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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. BoardGameGuy just now

      Expansion of death arrived today FedEx Ohio USA. I'm good till Christmas

    2. Noitamies 13 minutes ago

      Boom, I think many. One got on friday, I'll get mine on monday.

    3. BoomTown 26 minutes ago

      Has anyone gotten wave 2 in Europe?

    4. Missing avatar

      fleawea about 2 hours ago

      European backer here. No shipping notice yet (12+1 expansions) and still waiting for Valentine's order. Patient but excited!

    5. Missing avatar

      Danny D. about 4 hours ago

      @joe paras I’m getting 5 expansions in wave 2 and I haven’t gotten a shipping notice yet either.
      I’m being patient, knowing it’ll get to me eventually. I’ll post when I get an update.

    6. Alesia Thone Tuna-Coco about 5 hours ago

      Just arrived, I'm in Missouri. Wow that's a lot of boxes haha. I forgot how many expansions I was getting.

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel V.
      about 5 hours ago

      Michigan (US) backer, seven expansions, address still not locked. I’m in no hurry, just commenting to help others know where shipping stands. My Valentines Day order (2 minis) was delivered yesterday.

    8. Missing avatar

      Brandon Sherwood about 6 hours ago

      Southwest Florida two expansions set for delivery on Thursday.

    9. Missing avatar

      <insert catchy name here>
      about 6 hours ago

      Delivered in Virginia

    10. Andrew Huang, hunting PIN-UP monster
      about 6 hours ago

      @Samuel; Glad to see a Singapore backer getting delivery confirmation. Hope the rest (including me) get it soon too.

    11. Missing avatar

      Joe Paras about 7 hours ago

      @Freyaldo you just jinxed yourself lol

    12. Alexander Kügler
      about 7 hours ago

      because the Herman packages seem to have Not arrived at the Warehouse and the asian packages have been sending out late i dont think your theory is true.

    13. Missing avatar

      kevin fejer nielsen about 8 hours ago

      My theory is, that thoese who arrived early where held back, duo to the promise from Poots that's i would Come simultanius. What an evil mastermind :P

    14. Missing avatar

      Freyaldo about 8 hours ago

      @Joe they've alot of pacckages to send, I assume they prepare x packages a day, and let them picked up at the end of the day.

      Patience is key, somebody has to be last (hopefully not me).

      I do not know if anyone already have the shipment (details) already, if they didn't order the full wave 2, havent really lurked that much here, now there is a sudden spike in comments.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joe Paras about 9 hours ago

      Still haven't received shipping notification.....has anyone received their expansions that did not order the entire set?

    16. Zoxe minion of the Storm Knight about 10 hours ago

      Oddly enough, the scibor bases that I ordered back in December for wave 2 .... that got stuck in customs .... Will also arrive Monday! Could not have planned it any better!

    17. Zoxe minion of the Storm Knight about 10 hours ago

      My shipping labels now appears to have real boxes attached to it.... Monday Delivery!!

    18. Arcane Lore about 10 hours ago

      Assembled Gorm, Manhunter, Sunstalker and Flower Knight this morning already. Soooo much fun. Thank you Mr Poots and Vibrant Lantern!

    19. Paul about 11 hours ago

      My VD order has finally been shipped, only took them over a month. Now await the stupid import fees :(

    20. Eyne Nacht about 12 hours ago

      Was there a very recent sale?! A lot of long gone items have resurfaced in the Sold Out section of the shop. I don't think there's ever been a Patty's sale has there?

    21. Alexander Kügler
      about 13 hours ago

      No word on the german packages, hoping for next week. I will be shocked when i find a Giant Box in our house floor one day :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans about 14 hours ago

      @Kingdom Death Received complete Expansions of death 1. Really pleased with the entire package and the packing was great. I was very unsure I was doing the right thing throwing so much cash at a God Frogdog pledge and chewed my nails quite a bit at the time. Now that I am in possession of half the pledge I am very glad I did. Two waves down but I now know the real work is ahead. Wave three is more one hell of an amount of plastic. Some of it is going to be re run items but the majority are new requiring the whole process to make. I am looking very much forward to wave 3 arriving but for the time being I have enough insane content to keep me grinning and building for a long while as well as more play variants. Thank you very much Mr Poots for your insane visions and to the whole KD:M team for sharing that vision with us.

    23. Chinh Tran about 16 hours ago

      @ Todd - I want the stone face bases too, but I don't think they've been pushed back, I think they've always been in Wave 3. (Adam said he would try to get them in an earlier wave, but said no promises.) I imagine that the Wave 1 & 2 items were already tooled before the Kickstarter campaign, whereas molds probably still needed to be made for the bases, which is why it went into Wave 3?

      You can do what I do, which is assemble everything and glue it to a plain base insert using Elmer's glue (which is not strong but if there is a large contact surface it may be a good enough temporary solution) or only a tiny amount of super glue so it can be re-based at a later time.

    24. Quiarcus about 18 hours ago

      Meanwhile, somewhere in China: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    25. Missing avatar

      J Schu about 18 hours ago

      Woot my expected delivery went from 20th to tomorrow. Might have to build a model or 2 for gaming night.

    26. Samuel about 21 hours ago

      Just got the DPD shipping notification to Singapore, ETA 23Mar. Hype is real!

    27. Todd Ferrullo about 22 hours ago

      Just received my Expansions of Death bundle. At first I thought that one of the expansions was missing when I counted the boxes. After taking them all out, I found that the Green Knight expansion was just a plastic bag stuffed between two of the other boxes. Not that it makes much difference to me but I was expecting slightly better packaging after the tremendous packaging of the core game.
      I do have to admit to being more than a bit annoyed that the base inserts have been pushed back to wave three, as I really can not assemble anything until I get them and there is really no reason for them to take so long. Heck, I would pay extra shipping if Poots was willing to send them in their own wave.

    28. Missing avatar

      Robert Meltzer about 23 hours ago

      And there lies the heart of the temptation. Vanishingly small window of opportunity before the store restocks. The intentional scalpers are going to be disapointed

    29. Michael Berné about 23 hours ago

      @Miles: Supply, demand, and an impression of market-prices.

      Auctions are a better way to sell, then the only scalper is yourself.

    30. MilesMayhem about 23 hours ago

      What I will never understand is why people
      are still paying the crazy scalper prices for expansions on ebay.

    31. Michael Berné about 23 hours ago

      It's more like a 9, Robert. Either you get to keep it, or you get some of bonus when you return it. Patience is needed during shipping-rush times. Sorry for being a cunt at you.

    32. Missing avatar

      Robert Meltzer about 23 hours ago

      Peace everyone. I've canceled the sale, pending a response from poots and company. I had contacted them immediatly upon opening the package, but haven't heard back yet, understandably. Where I had thought I had roled lantern 10 for resource farming, I infact roll 1 and die of mortal shame.

    33. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Leak about 23 hours ago

      I hope I get my many expansions next week would be good to mix my next campaign up.

    34. Michael Berné about 23 hours ago

      He had it on ebay long before he ever gave any apparently of contacting Kingdom Death, that's the problem.

      It wasn't just a model, it was a full expansion, and he first went to selling it. That's shitty. It's just... shitty behavior. Offering it back, trying to set things right, is the honest thing to do.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Poston 1 day ago

      KD accidentally sent me an extra GSK on one of my orders. I contacted them and they just said to keep it. I'm pretty sure that's what they'd say in regards to the Sunstalker as they are very generous. If the guy wants to sell it, I really don't see anything wrong with it as, at the end of the day, it's KD's mistake.

    36. Michael Berné 1 day ago


      Cue: The Hype

    37. Michael Berné 1 day ago

      To quote reddit: "USA law actually is that you can keep it. It's set up that way to prevent "oh we sent you [Product] and you used it so now you owe us money"-mail fraud."

      It's not theft, it's just a complete lack of integrity.

    38. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist 1 day ago

      If you accidentally receive extra goods, then you are actually supposed to contact the sender about them...

      To hold an accidental extra is basically theft.

    39. Michael Berné 1 day ago

      @Mike: Hey, that comment you made a while ago about Gloomhaven and 7th Continent? I hate to tell you this, but you're likely going to be disappointed.

    40. John D 1 day ago

      Spidiculosus, Spidiculoypse, .......spidiculicklopylus. I can't say it right....

    41. John D 1 day ago

      Spidiculuculus arrived today. That's the only thing I didn't pick up in the 1st KS. I remember it was down to Spidey or a Resin Watcher (the Watcher won). So, that all worked out in the end.

    42. Michael Berné 1 day ago

      Also, there's no way the reports of people getting extra would end in anything but "I hawked it on ebay" if Poots wasn't covering the return-shipping. They typically cover it and give some store-credit, from what I've read.

    43. Michael Berné 1 day ago

      Impression I got is either he didn't order all 12, or he did and he got the Expansons Vol 1 + A Sunstalker on the side.

    44. Missing avatar

      Derek Marshall
      1 day ago

      Sizeable box arrived on my doorstep this morning. Fabulous that this KS is delivering. Well done to all concerned.

    45. Crimsonsun 1 day ago

      @Michael I'd never heard that he covers shipping and depending on where in the world you are those costs might be more expensive than what it costs him to print an expansion once you add on customs tax. I agree he should have asked them what to do with it, but he could have said nothing and nobody would be the wiser so I'm not sure he/she should lose there pledge as a result thats a bit much because for every person that posts up about such a mistake there's two that keep quiet I'd bet. I do hope someones not missing a Sunstalker as a result as depending on where they are it might be hard/time consuming to get, I also worry about that if I'm missing something I might not get believed because its got to be pretty difficult for the factory to mispack an entire expansion to the wrong box (surely the box would have to be a different size).

    46. Michael Berné 1 day ago

      @Marc: He got an extra expansion and his first instinct was to sell it for a profit. Poots has always covered the shipping costs to return accidental-extras, this is known.

      I stand by what I said. I hope the remaining unfulfilled portion of his pledge is refunded and he has to buy it at retail. What he did shows a complete lack of integrity.

    47. Bullwey 1 day ago

      @VaultAge Finally I can bring my old LEGO Castle to the table and fill it with suitable sized and outstanding beautiful minis!

    48. VaultAge 1 day ago

      /* troll mode on */

      To anybody who did not uncheck the “reduced scale models” option, you are in for bad luck...
      ... Poots specifically said on the comments on the 26th november 2017 that he needed to cut on costs and by default everybody would get the “reduced scale models” unless they specifically uncheck the option in backerkit by sending an email to kdm shop.
      ... now you will get your models at the 1/272 scale instead of the 1/48... which is around 5mm.

      */ troll mode off */

    49. Joe Martineau
      1 day ago

      Haha, this Michael Berne guy gets so mad about everything.

    50. Missing avatar

      Mike 1 day ago

      Seattle backer: no word on shipment of wave 2 yet

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