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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$4.6M - First Gambler's Chest Roll! Dragon King Expansion Reprint Confirmed!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)
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And so you have it... the result of the first gambler's roll! I wish I was making the result up, I blame a certain person in the comments section for jinx-ing us! lol

For some reason there is no sound on this video when I preview it from kickstarter. Hopefully this is just a preview thing. And its fine!

Dragon King Expansion - Reprint Confirmed!

I can now officially confirm the Reprint of the Dragon King! Thru this Kickstarter we are offering our most popular expansion at a special pre-production rate. Just because I know people will ask. No, there isn't anything new in this expansion reprint. It is not getting a version update. And Yes, it is included in Satan's Lantern level pledges.

Later tonight I'll make a little menu of our current Add Ons. And I am looking at monday or tuesday to reveal one of the NEW expansions. People will be in the office which will make everything a bit easier.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      If anyone is giving up their Black Friday pledge to take the plunge and upgrade to something else, please let me know as I'd love to pick it up!

    2. Missing avatar

      ndcortaz on

      +1 for the translation

    3. Parrilla84 on

      +1 for the translation! If the game was in spanish I would buy several expansions... :D

    4. CowardlyHero on

      @Geppetto_O Two of the models are the People of the Stars.

    5. jeep on

      +1 for taking the campaign to 40 lantern years !!!

    6. Luca Mita on

      +1 for the translation in other languages! Spanish, French, German AND Italian please :) don't forget us

    7. Missing avatar

      Till Blanckaert

      "male pinup" written on the description below the second pinup, on campaign page, maybe requires a correction :)

    8. Greyskull

      Another crappy update.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sven Wasberg on

      I want that dicetower.
      Adam, please make that happen!

    10. Martin Bomark on

      Adam... Im a backer and I am wondering, if there will be plans for anything to come instead of lantern festival at some point to take the campaign to 40 years?

    11. Missing avatar

      Ivan Gil Castillo

      +1 to translate the game (yes, I think Spanish, German and French will be ok). It'll be a great improve to the community an now with all the foundings this kickstarter is even possible. Or even have the option to be as an add-on.

    12. Steve on

      Dragon King expansion has 4 multi part armour kit models plus 2 people of the dragon which you can put any weapons on but their pose is not changeable, they are basically dragon themed unarmoured survivors. The sunstalker expansion also comes with a couple of extras - a priest and something else.

    13. Missing avatar

      Geppetto_O on

      Why there are 6 SURVIVOR miniatures in the Dragon King expantion?

    14. PublicEnemy on

      I can do the Chinese translation:)

    15. Missing avatar

      ivankaiser on


      You made lot of money this time. Can you do a translate of the game with the money. In french german and Spanish. I think it's very important for the community and for the game. I think everybody ll be ok to pay the translate. So you have the money just do it !!

    16. Patrick Stangier on

      @Rainer Woreck
      Quote: "Have you ever printed plastic models? They are pretty cheap to make."
      KD:M models are not printed, they are produced via hard plastic injection molding.
      While the per unit material costs are low with this method, the up front costs, especially the mold creation, are high.
      For some perspective the mold for a single humanoid figure from Mantic Games costs about $10000.
      As KD:M models are more complex, better detailed and usually larger by comparsion they are certain to be more expensive.

    17. Stuart Holttum

      Hi Heiko - welcome aboard the nightmare train!!

      At some point after Kickstarters finish, the creators send everyone a link to a Pledge Manager. There will be options in there to assign where your add-on funds go. All you need to do during the kickstarter is keep increasing your pledge when you see items you like!! (Though many projects will allow you to increase your pledge at this point to get extra items).

    18. Patrick Stangier on

      From the main campaign page FAQ:
      "How can I add stuff to my pledge?
      To receive an add-on simply add the value of that add-on (listed on its announcement) to your pledge amount. After the campaign closes backers will use backerkit to specify which addons you pledged for. For example, to pledge for the First Hero Expansion, add $35 to your existing pledge. Then specify this expansion when you receive the backerkit survey that will be sent out to backers after the campaign wraps."

      I don't know if Adam will allow post campaign pledge total modification this time, so to be on the safe side you should add the money while the campaign is still running.

    19. Niddi on

      @Heiko: Sometime after the campaign has ended you will receive a link to a Pledgemanager where you'll be able to allocate your funds. Just add the amount sometime during the campaign.

    20. Missing avatar

      Heiko Dreger on

      I'm new to KDM and KS, so I have got a question regarding the above listed expansions. At which point can I choose where my funds go? I pledged for the Black Friday Lantern to get the core game. So if I also want to get the dragon king, I raise my pledge by 75$. But where can I choose that these 75 $ are for the dragon king and not for some Pinups that are also available? And at which point should I raise my pledge? Thanks in advance for any helping answers.

    21. Missing avatar

      Shaun Joel Lim Ping Wui on

      I just wanna say, the fact that Nightmare Adam is also a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reference has officially combined two of my favourite things in the world (KD and JoJo) into one FABULOUS thing.

    22. Tsükï-chan Daifuku Koka Fukukoka Lalilul on

      I already have seen you uptade the campaing , could you say on the ADD-ONS in wich wave is going to be shippes

    23. Missing avatar

      Jupp3 on

      > Have you ever printed plastic models? They are pretty cheap to make.

      "Cheap for you to make" != "Equally cheap for a legally functioning company with product warranty etc. to make" no matter what we're talking about.

    24. Nakano

      So Nightmare Adam is a hero miniature (+some item cards) added into Gambler's Chest? I think core has plenty hero figures so focusing of adding monsters would be the best for variety and overall experience. Sure a few dynamic modeled heroes to the mix might be fine; didn't like the direction of Nightmare Adam, though.

    25. Teagan Gething on

      @Jason They have always been part of the set, they are the "dragon people" not to be confused with dragon armor.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Hmm, there is no update to the Dragon King expansion, but why does the photo above show 2 extra figures, and some other items that weren't there before?

    27. Alpharius on

      So, will the reprint of the Dragon King expansion come out in the Spring of 2018 or Spring of 2019? Man... That sounds so far off. x.x

    28. Lynus Hope on

      @Creator: Hi, can we hope a translated version of the game in some languages, even if it's an option to buy ^^ ? It would be great, we would have the best immersion possible in the ambience of the game

    29. Luke Roberts on


      The next reveal looks to be a pinup of the Dung beetle Knight, you can see the helmet and the dung ball clearly in the outline.

      @Rainer Woreck,

      In regards to your statement as to how much money KD as a company is making re: expansions comparisons, you don't seem to know that KD LOST money on the first kickstarter thanks to under-pricing things like the Dragon King Expansion. Yes, it was originally listed as the soft pvc plastic which is cheaper and crapper and not as the hard plastic but even in the later pledge managers it was still priced in such a way the company lost money. An oversight by them that hurt.

      Frankly, if they don't make solid profit off of this KS this time around so as to keep developing in new and amazing ways for the game and it's content as a whole, then I, and many others will be supremely disappointed. You still can't get past the fact that the models KD make are some of the best if not the best in the industry especially in hard plastics, let alone the sheer amazingness of Kingdom Death: Monster itself.

    30. Mark Handford on

      That next update reveal looks like a spiky penis with legs. I'd not be surprised if that's exactly what it is.

    31. Missing avatar

      Joe Choy on

      Some major updated for backers gamers that bought it all supporting way back from KS 1.0 pls. At least the pinups hav shown some improvements

    32. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      @Adam - Thank you!

    33. Missing avatar

      Adam Wilson on

      @Steven - it's definitely an old one so not in the 777. Reprint means you're not getting it in the $777.

    34. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      @Kingdom Death. Is Dragon King included in the $777 pledge? Is it considered as a new expansion?

    35. Missing avatar

      Gregory Tripp on

      The Dragon King is my favorite expansion. Definitely worth the $75 add on if you don't have it yet.

    36. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      @TJ Jackson Some comparison; base boardgame provides you far more content than any one expansion made for the game.There is no way that any one expansion comes close to half the content of the main game. Gives you a good idea how much money they are making ;)

    37. Missing avatar

      Lance Achermann on

      @Kingdom Death. What wave of shipping will the Dragon King be included in? As Old expansions don't seem to be listed anywhere, thanks.

    38. Timmo Warner on

      Grrr... "my" = "by" obviously. Never hit enter until you've read what you've typed.

    39. Timmo Warner on

      @Rainer Woreck If my "printed" you mean 3D printed, that's irrelevant as these are printed. If you actually mean made from molds, you're in correct that they're cheap to make. Each mini might be cheap but creating molds for plastic is expensive.

      Also, it's straight from Adam's mouth that he lost money on every Dragon King sold on the original. I trust his word.

    40. JayOBedlam on

      Do all funds for add ons need to be allocated before pledges are collected in January, or will we be able to pay for add ons separately in a pledge manager after pledges are collected?

    41. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      @TJ Jackson Have you ever printed plastic models? They are pretty cheap to make. I can't iomagine cards being all that high costly either. Just throwing it out there since you think $75 is a good deal. But hey, we aren't the ones selling this, so our input is moot.

      @Antoine Morand-Bock WHo made you think this wasn't done for money? This is kickstarter where the chunk of the money is made from. Kickstarter isn't a place to broadcast a product, it's to sell. It doesn't market except on it's own website (and not all that greatly I might add given how many products have flown under the radar). All the spreading needed has been done by people who bought/played the first iteration.

    42. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @Allen Reese, yes. It is one of the 12 current / old expansions. It comes in the Ancient Gold Lantern and Satan's Lantern pledge. Other backers, may add it to their rewards by pledge for it as an Add-on.

    43. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on

      @HappyWulf, no. It is not a new expansion. It is an old expansion that is confirmed for reprint.

    44. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      I love it and I hate it for reasons mentioned.
      If you've played a few "Latern Years" or game rounds (hunting, showdown (the fight section) andsettlement), you'll undertsand some of this game failings as well as what makes it awesome. If you hope to replay it, you will know pretty much what choices to make to make the game far easier than it should be (still isn't easy unless you are lucky -random elements everywhere, but there are a few choices within the randomness).
      For $200, you can't buy a Games Workshop army (fantasy or 40k). It's a very very good deal given the content. I'm sure you'll also find other uses for the miniatures, which are just cool imo.

    45. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      @hair10. I wouldn't call it expansive. You get snippets of lore here and there within the game, none that amount to anything solid. How to explain... There's concepts. That's pretty much it. Concepts that are defined in a way a human may comprehend. That probably didn't make any sense.
      None of this world is logical, even though because we aren't remotely natural entities of that world, things are described more or less in ways that try to be understandable.

      Short story, there's a lot of holes in the kingdom death "world" left open to the imagination.
      Mechanically, it's a lot of random die rolls, a lot of random card draws and a lot of random random manefested from things that wont ever make any sense. No I didn't double write 'random', that was on purpose.

      Overall it has some strong elements, nice little stories and hilrious possible situations. But if random isn't your style, or if you do care about "balance", you will be disappointed, or very busy modifying the game to suit your entertainment needs.

    46. Lachlan Mcneill on

      oh man i told myself base game only, maybe a gorm, or new expansion at the most.....DRAGON KING.....DAMN YOU POOTS i may just end up having to go deeper. :)

    47. hair10

      Some of us are brand new to KD and are still trying to figure out what's what. It appears to be a pretty expansive "universe". To complicate it further, there is (apparently) a lot out there from the first KS.

    48. Colin

      Agree with Adrian Lovegun. But I guess no one can stop the pointless questioning from posting.

    49. Missing avatar

      Adrian Lovegun on

      Do some of you people even read before posting?

    50. Shane Full on

      A lantern dice tower add on would be amazing...