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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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    1. anna poots Collaborator on January 7

      ok VAT question. here's what we got official:
      Like our previous campaign, we will make our best efforts to ease the burden of shipping by fulfilling rewards from shipping partners around the world (projected as: US, CA, EU, AU.)

      Backers are responsible for any and all import fees, VAT, duties, taxes, post office fees, and or any other fees their country or government imposes.

      when we have news on this subject (agreements with shipping partners, arriving containers) you will hear it here first. but the above messaging is paramount!!

    2. Jenn on January 7


    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on January 7

      @Tanner: Gorm and Dragon King are. Dung Beetle Knight is really good.

    4. Feder on January 7

      I have a Black Friday Lantern. What it's the proce for GC add-on? 100 or 150?

    5. Brooks on January 7

      yea people that reant here the last few hours are gonna be pissed, their loss for not reading

    6. Ciro on January 7

      @Tanner Wakefield i think the general answer is yes.

    7. Kelly Lynch on January 7

      @Christian hehe, aye... but still fun to read as much as one can. :D

      @Esoba hi there! :)

    8. DigitalDogParty
      on January 7


      Hahahaha, I can imagine that somehow.

    9. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Riutta
      on January 7

      Just a reminder Twitch game night is doing their end of Kingdom death kickstarter marathon at . They're fighting the sunstalker.

    10. Jamie on January 7

      Death Toll updated with update 43.

      Not much in that one - but if you want to reminisce about dice rolls:

    11. Evil Midnight Lurker
      on January 7

      @Sharnofshead, I would consider Sci-Fi Aya and the Neko to be pinup-style minis even if they come with game content.

    12. Justin Boehm
      on January 7

      @Bryan not Ryan lol

    13. Esoba on January 7

      Dang we've got the whole team up in here.

    14. Steve on January 7

      Just need 3 more murder victims in case of a full party wipe (no need for the 4th) :)

    15. Justin Boehm
      on January 7

      @ Ryan actually someone calculated it out earlier with low balling the value and it was over $800 and we didn't know about the extra 4 spots!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Christian on January 7

      Giving up, wall of comments > my reading speed

    17. Missing avatar

      Baromir on January 7

      Quest: finish all the gamer laterns to get a new update

    18. Ciro on January 7

      I hope we get some teaser at the end of some stuff to come in the future, like happened in the last KS (i don't think this was during campaign however? i wasn't there).

      Stuff like the fox and the storm knight, or the future of the king.

    19. Tanner Wakefield on January 7

      Are DK, DBK and Gorm kinda the "you should get" old expansions?? :))

    20. Joe Collaborator on January 7

      The 1.5 Upgrade Pack Addon DOES NOT INCLUDE THE CORE GAME. The $75 addon upgrade pack is an addon for those of you that already have the Core Game v1.0 which upgrades it to 1.5.

    21. Missing avatar

      J Schu on January 7

      @p nope sorry you are wrong and think i am wrong by mistake

    22. flyaturtle
      on January 7

      @DDP would love to see Yanni get addicted to KD. Then relaunch darkcore remixes of his work. Paint his eyes like survivors

    23. wikiro on January 7

      Love the murder victim

    24. Dead_Cruiser_ on January 7

      6(or more - does the double lantern still get shown? ) reveals to show. 5 hours 20 minutes left.

    25. Missing avatar

      David Althiser Jr. on January 7

      @Lawrence... yes... poots cheated update 43 man

    26. sharnofshaed on January 7

      @Bryan Meadows

      Gamblers Chest has lots of game content (new fighting arts, new philosophies, new gear cards, new settlement events, scouts of death etc) and zero pinups (you might mean narrative sculpts, which aren't pinups but are models intended to replace the survivors you make with the armor kits). The advanced rules are also included.

      The gamblers chest is not an aesthetic addon, it includes a lot of content as well!

    27. Kelly Lynch on January 7

      @Lawrence not quite yet... we got 4 additional GC boxes, that are still unrevealed. :)

    28. Jarizos on January 7

      The king shall answer

    29. Bobcat Blue on January 7

      true story
      i have to leave in a half hour to help a friend butcher a real antelope he just shot
      seems fitting :D

    30. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on January 7

      @J Schu: And that is why you are wrong. But it's okay, lots of people are wrong everyday.

    31. david brooks on January 7

      We await the King

    32. Justin Boehm
      on January 7

      @Bryan hahaha no! Not one pinup in that box and tons of cards!!!!

    33. flyaturtle
      on January 7

      Also, I made a printed art book! It is gorgeous. I'm going to share with Poots first after the campaign and ask if he'll let me share with you all. It was hard to find a printer that would make it the right size

    34. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on January 7

      @Lawrence: It's Update 43, Poots split it in 4 boxes.

    35. Missing avatar

      J Schu on January 7

      @p bowie i would not even put honey in top 20 x pacs

    36. Missing avatar

      David Althiser Jr. on January 7

      Almost 11.5 mill holy !@#*

    37. Jarizos on January 7

      Hop on the frogdog

    38. DigitalDogParty
      on January 7

      Yanni is stressful music?


      Ohhhhh, yanno. Phew.

    39. Rob F. on January 7

      I meant percival as an add-on, not included in the other level

    40. Richard P on January 7

      @ Bryan – There is a distinction between pin-ups and narrative sculpts. Narrative sculpt come with official game content.

    41. Fool, Madness? THIS. IS. KD:M! on January 7

      Flyaturtle thanks, glad to hear!

    42. Missing avatar

      Lawrence on January 7

      Did I somehow miss the double lantern gambler chest reveal?

    43. Keil Nitz on January 7

      any comment from the team about 6x4 art? yes, no? paid addon? anything?

    44. Brooks on January 7

      frogdog open

    45. SatyrFist on January 7

      This place is a MADHOUSE!

    46. Eric N.
      on January 7

      @Bryan, its mainly normal miniatures (not promos not pinups) ones you would use as survivors. Most come with a couple of cards, so while individually it sounds like little gameplay, its actually a LOT, plus the advanced rulebook, etc

    47. IASeldon, My Fox ate your House on January 7

      @Bryan No pinups are in the Chest.

    48. Stephen on January 7

      @kingdom death or collaborators.
      How do you test this stuff? I have been wondering for a long time. Do you run multiple campaigns and backpedal on events? Do you target test things? I have been involved in Developing a few games and the amount of randomization in this game makes me think testing is probably nightmareish (Sorry for double post but now Anna is here! Yay!)

    49. Missing avatar

      Scottrick on January 7

      There's an advanced rulebook and a bunch of other game content in the GC.

    50. Jarizos on January 7

      Unleash the frogdog! Tonight, we ride

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