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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

$4.3 Million in 24 hours. The level that has surpassed the surpassed level.

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

We have now surpassed the original kickstarter by more then twice. Does this mean we have gone Super Sayian 2? Is that powerful enough to blow up a planet? 

So many deep thoughts. Or perhaps I stopped making any sense a few hours ago.


Satan's Lantern Pledge Levels

Lot's of questions regarding what this level includes. What I posted in the comment section is wrong (sorry!) I can't include crossover miniatures in this bundle as I am not the only IP holder for them. Here is exactly whats included:

Kingdom Death: Monster core game 1.5 edition
Gambler’s Chest packed with some much TBD!!! 

 All pinup miniatures revealed during this campaign.
 All promo miniatures revealed during this campaign.
 All expansions revealed during this campaign.
 Satan Tshirt (design TBD)
 Pinups of Death Series 1 (show me)

All 12 current Kingdom Death: Monster expansions:
Flower Knight Expansion,  Dragon King Expansion,  Manhunter Expansion,  Gorm Expansion,  Lion Knight Expansion,  Dung Beetle Knight Expansion,  Spidicules Expansion,  Sunstalker Expansion Lion God Expansion,  Slenderman Expansion ,Lonely Tree Expansion,  Green Knight Expansion

All Pinups & Promos from last kickstarter in high-quality hard plastic:
 Anna & Adam Explorers of Death KS Exclusive,  Pinup Dragon Sacrifice,  Pinup Lantern Festival.  Pinup Leather Queen,  Pinup Lioness,  Pinup Phoenix Dancer,  Pinup Primal Huntress,  Pinup Rawhide Dame,  Pinup Regeneration Suit,  Pinup Silk Assassin w/ unique base Insert,  Pinup Sunstalker Dancer,  Pinup Twilight Witch,  Pinup Reversal, Allison The Twilight Knight (yes the new one in the shiny white box).

Messenger of Courage w/ unique insert,  Messenger of Humanity w/ unique insert,  Messenger of the First Story,  Messenger of the Spiral Path,  Holiday White Speaker Nico,  Beyond the Wall (yes the new version in the shiny white box).

This does not include any gifts or the Survivor Level reward. These were neither promos or pinups. This also excludes crossover miniatures as I am not the IP holder of these figures.

Here are some things that shouldn't be included, because they are not Pinups or Promos that I am throwing in anyway:

- Aya the Survivor
- Paul the Survivor
- Twilight Knight
- Snow the Savior

1.5 Changelog Reveal

The Core Game Book has been upgraded to a hard cover book! It will also include one of those super neat cloth bookmarks! This is for both the 1.5 Core game and the 1.5 Update Pack! 


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    1. Zuglord on

      I was wondering, would there be any online resource for the rule books or game cards for the visually impaired?

    2. tasky87 on

      @Sean lol, that's not an extreme example of a male? idk about your physique but most guys aren't walking around as ripped as the male pin-ups.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sean Thompson on

      I really don't care what pinups you put in the KS, I'm only going for the stuff that adds to the game play. All that extra stuff is useless to me. Just think of it this way, you can sell whatever pinups and promos you don't want for profit. Someone is going to want them.

      With that being said, if the female pinups are supposed to be extreme examples of females why aren't the males extreme examples of males? I would think they would look more like Conan and Aragorn than some effeminate guy like the Final Fantasy type males (and most of them don't look like gay men either).

      Which brings me to that point. Why do the male pinups have to look homosexual? Where are the female pinups that look like lesbians? (and yes you can tell by look, don't kid yourself) I'm not trying to be an ass here, just fair. So far I see very sexy very feminine females and gay men, you are missing the other two portrayals.

      Just one other point, you might not want to be so hard on those that don't like the male pinups. There are plenty that don't like the female pinups either. Neither side is more right than the other so just let them vent respectfully.

    4. Missing avatar

      Marc Schierding on

      I like the idea of male pinups. Although they should have some facial hair and a more impressiv bulge for my taste. Nevertheless I like the bettle dancer.

    5. Terri Malton on

      I for one am very excited to see non-traditional male pinups. There are already plenty of barbarian and warrior type male miniatures readily available in a variety of scales from several other manufacturers.

    6. Missing avatar

      Fen on

      I want to second Mario's suggestion of 3 cloth bookmarks.

    7. Brian C on

      @Jeffrey. A good point though -- some more traditional male poses might also be pretty cool.

      Ugh, talking about minis poses! Only this game can get me to do that ;p These pinups are really useful for alternate/unique survivor minis though.

    8. Nerds to the Rescue

      @Jess - I agree!

    9. Missing avatar


      Basically everything Crystal Groves said. The pinups are supposed to be over the top and yeah, if you're not into that gender, you're probably not going to like them. It's fine. There's no need to tone down the male ones any more than the female ones.

    10. Zanshi Kaijin

      "Diversity" has always struck me as an epithet used by the mindless.

      If I had been able to tell in advance that the Satan pledge level wouldn't provide what I expected I would have pledged one of the other early birds, I had every opportunity but the advantages or disadvantages were far from clear.

      Now all I have are inferior choices. Pay (much)more for less basically or deal with a bunch of bundled dross that I simply have no use for. I really don't want to have to deal with selling off a bunch of crap I don't want/need/use/care to display or store.

      I have no idea what the original KS looked like as it ran, though looking at it's finish it seems a morass of choices, so much so that a web page was designed just to make the choices plain. At least the design aesthetic was clear, that's what made me go all in on this KS.

    11. Missing avatar

      Elliott Harding on

      @Joe. Thanks Joe for answering! The male pin ups are not for me. Maybe I could sell them for profit? Not sure.

    12. Crystal Groves

      @Jeffrey - I wouldn't want the pin ups as much if they had super masculine poses. I like these minis because they're unique. I can get some shirtless barbarian guy being super aggressive in a different game. The beetle dance looks posed like a dancer.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey on

      I would totally pay the extra to get the male pin ups if they had more masculine poses. The art/sculpting itself is wonderful but I find the poses a little too effeminate for the sort of extreme masculinity that would be a good balance to the female pinups.

    14. WhyWorry on

      @Elliott - That's right. Add $15 if you want that one.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Joseph Bousquet on

      If the pin-ups are going to be all male, I'll drop my satan's pledge like that. Yeah I know no one cares but I am sure others feel the same way. A lot of us like this game because of the sexual aspects of it..... and sorry dudes just don't do it for me!

    16. Missing avatar

      Elliott Harding on

      I pledged at the $300 pledge. I want to be sure sure I'm not getting the male pin up unless I specifically choose to add more money to my pledge correct?

    17. Celestial Lucid Dream on

      Muh gender equality. Muh sexism. Muh I can't stop being annoying (and no you're not advanced breaking down any barriers).

    18. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on

      @mtatarko: It's like he's wearing nothing at all.

      The male pin-ups are great! I only want gameplay content, but I'm splitting my pledge with a friend who wants the pin-ups (and he also loves the gender diversity). The "just kidding" has us cackling, hope Adam keeps it up.

    19. Missing avatar

      mtatarko on

      Next: Ned Flanders in Ski Suit

    20. Shane Full on

      @zanshi: Well of course you have a choice: drop the Satan pledge and buy the figures you want a la carte. That being said, I am pretty sure that you will be more than happy with the Satan pledge if you decide to stick with it.

    21. Elizabeth Beckley on

      The female gamers and painters applaud Adam on his addition of scantly clad males to the Pinup line!

      I'm excited to try painting pectoral muscles!

    22. Justin Boehm

      @Adam I'm fairly certain you could easily get the OK to include the previous crossovers in the Satan's pledge with no issue, would be nice to have them as well :)

    23. Zanshi Kaijin

      @Ian Short As far as I could see from an article on BGG anyway. That doesn't mean of course that others don't exist but that's the best I could do without making my eyes bleed.

      And my last word on the male pinups - think of the mod community for video games, especially Skyrim which is the most modded game of all time. There are aesthetic enhancements for both male and female figures and followers galore but which ones dominate do you suppose? And that is the choice of the community of modders, not Bethesda.

      I don't care that there are male pinups, I just don't want to find out that one of the perks I paid for blindly (Satan) is going to be a line up of figure I simply have no interest in. I suspect most people who are commenting positively are planning to ala carte the figures. I literally have no choice.

    24. Dad-R-Cubed-1 on

      I have daughters. many daughters. I only make girls. I have triplet daughters and we have a non-gendarised home. Only Penis and Vagina define difference in gender. My girls are 6 and play with trucks, dinosaurs in same amounts as unicorns, my little pony and princesses. They watch all genre of TV without gender definition. I strongly support the male pin ups and will be ensuring I get all of them. This is a bold step into the future and I respect the male pinups and enjoy the refreshing and unique perspective they bring. I love the dynamic poses. :)

    25. Agustin Lesca on

      Thanks for the hard cover rulebook!!! Males pin up are more than welcome as well!

    26. Chuubi

      I love the pinups so far (that cheeky smile has me melting)! Amazing! I 100% want more male pinups! I also love the monster based female pinups like the Storm Knight, Wet Nurse, and Nightmare Ram. I hope to see more of those soon (and I can already feel a dung beetle one coming up).

    27. Crystal Groves

      Beetle dancer is my favorite mini so far. The pose, the outfit, that sassy smile! I love him so much O_O

    28. Jean-Sebastien Fortin on

      will it be possible to get a "soft bound" copy of the rulebook... I spiraled bound my old one with all the expansions in it so it's easier to have it laying flat on the table and it also take less space on the table while playing...

    29. Chris Appleford on

      Anyone who doesn't want their male pinups, feel free to send them to me!

    30. Anthony Colosetti on

      Thank you for clearing up exactly what is included in the Satan's Lantern Pledge. It is nice to see you are including a couple of extra items as well. I will make sure to keep an eye open for sales at the shop to pick up anything not on the list.

    31. poeticallybored on

      @Steve: That's apparent now, yes, but it was not initially. The first stretch goal reveal had a $3.7m requirement which caused a lot of confusion with the matter.

    32. Missing avatar

      JBT on

      Having said that...going with the Silver Lantern pledge (as I say, for those already owning the core game) is nice in that it allows people to decide which items they want to specifically encourage more of or add on market in action.

    33. Shane Full on

      I am enjoying the male pinups... and I waited a long time for them, ever since they were mentioned as a possibility on the first KS. keep up the great work Poots!

    34. Richard deMorris on

      Very happy about the hardcover rule book.

    35. Missing avatar

      JBT on

      Regarding the pinups: "Show me something more beautiful than a woman, and I'll paint it" - Alberto Vargas

    36. Brian C on

      Male pinups are fking awesome. Thank you.

      Not a minis guy, but having so many female pinups without male counterparts was kind of weak (from a game player's perspective). Thank you for fixing this :)

      Also, great idea on the hardcover rulebook.

    37. Crystal Groves

      I love the male pinups. I don't find them humorous at all. The figures are beautiful and well designed and I want to paint them so very badly. I find all the drama about "waaaaaah, but I don't want these, the dudes are weird" humorous.

    38. CaGeRit

      +1 for monster girl/guy pinups
      Less a take on the armor kit like dungbeetle dancer above or spider silk assassin (female) and more like an anthropomorphized version of the monsters themselves.

    39. Slagathor on

      I would buy them I meant, not burly them. You'd think I'd be used to autocorrect by now but it's sneaky sometimes.

    40. Slagathor on

      @Dennis that's a hilarious idea. Not gonna lie I would burly monster pin-ups just because I can. Could you imagine a sexy Nightmare Ram? Omg XD

    41. Denis Maddalena

      Totally on board the male pinup train. The Dung Beetle pinup straight up looks like Disney's Gaston preening around. Or most male ballet dancers. You should totally make a full box of ten poses/types, just to see the haters hate. I never built my pinups, and wouldn't build these either (none are really immersive) but they should definitely exist.
      Actual monster pinups (almost furryesque anthromorphs) would also be fun. Screaming God playing volleyball with DoA jiggle physics WOULD get built for the sheer ridiculous.
      But seriously, hope the Screaming God gets a plastic and some rules. It's a fantastic resin. And I don't like the Antelope sculpt at all.

    42. Slagathor on

      Lots of complaining about the male pin-ups. I'm a hardcore KD:M fan and this is the first time I've been excited for the Pin-ups. I added them specifically to my purchase cause I like them. I don't know why peeps gotta be harsh about them. Don't get them or sell them. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Thank you Poots!

    43. Marc Schade on

      Loving the male pinups! :)

    44. Steve on

      New stretch goal was probably planned around $500,000 or so. People complained when the first one said $3.7 million. About time to understand that this KS will be different from most since it has already destroyed all of its stretch goals, instead things will be revealed on a time basis not funding basis.

    45. donlou on

      we broke this KS! I'm not surprised Adam panics! Just breath enjoy the moment and lets see what the future might bring!

    46. Missing avatar

      Vertseper on

      SO new stretch goal revealed and no funding target to reveal ... these guys really need to step up their game

    47. Missing avatar

      J Young on

      People need to get off the track of what was received in the last KS'er. This should be judged on it's own merit so @Marcie male pinups are exclusive at this point so there Is just a single standard at this point - male. Then again I have never assembled one of the female pinups so the chances of male or female are about equal in my case at this stage.

    48. Missing avatar

      Vertseper on

      Don't mind the male pinup... I certainly don't think this particular one will be appealing to straight women. What do I know? Bring back the female pinups. More communication needed.

      I understand a lot of people complains about the lack of communication, last KS I dropped my pledge exactly because of that... Let's be honest this campaign is not the best ran, but the product is good and has created lot of hype.

    49. Nathaniel Wright on

      The male pinups have been a laugh, each and every one of them.

      Though I fear what is coming, there's not much armor left to remove if the Beetle Dancer is any indication.

    50. Steve on

      @Maciej, so people are allowed to complain about female pinups but not allowed to complain about male pinups just because that is a minority? THAT is a double standard.