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A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
A cooperative nightmare horror game experience. Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign.
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    1. Crimsonsun just now

      I'm not bothered about the sale what I want to know is when the update Poots said he was putting up. The sale has issues with the pallets going to florida but that doesn't effect the update, I wouldn't be as bothered and would assume its a wait for BF but he said it would be just before or after gen con which was 2 weeks ago now...

    2. Missing avatar

      Tyler Gawle about 9 hours ago

      If I were to guess I'd say the sale was going to begin closer to labor day weekend based on their tendency to happen near holidays.

    3. sharnofshaed about 9 hours ago

      Only 2 of the last 13 sales have been on a Saturday (April and May of last year). Sales around that time tended to be late in the week, but shifted to early in the week at the start of this year. A Saturday update seems unlikely.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sannixx about 13 hours ago

      Yes, although they're not as common

    5. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th about 13 hours ago

      we've had updates on a sat right?

    6. Tias - RTF dream lives on about 16 hours ago

      how classic, a rick roll link

    7. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th about 17 hours ago

      I like it, Nice a new Disorder!

    8. Jon about 18 hours ago

      Spoilers for the store sale found here

    9. Alexander Kügler
      about 19 hours ago

      I dont doubt that there are ppl doing this. There are much People that get very frustrated by the scalpers. As a completionist i am frustrated too when i do not get everything game relevant. But i can still live with that and i do not have the time myself or other Family members or Friends that watch such a f... sale site the whole day for me. But yes i believe that there are People out there that are crazy enough or desperate enough to do that.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th about 19 hours ago

      I mean I hope not...but I've seen and heard of weirder things. I'm using hyperbole to prove a point, but yeah, remember what Poots said in that BBG post, who knows what crazy demands he is getting from people. Also, I know that people on the web like to just type, but maybe some aren't, never doubt the passion of devoted fans...I mean look at people who camp out for Iphones...
      (Helicopters is a joke on gender pronouns :P look it up some people want to called by odd things...including worm.(heard so from a professor friend. ) )

    11. André Silveira about 20 hours ago

      I'm understand what you mean @Rykian, but I'm with @Joe on this one. People say a lot of stuff. They often don't do half of it. More so on the internet.

    12. Alexander Kügler
      about 21 hours ago

      I knew some ppl in the past that would have done that...............

    13. Joe Martineau
      about 22 hours ago

      @Rykian: I think we have very different homes (helicopters?), but mostly I think people exaggerate when they say they're just sitting there hitting F5. Surely you don't think they are literally just sitting in their chair refreshing every 30 seconds, doing nothing else at all, interacting with no one.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th about 23 hours ago

      woah @joe clearly missing the point Poots and others like myself are trying to bring forth. Im not sure you have kids, buts lets assume in our scenario there's 2 fathers, mother and a father, 2 mothers, 2 appachie helicopters living together. They both love KDM in our scenario they have kids umm maybe young kids? 5-12 years olds? and lets say these two parents are not paying the attention these kids deserve simply because the parents are spamming f5. That's what I think Poots and us are referring to by the go spend time with family or its sad that they aren't. Now sadly for some of us, our significant others like KDM but they aren't enthralled by it so, im sure they can stand the one or 2 days of essentially living like a hermit spamming f5 but 8 days of a person ignoring for a sale might be considered sad. Now you mention, "allow each other time to pursue their individual interests" but what if there isn't any time for anything else? That is the sad part.
      But maybe some people live another life and doing that kind of stuff is some families its perfectly normal to not eat together and if they do they do so with their electronics in hand. All in all if you live in a family that makes spamming f5 at the shop an activity then great! Or if you live in one that people are kinda like roommates cool too, but if you don't and other members of your family are being neglected cuz of a sale then maybe you shouldn't for the sake of the family...not to mention the anger of spending a long night frustrated that no sale or update happen might make create a perfect recipe for arguments and getting heated.

    15. Joe Martineau
      about 24 hours ago

      @Rykian: Or, perhaps, the partner is also interested in KDM. Or perhaps not and that family simply allows each other time to pursue their individual interests as they wish? Not really sure what's sad about any of that.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th 1 day ago not sure what's saddest...that a partner would be spending time away from the family of that the family allowed it. At the end of the day that significant other has to comeback to sleep and well after a few not sure how much more the f5s are gonna keep.

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel V.
      1 day ago

      It’s sad to hear people (on twitter) say that they are missing family events because they are literally sitting at their desk F5ing. For everyone sale watching, here is a method that will help you catch the front end of the sale: First, create a new email address, preferably on a different service than your primary email addresses. Next, on a computer with a Chrome browser, download Distill web monitoring extension. Set it to check the KD:M store page once every few minutes (I use five minute intervals, and two minutes if something makes me think the sale is imminent). Set Distill to email you at the new address you just created anytime there is a change to the store page. Now, download the app for your new email address to your phone and set your phone to make a ton of noise anytime you receive an email on that app. Because you created this email address just for KD:M monitoring, it should only go off when there is a change to the store page. Instant free store monitoring that you can take anywhere! Note that you must leave a chrome browser open and running on your computer for Distill to work (you can pay for cloud based monitoring if you want). Now you are free to go about your normal business, so long as your phone is always nearby. I have gotten every item I wanted from the store since I started using this method, and I don’t stress about when a sale might begin. Of course you can substitute a different browser and web monitoring program (there are many) but the programs I use are free and have always worked for me.

    18. Css 1 day ago

      Ks update is probably planned for the same time as the sale, which is probably not happening today.

    19. warpkun
      1 day ago

      @Joe lol! What also could have happened is he sold more than expected and is waiting for stock 2 come in!

    20. Laurent 1 day ago

      Shop update is one thing... ks update is another...

    21. Laurent 1 day ago

      Alexander: i have the same issue... haven't found out the solution yet other than to not use edge

    22. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th 1 day ago

      My understanding is basically...x happened sooo stop harassing it'll be rdy when rdy. The spend time with family stuff might be cuz ppl keep saying that they are sitting for hours refreshing the shop.

    23. Alexander Kügler
      1 day ago

      Jup sounds like earliest next week

    24. Joe Martineau
      1 day ago

      @Nuke: I think it's safe to say that it will not happen tonight, since Adam told Random Twitter User to go spend time with his family instead of wait for the sale.

      Tomorrow? I think all bets are off.

    25. nuke_morningstar 1 day ago

      I still didn't understand if the sale could happen today or tomorrow...

    26. Missing avatar

      Mary Post
      1 day ago

      Yea but does it make sense for KDM stuff to be shipped to a location other KDM things aren’t already being shipped and then get lost? Let alone be recoverable?

    27. Strokumvt 1 day ago

      Pretty sure they were accidentally sent to Florida and not the office....hence them not being ready. That’s the way I read it at least.

    28. Missing avatar

      Mary Post
      1 day ago

      Was one of the fulfillment centers in Florida?

    29. Missing avatar

      Mary Post
      1 day ago

      And then I think to myself, pallets in Florida? Why would they be sending pallets to Florida?

      .... thoughts?

    30. Joe Martineau
      1 day ago

      That's a frustratingly vague update.

      I guess it means I don't have to worry about it today, but will have to go into vigilance mode tomorrow.

    31. BukharaJohnson 1 day ago

      @alexander kugler:
      As far as I can tell, there’s just no evidence of what’s happening beyond the updating of the page. To me, it feels almost like an urban legend. If he’s doing that - great. If he is - better still if he mentioned it!

    32. Brian 1 day ago

      Updates on twitter:

      The sale will be posted when we are ready.
      I thank you for your excitement. Please spend time with your family and shop responsibly. (Truth be told, 2 pallets ended up in FL instead of our office... Pushing everything back as we traced and recovered them. Hence why I say "ready".)

    33. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th 1 day ago

      While Ive been mentioning that family stuff for a while. But 4 hunts seems rather limiting. Lets say you take ppls in their prime it would take more than 4 or 5 years for them to be a liability...also...logically looking at actual hunting societies you never send 4 greenhorns out no matter how much training they have, you need an experienced hunter for the just in case.

    34. Alexander Kügler
      1 day ago

      And does someone know how i get my Windows 10 to not capitalize some words automatically for me? Is that a Microsoft Edge issue? (That starts to get on my nerves)

    35. Alexander Kügler
      1 day ago

      I just suggest so because all expansions where been taking from the store and after that was done Poots started to help People that still Need to get their missing expansions and stuff.
      What would you think when Poots is doing such things?

      (And yes Maybe *other* stuff than the old missing expansions get be put on and sold before, who knows. But i think that the Things will hit the Homepage at once, after most Problems are solved. That would make more sense.)

    36. Tyler 1 day ago

      @Daniel V That is going to be a tricky balancing act but it sounds good to me. I am yet to actually get a weapon mastery as most die before they are close and the ones who do get close to mastering their weapon often die because they have the most hunt exp etc

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel V.
      1 day ago

      Based on comments made during GenCon interviews, Poots seems to want to shorten each survivor's lifespan (he mentions only allowing five hunts before retirement), but make it easier to pass on attributes and proficiencies to children. This is consistent with what seems to be his overall intent to make KD:M a settlement-centric game and to prevent players from becoming too attached to any one survivor. The prototype rule introduced in 'Til Death seems like a first step in just that direction, making successive generations stronger but also limiting the ability of any one survivor to contribute overly much to the settlement population. I would expect to see this rule or a variation of it included in Advanced KD:M, although not necessarily packaged with the 'Til Death mini.

    38. BukharaJohnson 1 day ago

      @alexander Kuegler
      As far as I can tell, there’s no statement addressing anything about dealing with wave 2 problems first before a sale of any sort. There’s certainly nothing in the last update to suggest as much, so I’m not sure where this notion comes from?

    39. Brian 1 day ago

      Someday Death do us part will be final then plastic with non prototype rules :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th 2 days ago

      But I mean I don't see death do us part changing much...

    41. Mike Norris 2 days ago

      @Daniel - Thank you very much!

    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel V.
      2 days ago

      @Mike Norris: other than Echoes, the only new items at GenCon were Death High White Speaker and a new Sci-Fi something. Neither has game content.

    43. Mike Norris 2 days ago

      Death do us part was Valentine's day though. Was the sci-fi knoliggt available before? It sounds familiar.

    44. Brian 2 days ago

      Death do us part has PROTOTYPE content. And the figures are resin, not plastic. .... and photoresin turns some people off. Need to be aware.

    45. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th 2 days ago

      @mike aside from the other things that could be coming like the sifi flower knight I don't think there's much. Death do us part has content.

    46. Missing avatar

      Rykian19th 2 days ago

      @Brian for sure, I don't mean the Pin ups as those in my what pays the bills :P I mean the others. for example, I have the Silence set and they seem really nice, like a mix between the people of the sun and some knight stuff. I just would like to play with some minis, like the Last bard which looks and could be very interesting to play against as a nemesis boss.

    47. Mike Norris 2 days ago

      Sorry for the typos. Typing with my right hand on a tablet isn't easy since I jacked up my left shoulder. :(

    48. Mike Norris 2 days ago

      Just do I am clear, besides Echoes of Death, what other gencon items had game card promos that we haven't seen yet, or aren't getting in one of the waves? And is Echoes of Death the white box bring mentioned?

      Last Black Friday I bought a promo I already had. I want to be prepared this time.

    49. nuke_morningstar 2 days ago

      My F5 key stopped responding today. Still no sale... :(

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