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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
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    1. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      @Robert LP - We are assuredly not a scam. We are doing everything in our power to fulfill Jack asap. I understand your frustration and totally get it. We are confident that we can deliver on this campaign, otherwise we wouldn't keep on going with more.

    2. Christopher Garby

      @M Newhouse, i think it's also funny that the creator of Jackster is Vik LABS, the creator of Jack is Podo LABS. very similar names

    3. Missing avatar

      M Newhouse

      It's literally named Jackster: Make any headset wireless smh

    4. Missing avatar

      M Newhouse

      Anyone else see The Jackster on here? Looks basically the same

    5. Robert LP on

      Its frustrating to me to get spammed for your next project when you have not fulfilled your current project. If I try to unsubscribe I won't see updates for this project.

    6. Podo Labs 4-time creator on

      Thanks for your great response to our update! For instructions on how to change your shipping address, please read the update from a couple days ago that has the URL and instructions on how to do so. Thank you!

      @Daniel Hay - Please contact for assistance!

    7. Ge Wu on

      Is it too late to change my shipping address?

    8. Daniel Hay on

      Hi I need to change my shipping country from Brazil to UK but backerkit will not allow me to.

      How can I do this?

    9. Adrian Martin on

      Wilko, find one of the backerkit emails you received for this project. There should be a link to go back in and edit.
      I can't remember if the delivery address is locked down yet.

    10. The Sith on

      to change your address, you go on backerkit, choose shipping address, then select your new address, I believe

    11. The Sith on

      Do we also get to know if ours is one of the earlier september models?

    12. Missing avatar

      Wilko Wilkening on

      I need to change my shipping address to a different country. How do I do that?

    13. Melvyn Ong on

      Thanks for the update. Can't wait for my Jack.

    14. The Sith on

      Ooh, great idea @gas with the scrapped earbuds!
      Btw also backed gameband!!
      ;D :P

    15. Mark Antoney Pacheco on

      Thanx for the clarity! Just disappointed in the increased timeline without due info of this project.

    16. Adrian Martin on

      They mentioned a while back they would be starting development of their next project, but stated it would not impact on the completion of this one.

    17. Chris Barrett on

      Looks like they logged into KS in the last 24 hours, but didn't leave any messages. Perhaps a clue to a forthcoming update?

      Also, a top tip for KickStarters: never call your updates "Weekly" or "Monthly" if you're not going to do them weekly or monthly...

    18. Mark Antoney Pacheco on

      What does that actually mean?
      Have they backed out and decided not to continue or do you mean something else.

    19. Missing avatar


      The team focus on their coming project, so dont have anytime to follow up here.
      Good luck for your coming projects :(

    20. Mark Antoney Pacheco on

      Please give the latest projected timeline if hasn't changed thus far.
      Much appreciated.


    21. Jared Lin on

      hi... update pls... thanks

    22. Missing avatar

      Janet on

      Hi we would like to know when will we received the product.

    23. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bartlett on

      Any update for us?

    24. Joshua Chin on

      Thanks for sharing your struggles and decision to make it as good as it is suppose to be. I appreciate it. It's okay to wait as long as it's not defective. Great Job guys!!

    25. Mick on

      Heya PL team. Thanks for the update and power to ya over the coming weeks! Have you performed much testing on the durability of the headphone jack mount? I noticed you aren't using the two PCB locating pins moulded into the underside of the connector - presumably the hidden half of the housing is designed to fit around it snugly? Hopefully you're relying on more than a tightly tolerated PCB cut-out and soldering for mechanical durability. Can't wait to use and show off my JACKs once they arrive : )

    26. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol on

      @Adrian Martin

    27. Adrian Martin on

      Hey Audrey, there are over 1400 comments! :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol on

      @ Mike Mol
      Go to, log into your backer account, and you should be able to change your address. Also next time, please read through the comments before asking a question like that, this has been addressed multiple times in comments and in updates.

    29. DPniRadhallaigh on

      thanks for the updates - worth waiting for the product you are proud to call your own! :) I remain excited to see the final version when its ready and you feel its ready! Denise in DC

    30. Missing avatar

      Fethullah on

      Thanks for updates you rock!

    31. Mike Mol on

      So, I'm moving in a couple days. How do I update my shipping address?

    32. Missing avatar

      scott raskin on

      How does this differ from airlink product being offered on kickstarter? It's a lot of info so hard to digest

    33. Missing avatar

      Adam Breedon on

      Can you please send an invoice for this campaign. Thank you.

    34. susan9999sg on

      Great update. Thank you n wish u guys good luck.

    35. Brenda

      Great update. I'd rather wait for a working perfect item, than get a rushed, but might not wok, item. Thank you.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ali Demir

      Thank you for the Update. As I am backer number 600 I guess I would have good chances to get it in the next two month :-)

      Further more still expecting my waterproof case for my Podo for several month now :-(

    37. Missing avatar

      Caroline F on

      Thank you for the update and clear communication. Looking forward to getting the final product.

    38. Demo the Rules

      I've waited years for board games that don't have anywhere near this complexity.

      I've backed at the $1,049 level and care deeply about the quality of the product.

      Take your time. Get it right and don't feel bad for doing so.

    39. DrLouies

      Thanks for the update,
      Delays is natural in any successful projects,people need to understand we are not buying a ready product,we are uniting to bring amazing ideas to life .
      So keep it up guys to bring the best product.

    40. Missing avatar

      gernic on

      Thank you for this update, honest clear and humble. Anyone on here with complaints doesn't understand "kickstarter". Keep up the good work, what you are doing is exactly the same as any other company has to go through to get a great product out the door. I waited two years longer than originally promised to get my Tesla, worth every second

    41. Bertus Tijgerpijp on

      Thanks for the extensive update again. Fully agree with what Wayne & Jeremy are saying. It's cool to be a (little) part of the process. I myself work in a R&D Foods environment and I know first hand the troubles during development and production. So chin up, face forward and march!

    42. Missing avatar

      wayne forbes on

      Ha yeah same as what Jeremy said

    43. Missing avatar

      wayne forbes on

      I thank you for not posting out an inferior product that's what crowdfunding should be we pay for a new concept that hasn't been manufactured yet and things happen I'm sick and tired of receiving products that are not working and I've wasted money if you buy you have to wait if you can't wait go to Kmart good on you guys for not sending out rubbish I want your concept not something that doesn't work end of rant lol

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Whaley on

      Part of engaging in a Kickstarter project is to share in the journey from concept through to reality. This journey is never as easy as you would think but sharing the ups and downs is why you invest in a Kickstarter project rather than just buying something off the shelf. Keep up the attention to detail and good communication.

    45. khyree on

      Thanks for the update and transparency! Keep it up!

    46. Missing avatar

      Tim Miller on

      this is amateur hour

    47. MarkR on

      Again I commend you on your transparency and communications, and full disclosure, keeping us informed and not wondering what is taking so long. I also appreciate your doing the right thing by adding the case as a token gesture for the delay. Excellent customer service Eddie and team. While I am just as disappointed it's going to take a little longer, I'm happy to know the final Jack will be shipped right the first time.

    48. Missing avatar

      Donald Caton on

      Building hardware is difficult, perhaps more than a lot of people realize. Sadly, sometimes being honest and forthcoming is even more difficult. That's clearly not the case here. Thanks for the update. Only wish more crowdfunding campaign owners had the same ethics. Best of luck; things will work themselves out.

    49. Missing avatar

      Cathy Blanchette on

      Thanks for the update! Appreciate the case...second project I've backed with you guys and the great products and honest dealings keep me loyal�

    50. Missing avatar

      Chang Der Ming on

      Thanks for the honest update! I'm ok with the delay. Hope the best for the following correction and production.

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