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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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    1. Clark Collaborator on March 29

      @AnEnemy I was a wood elves player in the late 90's early 00's. Adam laughs at my poor life choices.

    2. AnEnemy on March 29

      I laugh because I know that pain. I made a full Horus Heresy Era Space Wolves army when the HH was first getting started by Forgeworld. Something like...five (?) years ago.

      They just released the rules for them a month ago...

    3. Eyne Nacht on March 29

      Got the 100 pack plus 2 of the Mordred and 2 Morholts. That should cover everything KD:M for the next 4 years.

    4. Eyne Nacht on March 29

      @PerniciousDucks, Hell-a-lou-ya!! Nice!

    5. PerniciousDucks on March 29

      @AnEnemy I will have thousands of card sleeves, a hundred coin pages for gear, a leather binder to hold those pages and a dice rolling lantern that even lights up... And no kingdom death to use with any of it for now. Enjoy laughing at me specifically for years to come.

    6. AnEnemy on March 29

      I hear the Gorm sleeve is a must have!

    7. AnEnemy on March 29

      I giggle every night before my head hits the pillow at the thought of all the folks that will be sitting on a thousand + sleeves and no KDM.

      You guys could name four of your sleeves. Then write white lion on another sleeve. Figure out a way to fold a sleeve so it has ten sides and then figure out how to roll said ten sided sleeves.

      Sounds really fun. Poots I'm sorry if people end up canceling their orders because of my grand idea.

    8. Missing avatar

      Luis on March 29

      @kingdom_death has logged in today... will we have an update? I'm sure they have sweet things to show us :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Luis on March 29

      Difficult to buy sleeves based on approximate numbers anyway. Only the core + old expansions numbers are truly confirmed, better to just buy enough to cover those and maybe the larger cards as those will not change that much.

    10. Chinh Tran on March 29

      Speaking of card amounts, every listing I've seen lists that the Dragon King expansion needs 50 gear card sleeves. However, the description on the campaign page says Dragon King has 50 gear cards AND 10 rare gear cards. Assuming those are the same size, one would need 60 of the 51x51 mm sleeves for that expansion.

    11. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th on March 29

      The ONLY thing I can understand is that you are right in front of a card store and you want to make sure of what you buy and the phone isn't the best place to scroll down. if not you can do this CTRL+F then put "Card", then press "End page" on your keyboard and keep checking the search bar. In about the 2 minutes it takes for you to write, check for typos, and wait for a response you could have the answer and useful links to where you need to go.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th on March 29

      ::Trolling Reaching Critical Levels::

    13. Craig S on March 29

      I'm all for helping people, but if someone can't even help themselves even just the tiniest bit, it's a little ridiculous, there is a massive amount of information out there if someone spends two minutes googling around, or scrolls down for two minutes reading.

    14. Craig S on March 29

      Oh wow hey, this means you guys are funny right? Good one, you got me

    15. Missing avatar

      on March 29

      Good question. Hey Craig, how many sleeves do I need, and what sizes for an all-in pledge? ;-)

    16. Missing avatar

      Mary Post
      on March 29

      GG Frogdog GG

    17. Frogdog's Super Pope-Lord of Cinder on March 29

      quick question, is there anywhere I can find info on card sleeves? :P

    18. Eyne Nacht on March 29

      Sorry for the double post all.

    19. Eyne Nacht on March 29

      Another preferred soundtrack for KD:M…

    20. Eyne Nacht on March 29

      Another preferred soundtrack for KD:M:…

    21. Eyne Nacht on March 29

      @Chris Barney, + 1 on the Blackstar mention, although I prefer Lustmord's Metavoid myself.

    22. Josh on March 29

      My Spring Death Dice arrive Friday! woop

    23. Missing avatar

      Mary Post
      on March 29

      Eh everyone is lazy every now and then, some people even have good reasons for it. There is a really great post about it below though

    24. Craig S on March 29

      Not trying to be a dick, but that's just lazy
      If you scrolled down literally 7 comments there is a very clear post with all the sleeve information you could want

    25. Datcu Bogdan Alexandru on March 29

      how many cards are there in the new 1.5 core game and all the expansions + gambler and survivors? Looking at the Paladin sleeve kickstarter and want to know a ball park of how many i would need.

    26. Chris Barney
      on March 29

      Huh, you know what reminds me of the world, or at least feel, of KD? Blackstar by David Bowie.… What do you think? I mean I'm not saying that it's set in KD, but it has a lot of the same vibe. What media (Other than Berzerk) reminds you guys of this world?

    27. Jason Massatt on March 29

      Oh gawd... more lame sleeve talk.... sllloooooooooooooooooooowwwww eeeyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee rooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllll...............,,,,,......

    28. Elizb
      on March 29

      @AnEnemy and DJP - Thank you for the suggestions!

    29. Missing avatar

      Tony L on March 29

      1 hour remaining on the A+ case kickstarter if anyone else wants one.

    30. nuke_morningstar on March 29

      Mage sleeves only offers Paypal as a payment method (they have mentioned they might offer other payment methods during the campaign, but I guess it didn't happen), so won't be able to buy from them.

      I am looking forward to Paladin KS offering settlement event and location card size sleeves!

    31. Missing avatar

      Christoph Drees on March 29

      @ Ravineel
      I backed the Paladin KS, too. in the following link you can see, what you need for the old
      expansions and core game. That´s the size of paladins "Gawain" and "Palamedes" (Which will be available as a stretchgoal about tomorrow i think ) I liked the free shipping about it and its less expansive.

    32. Adam Harris on March 29

      If you missed the Mage Card Sleeve Kickstarter you can still be a late backer.

      Please use the following link to participate in the pledge manager.
      Here is the link :

      Also make sure to read our pre-last update in our Kickstarter campaign since they include valuable information about the pledge manager.

      Spreadsheet for card and sleeve count

    33. Missing avatar

      on March 29


      For the Mage sleeves:
      The gear cards are 51mm x 51mm, which are the Premium Mini Square
      All the standard size cards in KDM are 57mm x 89mm, those are the Premium Standard American
      The event cards and settlement card sleeves are found in the add on section of that page, they are the $4 pack 150mm x 95mm and $5 pack 210mm x 107mm

      @Elizb The postcard size art prints are 4" x 6", so any 4x6 photo sleeve will work. These are soft plastic sleeves and these are hard plastic…

    34. AnEnemy on March 29

      I just put my art cards side by side under glass in a picture frame.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ravineel on March 29

      Thanks for recommending me a website that sells sleeves. but from what I've seen, I only found the mini squares ones, and it still didn't solve my original question on what the sizes are for the cards.

      What are the card sizes (ex. resources, ai cards, etc)?

    36. Elizb
      on March 28

      Speaking of sleeves....what do you use to sleeve the postcard sized art cards that come with the shop resins? Any particular preference for protectors/sleeves?

    37. Missing avatar

      on March 28

      @Ravineel if you are looking for sleeves, you can still order sleeves from the Mage kickstarter via this link

      Mage has the sleeves for all the KDM card sizes, so you can be confident that you can sleeve the whole game.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ravineel on March 28

      Can you guys tell me how large the cards are in the base game? I was looking at the paladin card protectors and I thought about buying them. And is there a size for those cube like cards as well?
      I funded:
      -1.5 core game
      -flower knight
      -dragon king
      -frog dog
      -gamblers box

    39. Missing avatar

      on March 28

      HEXplore also looks very good!

    40. AlexB on March 28

      Has anybody else checked out The City of Kings? They just launched their kickstarter today. Well done kickstarter that's for sure, could fill the void for a while!

    41. Wilamanjaro - Insanity +300 on March 28

      the stress is just a byproduct of waiting for such an awesome game, and honestly, its like the "end all" boardgame. It's just too good and any amount of time without it in our hands is that much more difficult, I totally get it and also make hasty, agitated comments :D

    42. Hugo HC on March 28

      I...Sorry few beers...

    43. Hugo HC on March 28

      Man, u can't wait for an update :)

    44. Strokumvt on March 28

      Where is Michael Wade when you need him?

    45. AnEnemy on March 28

      @Clark sorry man I handled that poorly I shouldn't have complained here.

    46. Missing avatar

      Luis on March 28

      @Clark hey! Do we know hoy many backers left to fulfill the PM? Thanks!

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