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Develop your inner strength in a tactical choice-driven RPG inspired by Caledonia, featuring Doug Cockle, the voice of the Witcher.
Develop your inner strength in a tactical choice-driven RPG inspired by Caledonia, featuring Doug Cockle, the voice of the Witcher.
Develop your inner strength in a tactical choice-driven RPG inspired by Caledonia, featuring Doug Cockle, the voice of the Witcher.
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1,435 backers pledged $65,000 to help bring this project to life.

95% Funded + New In-Game Rewards: Ancient Blood and Golden Eagle Companion + Three Ringtones by Doug Cockle


Hello everyone!

We’ve just hit 95%! This is amazing, thank you all! It's an exciting time for us: after 4 weeks of campaigning as a small team, it’s electrifying to finally have the goal in sight.

As a sign of thanks, we’ve decided to add new attractive rewards to most of the tiers. The rewards are added to the tiers automatically and you don't have to do anything to get them if you have already pledges for the tier.

The first reward we add to all tiers with the digital version of Sacred Fire is the in-game Renown Trait Ancient Blood, as you, our backers, are the lifeblood and the first to inhabit the world of Sacred Fire.

Next reward is the backer exclusive in-game Golden Eagle Companion.

And if you like the voice in our 2 trailers, you’ll surely enjoy a ringtone, alarm tone and text message tone narrated by Doug Cockle.

Here are more details about these new rewards.

1. In-game Renown Trait Ancient Blood

Added to Sparkbearer ($18/$20) and all higher tiers.

This exclusive Renown Trait available only to our backers makes your character one of the few living descendants of an ancient bloodline, believed to be the first men who settled Caledonia and gave birth to its culture and legends.

People will remember and talk about you more (+5% renown) and most will treat you with increased respect (+1 respect). Growing up surrounded with the rich oral tradition improves your skills (+1 Elder skills).


2. In-game Golden Eagle Companion

Added to Fearless Sparkbearer ($27/$30) and all higher tiers.

We’re excited to reveal the backer exclusive in-game Golden Eagle Companion. How will it impact the gameplay? Everything you do is more memorable (+10% renown), and you look more imposing (+1 appearance). The eagle also vastly improves your hunting skills (+50% hunting). Hunting skills also help with spotting traps and ambushes.

There is an emotional bond and loyalty dynamic between your character and the animal companion. No doubt this will make your Sacred Fire experience even more enjoyable.


3. “You may be done with the world, but the world is not done with you. Time to gear up and dive once more into the fray.” How about getting up to the sound of this?

Added to Firestarter ($36/$40) and all higher tiers.

We’re bringing this great alarm tone which will make you leap from your bed in no time. And that’s not all. “A new mission brief is in” is the text message tone for you. Or use “The world needs you. The choice is yours. Will you answer the call?” as your ringtone. All narrated by Doug Cockle, the voice of The Witcher and a winner of the Golden Joystick Award.


How do you like these new rewards?

The final push to make Sacred Fire better

Every $5,000 beyond the base goal will unlock the stretch goal content - extended character customization, inner voice for your player character or partial voice-over for the main characters.

Furthermore the bigger success the campaign is, the easier it is for us to attract talent and partners. This will free my time to make the core experience better, with more time to polish, balance and add choices and replay value.

The sooner we hit the goal, the better the chances, so please spread the news.

Thank you for your support,

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    1. Missing avatar

      Edhel on

      @Poetic I am just glad to return some of the joy the game already brings:)
      I will be completely happy with the eagle, it is not necesary to spoil us (the gamers) too much. I can imagine that adding whole companion system might tip the game (in its current state) of ballance and would definitely mean redoing some parts. Also the animal companions are easier to justify for fantasy worlds, in the "history" game it might been a bit weird if there was a character followed everywhere by a bear:) However, as a frequent player of ranger, I would be excited if I could have my own... let's say... Fox:) (I wonder what animals might be possible in ancient caledoina.)

    2. Poetic Creator on

      @Heartsib Thank you :) We are getting close!

    3. Poetic Creator on

      @Edhel Thank you, you made my day. You are welcome, I'm glad you like the idea.

      Regarding the traits: yes, all the backer exclusive traits (Renown, Appearance, Personality, Bring a Friend Initiative) will be on top of the standard number of chose traits.

      For now the Golden Eagle companion is the only animal companion. We were not sure how people would respond to that idea and we do not want to over-promise. If more people like the idea, we are open to consider it as a stretch goal.

      Please let us know what you think.

    4. Heartsib

      Ah, dammit... I'm a sucker for pets. Fine, I'll up my pledge. ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Edhel on

      Aaaah, bird, watchout, it will peck your eyes out! We have got ourseves a pet, nice, thank you:)
      I have a question about all the traits. I am guessing there will be many personality and appearance traits to chose from. How will the traits from let's say Firestarter pledge work, will there just be more options to chose from (but the same number of slots) for us or will we get them on top of the normal nuber of chosen traits?
      Also, will the Eagle be the only companion (for player character) or will there be more to chose (non exclusive)? I don't remember any mention about companions before so this made me curious.

    6. Poetic Creator on

      @Falkon Swiftblade Thank you for letting us know, we are glad you like it!

      Thank you for the balancing feedback. It's the 10% renown that presents the biggest advantage :)

      Yes, it's a very exciting time. Thank you for your support.

    7. Falkon Swiftblade on

      Wow that's quite the reward!!! I do think your generosity is a little too much with the hunter skill. Maybe 20% would be better balanced, but it's your game and you can make it like you want to. �� I'm very excited for you and your team. As of this writing, you need about $3k with 3 day's to go!