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$25,025 pledged of $325,000 goal
By Elastic Games
$25,025 pledged of $325,000 goal

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Hey Guys,

Thank you so much for the incredible response to the game. We're shutting down the kickstarter account but this is by no means the end of Police Warfare. News will be coming. 


What about Consoles?

Greetings Police Warfare fans!

James Wearing here. It's quite early in the morning and I'm still enjoying my breakfast burrito but I wanted to start by saying THANK YOU for your amazing support these first opening days. It's been incredibly busy for us with emails, questions and interviews but we're just getting started. In the first 6 days we've managed to raise an impressive twenty-thousand dollars and we're still climbing! If you haven't had a chance to read the Joystiq exclusive article here's a look at the Bank Robber team Assault and Sniper Classes. More new character reveals soon!

Distribution Method:

The digital edition the game is planned for release via STEAM. You will also be able to download the game directly from the police warfare website. All that is required is to install our state of the art piracy detection software that lives inside your computer. Just kidding!!! You will have access to download the game from the police warfare website as many times as you like, DRM-Free!! 

Consoles / Linux / Mac

This is something we've received a lot of questions about. As of now our focus is the PC version of the game BUT if we exceed our fundraising goals we are putting every cent back into the development of this game. That means if we receive the neccesary funds to hire additional platform engineers and leads to bring the game to linux or mac for only 10 users we will. That's not to say there's only 10 linux and mac users out there (since we've recieved many more requests than that!), the point I am making is that our goal is to make an amazing game and put it in as many players hands as possible. 

A console release is a VERY important goal for us. We aren't just talking about a quick port either, but instead a finely tuned and tweaked experience built especially for the console. If you want to help bring the game to Xbox 360 and PS3 we are asking your help by supporting and pledging this PC release because by helping make the game for PC you are in fact helping open the doors for future development and expansion onto your system of choice. If we exceed the funding goals and are able to expand onto 360 and PS3 we'll offer the console version for free to EVERYONE who pledged their support for the PC version. We REALLY want to bring this game console and we need YOUR help to make it happen.

Unlockable Secret Class:

Many of you have also asked if this class will have a game balance advantage over other players. The answer is no. To offer players a "pay to win" model that introduces a game balancing advantage would not be fair to the rest of the player base and we're definintely not trying to do that. The secret class is a visually distinctive and badass character and weapon kit with a unique sound signature, however, there won't be a gameplay advantage over other players. 

Technology Roadmap:

We've also received a lot of questions about our engine and technology. We will have more information on this soon but what we can say right now is we're using one of the leading commercial engines. Regarding the future console development I mentioned earlier, an important techno factor for us is the ability to build the game on an architecture and pipeline that supports fast platform expansion. This is key for us because like I said we want this game to live on more than just the PC.

We have 30 days to continue fundraising for this project. There's still a ways to go but it's definitely possible. We're super excited and have goodies which we'll be sharing with you in the next 30 days. Buckle up, it's going to be a crazy ride!!