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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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This is a new expansion and thus is included in the Gambler's Lantern Pledges and Satan's Lantern pledges. Anyone else is can add it to their rewards by adding +$40 to their pledge total and confirming their selection in the pledge manager after the campaign.


Sci-fi Aya

Hector Moran, the sculptor that has sculpted both Beyond the Wall and Before the Wall (featuring Aya the survivor) has confirmed that he will be the primary sculptor for Sci-fi Aya! We have been working with Hector for a long time (he sculpted the White Lion Armor set and the Pinup Primal Huntress) and he is running his own kickstarter at this time.

The models are 75mm scale, but if your into that sort of thing, check it out! Thanks!


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    1. Alexis Maes

      Okay, now. According to a recent interview with Poots, the Nightmare Ram completely changed design. instead of fighting it in the (very cool) Garden Labyrinth, instead of having a dungeon (with dungeon deck, tiles and minions) we will fight the Nightmare ram on an elevated plateau, playing volleyball.

      I understand that design can change, but shouldn't this have been explained in detail in an update? Will we still get the water bug minions? Will the people that bougth the Ram hoping for a dungeon have a chance to change their orders/ask for a refund ?

      What is the current design process? Have other monsters been affected by those changes?

    2. AGN1964 on

      I asked for details on the boiling water bug minion and got the best response. I thought I'd paste it here, so others could find it later.

      Kingdom Death @AGN1964, they will be mini;s and I think they are bigger then spiderlings.

    3. Pyro Stick on

      Are the Narrative Alpine Survivor sculpts going to be revealed before the end of the campaign?

    4. Sage Smith on

      Not really, the best you can do is pledge for the core now and use pledge manager to upgrade later. Note however Poots has repeatedly said that he can not garentee if there will be a pledge manager and what time it comes out is anybody's guess. If you're stretched for budget I would say get the core and gamblers chest then hopefully add more in the pledge manager.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mikael Stridh on

      I have asked the creator through a message but yet no reply. Maybe you other knows...

      My question - Is there any way to split the payments... ie so the core game costs gets charged in january and the rest of the costs later closer to the shipping? Reason is that I don't mind spending money on something good but my wife and kids disagree that the christmas money should go into kingdom death ;) Otherwise I would sadly have to settle with the 1.5 Core Game. If it was possible to split the costs then I would go with the 750$ or higher

    6. Sage Smith on

      @Rainer Woreck
      As you can see, your rebuttal fails drastically due to trying to disprove the point he was making by proving it.

    7. Sage Smith on

      @Rainer Woreck
      Alright, I just have to call you out on your bullshit misquote. You quoted "if you know how to play the game well you willc onsistently rise to the top of campaigns" saying that's in reference to kingdom death. However, if you actually take the time to read the surrounding context it says:
      "(Mordheim) can be gamed as a system incredibly fiercely and if you know how to play the game well you willc onsistently rise to the top of campaigns ....(while) Kingdom death: Monster has inbuilt scenarios to mean even if you do do everythingr ight there is a chance you will lose still....

    8. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      @Luke Roberts. Kingdom death: Monster is only hard due too many random factors, not due top player decisions. Played several games along with friends who also agree on that. Too much RNG. The looping aspects feel really stupid, imo; Feels like a buggy video game.

      Which is why I have been thinking of house rules, a game less about RNG and more choice/consequence.

      "if you know how to play the game well you willc onsistently rise to the top of campaigns"
      Sorry, knowledge of how Kingdom Death Monster works will still result in failings due to RNG. Most cases of RNG can not under any circumstance be modified, nor can they be worked around. When luck is a major factor, all you can do is hope for the best, your skill and knowledge has no relevance.

      Yeah, the age / experience aspect, having them combined into one arbitrary thing is rubbish. By the book, Spidicules story line, a child is someone who has at least 1 Hunt XP.

      Regardless, I've tried playing it as written and nobody here likes it. This game is, however, quite a worthwhile foundation to build something 'good' from.

    9. GinjaNinja on

      I realize it is correct on this update page, but it is not correct on the front page. It will confuse people.

    10. GinjaNinja on

      Question regarding the campaign front page. It says that the Nightmare Ram is included in the Ancient Gold Lantern, instead of the 777 Black Friday Gambler's Lantern pledge. Typo?

    11. Crystal Groves

      Lol, Hi Bill! :3

    12. Bill Briggs on

      Oktomat, the campaign stretch goals will be revealed as the campaign progresses. If you look in the other updates, Adam explains that. Basically, we have already blown past all of the stretch goals Adam and crew had developed for the campaign. All of them. Within two hours of the launch. So, to keep it interesting, they’re going to reveal them slowly.

      The core set is $250 because, it’s about $400-$500 retail. It’s very expensive because of the success of the first Kickstarter. It’s seventeen pounds of game (7.7kg). And there is a lot to it. Not counting all of the expansions, which are also expensive. It’s a high-quality, high-detail game. The core box is all you’d need for several months of play. And I mean one play through of the game.

      You’re free to think it’s a game for the 1%, and, due to its overwhelming cost, you may be correct. But, Kickstarter is a place for those with disposable income to gather and support creators who have visions they’d like to see developed.

      Curses! Crystal beat me to it!

      Hi, Crystal!

    13. Ben Duerksen

      Looks great...may need to grab this one on its own just for the new dungeon mechanic.

      Please, please, please, though...sit on the graphics for a few hours and go back and proofread before releasing them. The number of errors we're seeing all over the campaign page and update graphics does not inspire confidence.

    14. Crystal Groves

      @Oktomat - This game is a high end game with a *very* high emphasis on quality. I've backed a lot of games on Kickstarter (though I missed out on the original KDM) and this game completely blows them out of the water in terms of how insane the quality is.
      It's not necessarily a game for the 1% but it'd definitely niche.

    15. Oktomat on

      I find this campaign to be very confusing - Where's a list of all the unlocked stretch goals, where's the Freebies? Whats up with those pledges. Why is the core set alone 250$? Strech goals unlock means we are allowed to spend more money? Seems like this is a game for the 1% ...

    16. Luke Roberts on

      @Rainer Woreck,

      There is definite balance to KD:M. If you aren't utilising the inbuilt mechanics and combinations of encounters to power advance survivors then you aren't making full use of the games' internal balances. Adam Poots has on a number of occasions remarked about these being built into the monsters, encounters and settlements themselves. An example is the infinite insanity loop or understanding loop of The White Lion. Having survivors with max understanding after even lantern year 3 is incredibly powerful. Yet as ever there are events and monsters which will end that power spike if not careful. You can't have everyone insane for example in case they fall off the bottom of the world or have too much insanity on individual survivors if facing a screaming antelope for example.

      One aspect of the game as a whole is that, more then other games out there in the tabletop miniatures genre is that you have the flexibility to house rule things to make it work for you. Is your campaign too easy? Start hunting level 2 monsters minimum including nemesis monsters. Did you trounce the Watcher? Maybe you actually didn't and in 10 years time he comes back this time with the extra stats as standard but an extra 5-10 life, do you still trounce him? Maybe you didn't and he comes back 10 years later again, you're now at twice the length of a campaigns minimal length at least, how is the watcher more powerful now? You decide, you balance it, you make it harder or easier if need be. The game does have balances, though they are generally skewed against the survivors, and this is the charm of the game.

      Kingdom death: Monster is MEANT to be hard.

      This is why so many of us love it.

      Mordheim by games-workshop, still, in my opinion, one of their best games ever produced, is also one of the most balanced tabletop skirmish campaign games out there. You find the imbalances are small in number yet almost universally agreed to, such as two weapon fighting being OP, lucky rabbits feet being too cheap for what they do etc. But whilst it is inherently balanced, it can be gamed as a system incredibly fiercely and if you know how to play the game well you willc onsistently rise to the top of campaigns by many, many games equivalent of development compared to any other player in the campaign. Kingdom death: Monster has inbuilt scenarios to mean even if you do do everythingr ight there is a chance you will lose still and this, like life, is awesome, because it forces you to continually think outside the box in how you approach the whole lantern year and campaign not just an individual hunt. Many people only ever look at the hunt phase or the settlement phase or the showdown phase in isolation for balance, they don't put them all together nor chain them across multiple lantern years to see where balance is worked into the system. I've found the core by itself is surprisingly good value in terms of replayability and even abusing some of the power house combinations you still have to work hard to advance. But I do feel you in the whole wanting to work in spidicules and gorm into acampaign witha phoenix and a white lion and a dung beetle and a lion god all in one and not being able to fully capitalise on it.

      Maybe a solution with the random resources drop is that you could use a new innovation like the Harvest Ritual at the Stone Circle where instead of spending an equal amount of monster resources for an equal amount of basic resources you could spend a combination of say 1 monster and 1 basic resource to draw a random monster resource of your choice. the increased cost in resources represents the difficulty in acquiring specific monster resources in the first place and keeps that balance of power housing gear within reason. But this certainly could be an option as house rules for you Werner.

      Secondly the rulebook explains that whilst only 1 hunt is completed each year by a player it is representative of many, many hunts throughout a year. You know, to feed the settlement and build their buildings (where else do they get all the hide to make a settlement so large or even just a single tent if they use it all for clothing/armour?). This has been covered in the background already.

      To experience and age - it has always been a grey area, but it also goes hand in hand with a lantern year is an unspecified period of time and could vary year to year. Moreover, yes 0 xp is considered new born but they could go out on a hunt and gain an experience point or more as soon as they've been born - but in reality they are at least a young kid.We know that 15 experience you are too old to hunt and retire (pretty sure it's 15, I need my coffee!) and we also know that saviours can age to be at least 80 years old. So 80 by 15 is at least 5 years of age there per experience, and in a culture where it is kill or be killed, much like early man in our own history, make or female you learnt to fight as soon as you could because no one wants to be eaten by a giant predatory cat for example regardless of age.I digress slightly - some of the mysteries of the kingdom deathw orld remain mysteries and it is cinematic and enjoyable like that as it is so undefined. You know adults can be full grown and have no experiene. We also know the Phoenix can age you prematurely or you could lose all your experience even if you were on the cusp of retirement and thus whilst too old to go and hunt you now have a survivor who believes they are raw and young and good to hunt because they NEED to to survive. None of this fluff needs 'fixing' it allows you as a player to interpret things as it could very much be different for each settlement, we don't know, survivors are the equivalent of live stock in the Kingdom after all and not everything needs to be explained or understood to make for a great setting or game play. It leave s it open to you to decide how it makes sense and this is awesome for a great many people.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Kent: Me too xD

    18. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Kent: Haha! ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      Finally the nightmare ram. Took long enough to become part of the game publically. Now just waiting for that epic looking gryphon.

      One thing I found a little annoying... the additional content to the game (Gorm, Spidicules) are a lot better than the ones that came in the original game and you can't use both sets given that the campaign is long enough to make use of the random resources you obtain from defeating them. Even if the campaign were extended it would mean being over prepared for the final showdown.
      Well it isn't as if the game is balanced in any way, anyway, nor does it make much sense.

      I do have some minor complains of the game, mechanically and with the lore. None of these will be modified because, who needs consitencey in an RNG game?

      XP (experience) is a combination of knowledge and age. The human-things at 0 XP are technically babies as within the game as you'll see 3 XP is depicted as a teenager. Contradiction, all human-things start at 0 XP but are depicted as adults. Which is true? Not much consistency.

      The human-things don't generally age unless they are involved in a hunt and actually fight their quarry (if it's encountered). There are few instances when a human-thing obtains XP.

      A human-thing baby can give birth to another baby which can give birth to another baby, and repeat this provided you have the resources/events to do so.

      These human-things don't eat much and not very often at all. 1 hunt per lantern year, yet even then a hunt doesn't guarantee a successful bounty. If you think of farming, sorry no, those rules come in the Dung Beetle Knight expansion, and takes a few Lantern Years to reap any kind of harvest.

      A successful hunt provides a limited number of random resources. Makes about as much sense as all those toothless wolves in World of Warcraft you need to harvest for teeth. Once hunters get good, they should know how to take down quarries without causing damage to resources they need to harvest from the beasts.
      Critical attack may get you bonus resources (all dependant on random hit location card), so sucks if you don't have at least one in your team of human-thing hunters.

      The entire game is about Luck. RNG.

    20. Strobie on

      @Shihayazat Adam cheated on the dice role in the video so he is given us more in the gamblers box. Look like he has his own set of rules for the gambler's box. If he has to fudge the dice role he ads more to the box. So I say let the cheating begin

    21. Alpharius on

      @S3NK3TSU You said it, my friend. :)

    22. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I was expecting to see the nightmare ram in this KS and I'm glad it's been confirmed so soon.
      This is, a priori, the most interesting expansion, although the first hero was a great surprise and I hope we get more surprises before January 8th.
      I don't see the 16 hit location cards as a clear indication that the trap will we revealed very often since the ram has a few minions and I suppose we will be fighting those creatures instead of the ram in several occasions.
      Adam, please keep cheating with the roll of the dice.
      That way the gambler's chest will be a box as big as the core one. 8-)

    23. S3NK3TSU on

      @Kent seriously though. Each day is an eternity without this succulent piece of art in my hands.

    24. Alpharius on

      @Kodesh Do NOT jinx it, mate! I need this and I need it as soon as possible! D:

    25. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Kent: You are correct. The estimated delivery is summer 2017 for the core game. That said. 12000 backers and ticking. I think it's gonna be delayed xD

    26. Missing avatar

      Billy Crawford on

      Awesome, thanks for the info! Of what I've seen so far, old & new, this has the most appeal.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ron G. on

      That dice tower lamp.... must have...
      Any chance that would be an add on?

    28. Missing avatar

      Jared Ramm on

      @Billy. Good choice on getting this. I have the resin Nightmare Ram in resin and it is, by far, my favorite model in the line. Yes, you will hunt this guy. There should be levels of difficulty. I don't see why the water bugs wouldn't be models. We got tiny spiders with Spiducules.

    29. Missing avatar

      Billy Crawford on

      Not sure if this has been answered. I'm getting this regardless because it's completely different than some of the other expansions. Anyway, here goes:
      1 - I'm guessing the Nightmare Ram is a quarry?
      2 - If so, do we know if he is low, mid, or high level?
      3 - Are the water bug minions going to be minis or tokens?

      Thanks, any and all! And thank you Mr. Poots for making my gaming dream a reality :-)

    30. WarWolf on

      No foam trays can't stand that material and you can't clean foam tray, plastic all the way!

    31. Fontaine Christophe on

      Great update, as usual. The pinup dung beetle is one of the best in my opinion. the nightmare ram expansion is a welcome addition, in term of new gameplay, but also the miniature which is one of my favourite too.

      If we get a new tray for the next 1.5 upgrade taht can fit all the cards and is better than he current one, I'll say go for it, though I think it's crazy. People who already own a game know how the box is oacked full on opening, and thinking that Adam still has found some space to add more things just blows my mind (new models, bigger rulebook, new tray, and still things to come...)

    32. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Adam : next Changelog update is new tray ??? foam tray for components ?? plastic tray are little delicate and easy broken :/

    33. Alpharius on

      @Jean-edou Artwork I saw how large the expansions are to the box of the core game. They are quite big... It will double the size of the box easily. I expect to pay a bit. Haha.

    34. Alpharius on

      @Morten Bondrup Jensen Why not? ;D

    35. Alpharius on

      @Kodesh Hold on, you believe that we will not get our hands on the game until after the next Black Friday sale? He stated that summer of 2017 is when the Core Game and update packs are going to go out. I also asked the question when the expansions would go out as well and someone answered that it would be the same time as the core game. The latter I am not too sure about, but the core game?

    36. Morten i MEMBER new hope on

      To nightmare ram or not to nightmare ram that is the question.

    37. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Kent : i think if you pledge the 750$ pledge the shipping cost of the first expansion will be include with the first wave shipping....i think.the extra shipping cost for addons is when you add the addons on pledge manager i they include in the 750$ pledge i think it won't have extra shipping but not will see on pledge manager...

    38. The Redheaded Pharmacist

      I can't help but wonder what that first number would have revealed.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Kent: Easy thing to do. I did it twice just to be sure. You are indeed correct about the assurance. But I'm fairly certain he will add all the expansions here and that we won't have the game before the next black friday sale. Shipping price on the ancient lantern is a very good question.

    40. Timmo Warner on

      @Javier Only the Gambler's Lantern and Satan's Lantern pledges will get the new expansions.

      The pledges that only include the Gambler's Chest will not unless they specifically say so.

    41. MiniOuroboros on

      Nice Dung Beetle Knight <3

    42. Javier Arteagoitia García on

      @AdamPoots: Hi, I have a VERY IMPORTANT question (for me).

      When you say...

      "This is a new expansion and thus is included in the Gambler's Lantern Pledges and Satan's Lantern pledges." mean the Pledges that include a Gambler's Lantern, or you are only talking about Black Friday Gambler's Lantern and Black Friday Gambler's Lantern 2nd Face?

    43. Alpharius on

      @Kodesh My bad, I was indeed off. It looks like I added something twice. But, it looks like the assurance of getting one would the bonus. Some expansions sold out in US warehouses and the only other place to go would be eBay... Scalper central. I guess I will see how this goes. Excuse my miscalculation. By the way, they kind of showed what the shipping prices. Would there be a $2 add on price, per expansion, if they are sending out the current expansions next summer?

    44. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Kent: I think you need to do the math again. Actually, the old expansions, at half price, cost $442.5. So it's actually cheaper to add them individually or wait until the next sale on the homepage than to buy an ancient lantern, depending on shipping. So pretty much doesn't matter what you choose.

    45. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Kent : ancien lantern: core game:glamber chest and all extension !
      other option is to back core with glamber chest and add extension as soon as they come on the kickstarter....

    46. Alpharius on

      @Kodesh I did the math. The core game and gambler's chest is $300 for the Black Friday version, right? So, the other 12 expansions will be $450 to reach that Ancient Lantern price. If I were to buy the current expansions at 50% off, like they were during the Black Friday sale, then it would cost me more than the Ancient Lantern price. I would assume it would work the same way for the new expansions too. I feel like having that assured sale, from their standpoint, then they are willing to give us a sweeter deal. $450 for the current expansions? That's awesome, I am happy and they will get my money. If they had a similar bundle with the new expansions, but for slightly cheaper, then I will definitely throw more money their way to ensure I have them set in place for me to get them.

    47. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Kingdom Death: As others have asked. What tier is the Nightmare ram? I'd like to add expansions to have alternative monsters spread out over the years.

    48. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      2nd on Kent's suggestion. Though I'm guessing we can just add all the new expansions to an Ancient Lantern.

    49. Alpharius on

      Is there any way I can back the core game, gambler's box, 1.0 expansions, and 1.5 expansions? I don't really want to pinups and shirt, etc.

    50. Paint'Riot Studio

      great last addition ! i maybe need to add the gamble chest on pledge manager !
      the new nightmare ram extension is awesome !