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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

OVER $5 MILLION PLEDGED! Gambler's Chest Roll #2! Can you guess the next pinup?

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)


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First Narrative Sculpture revealed! 

And so the dice speak, and I reveal. White Fang, the Twilight Swordswoman is ready to join your hunting party and pounce into action! Use her to represent your favorite White Lion armored, Twilight Sword wielding survivor. A great way to get around the weapon's tricky cumbersome rule.

Cyber Monday Bonus! An additional bonus Added to the Gambler's Chest! ( no roll needed!)

Sci-fi Aya the Survivor joins the Gambler's Chest as a surprise bonus! Seemed appropriate with our silly shopping day and all. Oh and also the whole over 5 Million thing, which I am still in shock about. Has it really only been 3 days? Thankfully the team will be joining me monday morning ( in a mere 7 hours). 

Anyway, All of you are awesome. I can't wait to get all the cool stuff we have lined up and ready to slowly... one tiny piece at a time... slowly, reveal it to everyone. Bwa hahahaha! 

All right time for some sleep! Until tomorrow!!!!!!


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    1. Rascarcapac on

      @Paireon. Thanx for the link. I had completely forgotten about this new monster. I bet it's going to be one big expansion for this KS. It HAS to be. I talked about female nemesis earlier on. There is an illustration by Lorinda Tomko that has been around for some time now: that of the jungle queen. But no mini yet. She might be a good choice for a female nemesis (and she would bring wooden resources to the game...). Wait and see.
      What do you think about that concept art?

    2. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      OK, earlier today I talked about a Nightmare Ram God; turns out my wires were crossed resulting in a terrible brain fart. The Screaming God was what I should have talked about:

      (that said having a God for the Nightmare Rams down the line would still be a cool idea IMO)

    3. Rascarcapac on

      @William Wells and JayOBedlam ans Chris Berban. Female nemesis rocks! I already have mother and grandmother as resin characters. Grandmother could indeed be a great female nemesis. The model is awesome. But so could the 666 Satan minis (although they are not really politically correct if you see what I mean).

    4. Kursh on

      @jeremy good point! I'd like to add expansions over the years :)

    5. Will on

      @Rascarcapac: I've used the Pin-up Forsaker as a female Butcher before. But yeah, to agree with JayOBedlam, I'd love to see the Grandmother (or regular Mother) show up as a Nemesis monster.

    6. JayOBedlam on

      +1 for a female nemesis, that Grandmother is a BAD ASS model

    7. Berbs42 on

      I would LOVE a Female Nemesis or 3!!

    8. jeremy

      WIll we be able to add expansions later on down the line as the waves ship out. I cant afford a huge pledge but would like to add some of the expansions down the line when i have spare cash.

    9. Jean-Sebastien Fortin on

      I really hope we get to have an expansions with the Lion knights...

    10. Rascarcapac on

      So Nightmare ram is the first monster this time, eh?
      Maybe the next will be the awesome wendigo-like creature in the video
      We might also get some expansions with previously released resin models: the frogdog, the gryphon, the lion knight first, the black knight, the white knight, the storm knight... So many possibilities.
      One thing is missing though...
      We have male pin-ups but no female nemesis. Time for a badass woman enemy!

    11. tat2artst on

      love more sci-fi models. Only need one more after aya to run a 4 person hunting party (sci-fi game hunter would be cool). I just assembled the white speaker and flower knight over the weekend. I think a robot white lion would be pretty cool too.

    12. godgorF

      The Nightmare Ram is likely an expansion pack quarry to hunt, yeah (new monster).

    13. Martin Bomark on

      I didtn have much luck getting an answer to my last question, but ill try for another. Will there be material made available to will make it possible to use Gorm as an alternative prologue as was mentioned at some point?

    14. Alexandre Bilodeau on

      @ julian thanks dor the explanation. I didn't know the origins of KDM. I don't hate them btw...

    15. Alpharius on

      What is the Nightmare Ram any ways? Is it a monster we can use in the game or what?

    16. AGN1964 on

      It's always a good day when you get to see more of Sascha Buczek's work.

    17. AGN1964 on

      @Paireon Superbacker "Let's hope we'll also get the Nightmare Ram God that was teased a few months back"

      I missed that teaser, anyone have a link?

    18. Missing avatar

      Julian on

      @Alexandre Bilodeau, the origin of the whole kingdom death universe lays in the production of pin ups. The game in this universe was created afterwards with much more sucess for the company. However, they do not betray there roots and still deliever beautiful figures for painting for the fans. No need to hate that...

    19. Michael Riber Tolstrup on

      "Her twilight sword held high, she roared in foolish defiance."
      "It was the last sound she ever made, and it was beautiful"

    20. Gorchnik von Uberstein on

      Wait, so if we have the Gambler Chest in our pledge, we get this While Lion Sculpture/card and the Sci-Fi Aya as part of our pledge? Please tell me that's correct.

    21. Alexandre Bilodeau on

      I still don't understand the hype for the pin-up? They do nothing for the gameplay and the money they raise don't go toward any strech goal!?
      Am I missing something?

    22. Kenny Stewart on

      Nightmare ram!!! :O

    23. Daniel

      Nightmare ram � ^^

    24. CashWiley on

      And double bonus insanity for getting Sascha inspired to paint more KD!

    25. CashWiley on

      Pinup dung ball, words never previously spoken on the planet earth...

      Pretty obviously the GK pinup (awesome!) and Ram, one of my favorite monsters. Nice! I have a dio concept for the Ram but it involves cutting and repositioning pretty heavily...having a plastic model might be worth waiting a couple years to tackle it...

    26. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @AGN1964 - My guess is pretty much the same. Let's hope we'll also get the Nightmare Ram God that was teased a few months back down the line too.

    27. Jon on

      I would love a nightmare ram expansion, it is one of my very fav miniatures in the line.
      I want both cool miniatures and a fun game to play them in, and I know Kingdom of Death can provide both.

    28. AGN1964 on

      Very cool! Thanks for the bonus Gambler's Box mini - my first sci fi KD miniature.

      My guess is Female Green Knight pinup and the Nightmare Ram expansion. The next update will be awesome.

    29. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Brad : Pinups are not include in silver pledge,only the gamber chest rewards !
      if you want them,you need to add them to your pledge or on the pledge manager.

    30. Hayden on

      Sci-fiya is nice, but I'm way more excited for White Fang.

    31. Missing avatar

      Brad Brooks on

      I am curious if the pin up is included in the black friday Silver lantern pledge. I already own the core game and it would be unfortunate not to receive free add ons because of that reason.

    32. Brian on

      Pinups have no rules, are collectible and something to paint. Just for fun. Personally this is fine as I don't have to get any - and for those that love to paint minis it's a bonus.

    33. Missing avatar

      Vertseper on

      As I understand sci fi Aya is included in the gamblers chest, other thing worth of mentioning... Not sure if this is a mistake... But she really doesn't take a slot of the gambler rolls.

    34. Missing avatar


      What are the Pinups models?

    35. SerenityNow98 on

      In the future, there are only melvins....

      I wonder how the sculpt will tackle the orange visor on the SF Aya

    36. Rand Chua TL on

      @Adam would there be a possible $6,666,666 Super Satan stretch goal?

    37. Marc Aranha on

      I'm going to ride that Nightmare Ram like a stallion.

    38. Missing avatar

      Mattias Westermark on

      As one who did not joined the first time - extra minis, like the "Flower Whitch", "Percival" and such (not pin-ups), do they have game mechanics, or are they just collectibles?

    39. WarWolf on

      So thrilled with the nightmare ram expansion! Loving all these Pinups to boot. Congrats on getting an article on Fortunes website you are getting noticed, meaning more money. Of course you will also get a few PC morons crying sexism pledging just to bitch.

    40. Marek Sorf on

      @Larkin: I think you can expect something similar as White Lion Hero to each armor tier. However, I also hope, there is more game related content forming some sort of expansion rather than pinup collection box.

    41. Larkin on

      I realy hope the gamblers chest is not mainly about pinups but about something more game related.

    42. YayYoh on

      New Sculpts are amazing as usual

    43. YayYoh on

      Nightmare Ram!

    44. Eyne Nacht on

      Ohhhhhh....NBightmare...Ram!!! Yass!

    45. Sascha Buczek on

      Hooray for the ram ... This is the expansion i´m most excited for :D

      Now i have to finally finish to paint it:

      Actual WIP:

      And since this worked for the ram .... If the Pariah will be part of this kickstarter i´ll promise to finish the one i started some months ago ;)

    46. Baylock on

      @Vinu: "what happens if there is a same roll twice or if it rolls on a different number for the same reward?"
      The world would probably collapse...

    47. Adel on

      @scott Hockley thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    48. McDevil on

      And now I need Lioness Pin up. :) Badly :(