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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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    1. Kingdom Death 4-time creator on April 6, 2017

      Ah, my communication style is typically to share when there is something significant and worthwhile enough to put together an update. Updates can take a long time to create and I've had to be very "agile" since the campaign ended, attending to many smaller parts of the project and ensuring that everything for our first print deadline was taken care of. Updates will most likely be slow at first as we gear and staff up. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sven Wasberg on April 6, 2017

      Hey folks.

      I like Gloomhaven and I love KDM, but we still have to wait for a few months till we get them.
      Does someone have some recommendations for some old school video games to pass the time till KDM arrives?
      I say old school, because I only have an old laptop (2013 or 2014) and a Nintendo 3DS.
      Something with strategy or some rpg´s would be cool.
      If it fits into the world of KDM even better.
      At the moment I am downloading Heroes of Might and Magic IV.
      I loved Heroes III when I was younger and because of that I want to give the sequel a chance


    3. Missing avatar

      on April 6, 2017

      @Amy (Other Amy) definitely game comparison talk would be great. I like the model assembly and painting discussion too. Just keep it on topic and no random quotes.

    4. Ellusionist
      on April 6, 2017

      I find monthly communication is fine. Poots has a huge job ahead of him and with his perfectionist ways I am 100% sure it will take time to get everything out. He is someone who has earned this much trust.

    5. Amy (Other Amy)
      on April 6, 2017

      *again. Start the griping again. (Also, YMMV as always, of course!)

    6. Amy (Other Amy)
      on April 6, 2017

      I would much rather talk about Gloomhaven (especially as there are interesting comparisons to be made with KD:M even though they are very different games) than start the griping over updates/lack of updates/pledge inclusion angst/etc. We have three years to go on this project and we already know Adam is going to update when he damn well wants to update. And then we can all be completely about KD:M in a heartbeat. Anyway, here is the link to the thread about replacing GH monster standees with minis I mentioned earlier. There are quite a few humanoid enemies in GH and I really do think some of the stuff I've gotten from KD:M will work for this and I'm excited about that.

    7. Scott on April 6, 2017

      I agree with Sven. I don't think that Adam doesn't care but he certainly could be more communicative. The last official update we got from him was almost a month ago. We've seen him and Clark pop up in the comments now and again but that's not really the same as an official update that everyone will see.
      And even if there isn't anything to show, most of us would at least like to know, now that the pledge manager has been closed for over a week, if the PM was successful of if more time is needed for technical problems and what the plan is going forward. Also a lot of people just appreciate a check-in every so often. Adam has a successful track record from the first KD:M campaign but there are still plenty of other kickstarter horror stories. With the average pledge being around $600 before the pledge manager opened, I don't think its unreasonable to be upset.
      TL;DR -> Adam definitely cares about his customers and is a passionate creator but someone on his team needs to post a f***ing update.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sven Wasberg on April 6, 2017

      I don´t think it is fair to call Gavin a troll.
      I don´t agree that Adam doesn´t care, but I also don´t think that his communication is good or appropriate.
      And of course there are things to show.
      there are multiple artists and designers working on stuff for KDM.
      At least a few renders or prototypes should be finished.
      A few pictures every month and a short description would be enought to satisfy most critics.
      That said, I didn´t expect something else when I backed this campaign.
      I´m not happy but also not disappointed.

    9. Berger on April 6, 2017

      Totally trolled :-)

    10. Css on April 6, 2017

      Can't tell if trolling or serious lol

      I fail to see how not posting updates when there is probably nothing for him to share, and a lot of work to do, is a show or arrogance. It sounds so crazy that i'm thinking more and more than i have been succesfully trolled.

    11. Gavin Tyrrell on April 6, 2017

      @Matt Prince -- Its because Gloomhaven has a developer that cares... KDM does not... just the way it is, spooky deathly silence is just a showing of arrogance to me

    12. Missing avatar

      Mary Post
      on April 6, 2017

      I think kingdom death is in a hurry up and wait phase

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt Prince on April 6, 2017

      More news on here about Gloomhaven than KD...

    14. Amy (Other Amy)
      on April 6, 2017

      Or when BGG comes back up from maintenance, apparently. :-\

    15. Amy (Other Amy)
      on April 6, 2017

      I'll post it when I get to a real computer here in a few.

    16. Amy (Other Amy)
      on April 6, 2017

      There's a thread on BGG with replacements for GH's monster standees with minis. I'm seriously considering using my purchases from the KD:M store to play Gloomhaven since I read that.

    17. Roar - The king did not return on April 6, 2017

      @Vaultage: I actually think KDM has a lot less managment going on in showdown than Gloomhaven. In Gloomhaven each character has a hand of cards and three different zones for placement of these cards. Then add deck and discard pile for each enemy type. That's immense!

      KDM has a lot of bookkeeping inbetween fights though. From what I can tell Gloomhaven is more neat and visual there,

    18. AnEnemy on April 6, 2017

      I put a remind on Gloomhaven so I could revisit it after i know what's going up on the KD store this month. Last month i was preyed upon for dice, monk, bard, and the Forsaker.(I would have gotten a fighter too if the stock had lasted two hours) Thats nearly a copy of Gloomhaven right there.

    19. VaultAge on April 6, 2017

      the world map + dungeon part is appealing... typical of warhammer rpg campaigns i would run (ennemy within, shadows of bogenhafen, power behind the throne, something rotten in kislev...)
      but i kind of fear the amount of tokens to bring it into motion (ooooohh i know, i backed kdm which has maybe more tokens and sheet management than that.)

    20. Grlscz on April 6, 2017

      I played GH yesterday for the first time (the KS mini scenario) and I think the combat system is amazing with increcible tactical and strategical complexity and depth while being fun and keeping the random to a level enough to keep things interesting without being too random. The idea of losing cards during combat to simulate exhaustion is one of the best idea/mechanic I have ever experienced in a game. It's worth trying the TTS mod if you can. Also I didn´t expect the variety and originality of the characters cards and moves. No wonder it's top10 in BGG, I can see it getting top 5 with no problem at all, at least the combat system is that good, put that in a well build legacy campaign and you have a winner.

    21. Sethtapong Kangwanlerturai on April 6, 2017

      Any update about shipping date?

    22. Markus on April 6, 2017

      because KDM will be delivered Dez 2017 i have to wait too long and bought Gloomhaven from a shop (damn money, the price was better than ebay but still a bargain)
      my other KS games will go live autum 2017 too so this sucks

      i bought GH to have fun till my big KDM will reach me =)
      and GH is a good game, they offer no miniatures (would blow up the price to 200-300) and standees are fine too. i enjoy it and hope my friends will love it today too

    23. Cruel on April 6, 2017

      I own a first print run copy of Gloomhaven and the game is really good. The only downside is that the lore behind it is not that huge. Also one of the bigger cons is the huge time invest on bringing this game on the table. You need about 15 to 20 minutes until you have everything on the table and I have a good custom storage solution. The next thing is that a scenario lasts for about 2-3 hour if you are really good. My first sessions lasted for years and I play this game solo!! This means that if you play it with more people you have more downtimes. Gloomhaven is not the kind of game which you can play if you need to bring your childrens to bed and than you have about 1 or 2 hour time for playing on the evening. You really need the time but on the other hand you will get a really good game but I don´t think it can keep up the pace with KDM after I saw different videos without spoilering me. I hope the lore and graphic behind KDM is by far better than what gloomhaven have to offer.

    24. Gorbag The Ancient on April 6, 2017

      Yep, I'm not yet convinced by Gloomhaven. I pledge but not sure if I will keep it. Haven't watched a single video about it yet...And if it's just for the sheer quantity I prefer to wait for KDM.

    25. \[T]/ SOLAIRE \[T]/ on April 6, 2017

      Like many others here, Im backing Gloomhaven too, but to be honest its just by reputation and dont know if Im gonna keep my pledge. On one hand, its in the top 10 on bgg and it feels like everyone is talking about how great it is, on the other hand Ive watched a couple of reviews and lets plays and honestly I dont quite see the magnificent epic game that everyone else sees. Right after I watched a lets play of Gloomhaven I watched the beast of war playthrough of KDM and found it much more exciting. Buuuuuut you get a hell of a lot of game for only $99, and thats like only one KDM expansion haha. Talk about getting jaded about $$$ after KDM (only $99 for a game?? Its nothing!!)

    26. Berger on April 6, 2017

      I skipped Gloomhaven - I can see what they were trying to achieve, but it's not something that piques my interest. And, personal taste here, I don't like the card counters, or the art, although the creature *ideas* are pretty neat. Given the massive variation in monsters, I would have preferred fewer monster types in the base game, and had plastic minis, but that's a personal preference. Looking at the way the game grew you can see why it ended up with so much variety.
      To those that have backed it - good luck and I hope you enjoy it!

    27. Coralline Algae on April 6, 2017

      I'm also backing Gloomhaven. I'm not 100% sure I'll stay in though. It looks like an awesome game but I've been thinking about switching from Pathfinder to D&D 5th edition and I'd be able to get the 3 main books for about the same cost. Besides, KD:M and the rest of my board games should have me pretty well covered. That said, Gloomhaven looks like a lot of fun and the price is amazing for so much content.

    28. Fleabag - formerly HoodHero on April 6, 2017

      Backing Gloomhaven as well! Looking forward to it!

      When I found the skull in the woods, the first thing I did was call the police.
      But then I got curious about it. I picked it up, and started wondering who
      this person was, and why he had deer horns. -- Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey

    29. Outrage
      on April 6, 2017

      I'm backing Gloomhaven as well. KS projects right now are just too good. Also found myself backing The City of Kings, HEXplore It, and a few others. This hobby is getting out of hand. I need to win the lottery or something.

    30. Missing avatar

      Philip on April 5, 2017

      Right now I'm excited to get the game just to read the rule book. It's going to be nice to read from a hard cover book. I think I'll take enjoyment from just that and the art as much as the initial miniature assembly and painting

    31. John C on April 5, 2017

      @Ciro, I had a pretty limited budget after Mythic Battles, so I based my choices mainly on what I thought looked cool. The Flower Knight and Dung Beetle Knight are gorgeous and elegant, so I picked them over Gorm, even though it sounds Gorm is the usual first pick for expansions. I also got the Dragon King. Even though I liked some models better I figured that I couldn't pass up a whole new campaign at that price. I'm really hoping the PM gets reopened later, because the one thing I really want but couldn't afford was the Abyssal Woods. The models and concept art and design for that expansion are simply stunning. Of course, that means I'll need Spidicules, too...
      And, yeah, Gloomhaven with minis would be crazy expensive. Games like Zombicide: BP may have a lot of monsters minis, but they're only about 6-7 different sculpts in the base game. In contrast, Gloomhaven has, like, 27 different monsters, each having 6-10 units. I think I read somewhere that it's about 275 total monsters. That's a lot of expensive mold-making, tooling, etc. Once you've played the game, you see that standees are so much more practical. The worst part were the bases, but it looks as though he's changed them to better bases for the reprint.

    32. John C on April 5, 2017

      @tomer, here's Isaac Childres' designer diary that gives a good overview of the concept of Gloomhaven:

      I can't say much more than that as the KDM comments page isn't really the best place to go into detail. Browse some of the forums or watch some videos, like Paul Grogan's or Rahdo's to get more of a look into how it actually plays.

    33. tomer sarid on April 5, 2017

      So what's up with this Gloomhaven? I could see it's rated #9 on boardgamegeek but what is it about if anyone here played it.

      Also with KDM on the horizon who will have time for anything else...

    34. Grlscz on April 5, 2017

      @Frogdog I have the completely opposite experience, before KDM seemed crazy for me to spend 80-100$ plus shipping for a game, but after KDM I already spend $250 in village attacks and gloomhaven for $100 looks like the deal of the millennium for me.

    35. Missing avatar

      J Schu on April 5, 2017

      Crazy thing is atm. KDM, massive darkness, my card protector order, sol, and now gloomhaven are all supposed to deliver about the same time.

    36. Missing avatar

      J Schu on April 5, 2017

      @ciro it should be simple enough to replace standees with models from other lines.

    37. Gorbag The Ancient on April 5, 2017

      Yep, the thing is that looking at the previous KDM campaign things got bigger and better.. so who know if the expansions we pledged for are going to offer us even more stuff?

    38. Missing avatar

      Philip on April 5, 2017

      @Frogdog's Super Pope-Lord of Cinder: Something that feels different about $200 for other kickstarter games compared to KDM is that I don't know what I might all get from KDM. From those other games you see the game, the minis, the cardboard, and can ponder is it worth it. For KDM, I think by all the comments at the end of the PM, we really don't know how big it could get and therefore it is more difficult to look at the Inverted Mountain and say, "it is or isn't worth it"

      So throwing hundreds of dollars at KDM without regard to the "worth" is easier than those other games where you can really say to yourself that you are getting a deal or you just want to spend more to jazz it up.

    39. Frogdog's Pandasaurus of Cinder on April 5, 2017

      I'm backing Gloomhaven, though tbh I'm backing it more on it's reputation that it's looks, which I'm now going to look into.
      With KDM I realized I have sod all restraint KDM: "oooh a hard plastic gameboard for $100 that's a deal and a half I MUST get it" Rising sun "Hmmm $30 for a play mat not sure if that's worth it..."
      I'm amused I pretty much went all in on KDM pledging around $3,000(CAD) when th ePM shut yet I look at other KS campaigns and think to myself "$200 to get everything? Seems a bit much" What did Poots do to me?

    40. Css on April 5, 2017

      @J P i agree, a lot of unique looking stuff in gloomhaven; it's not the most visually stunning game but it looks special.
      The standees bother me a bit, but i get the game could not have the same amount of different enemies at that price if they were plastic minis.

      For KDM at first i only wanted to get the minis i really liked, but in the end i made a couple exceptions (gorm and lion god) while passing on one of my favourites (the mountain man); still went mostly for the cool minis and trust Poots to make good content for them :p

    41. Frogdog's Pandasaurus of Cinder on April 5, 2017

      So this is getting ridiculous, my money was taken back when the pledge manager closed, yet after checking every single day, DM still hasn't turned up at my doorstep? IS THIS NORMAL?! Anyone else having this problem? Am I too impatient? Should I cut down on the coffee at work? ARRRRRGH QUESTIONS! :S

    42. John C on April 5, 2017

      Regarding Gloomhaven visuals: I won't argue about it, because that gets into personal taste and aesthetics, which is a debate that could last for years. I will say, though, that one of the things I like about the game is that it isn't totally generic fantasy. There aren't the usual fantasy races such as elves, dwarves, orcs, etc. There's a lot more varied and interesting races than the usual fantasy fare, which I like. You don't see that on the KS, because a lot of that is locked content. I can understand not wanting something you don't like to look at though. Like someone else said, that's kind of how KDM was for me. I'm getting everything I think looks awesome and skipping the ones I don't like the look of.

    43. Grlscz on April 5, 2017

      I agree with gloomhaven looks not being the best around, but I'm mainly a gameplay guy so I don´t mind much about it and much more about the awesome mechanics.

    44. Thomas Lyons on April 5, 2017

      For anyone ordering from the Webstore, I want to encourage you to check your orders (including box contents) asap when they arrive. I've had my last two orders either shorted or missing contents from the model boxes. While Adam did promptly refund the cost of these models, these were first run minis or minis that sold out quickly and are now only available on the secondary market. I'd encourage you to check your orders asap (esp. if you haven't opened the boxes themselves) in the event that this is a larger warehouse issue.

    45. Missing avatar

      J Schu on April 5, 2017

      Does not dies

    46. Missing avatar

      J Schu on April 5, 2017

      Gloom haven art dies not impress. That being said i am 100% getting kdm for game play for me the art is not my thing.

    47. Scot
      on April 5, 2017

      I am in the same boat, backed second printing of Gloomhaven, totally in love with the game mechanics, salivating over the great reviews, but the look of it...meh. I wouldn't go so far as hate, but yeah it doesn't share the same aesthetic of games I usually play. I have the same worry to, that the visual appeal or lack there of may be enough that it doesn't get played. I have enough games that have both good/great visuals and mechanics that I rarely reach for something that is lacking in either category.

    48. Missing avatar

      Philip on April 5, 2017

      @sharnofshaed: I think that hits a lot of what choices people made for what KDM expansions they got. Not the gameplay but how it looked. So your inner struggle to pay for something you don't want to look makes good sense. You now have me going back over to look at all the art of that game as well. I think also, it's difficult to take chances with art when it might not pay off and so that is why you find a lot of the stuff you mentioned. KD took huge risks and is getting huge rewards and I'm sure there are many that have done that to no reward.

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