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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
16,019 backers pledged $804,268 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Timo about 3 hours ago

      @Matthew Yes, via PM.

    2. Matthew Evans about 4 hours ago

      @daniel - does that mean we'll still be able to order the case if we've missed out? Cheers

    3. Missing avatar

      about 5 hours ago

      @Audrey Rose, @Anonymous, @aaditysony, anyone else who did not get to add a case
      Now that the funding has ended, you can no longer add to your pledge for the silicon case on Kickstarter. When you get the Backerkit survey link (about 2 weeks) you will be able to add the case (and select the color).

    4. Missing avatar

      about 5 hours ago

      @raymond You can go and retry your payment and KS will let you put in a different card at that time. KS will only retry after 7 days but that does not mean you cannot ask them to try manually before.

    5. Missing avatar

      Narender Sharma about 7 hours ago

      @PodoLabs, I just saw your campaign as 'In Demand' on Indiegogo. On Indiegogo you have stated stretch goal of the Jack mobile app when you reach $1.2 million. Wasn't it $1 million before? And if you reach the target there will the backers on Kickstarter also get the app?
      Also you have no mention of the sports case there, some friends of mine wanted to purchase but you haven't mentioned the sports case anywhere. If you could add that then it might help you reach the stretch goal even faster.

    6. Missing avatar

      raymond about 7 hours ago

      hi, i received an email saying my credit card was rejected. i've just changed to another credit card. Can you try and let me know if it works? I'm a little concerned as in your email you mentioned that you'll only try at the end of 7 days grace period and if it failed then the backer is out. Thanks!

    7. Brian Lewis about 13 hours ago

      @T Kap You should still just fill out that form and put your link to your tweet.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ali Demir
      about 14 hours ago

      @Phi Nguyen: You can add a jack and add-ons in the survey :)

    9. Phi Nguyen about 16 hours ago

      How do I change my pledge to be only one jack and the carrying case?

    10. T Kap about 17 hours ago

      Since it's on twitter and I have no idea how to do this?

    11. Missing avatar

      Ari Kela
      about 19 hours ago

      @T Kap: update# 4 "If you shared our campaign, please claim your reward by using this form:"

    12. Missing avatar

      Dana Lu about 20 hours ago

      Congrats!! Looking forward to everything :)

    13. i hate buying gas about 20 hours ago

      You now have to wait for the survey to add/pay for the silicon case.

    14. aaditysony about 20 hours ago

      Hey! how do I add the silicone case to my pledge? Is it still possible given that the campaign is over? I'd really like one please

      Founder of-

    15. Audrey Rose about 21 hours ago

      I very much would like to add the sport case to my pledge. The email said to visit the campaign page and go to manage pledge. There is only a view pledge option.

    16. T Kap about 21 hours ago

      Posted on twitter but don't have google acct. will the survey have a place where we can notate that we did share the link?

    17. Missing avatar

      Ali Demir
      1 day ago

      HELLO Dear NEW Kickstarter backers: The survey will arrive in the next weeks, WHERE you'll be able to EDIT your pledge via a service called BACKERKIT! You can add more Jack's, Cases or ear phones to your existing pledge here.. :))) NOW WORRIES please ;)

      Have a great day :)

    18. William DiTheodore 1 day ago

      Congrats! I think this is will work GREAT with another item I have. The Basslet, another Kickstarter campaign. Thank you for letting me be part of this. � Live Long and Prosper

    19. Missing avatar

      Ben Pasquali 1 day ago


    20. Missing avatar

      Simone van der Veen 1 day ago

      I definitely support the black and gold jack. Hopefully a deep purple silicone case will be available. Can't wait for the final product to arrive.

    21. Missing avatar

      Garry Blyth 1 day ago

      I altered my pledge with the extra money for the case hope it went to right place ,glad to hear you made it to your target all the very best to you all . Garry Blyth

    22. Missing avatar

      Pui-Shan Tang 1 day ago

      Can I check that I will get a case (have added the cost of it in my pledge)

    23. Missing avatar

      Anonymous 1 day ago

      I am trying have to add eight dollars to my pledge so that I can receive the stretch goal case. I cannot find anywhere to "manage my pledge". There is a "view pledge" hyperlink, but there's no way to manage or add funds. Please assist with specifics. Thank you

    24. Craig Richard 1 day ago

      Im looking forward to making all of my dope ass wired headphones relevant with this dongle...damn you apple but hello bluetooth!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Sharon 1 day ago

      Hi! Can't wait to see the end product!


    26. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      @박정빈 I am not sure what you are asking, but if you pledged for 1 Jack & 1 silicone case, it should come to $25+$8+shipping ($33+shipping). The description will not mention the case because it is an add-on but you will be able to select your color when the survey arrives.

    27. Missing avatar

      박정빈 1 day ago

      Sorry.. i mean "object" that i write "subject" under..ㅠ.ㅠ

    28. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      For all those who are asking, you should be able to add the silicone case when the survey is released through Backerkit. Also you will be able to add additional Jacks, carrying cases and headphones. The survey link will be sent to the email you logged into KS with. If you used Facebook to log into KS, it will be sent to that email. If you have a different email you wish to use, send the creator a direct message.

    29. Missing avatar

      박정빈 1 day ago

      Can i check my delivery subject? i changed my bid to 43 and want to recieve one jack and one silicon case but in my receipt there is no mention about the case. Can i check my delivery subject?

    30. Missing avatar

      Ben Chea 1 day ago

      Thanks for the information, Narender!

    31. Missing avatar

      Narender Sharma 1 day ago

      @Chris, Murtuza you can definitely add the silicone case. Once the Backer Kit surveys are out, you will have an option to add extra jack or accesories at the Kickstarter price in the survey. It will take around 2 weeks for the surveys to arrive. If you need more details please refer to the latest update by the PodoLabs team.

    32. Chris Hannan 1 day ago

      How can I add the silicone case now the campaign is over?

    33. Murtuza Vaid 1 day ago

      Hey how do I add the silicone case to my pledge? Is it still possible given that the campaign is over? I'd really like one please.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jon G. 1 day ago

      Congratulations! Have a good rest and celebration!

      A question for when you return…...
      I know you can use & charge Jack at the same time, but I'm wondering if you can just leave it plugged into power indefinitely in between use without damaging the battery. Or, do you need to unplug from power while it just sits unused, connected to, say, your television or stereo system.
      If you could leave it plugged into power, it would be more convenient the next time you went to connect. But not at the expense of damaging the battery.

    35. Lawrence J Speece 1 day ago

      Amazing campaign!!! Congrats

    36. Toby Mize 1 day ago

      @Creator I meant the silicone case... The stretch goal... :P

    37. Toby Mize 1 day ago

      @Creator Funded ftw! :D I know that you are taking a break so don't answer this until you want to... :) Will we be able to purchase a case when the survey comes out? I didn't add any additional funds for the case... :) Thanks for being awesome!

    38. Missing avatar

      Bharathi Kiran 1 day ago

      Thanks @Podo
      The project is successfully funded!!

    39. Podo Labs 3-time creator 1 day ago

      @Seungho Oh - Years, depending on use. Approximately 600 recharging cycles, so if you deplete and charge it once a day about 2 years.

      Ok really signing off now. Cheers!

    40. Podo Labs 3-time creator 1 day ago

      We'll be taking a bit of a break over the weekend with the comments and messages :)

      but who am I kidding, we'll probably check in anyway. Thanks everyone!

    41. Rudy
      1 day ago

      Congrats!! Now to cross my fingers and toes and hope that we'll actually receive a great product!

    42. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Woo hoo!! Officially fully funded! Congrats on such a successful campaign PodoLabs!

    43. Missing avatar

      Seungho Oh 1 day ago

      Congrats!!! One final question. What do I do if the battery's life is done? (I don't even know what the expectancy is...)

    44. Podo Labs 3-time creator 1 day ago

      Thanks everyone! We will send the Backer kit survey in about 2 weeks. But you have until we ship before you have to fill it out, so you can do it in April. Best of luck with your exams!

    45. Missing avatar

      Edwin Alonso 1 day ago

      We did it!!��

    46. Noah 1 day ago

      It's over!!!!

    47. Srikanth B
      1 day ago

      Congratulations! Again!

    48. Brian Lewis 1 day ago

      *throws confetti all over* :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Bharathi Kiran 1 day ago

      Thanks @Srikanth @Podo
      How long will it take for you to send the survey link? Because I won't be in a position to fill out the survey during the whole of March as I'm having my exams�

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