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Stick Podo anywhere to capture any moment and any angle, with full wireless control.
Stick Podo anywhere to capture any moment and any angle, with full wireless control.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Haley Woods on

      Re Ovarian Cancer Charities - this is one of the biggest.
      Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

    2. Missing avatar

      Haley Woods on

      Also how much gear can fit in the hard shell?
      As mentioned before, I got the 6 pack. I've also paid extra to get a few cases / waterproof cases.
      Oh and if we purchase more than one waterproof case and you get past the $800k (which you totally will) - will each waterproof case get the attachment add-ons?

    3. Missing avatar

      Haley Woods on

      Very excited - first saw about these thru Alyssa Ramos' IG!
      I've bought a 6pack and after getting your referral program reminder email - I've posted this campaign within my travel group: girls LOVE travel (which has over 111,000 members)
      I know some have already said they have used my referral link to purchase.
      How do I see that data to make they all went thru?

    4. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @Catherine Maguire - We'll do it, just wondering if you had one in mind :) thank you!

    5. Catherine Maguire

      @Podo: thanks so much for your kind offer. I'm in Australia, so I'm not well versed with the US charities. Am happy to research if you'd like?

    6. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @Catherine Maguire - Good suggestion; our choice was purely based on jumping in on this month's theme, but you're right it clearly gets a lot of attention already. We'll be happy to split the contributions down the middle between the two. Do you have a good charity you can recommend?

    7. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @Sciurvilla - The reason it's in this order is honestly the cost involved; it only costs us more developer hours to tweak software, but once complete there is no marginal cost to give it to everyone who wants it.

      Producing and shipping more hardware pieces at no extra cost to you is a larger expense for us. Hence the larger stretch goal. Sorry!

    8. Catherine Maguire

      Two things:
      1. I'd like to see the next two stretch goals switched too please (and I've already bought two Podos and waterproof cases); and
      2. I applaud your donations, but breast cancer research gets a fair bit of money. Is there any chance you'd consider an ovarian cancer charity instead (and yes, I'm personally invested in this)?

    9. Sciurvilla on

      But, honestly, why the stretch goal regarding the stereo mode? How many will buy 2 Podo for this? Why don't ask which stretch to choice between 2 or 3 options? Will be more serious. Or is just a way to push to buy 2 Podos? Don't like this way to do...

    10. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @James Arnold - Let's hit both :)

    11. James Arnold

      Any chance of switching the next two stretch goals? Don't care about the stereo thing but the waterproof housing extra would be great. Will they be available to purchase after the campaign is done? I will hold off on purchasing the waterproof housing otherwise.