

      Sorry if someone already said all of that.

    25. Ander on

      @Augusto, why?

    26. Sage Smith on

      Alright, here is my theory on how the scouts of death work. It is a replacement mechanic to you automatically getting your gear back. This now has an explanation, the scouts of death. However, when your scout dies, the equipment goes too. I personally think this is a great change, and makes much more sense logically.

    27. Joshua, Frogdog Protection Squad on

      @Daniel they really did. Pulled the hunt card that wiped the party due to no hunt XP and then replaced that card.
      ZAch got killed like turn two and I lost interest because I didn't think they were very entertaining.

    28. Daniel Reed on

      @azith28 No they died pretty horribly and much faster!!

    29. Augusto A Argolo on

      Not happy with the stretch goals.

    30. Sage Smith on

      You only lose your equipment if the scout is killed.

    31. AGN1964 on

      @Niarlat "we were told that one of our rewards (and getting that gamble roll is a reward!) was gated behind success of number of people streaming on Twitch."

      No, what we were told that that we may or may not find out what the rewards are on 30-Nov (today, as I write the comment). If we don't see them today, we'll see them later.

      Adam has already said that all rewards for the Gambler's Chest were planned from the start and all stretch goals are unlocked. What I find disheartening and damaging to this campaign is people making stuff up instead of reading the updates and Adam's comments.

    32. Missing avatar

      azith28 on

      Did twitch succeed on the second attempt? They were starting it over at midnight when i went to bed.

    33. Hahelloh on

      @ Matthew

      That makes more sens. Personnally, I wouldn't use him as an extra fighter. I wouldn't want to loose the knowledge he gather nor the precious equipment we have to put so much effort to build

    34. Matthew Pilgreen

      @Hahelloh - normally, the scout will return to the settlement with your items. It sounds like there'll be an option to have the scout take part in the battle as an extra fighter, but if the party is wiped, there'll be no scout to bring back the goods. Therefore, you'd lose everything that was taken out.

    35. Ed Leech on

      Aww, will miss my daily fix of a d100 roll ;.(

      I'm sure there will be plenty of great things in the update anyway :) but shame on twitch for losing to big bird.

    36. Hahelloh on

      I don't understand why the use of the scout would make you loose your equipment if the party is killed.

      Can't the scout just pick what's left behind once the enemy move away from the corpse?

    37. Fontaine Christophe on

      @ Niarlat : don't worry we will get everything in due time. Like another said, it's just for fun. I remind you that we (as in you and I and avery other backer) have no control on this KS apart from throwing our money at it.
      We are in no position to demand for something. I suggest that you and everybody else to chill out and relax and try to enjoy the drip-feeding news.

      And it's not a question wether or not you've pledged a lot. With all the money so far, I bet many of Adam's planned stretch goals have been reached, if all. That means at least the full Gambler's Chest. Other stretch goals could be pinups, expansions, promos, or rewards.

      The only things we haven't seen so far are rewards (I think) which means something you get in addition to everything else without paying (well from a certain pledge amount of course, like at least the core game ($200+) ).
      During the first kickstarter, we got (if I'm not mistaken) : an extra phoenix, watcher and 5 King's men, survivors Aya and Paul, survivors Adam and Anna, Snow the savior, twilight knight male, extras rawhide/leather/lion/phoenix armor kits and maybe other things I don't remember out of my mind.
      You got all this at the survivor level pledge (was $150 back then I think).

      If you'd reach the Herald of Death level ($300+) you'd get a free Manhunter and Lion Knight expansions too.

      I don't know if rewards will be included in this KS this time, when you read the different pledge levels so far there doesn't seem to have. But they can appear later when Adam unveils more stretch goals (for example, the Herald of Death level of the first KS was not introduced at the beginning of the campaign).

      So guys, with 38 days to go and a total pledge that I think is far above anything the KD crew was expecting, be sure that we will get a lot of things. I second the choice of disclosing things ona at a time, it leaves some suspense to the KS.

    38. Sage Smith on

      Same, only I don't even watch the butcher. I want to keep a big surprise for my first play through.

    39. Tristan on

      @Niarlat it's been said a lot already that we are getting everything in the gamblers box regardless of rolls. Nothing is gated off except an extra day of anticipation.

    40. Timmo Warner on

      Yeah, they lost. No Gambler's Chest roll tomorrow.

    41. Ed Leech on

      I couldn't watch the twitch stream. Are you saying they lost to the Phoenix?

    42. Fool, Optimistically Pessimistic on

      @Niariat - The whole gamble on twitch was exactly in tune with the game, The Gambler theme, and more importantly, The Rule of Death in the game.

      Loved it.

    43. Timmo Warner on

      I always stop watching play throughs of Monster online once they get past The Butcher. The odds are I'll start seeing things I haven't yet encountered more and more.

    44. Missing avatar

      Niarlat on

      I do honestly think (and hope) that we'll get all that is due.
      It was the whole reasoning that got me worried.

    45. Timmo Warner on

      @Michael: Yeah, by the end he'll have to cheat by manually changing the numbers on the dice to something not yet revealed! And then penalize himself for cheating and show us ANOTHER one!

    46. Bigsixer on

      @Niarlat, For what it's worth I totally disagree. I loved the idea. I immediately tuned into Twitch and watched for about an hour. It was loads of fun knowing I had "skin in the game" as a backer. So what if they did not win? I am sure we will unlock everything at some point in the campaign, we just did not earn a Gambler roll today. Cool, there is always tomorrow! As a side note, watching the stream made me sub to their channel and now I have a place to go in the future to "hang out" and chat with other KDM fans while we watch the game play out. Win/win.

    47. Michael Salt on

      @Timmo, there is one concern i have about all this...

      By the end of the KS, the Gambler's Chest Roll videos are gonna have to be like a hour long to account for all the re-rolls one there are only a few boxes left! XD

    48. Css on

      I think it was quite fun and would like to see more things like that (not necesarily a twitch showdown again however) done instead of just one roll every day and that's it (to be fair, one roll every day has enough hype, would not mind it either).

      We have everything already, so it's only a matter of how it gets revealed, no big deal.

    49. Timmo Warner on

      Oops, forgot the main point in all that!

      We won't be missing out on any goodies because a Twitch Stream didn't win their game one night! It's all for fun, so relax and enjoy the ride!

      So says me.