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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
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    1. Missing avatar

      CK Khoo about 3 hours ago

      Hi Podo Labs, any updates on the product?
      Thank you.

    2. Adrian Martin 4 days ago

      Hey Jung, why the hell don't you read the updates?

    3. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol 5 days ago

      @Jung Woo Seo
      Please read the updates before asking questions like that. This has been addressed multiple times. The product will start shipping at the end of July and mostly ship through August.

    4. Jung Woo Seo 5 days ago

      hey guy, why the hell the product isn't shipping.
      etimated day was june, but now is july.
      please answer!

    5. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol 5 days ago

      @ Joshua Keihner
      Just log into your account on Backerkit and do so.

    6. Missing avatar

      Joshua Kiehner 5 days ago

      I have moved since backing this, how do I go about updating my address?

    7. Adrian Martin on July 19

      According to the campaign details, yes :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Red Leung on July 18

      Does the receiver support aptx transmission format?

    9. Jerry Bocci on July 17

      @Ivan, yes, and PVD is masters-level collegiate knowledge, which results in a much stronger bond between external color and base metal, which is probably why they wanted to go that route in the first place. But of course you're right, it's ridiculous for PodoLabs to want us to have high quality, right?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ivan on July 17

      Electroplating is high school physics class knowledge and it takes you month to sort it out. This is ridiculous but I still hope you can make a progress on the products.

    11. Rick on July 16

      Excellent update. Keep up the good work. I will always pick quality, over time. This is Kickstarter not Kmarter. :) Thanks for the Kickstarter adventure.

    12. Robert LP on July 16

      Does it really take you this long to perfect the clip?

    13. Missing avatar

      Shlomo Gur-Ari on July 14

      Hi Podo Labs,
      please notice that I ordered 2 units on Kickstarter & 2 units on Indiegogo.
      please DO NOT ship 4 units in one shipment.
      please confirm.

    14. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol on July 14

      @ Monravitch Avena
      You should still be able to change your address. Just log into your account on Backerkit and do so.

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris Bell on July 14

      Great update - appreciate the transparency on this. Happier to know you all are taking the steps to deliver a quality product than not hearing anything (or just delivering the product when it should not be)

    16. Howard Gibson on July 14

      Good update chaps. Nice to see things progressing after a few hiccups. Don't know what all the worries are, delays are inevitable in making sure quality is there. And quality is paramount, right first time and all that.

    17. Missing avatar

      stefan on July 14

      Thanks for the latest update, its nice to see the progress. Wouls be cool to make a video of the assembly line once on full speed!

    18. Missing avatar

      Kent Swan on July 13

      Thanks for the update. I too design products so I know what you're going through getting into production at the quality levels you need. I've subscribed to a number of successful kickstarter projects so I've learned to be patient. For me, I'd rather you have it right than to rush out product that might have an undiscovered issue.

    19. kstar54 on July 13

      Thank you for the very thorough update! I feel terrible that you are experiencing such negativity. I hope (and am sure you do) you don't take it too hard. I backed this project as a gift for my husband. When you guys are satisfied you have made the best product you can, he will receive a great gift! Thanks for all your work!

    20. Missing avatar

      Monravitch Avena on July 13

      Hey we are moving can i still change my address? We are moving first week of August. I keep on commenting this but no one from your department wants to answer.

    21. Podo Labs 3-time creator on July 13

      Hi everyone, a new update has been posted! Thank you so much for engaging with each other on the boards and being patient.

      This update brings good news; we weren't sure about the production date last update but now we are targeting making our first 1,000 by the end of the month. We will determine the order and send notifications when they ship; please wait patiently and do not email us for special exceptions! Thank you so much for your cooperation. And check out the update for details!

    22. Michael Salata on July 13

      Nobody can cancel their order. This must be all ya'alls first very delayed Kickstarter. Guess what? If they deliver a bad garbage product, you still can't get a refund. Their last Kickstarter product was a paperweight. This one may be garbage too.

      They are already working on another Kickstarter before this one even is finished.

    23. Etienne
      on July 13

      no negativity from this side... patiently awaiting a good quality product. The updates look good and podo labs have already proven in delivering a good product. just be patient people....

    24. Lyle Nerl Gogh
      on July 13

      @CK Khoo . Kindly read the FAQ. No refunds and yes the ETA of the item did get postpone, deal with it. I have not seen a single kickstarter that delivered exactly on time and if there was; good for them.

    25. Jared Lin on July 13

      any updates?

    26. Missing avatar

      Martin Bergvill on July 12

      Hey Podo Labs I would _not_ want to cancel my "order"...what's up with all the negativity in the comments here. This is not Best Buy where you can just buy what you want off the shelf. I am looking forward to get 2*Jack. Yes I hope I get it before I leave for a vacation where the Jack would be very nice to have (2*8hour airplaneride).

      I am sure that Podo Labs deliver this product when they are god damn good and ready. Keep on doing your thing and disregard all the negativity here..

    27. Missing avatar

      CK Khoo on July 12

      Hi Podo Labs, can I cancel my order? The ETA date kept postponed.

      Thank you.

    28. Michael Prey on July 11

      Maybe Scott and all the other snowflakes don't get how Kickstarter works?

    29. Adrian Martin on July 10

      That's pretty lame.
      You backed a Creator, not placed an order. Y'know, the whole point of Kickstarter...

    30. Scott Ellis on July 10

      Wishing i didnt back this project now, there are websites woth this same product out there for cheaper and there isn't even an ETA anymore... pretty let down by this and a stop payment on my credit card is on the way

    31. Gynther Schidla on July 8

      is aptX HD supported ?

    32. Adrian Martin on July 8

      @Melissa, see a few comments down about this.

    33. Missing avatar

      Melissa Teodoro Gonsalves on July 8

      Changed my address. How do I update?

    34. Missing avatar

      Monravitch Avena on July 7

      @Creator can i still change my address? We are moving on August 1st. I dont know the exact address yet, until that date.

    35. Missing avatar

      Thomas on July 7

      I respect you on your decisions and you honestly I am in full support of your project and would prefer a product that lasts years to come yet a product rushed and last days to come and I think I Speek for others we would prefer a quality product rather than a cheep product very very happy takes a mature person to own up with real information

    36. C.c. Alex Teh on July 7

      @Mickey Johnson

      Hey, So i am a backer of Podo camera too and i check back on that page occasionally to gauge how and what is happening.

      Here is a bit of a background, I pledge for podo and its accessory and what not. EB too btw.

      I am located in Malaysia and the postage here is atrocious but I got the package although it was delayed by a month or so. (Christmas pledge)

      My podo also has the initial problem with the connection but upon reading back on the FAQ and how to, i manage to get it to work and not have any problem since.

      The point is, I have noticed that on the PODO page, there are a number of people that are expecting to be served without effort. I get that we paid for the product and we want it to work the first time we got it , or that PODO could have done a better job in talking to their backers.

      But many, many backers that have problem seems to not read the update, faq, or suggestions by other helpful backers.

      Case in point, there were repeated , repeated comment telling people from backers and from creators to contact them at so and so email. but no one seems to read it. no one seems to notice it.

      That said, PODO is not 100% at the clear with their service but they have done well enough.
      They kept constant communications, updates and if the updates are actually read, backers can find how to contact them and or how to do certain things.

      My podo works well. Its what I backed for. There is hiccup and problems with connection but following their instructions, it works well enough.

      I do hope this help you clarify on what happened over at PODO kickstarter.

    37. Adrian Martin on July 6

      You can enter the survey again from the original backerkit email, and change shipping address.
      I just tried it and checked it's not locked down yet.
      Hope this helps.

    38. Keplyn on July 5

      @Creator - I am with William Lee as well on this. What a good update! I've seen too many campains where the creator gives excuses about delays but no info on why. I am willing to wait for you to make a product to your satisfaction.

    39. Missing avatar

      Monravitch Avena on July 5

      We are moving this 1st week of August. Can i still change my address please?

    40. Missing avatar

      martin guimaraens on July 5

      I agree with David Berman

    41. Adrian Martin on July 4

      Read the last Update!

    42. Missing avatar

      Brian on July 4

      Hello can i ask when the product will send out??

    43. Mickey Johnson
      on July 4

      What guarantees can you guys make that this product will actually be successful? Looking at your last project, the Podo camera, well, it's pretty obvious your backers feel you guys are scam artists...

    44. David Berman on July 4

      PVD is an unnecessary embellishment. Just polish the stainless steel clip and get on with the project.

    45. Adrian Martin on July 4

      Excellent update.
      Keep up the good work.

      The Chizza looks great!

    46. Roman Khadin on July 4

      Thanks for the update guys and good luck to you!

    47. Beard Daggers on July 3

      @Creator I am backing William Lees message; Thanks for the update!

      I didn't just purchase your product, I backed your company and you team. These update simply prove that you are all doing everything in you can to create something useful that will actually last. In an time where everything else is built to brake, I find this a refreshing change.

    48. Annie
      on July 3

      I think you guys should complete and deliver this campaign first before launching a new campaign

    49. Lyle Nerl Gogh
      on July 3

      @Luke Park , there should be an "Edit Shipping Info" under Shipping Info in your Jack Backerkit or you can try this -…

      As for when shipping begins, it looks like it might be in August as per @Podo Lab's latest update.

      @Rick Austin as mentioned in the FAQ - Once the campaign concludes, we have a firm policy that we do not offer individual refunds. This is a crowdfunding project and your financial support is critical to bring the products to life.

    50. Missing avatar

      Luke Park on July 3

      When does shipment begin? 
      can i change the shipment address now?(if possible, how can i change?)

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