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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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    1. Clark Collaborator on April 10

      @theGunslinger I believe Twist gaming also does live Twitch stream on Tuesday nights. OF KDM. it's pretty entertaining, sometimes I pop in for a few rounds. If you are looking to get a preview of gameplay, that's a wonderful place to check out.

    2. Missing avatar

      Philip on April 10

      Does everyone have a good feeling that an update is coming this week?

    3. Scott on April 10

      @grlscz besides spoilers, another reason to discourage people from seeking out copies of the rule book is that Adam is purportedly very against any copying or digital sharing of said rule book.

    4. VaultAge on April 10

      go to beastsofwar maybe ? they some playthrough videos that are rather entertaining

    5. theGunslinger on April 10

      @Steve; thanks for the clarity on the rule book. Certainly don't want to spoil anything for myself. Was just looking for a way to pass the time and get a head start on the gameplay. Contented to wait :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Allana Sliwinski on April 10

      Any guesses on when the first wave will ship?

    7. Grlscz on April 10

      @Repalse Both seem of pretty good quality and Paladin substantially cheaper. I went with them. Here's the card count and an analysis of sleeve possibilities.

    8. Grlscz on April 10

      @Steve I disagree, the 2 halves are separated, so you can read the first half almost without spoilers and the few spoilers that you will find are necessary and you will have to go throught them either way since someone should read the prologue rules beforehand unless you plan to play alone. I'm one of the more spoiler sensitive persons of the world and I read the rules perfectly fine. Only the prologue fight and the first settlement phase are spoiled and I find it necessary to be able to play throught them with ease in the first playthrough.

    9. Missing avatar

      Relapse on April 10

      Anyone have any thoughts or information on sleeves? I'm tossing up between the Mage and Paladin kickstarters

    10. Chinh Tran on April 10

      I would like the see the following back on the Kingdom Death store (preferably in plastic with game cards)

      Warrior of the Sun Female
      Twilight Order Knight

    11. Steve on April 9

      For all those that want a rulebook in advance to get a headstart on the rules, please don't! Half of the rulebook is story stuff that will be spoilers. Of all the games I have played KD is among the best for being able to just pick it up and dive right in. Assemble starting survivors and the lion, then open the book from the start and begin reading. It walks you through the prologue story, an intro fight, and setting up your settlement and it goes completely smoothly.
      Regarding expansions, don't add any for a few campaigns and enjoy trying and making different combinations of gear. :)

    12. oeil dans la bouche on April 9

      With Killy being a nemesis depending on our choices ! Omagad I'm so turned on !

      More seriously, I've always thought a good Blame! game should have a great time gestion, with creatures moving really fast. The scale issue is important to, with close combat vs super-structures to explore.

    13. AnEnemy on April 9

      @oeil dans la bouche That would be very cool. Simulating the growth of one of the random techno barbarian tribes Killy passes on his travels?

      I'm waiting for the new movie.

    14. oeil dans la bouche on April 9

      My dream crossover : Blame! / KDM
      I've always dream of a good game based on Blame! universe

    15. Hugo HC on April 9

      Storm knight and infant Sunstalker..For sure.

    16. oeil dans la bouche on April 9

      @Timmo : 2 brain severe injury roll for you, and skip next hunt !

    17. Timmo Warner on April 9

      (JUST in case, yes, that prediction on the first Kickstarter page is a joke.)

    18. Timmo Warner on April 9

      Nooooooooo, I made that prediction before this Kickstarter, for reals!

      Before this Kickstarter I tells ya!

      Why does nobody ever believe me when I end a statement with "I tells ya!?" =o)

    19. Ciro on April 9

      On things i would like to see back in store, i think the thief is my favourite. Also the storm knight, but i'm still hoping that one will be an expansion one day.

    20. AnEnemy on April 9

      I think it's about time I say what we've all been thinking for a while...

      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / KDM crossover expansion. Adding a People of the Ooze campaign that lets you mutate your survivors.

      You're welcome.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mary Post
      on April 9

      @i believe in a thing called death, i am pretty sure all those comments were made in January 4 years ago unless it's displaying something wrong

    22. I believe in a thing called Death. on April 9

      The King and Wet nurse, please.

    23. Eyne Nacht on April 8

      The Kind, Scribe, Forge God & Priest and both White Knights. And finally...the Infant Sunstalker.

    24. AnEnemy on April 8

      Vote for most wanted encore?

      I keep hope alive for the White Knights. Or that Samurai we got a peek at during the KS interview.

    25. Missing avatar

      Philip on April 8

      Poots!! Save us from this silence!

    26. I believe in a thing called Death. on April 8

      (Crickets) So... (crickets) ... ...

    27. Berger on April 8

      I think keeping track of one will be enough for me!

    28. Missing avatar

      Philip on April 8

      I'm figuring i won't get through and beat the gsk too much or at all before the expansions come, so likely I'll swap out nemeses before I go in potstars or potsun. Then I'll save fk and spid for aw. I wonder between friends, wife, and solo, how many campaigns will I have going at one time?

    29. Berger on April 8

      Ooh - I forgot I had the Gorm coming. Well, slot that in between DBK and DK. Somewhere. I've decided to take others view of the gear with a pinch of salt. Only because I think the views may be skewed by dismissing the quarries you use.
      For example, Lion gear may be ideal if the Lion is your main quarry, but garbage against the Gorm - but I'll be using Gorm gear against the Gorm, so that's fine. Just a personal view from someone yet to experience the highs and lows of KDM!

    30. oeil dans la bouche on April 8

      Damn, i didn't notice that. Cheating deserve penalty !

    31. I believe in a thing called Death. on April 8

      @Oeil dans la bouche--- that comment was left January of this year (after it was known how much money KDM was to make)

    32. oeil dans la bouche on April 8

      Food for thought : DK isn't canonical (no genitals).

    33. IASeldon, My Fox ate your House on April 8

      @theGunslinger Online rule book is verboten. We discourage any online versions of the complete rules.

    34. theGunslinger on April 8

      Is there a rulebook posted online anywhere? It would be nice to get a head start on the game and be able to more readily dive in when Core arrives....

    35. theGunslinger on April 8

      I got Dragon as well because everyone else did too.

    36. theGunslinger on April 8

      @Philip; nice change of topic! I will likely take the the tact that Berger is doing. Play Core a few times then add in Gorm and DBK. I invested in AW with Spid and FK. I also couldn't resist getting Manhunter because his impact on the settlement is bad ass.

    37. oeil dans la bouche on April 8

      (I took Core/Gorm/DK/SS/GC)
      I was planning :
      Core + Gorm
      PoStar + Gorm
      PoSun + Dragon (+ Gorm ?)
      Core + Gorm + Dragon + Sunstalker

      I think it will be perfect for waiting the Gambler's Chest !

    38. AnEnemy on April 8

      I dismissed the White Lion grind warnings and planned on limiting myself to the Core, but after playing a while in TTS I want to buy Gorm as well. White Lion gear just isn't that interesting whereas Gorm loot has a longer period of relevance. Just my opinion.

    39. Berger on April 8

      First few plays I'm going to use only the core game. With the Lion, antelope and pheonix there are plenty of items to craft and lots of variety in play.
      Once I have the core rules pretty much memorised, and I've had a few games, I'll probably add DBK first, see how that goes. Then maybe DK. Or manhunter. FK after that. Then I'll just see what I fancy.

    40. Missing avatar

      Philip on April 8

      I realize wave 4 comes later but at 90+ hours each run, it's likely you can wait to add spid. And fk for future runs

    41. Missing avatar

      Philip on April 8

      Or are you going to add all the Knights at once to get green armor or just sprinkle some or go abyssal woods with fk

    42. Missing avatar

      Philip on April 8

      For instance, sun stalker vs dragon King, or lion God added to base game or straight to silver city?

    43. Missing avatar

      Philip on April 8

      So I started a perfect thread of how and which way we planned on incorporating expansions and nobody bit on it. So, since we have nothing to talk about, except complaints, what are the first things people want to add to this big black box?

    44. Karlthepug on April 7

      Pretty sure B is wrong re: no other changes to non-antelope quarries. There was a reddit post summarizing an Adam comment re: rewards changing for lvl 2/3 quarries (too lazy to search for it, but I remember seeing it too):

      Personal hope is that there are also some (as of yet undocumented) changes to the actual Watcher fight as it seemed undertuned.

    45. Aaron Cooke on April 7


      Yup, he won't be making any changes to the expansions in wave 2, but that doesn't mean he can't add stuff changing them in wave 3, as he is doing with the flower knight.

    46. Celestial Lucid Dream on April 7

      No. Even if the SK is the end boss now I think the watcher should be harder if that's what people are saying...

    47. Roar - The king did not return on April 7

      @Aaron: Poots had made it clear that save for a select few errors (wrong names in the Lonely Tree xp), he wont be making changes to the current expansions, they are simply reprints. Sadly.

    48. Missing avatar

      Philip on April 7

      I wish I could get my hands on the rule book in advance. Learning the rules sounds like fun. It would also be nice to know what rules the Beasts of War were getting wrong on their playthroughs.

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