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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
16,019 backers pledged $804,268 to help bring this project to life.

Jan 9 Update

Posted by Podo Labs (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Hope everyone had a healthy and safe holiday season! We're excited to move into 2018 with you all.

We are still on track to produce the next wave of units this month. We are waiting for one last material to arrive and finish assembly. We thank everyone for your patience.

Our customer service has been down since around the holiday season; if you've emailed us recently we're very sorry for the lack of reply. We have a new customer service hire returning to the states Jan 14, and her first day should be Jan 15th. We will do our best to catch up on every last email and invite you to resend your comments after this time. We know many of you have been asking for refunds, though as stated during the campaign in the FAQ and in prior updates, we cannot accept these requests as everyone's pledges together are essential in bringing the whole project to completion. We're very sorry for the delay but we're confident in the product, and we thank all of you for making this possible despite the setbacks. We are getting this done.

We will post another update shortly covering the assembly of this next wave of units. Thank you everyone, and again, Happy New Year!


The Podo Labs Team

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    1. Rose Ann Adamson on

      Well I see that I am NOT the only one who has NOT RECEIVED what I ordered so long ago that I do not remember. Kickstart should be responsible for their clients trustworthiness. THIS WHOLE EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN A JOKE, BUT NOT FUNNY. And this is not the first time that I have been scammed on here. But it will be the last . What the hell is going on????

    2. William James Ryan Manel on

      More than a month since the last update- turtling and hiding from backers historically has not been a smart move. Some news is good news, guys.

    3. Missing avatar

      Joseph Sanchez on

      Status???? Still waiting for a product i have paid for and have NOT received. You shipping out CORRECT??? ALL Backers getting tracking #’s??? UPDATE INFO...Hopefully Good.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Just thought it was important for anyone reading about Podo to see this backer only update without giving these guys any more money.

      "Dear Backers,
      Our company is in a difficult position. But no matter what, we remain steadfast in our commitment to you.

      These unforeseen manufacturing costs and months of extra operational costs have added up to much more than projected before the campaign. We have a substantial portion of inventory paid for with deposit (40% of units) but because these delays have affected the manufacturer as well, the entire production must be advanced in full, instead of releasing the amount to cover our backers first.

      We are not requesting any more funds or anything from our backers, just your continued patience. We are pursuing ways to overcome this challenge and we have several promising options. You may change your shipping address in Backerkit or we can do so for you upon request at the time of future shipping. We are not able to accept refunds at this time. No one on the team is receiving pay until we deliver these units, and founders have not for months already.

      Our focused goal is to complete this campaign successfully. We've overcome big obstacles in the past and we are confident we will do the same again. Until then, please wait for updates and again, we deeply apologize for the delay.


      The Podo Labs Team "

      They still have time and money for pool parties though :D.

    5. Missing avatar

      Yann Bartolini on

      Never received the products. Does society still exist? No answer to the questions asked. Have other people been more fortunate, or is Podo Labs unfortunately a fraud?

    6. Anssi Kumpula on

      Yesterday in new update you kind of say your manufacturer is requesting to pay for the whole manufacturing run, not just the backers part. How big a manufacturing run are you making, exactly?

      Here you make it sound like there’s just some last parts coming and then you are ready to start assembly, but now on new update you’re kind of saying you can’t get anything from the manufacturer unless you pay for all, not just Kickstarter backers run but retail patch as well. How massive the retail run might be that you are in such a situation?

      We're you misinforming is here on Jan 9th update?

    7. Kathy Johnson on

      I will continue to hope that you will deliver but I would like to know what you did with $900,000 and still can't deliver a product. Also, why are you still taking preorders if you can't fulfill the orders you have?

    8. Alan Ho on

      I think you need to breakdown the deliveries based on the orders to those backers.........

    9. Mary Couse on

      For your next update, would it be possible to provide an outlook of when people can expect product based on order number. Since my order is in the middle of the pack hearing about the 5,500 units that may go out "this month" doesn't help me know when my units might finally arrive since my order number is higher yet. Thank you.

    10. T Rez

      It’s time for that update on production you spoke of in your 9th jan update,it may help people think a bit more of the whole podo brand,the way things have been going just this campaign will bring your ship down! I took a gamble thinking you’d had success already...
      Airlink ran a great campaign and had the things out in record time (it was weeks not months) & their updates showed us them being assembled,to packing etc.
      Hope you keep us informed too

    11. Rajbir Dhalla on

      Don’t not care for jack shit. Need my
      Money back. Please refund.

    12. Missing avatar

      Simon Donyoung Yoon on

      correction. Last year*

    13. Missing avatar

      Simon Donyoung Yoon on

      I haven't received anything since I backed this project last month, and 'Podo Labs' has not given me any message back yet

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael M. Schäfer on

      Any chance this thing is actually going to be shipped at any point in time. This is the worst kickstarter campaign I have come across. Why don't you save your boring blah blah and get on with delivering. You have had our money for some time now and at this rate it looks like you are running out before delivering. There are countless ads propping up everywhere for bluetooth dongles that makes speaker that don't have bluetooth wireless, so instead of being ahead of the curve, you have missed the train.

    15. Tuck Wai Loh on

      Dear ,
      I don’t need your product and your useless response..

      Return my money back to me.

      It’s almost a year I have paid the money to you.

      Reply to my message

    16. Emerson Marinho on

      They must be formulating a great text with new excuses. Silence is unacceptable

    17. Missing avatar

      Ranga on

      Dear ,
      I don’t need your product and your useless response..

      Return my money back to me.

      It’s almost a year I have paid the money to you.

      Reply to my message

    18. Missing avatar


      How can I update my shipping address? I didn’t expect the Jack need to take more than a year or more to ship, so I’ve moved to a new address already.
      Can you please let me know how to update my shipping address?

    19. Arseny Vesnin on

      I'm going to purchase AirPods soon :D :D

    20. Tony Newman on

      I think we have all been very patient some less than others. I feel that you should be a little more responsive to your backers. I have reserved making comments about the progress of the program because I know how long it can take to actualize a product, but the lack of updates is pretty unacceptable. I hope you make it right.

    21. Emerson Marinho on

      I see some people defending Podo ... the big question is the absurdity of excessive delay, not a matter of anxiety.

      How to start a new project before finishing the first one? Ridiculous!

      The essence of KS is to finance projects that can delay, this is acceptable ... the ridiculous is in full 2018 wait for a project with almost 1 year of delay and remain silent?

      Surely all this delay has a name: Belle

    22. Lady N Duchess of Urnst

      Hello I am backer #6,791. When do you think I may see my products? Even a general idea would be welcome.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonah Linny on

      I can't believe how long this is taking, I will never back something from you guys again and nor will I record your product when and if I actually get it. I'm beyond disappointed with this whole experience and its all thanks to your great commitment to your BACKERS WHO ALL SENT YOU MONEY AND HAVE RECEIVED JACK SHIT!

    24. Nichole Parker on

      Nearing a year. Like most, I've gone out and bought comparable technology. I'm *now* considering moving onto bluetooth earphones now that the sound quality is getting better and battery life is getting longer. All these things combined make this technology now obsolete.

    25. John W. Luther

      At least I didn't give you more money than I did. Shame to lose it, though.

    26. Missing avatar

      Pui-Shan Tang on

      Hi, UK backer (number 14149). I’ve yet to hear from you when I’ll receive the Jack. Please advise

    27. Missing avatar

      Dube on

      Probably won't work! Old technology just glad I didn't buy anymore!!

    28. Cindy Compton

      For those who are skeptical of actually getting this product, I finally received mine, so they *are* starting to send them. Initial testing shows it works fairly well, if at a really short range, but at least a lot better than the crappy $50 Podo paperweight that never worked.

    29. Missing avatar


      Guys its not even funny how late you are....
      Similar products are available on the market already and cheaper. Never will I back anything from you.

    30. Jackie Chou on

      15 Jan already and it still delay...

    31. Shawn Neal on

      It’s all good guys. Delays are part of the game with crowdfunding. Looking forward to getting Jack!

    32. Paul on

      @ Andrew - Latest standard is 5.0

      But I do agree the use case is still there. For me it's always been connecting TV and Switch to BT speakers so these will still be of use to me.

    33. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Azhar Vahora on

      Is there a support email we can contact?

    34. Andrew on

      For those concerned this is outdated. It uses latest Bluetooth 4.2 standard, supports the AptX codec, receives, transmits and shares between two jacks should you need that and works with inline volume controls. Not sure what other functionality you really need from such a device. The use case for this was to enable any headphones to be used wirelessly so the fact you can buy wireless headphones doesn't make it obsolete for its intended usage.

    35. Missing avatar

      Eric Nadler on

      For those that are saying it is out of date, what is the current technology and products that I should look into? I did the Kickstarter for a Podo for my car, but I might want a similar device for work. Thanks!

    36. Torgo, Creeper Extraordinaire on

      Not one of you deserve a refund. You all invested in a pitch for a product regardless of success or failure. That's the very essence of what KS is. If you don't understand that KS isn't a store then you really need to check your comprehension skills...or complete lack thereof.

    37. Paul Wee on

      Your product is already overdue and outdated. Maybe should refund us back the money. The concept and design is already past tense.

    38. Chris Massey on

      Hey Eddie et al - you mention an update coming "shortly" - can you frame that a bit better? Are we talking next week, or next month?

    39. John W. Luther

      Bummed by the continuing delay, but I can still use this if/when it ever arrives in my hands.

    40. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Charette on

      For those who wants to be refund... You didn't BUY anything, you INVESTED in a company because you want to help the company. Investments are NOT GUARANTEED like bourse! Read the Kickstarted terms and conditions.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kensuke Yamaya

      I already bought full wireless headphone and earphone.
      This is already old technology.
      I don't need it anymore.
      Please give refund.
      I didn't back to get old technology.

    42. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Azhar Vahora on


      Its a pity this project has taken so long

      I have since moved address and would like to update my shipping address, is there an email address I can contact to update this?


    43. Ross Bennett on

      #SeanHull. If we didn’t buy anything and only “INVESTED” in the company how comes we are able to choose the colour & accessories to go with our item. I do understand about delays in manufacturing but the fact of the matter is Podo Labs have been VERY slack in their communication to its “INVESTORS” and that is what has most annoyed me. I have chosen to trust this company with my money. I expect to be kept in the loop and to have my questions answered. Not feel like they have just taken my cash and disappeared. I have backed other campaigns where I have felt highly involved just due to the amount of information I have received. Those campaigns have been a pleasure to be part of. Not this one.

    44. Martin Paroll on

      I understand that almost all KS HW projects go over estimated times. But as some others have pointed out - this technology is outdated, when it will finally be shipped. And thats a little pity. I planned to gift this to a bunch of friends to be able to use the pairing of bluetooth. None of us have wired headphones any longer... :D
      Lets hope you are able to make them ship at some point in reality, will be a nice addition to the drawer box of unused KS items :-)

    45. Missing avatar

      Chicky Kraitrakul on


      How can we know which wave that we are in. Just wanna know.

    46. JAck CHan on

      Paid when it's the first design in the market, wait until it become the last product in the market...

    47. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Fook on


      Any chance to deliver by mid of Feb?

    48. Missing avatar

      Daryl on

      Great! The end is so near, that i can finally foresee it in update #99. Keep up the momentum and pace, good job guys!