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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
16,019 backers pledged $804,268 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jos about 1 hour ago

      April 25th 2033. Production going well. Will start shipping at the end of 2066. Thank you for your patience.

    2. Jos about 1 hour ago

      It's 2018. All my headphones are wireless.

    3. Mickey Johnson
      about 14 hours ago

      Anyone have the Apple Air Pods and are they worth the investment?

    4. Elba Stevenson
      about 19 hours ago

      Still waiting

    5. Missing avatar

      Jean-Luc Lammer 1 day ago

      Hello from backer #3617 in France
      The best, to my point of view, would be to communicate with your backers (they spent 804 268 $ on that project) once a week is enough iguess. Tell them the difficulties you have with the chinese companies that are working with you, the problems you encounter with the asian way of making business, the time that flies by too quickly, whatever!!!
      But do tell the truth about this Jack that we are all waiting for, as we all know nothing is simple and easy.

      Thank you

    6. Missing avatar

      Amin Siddiqui 1 day ago

      Has anyone received theirs??

    7. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Any word...?

    8. Mickey Johnson
      2 days ago


    9. Missing avatar

      Corey Voigt 2 days ago

      More and more nothing. What a fraud.

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Bell 2 days ago

      Annnnnnnd silent again? Come on guys....

    11. Missing avatar

      Fiflori 2 days ago

      I still haven't received anything...

    12. Howard Gibson 2 days ago

      Given up on ever receiving anything from this bunch of scam artists.

    13. Missing avatar 2 days ago

      That is really strange, where are all that units? Was that fakenews?

    14. Victor Lim 3 days ago

      Last update on March 22 said they will make 6000 by the following week which should be end of March. It is not 3 weeks later and nobody has received anything yet. They should have finished 12000 to 18000 by now. I am backer 2124 and still no product. Another misleading update again??!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Lim Wai Hung 3 days ago

      Backer No: 2029. Still haven receive my jack =,=

    16. Missing avatar

      Seungho Oh 3 days ago

      So it has been about a month since your last update. It was mentioned that confirmation will be made before the weekend of March 22. Where is it???

    17. Justin Jose Caraang 3 days ago

      sooooo....where are our orders? after that last email and the numbers you stated, it would seem all backers would have receive their product by now

    18. Missing avatar

      Chicky Kraitrakul 3 days ago

      Why don't any staff answer our questions . We are waiting for ages !

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Denyer 4 days ago

      nearly 3 weeks since the initial 6000 should have been completed and 4 weeks since a update. I was 3855 backer and has anyone got a shipping notice?
      I would have thought by now if you guys were producing as much as you say then at least some of us should have got shipping notifications. unless of course your producing all units, shipping it by boat back to US and then mailing it out then we are looking at another few months...

    20. Michael Richardson 4 days ago

      Officially beyond annoyed. If this had been delivered on time, then it would have been cool. But now, I have seen smaller items do the same thing so why am I still waiting for this darn thing. It is ridiculous at this point. Will be outdated the minute it is finally received.

    21. Mickey Johnson
      4 days ago

      Hellllllo elllo ello elo o o o. Anyone at Podo therreeeee errrreee erre ere eee. Thousands of backers want an update/their Jack/their money back!!!!

    22. Tricia A Louis 4 days ago

      spend $16 and get this in 2 days from amazon --… looks like it does the same thing! I am so disappointed in this kickstarter!! :-(

    23. Missing avatar

      Elijah Lin 4 days ago

      It is amazing the technology has already moved so far ahead, your product is almost obsolete already. Please at least show some form of remorse for your inability to even have decent customer service.

    24. Missing avatar

      David Solomon 4 days ago

      One question: How many units have shipped?

      To quote your last “update”, “chances of a delay are almost zero”. I think we should have bet on zero because I don’t believe a single backer has acknowledged receipt.

      You guys are amazing. Hey, it is now spring, is it time for a pool party? Please invite the backers this time!

    25. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      According to update #37, the 6000 unites should be finished. Please give a small update and photo-proof to confirm this.

    26. Missing avatar

      Simon Osbon 5 days ago

      I need to update my shipping address as Im moving Country, how can I do that?

    27. Elba Stevenson
      5 days ago

      Has anyone seen anything yet?

    28. John W. Luther
      5 days ago

      There's no joy in Mudville.

    29. Missing avatar

      yun 5 days ago

      킥스타터에서 80만달러 인디고고에서 93만달러면 후원받아놓고 대체 얼마나 기다려야 하는거냐
      못 알아 들어도 하나도 답답해하지 않겠지 애초에 보질 않을테니ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    30. Missing avatar

      Venu Ramanathan 5 days ago

      Where is my jack?? I guess they partied with that almost million dollar funding!!!

    31. Tim Rezgalla 5 days ago

      Did you get tracking info Dave? They may just send them in the second class post so we get bashed up jiffy’s a month down the road...why you can’t just post an update tho is madness,I doubt one backer from any of your campaigns will come back for more silence.
      Success was your downfall

    32. Missing avatar

      more3cm 5 days ago

      야이 시발놈들아 좀 사기그만치고 보내라

    33. Missing avatar

      Lucus Masaru Hu 5 days ago

      Hi @Dave Pereira, please give us a review on it. How bad is bad?

    34. Dean Myton 6 days ago

      Ripplebuds fiasco here they come. They have been 3 years, no reward and have the audacity to be selling on amazon.

    35. Dean Myton 6 days ago

      only a year late and poor quality. Can't wait to get mine. (Sarcasm)

    36. Dave Pereira 6 days ago

      Got my jack and they perform poorly.

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Bosak 6 days ago

      I also lost $$$ on MAGCORD.
      I will not buy in to another K.S. campaign until both come through. ...not that anyone cares.

    38. Michał A Bart 6 days ago

      1,605 backer number- still no jack

    39. Missing avatar

      carla 6 days ago

      still waiting....

    40. Keith Tan 6 days ago

      Looks like many of us are still waiting on some news/updates, but looking at my email history with all the incoming updates from these guys, we should expect an update on the 22nd of the month.

    41. Mickey Johnson
      7 days ago

      Quit ghostin’ us Podo, we ain’t your girlfriend!

    42. Tim Rezgalla 7 days ago

      My address has now been locked down as well so maybe they are getting on it!
      Why they can’t update us and the belle backers I don’t know,the belle lot ain’t happy and rightfully so...without any coms your going the way of the dodo podo

    43. ##Etienne Gijsberts##
      7 days ago

      Just be happy we did not back the Belle campaign. They can say bye bye to 200 euro's or more

    44. Paul Wee on April 15

      Your production and delivery takes way too, too long already.
      I like to change my delivery address, don’t think your production will become a real product anyway. Seeing is believing !! A refund is good.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jim Shumway on April 15

      An update is warranted at this point.

    46. Moises Cardona on April 14

      My BackerKit survey has also been locked. Delays are to be expected. Just waiting patiently to get it!

    47. Phil Rossa on April 14

      Last Kickstarter Backing ever..

    48. Missing avatar

      art on April 14

      I just checked their other KS project:

      Looks like Podo's done...

    49. Missing avatar

      art on April 14

      Could they at least ship the headphones we paid for?

      Yeah, they sh*#! the bed on the jack. Most of us have given up hope on ever seeing that product; however, selling, and collecting money for third party manufactured items (ie: the headphones) and not shipping those, is just downright slimy and reeks of a scam..?

      Perhaps a group action is in order to receive either a refund or fulfillment on the non-podo items we paid for?

    50. Ava Mandeville
      on April 14

      Has there been ANY update? Has anyone received anything? This is disgraceful.

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