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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.



+ Insanity 

+ Insanity

+ Insanity


Here is a big image to check out while Anna helps scrape me off the ceiling!!!!!


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    1. Jared Bond

      it's = it is ("on it's opposite side")

    2. NotDomo on

      @Brian Munn: Your question was fine. Have you *seen* the demanding posts being made? Those are far from intelligent.

    3. Stealthcat on

      Do we get a tiny Adam expansion like in that picture?

    4. Luke Roberts on

      @Tired Gamer Syndrome

      "I'm going to beg EVERY CHANCE I GET for the addition of tokens/pogs for the survivors and monsters for people who can't transport the models when they go to game or are tired of having them broken..."

      Go and buy yourself some meeples, solved. Yous aw the 3-5 year delivery mark on this ks right?

      if you can't go and buy yourself a plastic container and wrap them in tissue paper like any miniatures wargamer did when they were kids (and even now in some cases). You'd be surprised how much wear and tear a solid tupperware container can take when it's solid of tissues and the models inside have nowhere to move within, heck youc an drop it off a several stories high apartment block and the stuff comes out perfectly intact if you packed the container properly.

      The game box is notd esigned to store miniatures after all. You need to look into ways to do that.

      An alternate is use spare bases and just paint/attach a name to each one, bam, sorted.

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian Munn

      #markus who said anyone is disappointed other than you. I find your mindless drivel equivalent to the political news for that last year. We would not have backed if we didn't believe. Its not complaining to ask questions. Its called intelligence.

    6. Missing avatar

      Geppetto_O on

      WHY pinups?! How can we use pinups?!

    7. Tsükï-chan Daifuku Koka Fukukoka Lalilul on

      @markus i pledgde 1666 , its not fair for us, we now depend from to the others the know what we are getting... and maybe 1666 wond be too cool as we imagine

    8. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      @Andrew Dickinson : There you have your pinup male lol
      Which is nice in a way. Deviant male hero/enemy should be fun to paint.

    9. drone9

      To all the disappointed backers: you haven't spent a single dollar so far. You can cancel your pledge anytime. Give it a couple of days and if you are still not happy just drop your pledge! Complaining will get you nowhere.

    10. Tired Gamer Syndrome on

      I'm going to beg EVERY CHANCE I GET for the addition of tokens/pogs for the survivors and monsters for people who can't transport the models when they go to game or are tired of having them broken...

    11. LeeOq on

      Those who doubt Poots don't deserve Kingdom death.

    12. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet

      @James Scott, then don't pledge until you see everything on the last day, as simple as that mouth-breather.

    13. poeticallybored on

      Adam Wilson, Jeffery,et cetera: You guys are getting WAY more worked up than the people expressing concern are, yet you are acting like we're the ones spreading vitriol. Stop.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brian Munn

      This isn't whining but the most confusing part of picking what pledge reward was at 1am and now what add on's are going to be available. Like can we purchase as add on's the old expansions. I am hoping and gambling we can since I went for the $300 pledge level. But if I had more info I could have pledged any level but after today many of those levels will not be available

    15. Missing avatar

      Florian D. on

      lol [=
      Well I expected a huge response (but not that huge and fast) because this game is popular and is on the top on for a long time.

    16. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      No more then you are. My money is not infinite, perhaps yours is. There are other projects I would like to back that end soon. In order to make an informed choose on what to back, It would be nice to know what I am backing for. It's pretty basic Kickstarter 101....knowing what your backing.
      You may enjoy blind faith, I do not. It's that simple. I prefer seeing is believing and having a written or verbal agreement over starring at the clouds.
      Regardless, I stand by post....
      We no little about any of the new products....which shouldnt be.

      What is in the gambler expansion?
      What is in the 1.5 upgrade pack? Is the upgrade pack picture ment to be the stretch goal list, or is it just like the gambler pic... Ment for show.

    17. Tsükï-chan Daifuku Koka Fukukoka Lalilul on

      Come on man, you should unlock all right now -_-

    18. Jeffrey on

      You bunch of fucking whiners (you know who you are) chill the fuck out. It's OBVIOUS he didn't plan for this much money at once. Chill out and wait. There are more than 40 damn days left for the rest to be laid out

    19. NotDomo on

      I want them to pull their pledges. I've had enough of reading shitty people post comments on Kickstarter. And they'll be doing it for the next 4 years too.

    20. Martin Gregory

      Hilarious reading about people threatening to pull their pledges.
      Go on, do it. I dare you.

    21. Esoba on

      Can't believe people are already panicking. It's quite obvious he didn't plan on this overwhelming support this early so he doesn't have all the graphics ready to go immediately. Nothing is changed and we'll still get the rewards at the levels they were planned.

    22. Missing avatar

      Adam Wilson on

      @James Scott lol you're an idiot. You haven't paid him anything until January. Unpledge if you don't like what you bid on.

    23. Missing avatar

      Sven Wasberg on

      @ James: Why should they care? You are not forced to order something or pledge now. While I don´t like the new update, I can understand why Poots does not want to reveal every stretchgoal on the first day.

    24. alendrel ~~Awaits the King~~ on

      @GinjaNinja I think you are right as well - it would just greatly behoove him yo drop a quick note of "Yes, the $3.5M+ has unlocked a bunch of stuff, but I had that all broken up into like 20-30 updates and we need to reorganize all that content, please stand by."

    25. Chernobyl Child on

      The stretch goals say pending... Meaning they are coming. Read the update before rushing to the comment section to vomit your complaints... please?

    26. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      @Antoine. Already own the game, like thousands of backers. So that hardly justifies my pledge currently. I want to know what I'm backing/pledging for, That's my right as a backer.
      I don't want to wait weeks to see if my time and money are worth the effort. I wish to know now. The two base products for this Kickstarter are nearly completely unstated as what they are and what they contain. That is a huge problem for me.
      He has till the end of the day to fill out the upgrade pack and gamblers expansion, or I report to Kickstarter.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Goldsberry on

      I think everyone needs to calm down.

      I think that assuming that you'd unlock new Pinups, when the goal was to fund a reprint+upgrade of the core game, is a bit hasty.

      One of the problems the original kickstarter had, was that "game" content was interspersed with the pinup content. Having the Pinups be the last stretch goals makes the most sense: those items are considered outside of the game itself.

      You've also given him less than 24 hours to deal with the fact that the Kickstarter made more money in 12 hours than it did the entire last kickstarter. Yes, he may have to re-evaluate what he's was going to reveal as stretch goals. But I don't think it's unfair to give him a day or two to see what's going on.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jesse Martin on

      I think GinjaNinja has the right of it.

      Obviously, previous stretch goals still stand and have no been updated yet. I don't see the goal posts being moved because we did an excellent job. Look at how much free stuff was added to the base game during the first kickstarter. We're going to come out fine.

      This is the guy that took four years to deliver on his game, I'm surprised there's literally any communication on day one.

    29. JayOBedlam on

      Everything's unlocked. It's smashed through whatever wildest goals Poots had plotted out to take us to 2020 fer fricks sake.

    30. GinjaNinja on

      That stretch goal is the first pinup, it's extra on top of the base stretch goals. The base ones just have not been revealed yet.

    31. Missing avatar

      Antoine Morand-Bock on

      You guys need to chill out ; we already have a great discount buying this game sub 400$. Relax and enjoy the ride!

    32. Missing avatar

      David Bousquet

      Kinda of a SUPER bummer update seeing that the FIRST pin-up is a 3.7 mil stretch goal...... what about all the SG's from 1-3.5 mill? It seems like because this got funded so quickly they don't have enough SG's and now are pushing them all back. You made 3.5+ MILLION DOLLARS, give people MORE stuff for backing, not less. I'm close to dropping my pledge because of this.

    33. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      This is.....a let down.
      What a huge waste of time waiting all day for this. Sucked any excitement I had away. If this is the first stretchgoal, then I am at a lost....

      Backers gave away any power they had by way way over funding on the first day. He can do what ever he wants now, cause everyone's gone crazy.

    34. Missing avatar

      Darrin Michelson on

      I paid a lot of money to watch this Hollywood block buster movie and so did a bunch of other people. It's its totally reasonable to expect to have someone walk me through the entire plot within seconds of sitting down simply based on the unexpectedly large number of people who decided to watch the movie on opening night!

      *puffs out fat, entitled, baby cheeks and stomps feet*

    35. NotDomo on

      My #1 request right now would be slightly more expensive Black Friday pledge level re-releases.

      I'm sorry, but due to the sheer amount of comments, I'm not planning on reading much backlog to see if this has been part of the conversation. XD

    36. Lawrence Long on

      Good grief, are we already going to start with this, @Frank, Adam Poots is a grown man and can defend himself. I don't think he needs a White Knight. Also what is unreasonable about asking for an explanation on things he expects people to pay for? For all we know the 1.5 upgrade package could be a sticky note with hand written corrections ( That's sarcasm )

    37. T.R. on

      Bring on the pin-ups, a most welcome addition to me (they are the reason I found out about this game in the first place)!

    38. Dave

      @Frank what demands have you seen so far that are unreasonable. Not looking to incite a fight, just genuinely curious as I've spent my time here in the update rather than the full comments.

    39. Missing avatar

      Adam Wilson on

      @Frank Wisnes I hope he knows better than to read comments. Love this game, the KS speaks to over 8000 other people loving or wanting this game. The detractors should take their money elsewhere.

    40. KevinV on

      @ Frank Wisnes: I couldn't agree more. 43 days is a long time for backing, plenty more to be revealed.

    41. Frank Wisnes

      Adam, for your own sanity I would get someone else to read the comments and just give you a summary. Else the next 40 days will be pretty creatively demotivating. Expect constant complaining, nothing ever being good enough, and a barage of unreasonable demands.

    42. Lawrence Long on

      @Kingdom Death Regardless of day 1 only did you really not have anything prepared in advance? Your no stranger to this thing called Kickstarter, I would assume you understand peoples frustration. This feels poorly implemented. No explanation on what comes with rules 1.5, no explanation on how the Gambler pledge works, you can leak the first $3.7mil stretch goal, but nothing prior to it that's been unlocked?

    43. Lehane Richards on

      I'd much rather pinups be things we can purchase in the pledge manager rather than stretch goals. Stretch goals should be actual meaningful additins to the game and pinups should be purchased through the pledgemanager.

    44. Missing avatar

      nicholas devinney on

      Im so excited to be a part of this. I regretted not getting on board the first time around. Congrats on the tremendously successful kickstarter Adam!

    45. Cyn

      If experience is any indicator, we will get our "bang for our buck". Even after he collected our money on the first Kickstarter, he still kept adding content to the core game and each of the expansions to the point where his original price point for each item was no longer profitable. The biggest issue I see with this campaign is the lack of communication so far (something he is known for so it shouldn't come as a shock). Unless he starts addressing questions and concerns, the rampant speculation will soon turn into frustration for many backers. I'm surprised he wasn't a little more prepared for this. The potential was there and it seems like he is only coming up with a contingency plan after the fact.

    46. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      Adam Poots will deliver. As usual (LF being the sole exception and for good reason). Just be patient. Even though we would like to feel that the SGs are closer to each other, the final value-for-$ is what will count. Everyone that pledged for the *new* stuff will want to see their $600 value in expansions, pinups and promos there (hopefully mostly with playable content) or otherwise downgrade their pledges. The good news is that even though he hadn't predicted this success (he might be the only one here LOL), maybe he may decide tocreate something entirely new during the campaign with the extra buff these unforeseen millions will produce...

    47. Gabriel Rahn

      Now to the general comments to defend/be a part of this event of a KS.

    48. Xep on

      There is really not enough communication

    49. Gabriel Rahn

      Man there some really emotional people in this KS! Is it the money or the complete insanity how this wave of support has rocketed this project so high? This vibe is extraordinary and I'm humming with it. I can only imagine what Mr. Poot's must be feeling now. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. Paint'Riot Studio

      3 billion 7 already passe :)