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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
16,019 backers pledged $804,268 to help bring this project to life.

August Update


Dear backers!

First of all, we would like to thank you for using your jack and sending us valuable and awesome feedback about the product. We appreciate it gratefully and glad that we were able to fulfill many orders. If you have any Jack feature suggestions we are open for your feedback as well!

Second: If you have any questions, our email support is there for you! Drop a message to describing the issue or simply refer to FAQ

Third: we are aware that some of you have not received Jack yet. We appreciate your patience and advice you to keep an eye on your inbox/mailbox. New batches are still shipping! In fact, several thousand jacks shipping from overseas distribution center starting next week.

Several batches of Jack are still in production and will be finished shortly.

Thank you for supporting our project and do not hesitate to contact us!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike Pitt just now

      It has been well over a year, and several months since this mess of a company announced shipping, and i have yet to see hide nor hair of the product i supposedly helped fund. rest assured, i will never be backing anything by this company again

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeff Osman
      about 1 hour ago

      Haven’t received mine yet either!

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Hull about 12 hours ago

      A year and a half with no product and three months with no update. I guess all that is left to do is report them to Kickstarter (not that I expect any good to come from that either) and go buy something similar somewhere else.

    4. Sylvain Masclin about 24 hours ago

      The same here for me... no sign of these Jacks I ordered...

    5. Missing avatar

      John Fontecchio 1 day ago

      I have not received my Jack as many others have indicated as well. When do you expect to ship to us?

    6. Missing avatar

      快乐若离 1 day ago

      It hasn't been updated for three months. Please let us know what happened, when we can receive the goods, and if we can't deliver the goods, let us know how to refund them. Thank you.

    7. Carol Townsend
      2 days ago

      I still have not received mine.

    8. Nenghai Wu 2 days ago

      Dear sir, I've not received the product!!! Please confirm if i'm still in the waiting line?!! Tks!!!

    9. Travis 3 days ago

      This update was in August and I still have not received mine...

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul 5 days ago

      This was posted on August 15, 2018 on Podo Labs more recent Kickstarter campaign, the same day we got our last update as well . . .

      "The bad news is we have been having issues with production and design for manufacturing that has caused us setbacks. The company as a whole faced significant challenges particularly with other products that are part of our overall business.

      We have had to seek more capital and put in thousands of our own dollars to keep the company going. Still, the campaign has been strongly impacted by these challenges and we are unsure of how extended this delay will be.

      We will work out the issues and issue a final timeline and course of action the following month. If we are unable to work out and negotiate a firm production schedule and timeline by the next month, we guarantee we will return pledges to backers accordingly."

      That campaign saw another update on September 17th, but have also seen silence since then.

      Podo Labs, it's sad to see your company name and products be dragged through the dirt and you do nothing to ease your patrons frustration.

    11. Alex Belton 5 days ago

      It's been 3 months since your last update, any word on a timetable for all Kickstarter orders to be shipped?

    12. Missing avatar

      Garry Hornbuckle

      Still waiting Backer #2,388

    13. Jack Robison on

      Any reason to think that this might get shipped before the holidays?

    14. Jack Robison on

      Any reason to think that this might get shipped before the holidays?

    15. Tim Bajjani on

      Yeah never got mine still - good stuff man.

    16. Jw Siegel on

      Nope. No chance. If you open a ticket, you'll get a response "It shows 'in transit' at this time" - which has been the same status since at least July of 2017. Betcha...

    17. Pia Santos on

      Backer 14,602 here. Any chance of a shipping update? Thanks

    18. Jw Siegel on

      Ironic comment... is ironic... "Lack of comments or updates, or shady answers that ignore tough questions are bad indicators" It's only been, what, almost 3 months since the last official update? - from

    19. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Richards

      I'm disappointed. I had a good experience with my podo. But now I can't say that I'd ever back this company again.

    20. Missing avatar

      David Dickey on

      make that 4938, I made a typo. But it appears you are not typing at all.
      Please let everyone know what is going on.
      I would like my product or a refund.

      David Dickey

    21. Missing avatar

      David Dickey on

      It has been a very long time with no updates.
      I am backer 4392. I have received nothing, no email, no product.
      Please let us know what the heck is going on.

    22. Michael Hammer on

      I ordered two sets of these, they finally arrived after almost 18 months, but one sets is NOT working, who should I contact?
      Cheers, Michael Hammer

    23. Missing avatar

      Greg Joseph Stechman on

      I have yet to receive mine either, I may not have been a massive backer, but we all saw the potential in such a product, at the time. It has taken forever, and I haven't heard anything from these guys in months. I have yet to get anything in my email inbox about a shipment, i even combed through my spam just to be sure. nothing.

    24. Missing avatar

      JR on

      You should probably post another update, since it's going on three months since your last update and some of us are still waiting for this product.

    25. Missing avatar

      Francis Batac on

      You guys suck. This shit is obsolete now.

    26. Neil on

      No email received from them since August. Never received product. Am in U.S.

    27. Missing avatar

      Laird Robertson on

      It's been 2 months since this update and 18 months since the estimated ship date from when this was backed. Where is my item?

    28. Nicole Tighe

      Should I just give up on ever receiving mine? This is ridiculous, Almost NO communication, NO clue as to whether. To expect our items and NON-STOP delays and EXCUSES! I wouldn't expect to many people to back any future Kickstarter projects, definitely NOT from me!

    29. Siddhesh Vichare on

      Haven't received mine yet in the US yet.

    30. Raj Shankar on

      For people requesting for refund, please view the reply from podo labs for my refund request given below: this is my third follow up with them in 3 months.. I don't have any hope anymore.. - Atlanta, GA : backer in 12k

      Hi Raj,

      Thank you so much for patiently waiting. I apologize but we have a no refund policy for the orders. If we allowed them, it would compromise the point of crowdfunding to raise enough funds to send everyone a big batch of Jacks. We are in manufacturing and we’re trying to get them ship out every week by batches as fast as we can.

      Thank you so much for you patience.

      Kind regards,


    31. Missing avatar

      Crystal Stone on

      Still waiting to receive mine.

    32. Rob Merryman on

      Has anyone in the U.S. received their product? This is nuts.

    33. Case on

      Haven't received mine yet... is this actually shipping out ? I might have to report you guys as well at this rate :(

    34. Missing avatar

      Shawn Drummond on

      Still waiting to receive mine. It’s been way too long guys. Give me an update or a refund. Next step is to report you to Kickstarter and
      My credit card company. Same thing is happening with your other project.

    35. David Rosnow on

      I check my mailbox everyday looking for these. Maybe it's time to just give on this and write it off?

    36. Missing avatar

      Matt Laird on

      Any idea when these are coming to the USA...its been a long time?

    37. Jimmy Hsu on

      Just curious if anymore are being shipped out? still haven’t received the 2 I ordered.

    38. RAVENHILL on

      Could I possibly get an update on my mine? Mine was suppose to be a gift a year and a half ago. Email address

    39. Max Sutters on

      Backer number 15,264 - kinda miffed that they don't seem to be going out in any definable order. Any communication to that effect would be extremely helpful.

    40. Missing avatar

      George DeVeau on

      Any updates, another USA backer here that hasn’t received the product...

    41. Missing avatar

      karim on

      any idea when mine will come

    42. Missing avatar

      Denise on

      Backer 11,206 - any updates? Haven’t heard anything for several months.... haven’t received any of the thousands of units that were sent out....

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeff Reber on

      Backer number 14855. Still nothing... no communication... no product... it’s almost November 2018. What is the issue? Are we going to receive any final product? Deliver on your promise or #sinkpodolabs

    44. Alex Tjahjana on

      Backer #10,929. Finally got my Jacks today. Currently charging them, hopefully all works well. I'm glad that I finally got mine.
      I hope that you'll be more open and post meaningful updates next time; if not for this project, then for your next one.

    45. Raymond McCormick on

      Backer #131 still no shipment.

    46. 陳建州 on

      Just received mine,Backer 2,780,but I'm glad to have finally received something,

    47. Luana Wentz Darby on

      Haven't received my shipment either...waiting....

    48. Eric Nix on

      An update would be nice. Backer #5933, zero updates in 2 months, no sense of urgency, feeling duped and sure would like the option to get my money back at this point.

    49. Cody Snowden on

      How do I get a refund for this? Two months with no updates after being 2 years late