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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
16,019 backers pledged $804,268 to help bring this project to life.

Feb 26 Update - Good News

Posted by Podo Labs (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Last update, we posted that we were facing a difficult position and unsure if and when delivery would happen. Today, we are relieved to announce that we are back on track.

Delivery will commence in March. Currently, the factories are getting back into it after Chinese New Year but assembly will begin without delay once they are back. The goal is to produce 3,000 units a week, and to speed that up as the process becomes solidified.

We apologize for the lapses in communication. Our primary goal is to deliver every Jack and we have been going to all personal lengths to make it happen. We remain committed to the end result. 

We will post another update shortly to mark the beginning of assembly. Thank you for your patience so far and we look forward to providing pictures and tracking numbers asap.


The Podo Labs Team

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    1. Raanan Zvi on

      Got the package today (was waiting to me at my previous address for some time, just got the time to pick it up).
      Using it now, works great. Connected to my Macbook. Will try it later with my phone.

      I was sure I wouldn't see the product in real life, I'm happy I was wrong.


    2. Alex Tjahjana on

      Thank you for the updates, guys.
      Just make sure that you keep us updated, and that you deliver.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hakkenberg Gregor on

      Just bought a bluetooth 'jack' at the Lidl supermarket for 13€. Works fine. You've taken to long and have been overtaken by the market, guys!

    4. Paul Wee on

      It’s good news but action speaks louder than words.
      After all the empty promises and updates given, seeing is believing.
      Anyway, pls expedite it. Thank you!

    5. Victor Lim on

      Sigh, seeing is believing, I hope this is not another false hope. PODO has over 16K backers, at 3K a week will take 6 weeks.

      There is also the logistics of shipping to 16K backers. I hope they have figured this out by now.

      I am backer 2124 so does that mean I will be the first batch? Oh please ship by backer number and not by region.

    6. Nichole Parker on

      There is no quality control. There is no refund. There is only Micheal asking for an update. When kicksharter goes wrong.

    7. Justin Lee Hawkins on

      Thank you guys! It has been a long and challenging road for you and your customers, but your coming out the other side stronger and wiser for your current and future projects.

    8. Missing avatar

      William McNaughton on

      You guys are going to need a rebrand after all this if you ever want repeat customers. First and last project I’ll even back on Kickstarter. I should have known better than to trust somebody with a relatively useful idea to have the competence to pull it off.

    9. Missing avatar

      John Fontecchio on

      Already purchased a bluetooth receiver from Amazon. Won't be backing anything else from these clowns.

    10. Ben Monro on

      can't wait to get this lol. oh wait, i already can order like 8 different ones just like it on amazon.

    11. Justin Jose Caraang #KSPromotesFraud on

      so....this is still happening huh?...I'll believe it when I receive year...or the year after next...LMAO....

    12. Torgo, Creeper Extraordinaire on

      It's so amusing seeing people demand refunds that they're never going to get. They've stated repeatedly that they're not giving refunds. How long will it take for that to sink in? Let's watch!

    13. T Rez

      You can update your address and delivery details on backerkit if it’s not locked...So is this a definite please?
      Have wanted to give one to my bro for ages,had to get an iTrip clip but it won’t do pass through charging :(
      Hope this does come soon :)

    14. Martin Bergvill on

      It's kind of a strange coincidence that when people started to post a negative review on them on Google they posted this update. Yesterday they were at 2.8. Now they are at 1.7.

      If they deliver my two Jacks as they say they will I will change my review to reflect that. But they will never get more than one star

    15. Shane O'Leary on

      Hi team,
      Like many others on here, I would like to update my address for shipping.
      Please let us all know how we do this.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lucas G

      I sent you already 3 messages and got ZERO responses!
      I want to refund the backing - my backing number is 4.509

      As i did not get any response from you via the private message (where i politely asked you to refund several times), i am going to make my wish public...!

    17. Missing avatar

      Francis Mamangun on

      How u change address?lol

    18. Missing avatar

      Semyon Dyachenko on

      I don’t want ur product any more, i want a refund.
      I told u couple times already.

    19. Lady N Duchess of Urnst

      Are you shipping in order of backer number? so asks backer #6,791..... So I'm hoping 3rd week in March.....

    20. Marsha Tyszler

      This is really great news, but aren’t you going to share the details of who/what saved the day?! I think it’d be nice to share that info with backers! :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Court on…

      Here is the link for anyone who wants something like this without dealing with liars

    22. Missing avatar

      Court on

      I found the same product for $13 on amazon
      buncha trash

    23. Missing avatar

      Court on

      you guys are a year late. you're the worst

    24. Missing avatar

      Tommy Kellogg on

      I’ll just be happy if they actually deliver this to me...

    25. Missing avatar

      Antonius Hans on

      welcome back, hopefully, the product is well made.

    26. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      Go go~ looking forward to receive that.

    27. Cliff CLF on

      Hi there, I'd like to request for change in address for the delivery.

    28. Ally Bishop on

      Great news! Glad to hear you are able to get it back on track.

    29. Matthew Mohs on

      Great news that you are back on track! Too bad it’s been a year and a half, I have long forgotten about this and figured it was a dead investment. Also found a comparable, cheaper version on Amazon....

    30. Rick on

      Thank you for the update. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Jessica Vogel on

      I forgot I even backed this project because it has been so long. I understand shit happens. I work in product development. Unforeseen circumstances are a bitch, but you guys either have the worst luck in the world or had zero contingency plans in place.

    32. Torgo, Creeper Extraordinaire on

      Be appalled by reality all that you like. It won't make it any less true.

    33. Missing avatar

      Daryl on

      I'm appalled at the mentality of the so called "this is how Kickstarter works". Is this not a platform (similar to that of the stock maket) where companies get funding from the public? So how is it that everytime I have this impression that we have to give up on our investment? Just because we are on KS, it does not mean the company has no obligations. Or rather they just couldn't care about this anymore because they know this is how Kickstarter works.

      Food for thought.

    34. Cortney Bunch on

      This better work like butter and have a long ass warranty. At this point I could have spent my money on much better and more reliable projects.

    35. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      Thanks for the update. I understand that many backers are extremely inpatient and doesn't understand how Kickstarter works or any funded product. Keep up the good work, Expecting some big stuff in the next months if we can get our Jacks! Don't let anyone of the negative backers bring you guys down.

    36. Missing avatar

      Shelby Pustizzi on

      Hi, I have moved since I ordered two Jacks so the address I originally gave you is incorrect. Is there any way I can change the address or even get a refund? I'm a bit frustrated this is taking so long. Thanks.

    37. ferdie on

      sorry to say this but once your product design is finalised it seems that you messed up with the manufacturing side of things & its clear your chinese partner screwed up. this happens when people assume its (very) easy to subcon any type of manufacturing to China, the result of companies overdependency to China . . . and there are few other countries though the likes of Taiwan, Vietnam, or the Philippines which offer as solid option to build such products.

    38. Jeff Suess on

      Thank you for the update.we know we take chances with Kickstarter's and appreciate that you hung in there.
      Hope to see it soon.
      Keep the updates coming

    39. Dom Baldwin on

      Wow! This is fucking great news! Please show us some photos or even a video of the items being constructed, or else I doubt I’ll even believe it’s been a fucking year since I gave you my money!

    40. BPaik on

      Already purchased a bluetooth receiver from Amazon long ago.

    41. DPniRadhallaigh on

      Well done guys and keep the faith strong - I've survived without it so will wait till its ready. It's easy for some to give up on a concept and easy to be angry and upset at you about delays but realistically, when you join something like this you need to stay patient and believe, until you are told otherwise that it wont happen and thats the risk we all take.
      Personally I'm good for hanging out for it to come and excited to hear your back on track.
      Good luck and know that many of us took this ride with you in good faith and hoping for success!! You don't get money back when you invest in a new product, I dont know why people keep asking for refunds - they're in the wrong game if they think that's how this works!

    42. Kwonwoong Lim on

      I don‘t believe you anymore. Like all the others.
      Just refund our money. I bought bt cable from Aliexpress with 20box(tennmak) and just perfect. Sadly your item is totally worthless now. Just stop cheating us and give the money back to us. That is the only way to be forgiven.

    43. William DiTheodore on

      Thank you for the update. It's great to hear your back on track. Take care.

    44. Missing avatar

      Mihai Daian on

      hanks for the news. A quick question - with such a long delay in making this adapter, is it not redundant/too late in the market with so many others out there already???

    45. Missing avatar


      Congrats on getting back on track. Rooting for you guys!

      What got you back on track? Did you have to sacrifice quality? Features?

    46. Missing avatar


      I doubt they took Chinese New Year into consideration in their initial plan. Initially they were supposed to deliver for June 2017.

    47. Marc Yates on

      This is garbage. Sorry but my patience has run out.
      I want a refund.