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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

WTFFFFFFFFFF - Original Kickstarter Surpassed in 2 Hours!

Posted by Kingdom Death (Creator)


My brain is detonating and my hands are shaking. In a mere 2 hours we have surpassed the original kickstarter!!

And so... my plan to slowly reveal 1.5 changes has been SMASHED to pieces! OBLITERATED! 

I'll just make an update tomorrow that shows all that stuff. 

And instead for this very special 1st update I will show the final 1.5 trick, our biggest secret, the goal beyond all the other listed ones! 

We are extending the main campaign by +5 years and adding the Gold Smoke Knight as the boss standing at lantern year 30. Good luck, we made it a hard hitting wrecking ball of a monster!

This adds some major post Watcher changes, gaining the Final Lantern, upgrading iron weapons and unlocking the Death Die. A special d10 that is passed around the table and replaces the monster controller tile, adding a further layer of research and development to upgrade it.

I'll make another update that reveals all the other 1.5 updates. But i figured, lets just skip to the "secret" reveal first! Bwahahaha!

Oh yeah, this has already gone into production months ago  and will not effect the estimated timeline of the 1.5 Core Game or 1.5 update pack... at al!!!!!!!


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    1. Lachlan Mcneill on

      10 million DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C RAZY

    2. Mark Read

      I also prefer the black box over the gold. I hope there is on intent to change the color.

    3. Stealthcat on

      @Edward I think that is just some photoshop.

    4. Ethan Schaeffer

      @Alexander Maybe it's the straw that breaks the camel's back...

    5. Edward

      If I have a choice between Black and Gold box I choose Black please.

    6. Alexander Morano on

      @Sharkeyx, a rusting sword is the straw that pushed past the limit on your "suspension of disbelief"? lel

    7. F74N on


    8. Brandon Stoltz on

      Please be quick poots. I REALLY want to see all the stretch goals that were smashed through.

    9. Sharkey

      ... Doesn't oxidation weaken metals?

    10. Brett Burleigh II on

      Holy smokes! (see what I did there?)

    11. Larry Barriere on

      I'm expecting that those 11 other stretch goals will include full expansions of which we'll be most definitely adding to our pledges. Don't forget what happened last time Adam. You'll upload an expansion and it'll be passing the next stretch goal within seconds, and you'll be updating every 30 minutes with more and more content until your colleagues take the mouse and keyboard away.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nathan Cook on

      Congratulations! Much deserved success. Thrilled to be along for the ride!

    13. Kenny Stewart on

      Please give daily updates! I missed on the first KS, I missed the GenCon 2016 blowout (though I did play the demo a couple times), and now KINGDOM DEATH is all I can think about!! I can't wait to get my Core Game!

    14. Ric Wagner on

      Sleeves from Swan work perfectly for my cards so far and i still have a few hundreds around here.

    15. Missing avatar

      Billy Crawford on

      Dude, Adam, you deserve it. This is the result of creating a masterpiece. Thanks for all the hard work.

    16. Mark on

      same. update 2 gonna be hot

    17. Paint'Riot Studio

      can't wait to see the update tomorrow !

    18. Eduardo Guimarães on

      Hey Poots, if you are reading this, don't reveal all your secrets at once, people like the mistery of discovering thing through the campaing. A sugestion would be reveal something new once a day.

    19. Mark Handford on

      I want the gold box. Can I please please please have it??

    20. Elmon on

      There is a sleeve Company for that cards. Mage Company

      Search at google mage Company 53x53 sleeve. They fit nice.

      Sry for my english^^

    21. Missing avatar

      Brittany on

      Adam - just wanted to say I've been talking about this game for over a year now and I can't wait to finally own it. We love you! Enjoy your success! Congratulations.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Wojcik on

      As an original owner my hats off to you K:D team, well played, and good work. Now just to get a sleeve company to make 54mm by 54mm card sleaves for the equipment cards...

    23. Missing avatar

      Bibious on

      Well done KDM team, well deserved your product is amazing and the game play is unlike anything I've played before, missed your first KS, own this game retail and happy to be part of this second KS!

    24. Missing avatar

      ValkyrieEon on

      C'est un beau projet que de traduire cet univers dans notre langue mais dans tous les cas et je me fais quelques spoils ;)

    25. Djulian D'Jack of the UaPaDanAaTanE Clan on

      @ValkyrieEon super !!!!! franchement tiens moi au courant je serai ravi d'avoir ça ! ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      ValkyrieEon on

      I began a french translation. It's a very very long process !

    27. Elmon on

      German translation please!
      And hardcover rulebook!

      And yes, i would pay for a translation add-on
      And hardcover rulebook!

    28. Djulian D'Jack of the UaPaDanAaTanE Clan on

      French translation please!
      And yes, i would pay for a translation add-on

      Thanks to @Günter Oelfke from whom i copy-pasted the original post ;)
      Thanks to you mate ;)

    29. Magnús Emilsson

      This is one of the gratest board game ive ever played, and i haven´t played enough of it yet. looking forward til tomorrow.

    30. Günter Oelfke on

      German translation please!

      And yes, i would pay for a translation add-on

    31. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      Is it possible that only Adam Poots didn't suspect that this could happen? This campaign might set a new milestone in KS history...

    32. Charles Engström on

      the insanity is still less than beating the golden eyed 1000 year old king :p still a nice boost :D

    33. Missing avatar

      ventzlav Lion Knight Show Director on

      @Jean & Luke:

      Thanks for adding more info. Actually, that's what i meant, guys. KD:M has more content and it's way way waaaay superior in terms of robustness (if you know what I mean) than both Zombicide and DS. And the minies quality, details are also much better!

      So, just wanted to get the guys who tried to compare KD:M to DS some clarification about what it is =)

    34. Paint'Riot Studio

      i hope it will have an update of the main page.

    35. Luke Roberts on


      The quality of Kingdom death hard plastics is simple - you can see individual toe nails on the models. The quality of the models and the game and the contents and everythingr eleased is scond to none because the philosophy that Adam Poots runs his business by is that he lives to work rather then works to live, and as a gamer himself who will not back down and compromise to lower levels of quality, it's made the game, the models and everything that is kingdom death, absolutely amazing and an utter gem overall. Some aspects of the models and background are not for everyone, but it is marketted as a mature boutique fantasy horro world and game and model base for a reason. If you can't accept that males of any species have a phallus and women of any species have girl parts and some are just right their in your face, and many are done in twisted ways then you just move on and grab the more generic things which a lot of the armour kits and monsters are anyways. In all, amazing models. That said, zombicide does have some pretty decent models, but not quite on the level of these.

    36. Luke Roberts on

      @Adam Poots,

      The big question no one really has touched upon is this - You say that within 2 hours the kickstarter smashed all the limits imposed and the biggest and best and final add-on for KD:M 1.5 was gotten in that time and presumably everything else as well. Now, with that in mind, do you mean the content of the game expanded to v1.5 only or did the backers throw enough money to smash out all the kickstarter projected goals as well, i.e. all the expansions etc (People of the Fox please! :D), and if this is the case, with anyone who grabbed one of those 'including all expansions and add-ons to this kickstarter' be stuck with any and all that gets revealed in the next 43 days or will they, to get all the kickstarter content have to add add ons?

      I know people are going to rage at this question, but having spoken to you before I also am a realist and understand and indeed accept that you are under no obligation to keep those levels how they are as they stand especially if it means your company will lose money on the pledges and potentially go into the red overall due to the massive amount of new backers hopping on board as well. No one wants to see that (and any that do need a kick in the face by the Lion God's tail) but as ever, everyone likes your more open and honest communication as per the first kickstarter and going forwards (it is one of the charms of the company and game system mind, that you are so accessible to answer questions, arguably with the lawyers {when the first kickstarter got out of hand lawyers were mentioned in terms of not being so open mouthed on promises not being able to be kept potentially in the time frame - the 3-4 year delivery schedule as per this kickstarter description is an exceptionally awesome piece of foresight} guiding you these days but even so).

      Cheers and don't get too blown away,


      P.S. I keep just failing to reach the watcher in my 7 sword masters campaigns, and yes I utilise the 5-6 player rules to boot with the normal rules, so it's even more challenging, I've learnt so much about the core game with these limitations, it's marvelous!

    37. TheAwaitedKing on

      Block is till your next round. Deflect token does not disappear and is with you till next time you get hit. That difference is huge.

    38. MrDL on

      Poots, can you confirm if we will be able to add items via the Pledgemanager when that comes?

    39. Paint'Riot Studio

      @Ventzlav : i done an article about the showdown mechanic if you want to see how works the game

      i think KDM can't be compare to dark soul or ZBP.....really bigger !

    40. Quentin Westcott on

      Time to call china and reserve a bigger boat.

    41. Missing avatar

      ventzlav Lion Knight Show Director on

      And yes, before discovered KD:M, I thought Zombicide Black Plague and Dark Souls had the best minies in standalone board games.
      Now they don't.

    42. Missing avatar

      ventzlav Lion Knight Show Director on

      To all the guys mentioned Dark Souls board game here compared to KD:M:
      Sorry, but Dark Souls has NOTHING besides it's somewhat unique combat system. It's "Yet-Another-Tabletop-Dungeon-Crawler" with, sic!, it's own unique battle mechanics.
      KD:M instead is unique by itself. It has it's own unique combat mechanics that might seem a bit less sophisticated than Dark Souls if you drop the AI and Hit Location decks and judge just the skirmish mechanics.
      But the goal and the theme of the KD:M is not about dungeon crawling and crushing the monsters. It's about building the settlement, about surviving all the harsh events that game might throw at you and your party of survivors, trying to crush the monsters to help with previous two tasks.
      I was backing Massive Darkness (to throw a massive content addon to my Zombicide Black Plague Knight Pledge) and waiting for Dark Souls pre-order ('cause I'm fan of it's neat mechanics).
      Given that, now I'm dropping both agendas. Just to have the KD:M and all the expansions. It's definitely bringing lots more than previous two. That's some huge experience that's coming to the table next couple years!

    43. Michael Pflug on

      The best thing for me so far is, that I will only have to wait half a year for the base game! That's awesome! I'm looking forward to start playing this game!

    44. Missing avatar

      Mario S. on

      love being on board for my first KS ever and then directly starting with this beauty of a game :)

    45. JayOBedlam on

      3 cheers for Poots! So wonderful to see this creative vision surpassing even the wild ambitions of its creator.