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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
16,019 backers pledged $804,268 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you for your patience!

Posted by Podo Labs (Creator)

Dear backers, we would like to sincerely apologize for the silence and say thank you for your patience and support.

We hope everyone is doing great and would like to give you a brief update on Jack. The product is manufacturing (probably this very second as we write) and we are shipping in batches as soon as it comes out. We are shipping now, so please keep a close eye on your mailbox since the package may arrive any day.

If you want to change your shipping address

If you want to change my shipping address Please message us on Kickstarter and we will do our best to change it for you manually if your package has not shipped yet. 

When will my package ship? 

The fulfillment center has all of the delivery addresses and will get through them as quickly as possible based on factors such as color selections, accessories are chosen, region, and other factors. Unfortunately, we cannot put a specific date on exactly when your package will ship. 

When will I receive a tracking number? 

You will receive a tracking email automatically from our partner when your package has shipped.

When will I receive a tracking number?
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jesús Emmanuel on

      Yep. Still nothing.

    2. Missing avatar

      Doug Creger on

      Another update would be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Veronica Merryfield on

      November 12. Nothing received here

    4. stephen andreski

      November 3rd, and still no Jacks here in Upstate NY

    5. Missing avatar

      Bryant Mitchem on

      Hello, No update and no package. Please reply with some kind of update as to when I can expect to see my Jack's

    6. Missing avatar

      James Brown on

      It's been more than a year and no tracking number or product. Is this a scam or what? Tired of waiting!

    7. Missing avatar

      Theresa smith on

      I still have not received my Jack. my email is

    8. Pedro Cardoso on

      After requesting for several times the full refund according to Kickstarter terms of service. I was amazed to find in my mailbox the 2 jacks I’ve ordered.
      To be realistic I wasn’t expecting to get them, but upon arrival they work... although the packaging was sub par. I’ve received better packages from China that cost under 2$.
      Also the product overall quality isn’t impressive, the plastic isn’t great quality and the buttons feel really cheap.

      Overall the good part it’s for me this is project is over, I finally got my items after the worst costumer service that made mi lose faith in kickstarter campaigns

    9. Missing avatar

      Marcel Kappe on

      Again silence, what is going on in reality?????

      Still waiting for my 4 jacks

    10. Missing avatar

      Marcel Kappe on

      Still waiting for my Jacks. I don't understand that we don't get any proper information. I don't understand that Kickstarter allows these guys to open e new project before they have fulfilled their obligations of the previous one. If I look at all the comments below I have to agree that the project is a joke. I still hope that I will get my jacks but it seems that they used the money for .............

    11. Missing avatar

      Tommy Kellogg on

      Have not received jack or tracking number. I would like to know to date how many of these have been shipped? How many are shipping weekly? Does anyone have pictures or videos of an actual finished product or is this just a huge scam?

    12. Missing avatar

      Thibault SERRE on

      This project is a joke.
      This is the reality.

    13. Reyos Blackwood

      At this point "When will my package ship?" feels more like it should be "Will my package ever ship?"

    14. Missing avatar

      Luis Estable on

      So far I haven’t received Jack All, pun intended.

    15. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      Backer 15,389... still haven’t received a thing. Where are the updates? Where are the tracking numbers? We’ve been waiting a year and a half and nothing!

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Brown on

      Since it has been so long of a delay, bi-weekly updates about how many have been shipped should be a minimum. Last update was a month ago. We got the family pack and my kids have written this product off. Like I said no products, need more updates each month.

    17. Missing avatar

      Russell Dumler on

      Another month (or two since this reply) has gone and nothing. This is beyond ridiculous. Basically threw our money down the drain now didn't we? I backed this worthless thing in January of 2017 and have nothing to show for it.

      LOL, it says be respectful and considerate below the comment box. Kind of hard to do that when a company basically steals your money. I paid for a product and I have never received one. All I keep hearing is that my Jack is in the next shipment. Well Jason? I have not seen anything from Podo Labs in my mailbox.

    18. Missing avatar

      David Steinman on

      I chose to support this project because of the history of these guys. I’ve pledged for their other projects. Delivering late is one thing I accept as we are watching the development, trials and tribulations of a new product from concept (this is not a retail store).

      But, what I don’t and won’t accept is the lack of transparency and a regular cadence of communication. I’m sure this product is coming but these guys are not handling this project as they have others. They are ruining their reputation to such an extent that I’m unlikely to support any future project of theirs. Poor. Poor. Poor.

    19. Missing avatar

      John Stottman on

      Are you guys still around? Are you ever gonna fulfill your obligations?

    20. alice lin on

      still waiting for my jacks and stuff too. I'm never doing kickstarter again. This is ridiculous.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andres Villar Vazquez on

      Mine it's 'ready to ship' since 4-6 months ago and still nothing. No tracking number, no shipping, no new info.Very disappointing.

    22. Paul Wee on

      Is my products still coming? Or is this a scam from Kickstarter?
      After so long, I have to believe this project is a scam unless my order is being fulfilled! Where’s my tracking number?

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris Browet on

      I'm decently confident I'll receive the thing one day.
      My biggest gripe is that, in the nearly 2 years since I supported this project, a bazillion of Chinese companies were able to deliver at half the price...…

    24. Wayne Lewis on

      I messaged them privately hoping to get a response. They report they continue to actively manufacture them and have sent out around ~14,000 Jacks total thus far. It sounds like folks continue to receive them -- it's just a trickle.

    25. Missing avatar

      Olivier B. Deland on

      I just got mine today in Quebec, Canada. Never received any tracking number tho. It's charging now.

    26. Antons Fedorenko on

      Yeah, seems that this project just died. Not sure what’s the procedure on KS for this.

    27. Caitlin S M Sabean on

      Like others, also looking for an update. No tracking number has been received. Hoping we will hear from you soon.

    28. Missing avatar

      Joseph Konys on

      Had high hopes for this device but complete execution failure on the part of Podo Labs.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tommy Kellogg on

      I don’t think anyone has actually received a jack. I haven’t seen any proof or anyone saying they have one.

    30. Gary Yarrow on

      What's the deal?

    31. Missing avatar

      S.S. Henninger on

      In the period of waiting on the product I managed to move to a different address. I'd like to change my shipping address how do I go about this?

    32. Nick Palmer on

      Yet another example of a project with failed delivery and failed communication bordering on fraud. Kickstarter and such platforms are not doing enough to keep fraud off their platforms. I am done backing projects after too many experiences like this one.

    33. #boycottkickstarter #boycottpodolabs on

      It’s been nearly two months now, any updates?

    34. Missing avatar

      Willy on

      This is BS , when this come out will be like walk around with a discman

    35. Missing avatar

      Willy on

      This is BS , when this come out will be like walk around with a discman

    36. Neil on

      Last emailed received was June 15. What is status? No tracking # received.

    37. Missing avatar

      Rick Thrale on

      Been over 15 months of nothing but delays and excuses. And seven weeks since your last update!

    38. Missing avatar

      George on

      Hey backer 4137 here, are y'all doing okay? Its been awhile. Wondering how you're doing. Please send another update soon, looking forward to one day meeting your work.

    39. Missing avatar

      Colin Cartwright on


      Sick and tired of excuses. You’ve scammed thousands of us on this one.

      Anyone else interested in starting a class action lawsuit against these rogues?

    40. Wayne Lewis on

      Hoping we get a new update soon. It would be very much appreciated if you all could report 1) how many total units you have to ship, and 2) how many you have successfully shipped, and 3) how many you activating have in production. We know these are numbers you have. I am patient, but having the truth would be appreciated. If I don't get my order for, say, 8 months ---- fine, but I want to go buy something else for the near-term. It's fair and reasonable to ask for the numbers, I believe.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nadhiya on

      Thank you for the update! It looks like most people here do not know the challenges of a hardware startup and don't understand that building a product is not an easy thing to do!
      To all you complaining about refunds: you backed a project on Kickstarter so you clearly have disposable income Also, this is Kickstarter not Amazon Prime. They promised delivery, just be patient and excited you will be one of the first people to have this product!

    42. Erik W. Dijkstra on

      I have not received my reward. Please refund.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    43. Missing avatar

      Pascal Feddema on

      Hi Guys. We'd appreciate an update. Thanks!

    44. Missing avatar

      Julian Allen on

      Any update guys? Two months now since “we have all the shipping addresses and are shipping orders out”.

    45. Pete Lambie on

      My opinion on this remains unchanged. It'll never arrive.

    46. Sean Gonzalez on

      I understand projects like this often suffer delays and that companies generally try to manage expectations by not setting dates but at this stage I am concerned that I am not going to ever see the item because you haven't managed this in a transparent way.
      Incidentally, you have not increased confidence in your capacity to manage this with your last post which ends wistfully with "When will I receive a tracking number?
      my". If I hadn't given you my money I'd be laughing.

    47. Missing avatar

      Shiraz Swan on

      where in seven hells is my order .. Theres not a word on your tracking details.. You guys cheated on us all. Kickstarter i know you gave a disclaimer that youll not be held responsible but ultimately you get to suffer as im not back another project anytime soon..

    48. Denis Fournier on

      Backer #1771, I never received any tracking number or parcel. I think you are not honest.
      I think we need a class action against this company.

    49. Jonathan

      This update is almost 7 weeks old. A new update is overdue.