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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
19,264 backers pledged $12,393,139 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson
      about 3 hours ago

      @Trustworthy Tom, you forgot to say that the pole is meant to look like a giant penis. Very KDM except that the butcher never shows up and kills everyone.

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel V.
      about 3 hours ago

      I hope they do more of the 3d printed photoresin models in the future. I like that they periodically, randomly, drop a small number of Til Death on the store.

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel V.
      about 3 hours ago

      Some more ‘Til Death Do Us Parts on the store as well... love this model, comes with interesting gameplay content

    4. Plus-One-Mace about 4 hours ago

      The silence the Silence...

    5. Francois Michel
      about 4 hours ago

      How close are we to the Paizo minis ?

    6. VaultAge about 4 hours ago

      i already grabed 2 black knight from last sales. they are awesome

    7. Missing avatar

      Ronald Morton about 5 hours ago

      @AnEnemy - all sizes were up to begin with (albeit with some comically low inventory counts). I managed to pick up a L (finally)!

    8. AnEnemy about 6 hours ago

      Hey Poots put up some Mediums and Larges please. I realize these 2XLs are probably left over, but come on. Looks like a tent on me.

      There are Black Knight 2XL tshirts on the store right now btw folks.

    9. Rawrkanos 2 days ago

      @Johnathan Leak: Did you get standard or premium?

    10. Missing avatar

      fleawea 2 days ago


    11. Missing avatar

      fleawea 2 days ago

      @Johnathan Leak Settlement event cards from docsmagic also fit perfectly. Got a set of settlement location sleeves in backorder.

    12. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Leak 3 days ago

      Thanks all for your help in finding suitable sleeves, I used Docsmacic for the AI,HL etc. Cards and picked up swan cards from the UK games expo so all sleeved now apart from settlement event cards.

    13. portcullis 4 days ago

      @Chinh Tran et al. Yes I was confusing Percival with the pinup version. "Carry on, nothing to see here"

    14. Missing avatar

      Jim Bailey
      4 days ago

      @Poots - Please consider making the gear card pack for the pin-up models. This way the completionist of us (at lest for playable content) have an option to get everything.

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel V.
      4 days ago

      Poots mentioned somewhere that he is trying to have Percival, Fade etc. (white boxes, basically) ready for GenCon, but that it was going to be close.

    16. VaultAge 4 days ago

      it is summer solstice.
      poots should celebrate the start of the daylight agony

    17. John D 4 days ago

      Tom, that sounds a lot like Walpurgisnacht/May day. You guys really know how to party!

    18. Trustworthy Tom 4 days ago

      ... that's friday next week, by the way, for you non-heathens out there. (and yes, we do sing the "litte frogs" and we do make that pole that we dance around)

    19. Trustworthy Tom 4 days ago

      Update or no update - Poots is a genius.
      Now, what kind of event can we expect for the (heathen) celebration of Mid Summers Eve?
      ( in Sweden, this is perhaps the most antcipated event of the year, if you are an adult, kids tends to prefer christmas )

    20. AnEnemy 4 days ago

      Percival will get restocked on the webstore in significant numbers someday. At least that's what I told myself when I sold mine.

    21. VaultAge 4 days ago

      actually the percival pinup is included in the higher tier pledges

    22. Laurent 4 days ago

      Oh, i did not scroll enough to see the 2500$ pledge :-)

    23. Chinh Tran 4 days ago

      Percival is included in the Percival's Lantern pledge, but nowhere else. I think the confusion may have arisen because there is a pinup version of Percival included at other levels.

    24. portcullis 4 days ago

      @Laurent That‘s what I thought. I was just having a discussion with my group and the subject came up. The speculation was exacerbated by the fact she‘s listed in the contents of the pledge calculator on the campaign page, but only the $2500 pledge lists her officially.

    25. Laurent 4 days ago

      @portcullis: Percival is not included in any pledge level as far as I know: she's not part of the previous KS, and she is not part of the new content of this KS. Don't listen to the whispers

    26. portcullis 5 days ago

      I've heard a whisper that Percival is included in a couple of the higher value pledges - not just the $2500 pledge. Can somebody confirm?

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel V.
      5 days ago

      Not sure if I'm just lucky this time around, but I made three orders from the store during the last sale, and I've already received the wave 2 expansions and have shipping labels created for both of my miniatures orders (not doubling up on anything, I just rushed through an order of Grand Mother because it was about to sell out, then went back and got the rest. Two shipping costs is nothing compared to scalper markups). Maybe Poots & Co. are getting faster with the store shipping?

    28. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson
      5 days ago

      I think it's time for another update. Don't you?

    29. Dennis Werfl
      5 days ago

      I made a huntevent to add the Nightmare Brest Pump (Wet Nurse Pinup promo) to your campaign.
      Plan on doing the same for the other promo items in the next days.

    30. sharnofshaed 6 days ago

      @Matthew Finn

      The constellation cards are all black on one side with a single word (the name of the constellation) on one side, and rules text on the other.

      This is them:

    31. Missing avatar

      Matthew Finn 6 days ago

      I am playing through the people of the stars campaign and i dont seem to have any constellation cards? Any ideas what backs these have as i might have shuffled them into another deck?

    32. Missing avatar

      Philip 6 days ago

      I backed Folded Space's last KS and was pleased with not only assembly, but product. So I did back this too for other games but also for KDM. I've already created some token holding capabilities, but I'm more interested in the card storage. I do like the idea mentioned by Sunbeam, but I don't see that happening for me, so I'll take this option for now. I've had my game on my table since November, but eventually it will need to be put away and the current insert will not allow that with the board on top, so unless I'm getting card cases for each monster, this will do. I hope whatever you guys and the KDM community gives them for feedback, they follow, so we can get a functional insert.

    33. \[T]/ SOLAIRE \[T]/ 6 days ago

      @william Yes! that was one thing that annoyed me too with the folded space insert, that there were a multitude of smaller trays for the top layer. If they could make it to just a few larger trays it would be sooooo much better.

    34. William R
      6 days ago

      I backed Folded Space last KS for Gloomhaven and it made organization and set up significantly faster. I like that it is cheaper than other inserts and the foam is lighter. I like the bottom setup of the Folded Space KDM. The upper layer I provided feedback that having to move over a dozen smaller trays to get to the cards could become quite annoying. I would prefer larger trays to fit expansion terrain like a flower knight and who knows what is coming in new expansions. They are looking at tweaks I think before KS ends. You can also buy the basic and they sell extra sheets where you can fill in a few spaces with your own setup.

    35. sunbeam dust 6 days ago

      I think the best solution is a modular portable case specific for each monster, with space (in foam) for the miniature and the eventual terrain and or cards! (so you can store and transport easily each monster)

    36. \[T]/ SOLAIRE \[T]/ 6 days ago

      The thing is I don´t really need the KDM+ insert, since I only have 3 old expansions (and will never buy more old expansions since they don´t interest me) but i´m planning for the new expansions which I have ordered 5. it still is a lot of unused space in the insert. I guess what I need is an insert that can be customized for less expansions and fit the tokens and terrain in the bottom layer, not the top layer. I have tried making my own with foamcore, but it just looks amateurish and not fitting the quality of the rest of the game. I´ll keep following the folded space KS and decide the last day if I want it, but the ideal would be if the gamblers chest will come with some sort of insert for cards, or that the abyssal woods will have its own nice box with an insert.

    37. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Leak 7 days ago

      I backed the folded space KS I am a sucker for inserts anything to make game organisation easier is an insta buy for me. How much would you usually pay for an insert? Last one I bought was for Dead Of Winter that I spent 20 on

    38. \[T]/ SOLAIRE \[T]/ 7 days ago

      So, thoughts on the Folded Space KDM insert? I´m considering backing their current KS for the KDM and KDM+ inserts. But £50 for a insert is a little bit much..

    39. Alexander Kügler
      on June 11

      @ Jeep ebyam ew nac nommus DROL STOOP siht ayw. Ew dluohs yrt ti.
      (desrever yelims)

    40. Alexander Kügler
      on June 11

      @ Laurent ouch hack City as only Card does really hurt. But infinite kick only left............. infinite...........

    41. jeep on June 11

      @rednaxela relgük ouy'er emoclew. Edam em kniht kcab tuoba dlo scimoc dna ffuts. Ew dluohs od na noitide fo Modgnik Htaed yleritne ni siht yaw. Neht ti dluow eb ytinasni revo enin dansuoht !!

    42. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on June 11

      WRT Updates - yes, it'd be nice if Adam updated on the closure/completion of Wave 2. It'd also be nice if he had something to share about Wave 3.

      OTOH, based on the 1st KS, he's probably waiting until closer to GenCon for his next big reveal. And, if history is any guide, that reveal will be awesome.

    43. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on June 11

      @Skye - sorry to hear that. :(

      @Coralline - I was lucky to get most of the SDEL refund I was due; can't believe they're making people wait 6 months now.

    44. Laurent on June 11

      @Alexandre: my last fight against the butcher, we get him down to 1 AI card easily. Our tank had the primary target thing that could not be removed because of a mood. Good. The last AI card that was left was hack city...
      Eventually, we managed to get him down, but he took our two best survivors with him. They survived in total to about 5 hack city attacks... (the tank had eva 3 and my friend had lucky rolls)

    45. Alexander Kügler
      on June 11

      I guess i should accept that it is my bad luck. When i fought a phoenix first round Deja Vu (guess what happened)
      First time i fought the kings man someone knocked down + Coup de Grace

      This game can be sooooooo BRUTAL. All praise Lord Poots!

    46. Alexander Kügler
      on June 11

      Next time i will bring two sets of bandages lol

    47. Alexander Kügler
      on June 11

      This game is a Living Thing:

      Just fought the Butcher (Level 1) again, thats what happened:
      First Round 4 AI Cards done. Yeah!
      Second Round normal Encounter 2 more AI some wounds.
      Third Round the guy with the bandages (second time thats Happening to me in a row)
      - got bitten 2 hits rolled a 3 dead
      5th round somone bleeded out
      6th round Hack City stopped rolling after the 15th hit and accepted the death of the survivor
      8th round last character bleeded out with butcher having only his Standard attack left

      - you got butchered-

      I wondered. What is the maximum number of hits on "Hack City" that someone rolled here?

    48. nuke_morningstar on June 11

      @sunbeam dust: Hmmm. We can only guess but I don't see that happening, except if they are not converted to plastic for a future KD game, after Poots is done with 'Monster', perhaps.

    49. Laurent on June 11

      Thank you Dennis!

    50. Dennis Werfl
      on June 11

      Usually I just let them start with the pump and one of the promo lanterns for each of the survivors tbh. But I could see adding it via a random hunt event, just finished my first standard campaign so now modding is okay :). Just print a card and add it to a sleeved standard roll random hunt event card and remove it after you gained it.
      Oh and there is a gem in the DungBeetleKnight expansion that can be helpful too I guess, although its hard to get.

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