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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
16,019 backers pledged $804,268 to help bring this project to life.

Production is Going Well - March 22

Posted by Podo Labs (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We're happy to say that production is proceeding smoothly and the first large batch of 6,000 should finish next week! We are still settling into production to know clearly what the daily production rate will be, but thankfully the long process of making adjustments and fixes is allowing us to move forward. At this point, the chance of a stop in production to correct a problem is essentially zero.

We are producing all colors, and are pleased that they are turning out very close to the prototype pictures and renderings from the campaign. The accessories have been finished for a while and ready to go as well. It's been quite a journey these 12 months but we're super excited to pull it off in the end!

Please continue to update your Backerkit accounts, and message us if you need assistance. The due date is this Sunday to make changes! We will handle all the change requests and provide confirmations this weekend before that deadline. 

Thank you to all of the support, and especially the support you've shown each other as you answer each other's questions and extend helpful comments. While it's our job to put our heads down and turn an idea into a real thing, it's truly the backers that make all of this possible. Thank you for taking this journey with us.


The Podo Labs Team

P.S. two more pictures from production:

Navy and gold:

 Charging them up before testing:


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    1. Missing avatar

      Hiram Rodriguez on

      What happened, never got mine?

    2. Missing avatar


      Where is the product? You guys have been REALLY quiet.

    3. Emil Mårtensson on

      where's the Jacks. it's been in production for months now and still nothing shipped to me.

    4. Missing avatar

      Henry Monroy on

      It’s June 5, 2018, about 1 year after the orignal time frame.... I’m still waiting for this to arrive. How much longer will it be, another year? Or did I just loose my money?

    5. Tom Churchill on

      Between this and the Coolest Cooler, doubt I'll ever back a tech item again.

    6. Salvatore Greco on

      I dont think that you can get your money back from Kickstarter. Once you back a project and its accepted, its tough luck (or so I have been told).

      Really not happy about them taking the money and then giving nothing back - some sort of communication is better than silence.

    7. Missing avatar

      i Lee on

      The last mail is dared March 22, one year after. Supposed to be good news, large batch produced.

      Now it practically May and nothing is shipped to my address. And yet this Podo Lab is selling new projects in Kickstarter. I now have already lwned 2 bluetooth jacks and my need for this jack is no more. I want to get my money back

    8. Simon Murray on

      All gone quiet again - what a surprise 🤦🏻‍♂️

      Seriously guys, just admit you’ve messed up and we won’t see the jacks. We can all then move on.

    9. Garry Renshall on

      Backer number 2,242. No Jack, no update, nothing.


    10. Missing avatar

      David Solomon on

      Serious guys, how about an update. It has been over a month after you “resumed” production.

      Is an update too much to ask?

      We are the only reason you guys exist. We give you all of the money and you ignore us and deceive us. You should be ashamed.

    11. Will Nazarowski on

      You guys a bunch of Jack legs... stop making videos and produce a product... this is already obsolete! .

      Way too long to produce this ..

    12. Will Nazarowski on

      You guys a bunch of Jack legs... stop making videos and produce a product... this is already obsolete! .

      Way too long to produce this ..

    13. Emerson Marinho on

      A month without any news, difficult to get confidence

    14. Emerson Marinho on

      Silence unbearable, exhausting.

    15. Samm Dewaele on

      How long can someone wait for something that is now totaly useless. I had a headphone with wire and thought this is it. But 2 years later everything works perfect with bleuthooth. So I don't need this shit anymore and want a total refund.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sally Rivera on

      Do you have an estimated time of delivery?

    17. Missing avatar

      Christopher Koh on

      It’s like we’ve thrown money into sea.

    18. Missing avatar

      Gordon Cheong on

      Where’re the updates? It’s been quite a while.

    19. Victor Sg on

      How can we know if our product has been shipped? I believe we should at least know when that happens. Otherwise it can get lost forever (and it would be your fault). Just need to prove you care. I am aware the pressure is very high right now, but you would be surprised as to how far a little humilty and a big effort in communication can go.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sue on

      Where are my headphones!!!

    21. Jos on

      Since it's 2018 now, all my headphones are wireless....

    22. Mickey Johnson


    23. Missing avatar

      Corey Voigt on

      More nothing from these fraudsters.

    24. Missing avatar

      Leon Han on

      ITS BEEN YEARS WHY ARE WE STILL WAITING FOR THIS? WHEN ARE YOU ALL SHIPPING? Im never going to support kickstarter ever... If i known that my item is expected to shipped few years later. What a joker.

      Please refund me as im not keen anymore

    25. Missing avatar

      TH on

      Hi podo team, how is the shipment going on? Could you notify me when our product is going to be shipped?

    26. Steven Chiu on

      Still waiting...

    27. Missing avatar

      David Solomon on

      Update? Did you ship the first 12,000 or so? Thanks!!

    28. Jeanne on

      Shipping soon?

    29. Jeff Suess on

      Nothing received yet. I am backer 133, so I would hope to be in the first batch shipped. I am curious since I see pictures of them being charged and an order of 6,000 on the way. I get that there could be a problem and perhaps they are shy of stating one more thing that will inflame negative comments. But please do drop us a note, not a hard thing.
      I'm like 5 blocks from your office. I'll drop by if you like

    30. Missing avatar

      Phill Restall on

      Has anyone actually received anything or even a delivery promise date?

    31. TRFL on

      Need to update my shipping address. Who do I contact?

    32. David Rosnow on

      Even if I never use this, I would like it to be done and complete.

    33. NoTail on

      Hi, its already April i haven't received mine

    34. Mickey Johnson

      @Sean: They haven't responded to anyone, at this point we should all expect to take a loss and be pleasantly surprised if the Jack randomly shows up in our mailbox some day...

    35. Sean C. Thomas on

      I was promised a refund (in writing) by January 6, 2018. I have yet to receive a refund or my item. Who should I be following up with?

    36. Mickey Johnson

      @Simon: I'm backer #17, they locked my survey on Backerkit, but I haven't received anything (item, tracking notification, etc.)

    37. Alex Tjahjana on

      Hi, any further updates? We are eagerly waiting for the fulfillment of this project.

    38. Alekhya Das

      Give my money back

    39. Simon Murray on

      Has anyone of us backers actually got one?

      Updates have gone quiet again - why do I fear more bad news!

    40. Alex Wolford-Griggs on

      Over a year later and not a damn thing... Tried to remain positive, but this is just flat out ridiculous.

    41. John W. Luther

      Still nothing in Missouri, U.S.A. Not hopeful.

    42. Missing avatar

      steven d on

      Any update of shipping?

    43. Mickey Johnson

      As backer #17 I was expecting one of those white units to be mine, but here were are many days later and no tracking or shipment notification...

    44. Justin Jose Caraang #KSPromotesFraud on

      Anyone actually receive theirs yet after this latest "update?

    45. Lok Energy on

      I haven't got mine yet. I like to update my address

    46. Missing avatar

      Justin Leonard on

      New here. Not sure if Kickstarter has a glitch but it says my backer number is higher than the total backers who have backed. My payment was collected in early 2017 and confirmed my survey in March. It says I am 3,915th on Backerkit but number 16,471 on Kickstarter. Is this an error or something?

    47. Missing avatar on

      Where you can see your shipping address?