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Develop your inner strength in a tactical choice-driven RPG inspired by Caledonia, featuring Doug Cockle, the voice of the Witcher.
Develop your inner strength in a tactical choice-driven RPG inspired by Caledonia, featuring Doug Cockle, the voice of the Witcher.
Develop your inner strength in a tactical choice-driven RPG inspired by Caledonia, featuring Doug Cockle, the voice of the Witcher.
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60% funded! Stretch goals reveal


Thank you for an amazing response to our previous update and for providing detailed feedback to the three proposed stretch goals.

It helped us to realize not only the importance of each stretch goal, but also the specifics of what will make Sacred Fire better. There were two strong preferences asking for more voiceover and more character customization. We thought things through and hopefully found a way how to make both sides happy.

So based on what you expressed here on Kickstarter, on various gaming and RPG forums and on Twitter, let me present you the three stretch goals for Sacred Fire:

One of Sacred Fire’s strengths is its unique visual style and focus on character creation. It’s the deepest and most thought out design aspect of Sacred Fire, as it allows you to develop your own playstyle and create your own hero. So our first stretch goal expands this fundamental part of the game and gives you even more self-expression options with focus on variety of:

  • colors, outfits and hairstyles,
  • faces, scars and paint patterns,
  • jewelry and more awesome beards.

The design of Sacred Fire is oriented inwards, exploring the motives, emotions and conflicts of the protagonist. In key story choices, you lead an inner monologue detailing your thoughts and motives, why you made a choice and how you process the consequences.

To support this design, this stretch goals adds narration of inner dilemmas to immerse you deeper into your role. What’s interesting, we have some of the most distinct voices in gaming showing early interest in joining the Sacred Fire team (on our indie budget!), as the male and female voice of your character.

Based on your suggestions, we realized things don’t have to be black and white. While we can’t promise full voice-over for our varied cast, we can use it in character defining moments to make your favorite Sacred Fire characters come alive and immerse you deeper into the story. This stretch goal ads partial voice-over for the 10 main story characters: the 8 potential allies and the 2 powerful villains.

We hope we will be able to add localization stretch goals later in the campaign to bring Sacred Fire to more players in their native language. We will factor in the count of backers from different countries into our selection of languages. We are also exploring the fan based localization option as a few translators have reached out to us.

Help us spread the fire on Reddit

We are working hard to attract more and more backers to reach these great stretch goals, and you can help too. One of the best ways is to spread the fire on Reddit at /r/gaming/ or your favorite gaming reddit. Reddit has rules against self-promotion, so we’re turning to you, our backers to help us go where we cannot.

We have prepared gameplay gifs for you to post on Reddit. People want to have fun, so let's not sell them Sacred Fire, but entertain them with the idea that smashing an axe in political debates is fun.

Have fun smashing an axe in political debates in Sacred Fire
Have fun smashing an axe in political debates in Sacred Fire

Of course, we invite you to pick one of the gifs and make it your own, with your own commentary.

Check out Pine on Kickstarter

We’ve noticed Pine a few months ago on Square Enix Collective and were intrigued as Pine is one of the few games that does something new.

While Pine is not an RPG in the strict sense of the word, their innovative design where characters and whole ecosystems react to your actions, enables you to play a role and make choices that have some very far reaching consequences.

It’s an action adventure game in which a game ecology adapts to whatever you do. It means that the way you explore the island and interact with its inhabitants, defines how the world will change, evolve and adapt. Go ahead and check out Pine’s Kickstarter page and help them to finish the game.

Thank you for your support,

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    1. Poetic Creator on

      A few of you contacted us to ask how to share the videos as .gifs, so here is a quick how to:

      In the imgur album:

      1) pick a video, right click ans select 'Copy Video Location', e.g. first video copies this link into your clipboard:

      2) manually change the ending of the link to .gif:

      It should work, it's a link to a gif. You can download it, add to Facebook, share etc.

      We'll hit 80% and be 1,000 backers strong soon.

      Thank you for spreading the fire!

    2. Poetic Creator on

      Based on feedback from our backers, here are a few tips how to post the short videos on reddit:

      Select a 'Submit a new link' and into the url field enter the video link (on imgur right-click the video and select copy video address) and add a short fun description in the title, for example "Slow-mo sword & sandal combat with awesome beards [Sacred Fire]".

      Thank you for spreading the word.

    3. Poetic Creator on

      @Aleonymous Thank you for your feedback. I understand your point, but our goal is to build the best possible base game.

      Once you have a great game, then there are many ways how to bring that game to new audiences - from fan translation (common in the audiences you mention) to indie publishers providing localization and porting services.

    4. Aleonymous on

      Strange that localization didn't make into the first three SGs. I think it would have brought more *new* backers in, whereas it seems like these SGs were formed by the people that had already backed. Touching some audiences that are notorious for playing localized games (Russian, France, Spain) might have given a push. Anyways, good luck in these final days, Poetic!

    5. Poetic Creator on

      @Nakano Thank you for your feedback, I am happy you like our stretch goals solution. The partial voice-over option was a community idea we liked very much.

      The campaign progress is great, even better than expected.

      The first 4 and the last 4 days, based on data from thousands of campaign amount to 90% of raised money. The slow middle stretch amounts just for 10%.

      We are already at $31,000, but what's more important we are 870 strong. This is a tremendous potential. If someone told me before the campaign, this is what will happen with more than 10 days to go, I would have said, I wish it was true. Statistically speaking we have like a 99% chance of success. We have faced much worse odds before getting to Kickstarter. And you will face much worse odds in-game in Sacred Fire!

      Of course we are not leaving things to chance. We have shout outs lined up, we are preparing detailed updates and perks how to make rewards even more attractive.

      And I am trusting you, our backers, to help us make this happen and that in a couple of days, full production on the final stretch of the game will begin.

    6. Nakano

      @Poetic Yes I think stretchgoals are well thought and order is fine. Especially liking the partial voice-over option. I do doubt we reach goals this time around even though they are not too far from each other, but if the campaign does not fund this time, I think we have a great chance next time. In that case, you could consider if able to create a small demo scenario to convince potential backers.

    7. Poetic Creator on

      Thank you for reading our update. Please let me know what you think about our three stretch goals.