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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

3.7M!!! Pinup Unlocked and a note about stretch goals and stuff

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)

Twitch live streaming Kingdom Death: Monster right now!

Stretch Goals & Stuff

This campaign is scheduled to run until Jan 7th. I want to have a surprise almost every day of this campaign and I will revealing add ons and stretch goals as soon as I can! I need time to catch up with everything, answer messages, get all the little bits of my exploded brain off the floor and scoop them back into my skull.

It also gives me some breathing room to perhaps stretch even FURTHER then I planned or even thought possible! 

What is the Changelog?

The change log is a list of changes and surprises for the 1.5 Core game and 1.5 Update Pack. These are not stretch goals, they were already planned and went off to production months ago. We have earned them all and as I get the chance I will reveal them and talk a bit about the changes. 

If your pledge includes a 1.5 core game or 1.5 update pack, you are already getting these. 

Does my pledge include the 1.5 core game?

  • The following pledge levels include a 1.5 core game:
    Black Friday Lantern 
  • Lantern 
  • Black Friday Gold Lantern 
  • Gold Lantern 
  • Ancient Gold Lantern 
  • Black Friday Gambler’s Lantern 2nd Face 
  • Retail Lantern (6 copies) 
  • Satan’s Lantern


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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Wilson on

      I wonder if the male twilight knight pinup will come with the twilight thong? I hope so!

    2. Rascarcapac on

      @poeticallybored: I am a $777 backer myself and I'm completely confident stretch goals won't be postponed for bigger amounts of money. Adam is not a greedy guy who wants to make more money, he just wants his game to be perfect and to reward backers with tons of more stuff. With time you'll see I'm right.

    3. Frank Kallal on

      @Underatack : Many Kick-starters these days have "Add-on" stretch goals, especially in situations like this where there is a massive Production cost to adding the item in. While Not Optimal for us as backers it does help prevent the person running the KS from going into debt because they get Buried in costs due to extra models / Shipping weights

    4. Billy Bradford on

      @underAtack +1
      A stretch goal that requires an addon after a 3million+ hit? I suppose that is the first stretch goal with such wide gap.

    5. Drew on

      Meh- add ons as stretch goals have been a part of almost every kickstarter I've taken part of.

      It doesn't seem like a new concept to me. Some of my favorites alternated between add ons as stretch goals and freebies as stretch goals.

      I'm honestly wondering what the freebie stretch goals will be for the various pledge levels.

      And man, I'm excited about the Gold Smoke Knight.

    6. GinjaNinja on

      Yes plastic costs money. There were also pledge levels that included them. Add one of this nature that are outside the initial scope of pricing and initial pledge levels honestly should surprise no one for any KS not just this one.

    7. underAtack

      I'm not at all thrilled about the concept of add-on "Stretch Goals"...the funding of SGs is largely achieved by people through word of mouth in order to earn the next "cool thing". I'm vexed by this first "SG" (and probably the next) being an add-on, as it seems to imply that what we've (straight core box pledgers, at least) seen thusfar is what we'll get unless we are willing to shell out more moolah. Not too thrilled by this prospect.

    8. Andrew Dickinson

      LOVE the male pin up!

    9. Drew on

      I kind of appreciate that there isn't a number next to the stretch goal. It seems kind of obvious to me that Adam has spent the day working and re-working new plans for his kickstarter.

      Because his original plan (that probably took months to figure out) did not survive first contact.

      This is the reason for the very far out there "final delivery date." Sure, the stuff he's already sent into production will be showing up much sooner.

      Now, he's looking at the numbers and figuring out how much he can throw into the $777 pledge (which will no doubt end up being a really good deal).

      Honestly, if I were him, I'd start up with a sort of "timed reveal" update model, rather than a traditional stretch goal model. Or maybe some "post pictures" or wild dare style goals.

    10. SpeaksWithStone on

      Also, for those who are new to Adam's Kickstarter methods, he will take amazing pains to do the best he can do, which will simply take more time than our instant gratification needs demand. Everyone is free to fret or not as they certainly will, but your patience (or lack thereof?) will be rewarded..

    11. Eyne Nacht on

      The Wife and I love the male pin-up. Great job!

    12. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet

      Thanks Marc, I just saw that earlier :)

    13. Marc Aranha on

      @David - one has the core game. One doesn't.

    14. Timmo Warner on

      @poeticallybored No, you weren't! I didn't even see your post until I got home just now. I think we were probably writing them at the same time. There have been, both here and in the other comment threads people DEMANDING answers now and stating their rights. One even said Adam's got 24 hours before he reports him to Kickstarter. Some have been legitimate concerns and some have been people who would have done things differently but acting like Adam MUST do it their way or he's crooked.

      I think anyone who was involved in the first Kickstarter will agree people got more than their money's worth even if things weren't 100% clear the entire time. And answers did always come with the next update usually.

    15. Melhilion

      can you please make an official statement if this project is EU friendly (@creator) meaning that all parcels will be shipped from within EU. i wont back if i have to argue with the german customs which i will have to because the stop every parcel that is not EU friendly.

    16. Sammy on

      @ Courtney - I believe you click on 'Manage Your Pledge' & add $15 to your total. They will ask what the extra money is for during the pledge manager.

    17. Slagathor on

      How does the extra reward work? I want this male pinup but I got the Black Friday Gold Lanern tier. How do I add it to my purchase?

    18. Varit on

      Actually I'd be happy if they decided to separate the rulebook into a rulebook and a story/campaign book.

      The rulbebook is meant to be flipped over and passed among players for learning and reference again and again while the story/campaign book is not. This can minimize the possible wear & tear to these books since the rulebook will be smaller and lighter while the story/campaign book will not be opened too often than it should be.

    19. Ricardo Garcia

      @Ukko I agree with you, SG managment is pretty confusing. The 3.7M SG just unlocked the possibility to purchase a pinup add-on? Does the pinups will be included just in the highest money pledges or they'll be included in any pledge that states that you'll get all SG?
      I expected with anxiety the comeback of this game on KS but all this holes make me sad. I believe the game is awesome, the art is lovely and the components are superb but some clarity will be appreciated.

    20. Missing avatar

      Buddha Luva on

      You've explained the current situation really well.

      Personally, I'm eager to know how the gambler's chest is going to be planned out.

      When and how many times on what circumstances will Adam be rolling d100?

      Will there be new expansions with miniatures added to the chest, or will it just be extra rules in a different advanced rule book?

      With $135 extra, I'm kind of hoping it'll include an overhauled version of the Lantern Festival.

    21. Missing avatar


      Advent Calendar of Death, I love it (referencing TJ Jackson's comment!) Much agreed.

      Folks who are worried about the spacing of stretch goals - while I understand the logic, I don't think that'll be a problem in this campaign. Adam's a fair guy who only seems all too happy to throw all his ideas out there for us to partake in; the last KS worked out quite well despite similar concerns from time to time, and loads of things were unlocked. Give it a bit and I'm sure this will go very similarly.

    22. Missing avatar

      TJ Jackson

      @Timmo: Agreed. If you're currently pledging a Gambler's Lantern or Satan's Lantern and don't feel it's worth your money 43 days from now, you can easily drop your pledge down to a lower unlimited tier and get the expansions/promos you want ala carte.

    23. poeticallybored on

      I don't think I was unpolite, Timmy.

    24. Timmo Warner on

      Right now we have no idea how the stretch goals are going to be done. It's the FIRST DAY. Wait a couple days and I'm sure we'll know.

      It's possible that we've already blown through them all and they'll all be revealed as already obtained.

      It's also possible stretch goals are starting now, but maybe they're only going to be $50,000 apart so they come in a rapid fashion.

      MAYBE that's the first stretch goal and they'll be 10 million dollars apart. Wait a couple days and we'll know. If you've pledged and don't like it you can always drop at any time. Alternatively you can not pledge until the final day and you'll have all the information you'll need.

      Demanding answers now when Adam probably doesn't have them 100% worked out won't help. Letting him know you want answers politely and that you want them ASAP is fine. (All my own opinion of course.)

    25. Lynus Hope on

      @Creator: Hi, can we hope a translated version of the game in some languages, even if this is an option to buy ^^ ? It would be great, we would have the best immersion possible in the ambience of the game o_o

    26. Ukko Kaarto on

      What are the stretch goals? If the change log wasn't stretch goals what is? Gambler's chest? If the pinup at 3,7million is the first stretch goal it is very weak. This is very confusing and the lack of transparency is not good IMHO.

    27. Slagathor on

      Hey guys can someone clear this up for me? I got the Black Friday Gold Lantern tier. Can I add this reward to this tier and if so how do I do that?

    28. poeticallybored on

      Rascarcapac: The changelog (the milestones through $1m and the one at $2.05m) were not stretch goals, but just points spaced out where he was going to slowly reveal over time what's new in 1.5. We blew his timetable out of the water, but despite that he's choosing to spread out the changelog reveals anyway. Again though, the changelog is not stretch goals, it's completely independent of them.

      As far as stretch goals go, the "first" stretch goal is the male pinup at $3.7m, more or less what the campaign was at when Adam woke up today. Regarding this, there are two ways that people are interpreting this:

      1. Some believe that this is the "first" stretch goal only in the sense that it's the first that we've had to work towards, but that there were other stretch goals leading up to this, and that they're all unlocked. There's no indication this is true however so it's really just one big assumption. Even in this third update, there's no straight answer confirming that this is correct. Adam said he'll be revealing things, but there's no indication whether he means things that we've unlocked and he hasn't updated, things to come, or both.

      2. Others are concerned that this $3.7m male pinup is literally the first stretch goal, that whatever plan for spacing out stretch goal milestones has been pushed back/spaced out to take advantage of how much money has already been raised and where they think it might go. In short, they are worried that nothing has been unlocked yet except for this male pinup despite the campaign being nearly 4000% funded.

      The concern with group #2 is this: Many people have already backed for as much as they're going to back total - that's what the $777+ pledges are. It's unlikely they'll increase their pledges and will not be driving the unlocking of future stretch goals. Everything unlocked from here on out is virtually "given" to them as they've done an all-in pledge.

      Because of that... that this first stretch goal is occurring now, after many have committed all that they will commit, it will be more difficult for all other backers to unlock future stretch goals on their own. Because of that, we might not hit all possible unlocks that are down the line. Because of that, the people backing at $777+ are potentially unintentionally shooting themselves in the foot because we might wind up unlocking less.

      I say all this not as a $777 looking to get the most for my buck. I backed at $185 (I didn't see the $777 tier) and am just super eager to see as much new content as possible.

      The $777+ people want to know what they've money has earned them so far, if anything. They want to be secure in knowing that the FANTASTIC amount of money they're putting on the line is well-spent. They want to make sure they don't need to change their pledge to a lower tier and add things individually. They want to make sure the math is on their side.

      All poor/sane folks belong $777 just want to know what's available. I have to budget my money carefully. While the well-to-do folks might check back on KS every for whatever news their giddy about, I'm going to be stressing out not knowing how much I need to come up/what I am able to afford with what I can come up.

      It would be so much better if Adam was just open about what's going on.

    29. Sammy on

      MALE PINUPS!!! :D

    30. David Folksman on

      Now that we have SMASHED into oblivion the stretch goals can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drop a few pinups which I know for a fact a lot of people dont care about and get some PROPER BOARDS for the hunt and settlement phase instead of the flimsy ass cardboard we have right now??? THANKS!

    31. Rascarcapac on

      @Garend Chin Khim Sin: Don't get upset, in the end you'll get all the stretgoals that were planned. It's just that instead of revealing all theses tomorrow morning, they just keep the suspense. You might even end up with more unlocked stretchgoals than originally planned when this KS end. Anyway, it's going to be really amazing.
      @No one important: I think most backers would prefer new minis/cards/boards to plush toys, mugs or other goodies. An add-on for a new board would be nice by the way.

    32. Missing avatar

      Brittany on

      Adam, I was already a fan of KDM but with the surprise release of this male pinup, you have just gained a lifelong supporter in me. Hell yeah. Gender parity FTW!

    33. Missing avatar

      No one important on

      I know I'm insane for wanting this, but any chance we can get an Allison plush as a stretch goal? Or maybe a Butcher plush?

    34. Kirtswall on

      Kind of disappointed, no way for me to get the new stuff and the old stuff without spending nearly $2,000. I know it can be expensive but this is very rough pill to swallow. Had a bit of a bad experience with the first kickstarter so trying to shore up some mistakes and get everything together and it doesn't look easy. Bid on the $777 version before it ran out and it doesn't look to have any of the old expansions, even the KD store doesn't include all the old expansions to buy from there. I just can't find a good option for getting everything :( Guess it's just become a lot more pricey game than when it started.

    35. Garend -People of the Poots... on

      Actually... if I may. I do want to complain a bit and ask for clarification. Since I got the Satan pledge... and also it is supposed to include all pin up. Suddenly if you change all pin up goals until unreasonably high. How come the jump is from 1 mil to 3.7 mil to unlock. That's cheating. What if the commitment stop after 4 mil.... does that means no additional pinup or extentions? Please don't be greedy for commitment. Don't push them up the ceiling. Instead use this opportunity to show the gratitude to the supporter. The real fans will support not because of the stretch goal.... so don't use that to blackmail. I committed to the Satan pledge without thinking much because I have faith in the creator and company. Please don't prove me wrong. Put the pinup as they are originally meant to... maybe a bit higher but not until 3.7 mil jump from 1 mil.

    36. Rascarcapac on

      I think it's better to reveal the stretchgoals one after the other, so that we can get a new mini or rules revealed everyday. We are in for a long ride. However, since many pledges are all-inclusive, this KS will certainly stall at some point in the future. Indeed, a large number of backers will not need to add more money for the new add-ons. But that won't be a problem, you can still reveal new stretchgoals, even if the total amount pledged doesn't change. All the originally-planned stretchgoals have been blown up anyway, so who cares when they are going to be revealed, as long as they are available in January. Judging from the massive success of this KS, please consider adding more pin-ups and add-ons than what was originally planned (or hit location dice for example). Thank you for the surprise you have in store for us bakcers.

    37. Evan Claassen on

      Really confused, scrolled through the comments and didn't get a definitive answer.

      Is the text on the reward pages correct or is this update correct in regards to what includes the full 1.5 game?

    38. Jibboom

      @Marc Required is probably the wrong word, but I guess it was just part of the continued reveals plan to keep things exciting and highlight them in updates

    39. poeticallybored on

      +1 what Eric Johnson said.

    40. JayOBedlam on

      @Jonathan - whack it on eBay at at $0.99 starting bid + your postage costs and let whoever wants it get it for whatever they want it for :) Scalping is a dick move, but that's where you sell something that's rare for an inflated, shifting unwanted extras is simply a side effect of Kickstarters.

    41. Marc Aranha on

      *rabid collector. Oy.

    42. Missing avatar

      Brian Munn

      @poots Will we be able to add the original expansions via an add on or is the only method thru the "Ancient Gold Lantern" pledge level? Thx Brian

    43. Marc Aranha on

      I'm confused - if the change log wasn't meant as stretch goals and were planned all along, why have amounts and "required" next to each? What if we didn't hit them - we'd get them anyways, because they were planned? Not complaining - long time supporter and rapid collecting. Just honestly confused by this update

    44. Eric Johnson on

      @kristen: the pinups are the reason I didn't pledge the 777 level. I'll just add on the gameplay expansions and promos

    45. Eric Johnson on

      @POOTS: I think if you just put up a living list that gets updated on the campaign page thru the duration of the KS showing Add On Items and what their price is, so you can simply browse the list and add $$ to your pledge based on the list. Include things like the 1.5 upgrade addon, extra 1.5 base games, Gamblers box, the first pinup, the first expansion. Add more as they come out.

    46. Breotan on

      @TeenaBee - Pin ups are generally not part of the game. They're extra figures for those who like modelling and painting. They may be resin or plastic and it should say so in the description.