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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Red Leung on

      I really don't understand why u guys take so long to build this stupid thing, it isn't even some new technology , they are simple and sold every where !

    2. Adrian Martin on

      Read the Project Updates.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ganda Hendranata on

      hi PODO LABS,
      I haven't receive the product, and never answer my messages. When i can receive the product? Anyone?

    4. DPniRadhallaigh on

      @ Jack - i was going to buy that RA light strip - did you get yours? I"m still thinking about it for biking to work -would love to hear what you think of it!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      I find it really frustrating that you're spamming the backers of your last project when you're 3 months late already on it. Why would I fund something else when you're not making good on the first?

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Xian on

      Battery can last for how many hours?

    7. Annie

      @creator why don't you guys report jackster?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Man so many worry worts. Calm down and bed patient. I backed the RA led magnetic light strip and it didnt come until about a month ago. Some products take time, I would've been very surprised if this product didnt encounter any kinks. PODO pay no mind to the ones complaining, it seems that a few assume KS is Amazon.

    9. Roger Smith

      Dang people calm down. Everyone seems to seem to have a dearth of common sense and an overly developed sense of entitlement.

      Seems the communication has been pretty straightforward; good and bad. Overall only a couple of months late? Ok. This is a small team working hard. I've never seen a KS that wasn't at least a bit late. Everyone crying about not receiving their units should go look at many KS campaigns where the product isn't delivered. Or is years late.

      This creator has delivered before, made a well designed and needed product. Additionally has another product in the chute. Obviously not a campaign or company meant to fleece the public.

      Before anyone posts some complaint about not getting any updates,please at least READ the updates.

      I truly hope that every single complaint that comes up is followed with a sincere Thank You when their product is delivered.

    10. Carl De Villa on

      I haven't received my product. Can someone let me know when it will be delivered? It's been two months now since the estimated delivery.

    11. The Sith on

      Just saying PLUB too much now! :'~(

    12. The Sith on

      Yeah, like you said, the pairing function is pretty neat, and the PLUB doesn't look anywhere near as good as this, PLUB looks like it's made of that kids' play foam! :D

    13. Missing avatar

      Tim Fair on

      @ The Sith - I saw the PLUB too, but the idea of syncing more than one jack wirelessly is a feature that I wanted. Essentially creating a wireless audio splitter so multiple people can listen to the same audio at the same time without delay. If PODO Labs can deliver that, as they stated during the campaign, I will be extremely happy and less concerned with the manufacturing delays that have occurred.

    14. Adrian Martin on

      Congrats! :)

    15. The Sith on

      Woot! Comment number 1500!! ;D

    16. The Sith on

      Tay seem not to care about the guys who PAID for the campaign!

    17. Mac Jones

      Lol at launching another product while they haven't delivered this one. Why would I give you more money when you can't deliver my initial investment?

    18. The Sith on

      Anyone seen the PLUB campaign? Looks pretty nifty & is utterly plug n play!

    19. Aristides on

      I think you mentioned you were going to offer free silicon case as a compensation for the delay - I've already ordered a separate silicon case and paid for it too - can I get a refund for the silicon case I paid for? There's no point in having 2 silicon cases. Please advise.

    20. Missing avatar

      Fethullah on

      Kickstarter is not a just retail business site. There will be struggles when you are making a project which were accepted by backers (not customers ) i am very happy about your new projects and will follow new ones too.

    21. BLim on

      This company needs to get their priorities together. It's kind of sad to read that so many people are complaining about your own products and your customer support. Are yall even doing anything about those customers and products, or do yall just forget about them?

      Also, how can we be sure that we will get the best product from you guys with high-quality customer service and product service, and not like what had happened with your camera product?

    22. Missing avatar

      davinche on

      Regarding Apt-x, which one does the Jack support? Is it low-latency?

    23. The Sith on

      Don't worry guys, just stick with it, they've made well reputated products in the past and are still, so just hang in there another couple of months, and besides, none of the other Bluetooth adapters look THIS good!

    24. Craig Friedman on

      @M Newhouse I saw the Jackster a few days ago, I will say I think this Jack project will turn out being a lot more slick in design and hopefully be a great product.

      Also for everyone else electronics always seem to get little bumps in the road and the guys here have been doing a great job at giving us updates as to some small companies who have ignored all of the comments after the kick starter has ended. I look forward to this and I hope that the rest of the assembly is easy sailing.

    25. Missing avatar

      Stefan Knöchel on

      I'm disappointed that you offer the same price on Indiegogo for pre-ordering jack as you offered as exclusive Kickstarter price. Can you please explain why you offer exclusive prices to backers and give the same prices to non-backers?

    26. Missing avatar

      Tim Fair on

      I'm a little disappointed with the delays they have had and prior to even finishing production of a project in process they started a new Kickstarter campaign. Based on their first two projects comments (cameras), I'm starting to get nervous about the quality of the end product of this campaign.

    27. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol on

      Guys, they will not refund anything you bought. This was made very clear before the campaign ended. If you wanted to be able to get a refund, that you shouldn't have backed this product.

    28. Adrian Martin on

      Guys... This is Kickstarter. Things get fluid.

    29. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      Hello, can you tell me what the process is for cancellation if I can get a full refund? Thank You. This is taking way too long.

    30. Missing avatar

      Aaron Liverant

      what a nerve, "we star production next month" but already start a new project!!
      I know I can´t "unpladge" I funded another project similar to yours and already received them.

    31. Missing avatar

      Alastair on

      @Robert LP

      i feel you, i was expecting a REAL update. No abusing your current mailing list for this product to launch your next.

      Back then when this was launched, there was close to no one else providing this technology. which was why most of us even backed this.

      Now it's dime a dozen. How long more do we need to wait? The technology promised is getting older as we speak.

    32. Rachel on

      How do I apply for a refund and cancel my order?

    33. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @M Newhouse, Christopher Garby - Haha we did see that. Podo camera got imitated (poorly) as well. We get very offended of course as we feel like they're stealing our baby. But in the end, we can laugh it off because we will deliver an original to our standards, and that's all we are focusing on.

    34. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @Robert LP - We are assuredly not a scam. We are doing everything in our power to fulfill Jack asap. I understand your frustration and totally get it. We are confident that we can deliver on this campaign, otherwise we wouldn't keep on going with more.

    35. Christopher Garby

      @M Newhouse, i think it's also funny that the creator of Jackster is Vik LABS, the creator of Jack is Podo LABS. very similar names

    36. Missing avatar

      M Newhouse

      It's literally named Jackster: Make any headset wireless smh

    37. Missing avatar

      M Newhouse

      Anyone else see The Jackster on here? Looks basically the same

    38. Robert LP on

      Its frustrating to me to get spammed for your next project when you have not fulfilled your current project. If I try to unsubscribe I won't see updates for this project.

    39. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      Thanks for your great response to our update! For instructions on how to change your shipping address, please read the update from a couple days ago that has the URL and instructions on how to do so. Thank you!

      @Daniel Hay - Please contact for assistance!

    40. Ge Wu on

      Is it too late to change my shipping address?

    41. Daniel Hay on

      Hi I need to change my shipping country from Brazil to UK but backerkit will not allow me to.

      How can I do this?

    42. Adrian Martin on

      Wilko, find one of the backerkit emails you received for this project. There should be a link to go back in and edit.
      I can't remember if the delivery address is locked down yet.

    43. The Sith on

      to change your address, you go on backerkit, choose shipping address, then select your new address, I believe

    44. The Sith on

      Do we also get to know if ours is one of the earlier september models?

    45. Missing avatar

      Wilko Wilkening on

      I need to change my shipping address to a different country. How do I do that?

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