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Stick Podo anywhere to capture any moment and any angle, with full wireless control.
Stick Podo anywhere to capture any moment and any angle, with full wireless control.
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    1. Kai Chinn on

      @Podo Labs~
      That's great news and looking forward to it with glee!!! :D

    2. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @Elayne - We haven't tried a magnifying glass but I was able to resolve small toys that were less than 6 inches away; the wide angle helps. We'll try it soon!

    3. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @Elayne -

    4. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @Angelica - Please see prior updates!
      @Kai Chinn - We will in updates throughout; right now we only have 2 prototypes that capture decent photos (we have more than that without lenses though, to test the connection), we expect a dozen or so in around two weeks.

    5. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @All - Thank you! And yes colors and contrast, things like that can be edited no problem. Sharpness, getting enough light data in the picture, these are things much harder to "fix" with software. We are continuously tuning the final results, these are very very raw!

    6. Missing avatar

      frank on

      The gen2 is sharper, but i like the light better in gen1......

    7. Kai Chinn on

      Looks like fun!

      Hey, could you show us an example of a 6 camera (or 3 or more) circular shoot around you and how you would use it?

      I am happy and excited for your success in Podo V2!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Angelica Cortina on

      Hi Guys I really admire you're creation!:) btw how do I add the additional strap waterproof case and stand

    9. Missing avatar

      Juliet W on

      @Jason, the camera on Gen 2 takes sharper photos. Once Podo adjusts the the saturation, white balance and corrects the lens distortion it's going to look amazing. I think its pretty impressive for a prototype!

    10. Jason Ely on

      am I the only one that thinks most of the Gen 1 pictures look better?

    11. Missing avatar

      Fidel on

      an idea for the light, you could set up half of the light with white led and the other half of irled. and you can configure to to use one or the other. that way for night photos you can choose which type of light you want

    12. Missing avatar

      Elayne Bouffler on

      Thank you for the tremendous effort you are putting into keeping us informed – we all appreciate it.

      Would it be possible for you to take a couple of photos showing how close you can get to achieve good focus? (I'm the one who would like to experiment with putting some sort of magnifying lens in front of the camera, with a views to trying to get faux macro photos. )

      Also, is there any chance of a brief video? Is there a limit to the length of videos? My current Narrative camera (for which support is being with drawn on 31st October) maxes out at 30 seconds.

    13. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @Rasto Kirn - We don't have it in the app yet; now that we've hit the stretch goal we will add it in time though. These pictures are 100% non-edited in any way.

    14. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @Germaine Cheong - Thanks for the tip! I'll pass that along.

    15. Rasto Kirn on

      Hello! Haven't you told us that barrel distortion is eliminated?

    16. Germaine Cheong

      Hi podo! Great sample pictures! However, I would like to suggest to adjust the white balance as the skin looks a little green.