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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol 3 days ago

      Yes, you should get a notification to the email you use for Kickstarter after your item has shipped (typically with a tracking number)

    2. Missing avatar

      Kanan 3 days ago

      Will you send out confirmations after shipping ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Hassard 6 days ago


      Theyve said to others it would be easier to contact them about specific problems at:

      Hope this helps.

    4. Qoo Khoo 7 days ago

      I'm backer #15168

    5. Qoo Khoo 7 days ago

      I didn't see the 3.5mm connector in my profile.

    6. Lyle Nerl Gogh
      on May 17

      @aline martins , I don't thing that is possible. Many other kickstarter projects has tried that before and has been met with legal actions for "lying" about the items.

    7. Aline Martins on May 17

      @Podo Labs

      Regarding the shipping, would it be possible to declare intend under a lower price? Brazil is very heavy on taxes, almost 100% of the price paid

    8. Missing avatar

      Bernard Goh on May 17

      Hi, is there the possibility of including additional free 3.5mm connectors for those who pledged more than a unit during the connector giveaway? I remembered reading a similar request in the earlier comments

    9. Tim Rezgalla on May 16

      Good update thanks,can't wait :)

    10. Podo Labs 3-time creator on May 15

      @Maris Rodsumpun - Targeting late June, shipping throughout July. We will find out more as it is happening!

    11. Podo Labs 3-time creator on May 15

      @Abi Nash - No, but we added 3.5mm connectors to your account! It should be there in your backerkit profile

    12. Maris Rodsumpun on May 11

      how long to ship sir

    13. Abi Nash on May 10

      @Creator: Is there anything such as give away cover, for Backerclub members?

    14. Podo Labs 3-time creator on May 9

      @All - Hi everyone! Sorry for the slow response time; we're getting caught up now and the wait shouldn't be so long moving forward. Sometimes it is easier to reach us at as well.

      If you have trouble finding your survey, please check your spam for an email from or you can use this link to find your survey:

      We will post an update hopefully Friday or this coming Monday. The timeline is very tight but we are working hard; thanks everyone and stay tuned!

    15. DPniRadhallaigh on May 8

      thanks for the photos from China - hope all went well and you're finding they can stay on schedule - exciting to see it all coming together - best of luck from Washington DC, Denise

    16. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol on May 5

      @Xavi Wijntje
      It will ship around June to July if everything goes according to schedule.

    17. Missing avatar

      Xavi Wijntje on May 5

      Hi, when is the device been shipped?

    18. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol on May 1

      They do not offer individual refunds. See the FAQ section for more info.

    19. NoTail
      on May 1

      hi, i would like to refund my order.

    20. Adrian Martin on April 28


      According to the campaign blurb it's aptX Bluetooth.
      higher quality than 4.1 (If your source runs aptX).

    21. Jimmy Hsu on April 27

      Just curious which bluetooth version will these be? 4.0? 4.1?

    22. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol on April 27

      @Jounghun Woo
      Shipments will begin in June and likely go into July if everything goes as planned

    23. JoungHun Woo on April 26

      When is the shipment?

    24. Missing avatar

      Adam on April 26


      Could the creators please reply to messages sent directly to them?


    25. Lyle Nerl Gogh
      on April 25

      @Tom - this should help : . Keyin the email address you use for kickstarter.

    26. Tom on April 25

      Hi there,

      Can you sent the mail again for filling in my address.


    27. Brian Lewis
      on April 21

      BackerKit charges when the survey locks.

    28. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol on April 21

      They just put out another update 3 days ago. Check the updates page if you'd like to look at them

    29. Cas_per_M on April 20

      Hey @Podo!

      Do you maybe have another update for us backers?
      We're curious :-)

    30. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nielsen on April 20

      Hi Podo Laps.. I filled out my survey an send it, there has been no withdraw money ,yet from my account. Is that normal procedure with backerkit ? If yes, when to expect money withdraw ? Greatings

    31. Podo Labs 3-time creator on April 19

      @Solina Bartnicki - I see you've answered it already, thank you :)

    32. Podo Labs 3-time creator on April 19

      @malcolm jacks - We do not have a source for that, but whoever wants that can likely find it on Amazon!

      Here's one for under $2:…

    33. Podo Labs 3-time creator on April 19

      @Etienne - And buy directly from KZ we mean work with their factory to make custom versions just for us; they have the same sound and build quality, but they are not off-the-shelf with regard to the features we added.

    34. Podo Labs 3-time creator on April 19

      @Etienne - We buy these headphones directly from KZ; we removed the logo printing, shortened the cable, and worked with them to add a volume controller that's Android and iOS compatible; you won't find that feature on Alibaba or Amazon! And yes, we agree they sound great :)

    35. Podo Labs 3-time creator on April 19

      @Elba Stevenson, @Paul Dupuy, Jr., @Daniel Sanchez, @章金鑫, @Solina Bartnicki- Audrey Koziol is correct, please go to this link: to recover your survey. You should have received an email from BackerKit last month asking you a few questions and your shipping address. You can also use this BackerKit survey to add any items you did not order during the campaign. Thank you!

    36. Podo Labs 3-time creator on April 19

      @Lola Gudgeon - Haha it could be cool! But we don't want it to look like we didn't try hard to make it look consistent. If the effect happens during our process we'll take pictures and see :)

    37. Podo Labs 3-time creator on April 19

      @Eugene Lim - Woohoo! I'm sorry but 3 color combinations is the limit for us for this campaign; you won't be able to disassemble the Jack yourself either. However, if you need "replacement parts" after the campaign is over we could send you some black plastics for a couple bucks + shipping, and you can remove (you'll have to break them) your navy plastics and replace it with the black ones to have a black and gold combo.

    38. Podo Labs 3-time creator on April 19

      @Brian Lewis, @Audrey Koziol, @Louis Phutirat - Thank you for the encouragement! We're happy to do it :)

    39. Solina Bartnicki on April 19

      I think I've completed my survey, but I don't remember for sure (I had three projects fund at the same time so I might be confusing another one for this one) Where can I check to be sure? Thank you! :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol on April 19

      If you have not received the survey, please go to this link:
      to set up your Backerkit account and fill out your survey. Please remember to use the email you use on Kickstarter in order that the correct information is linked to your account.
      You should be able to change how many Jacks and cases you want along with colors, along with adding more add ons if you want and changing your shipping address.

    41. Missing avatar

      章金鑫 on April 19

      where is the link of survey+1

    42. malcolm jacks on April 19

      would be nice to have a sterio extension cable included say between 1/2 to 1 mtr ??
      Best Wishes Malcolm

    43. Etienne
      on April 19

      The headphones look exactly like KZ ATE which can be found on Aliexpress and get excellent reviews. I own 2 myself. These are IEM earphones which mean the wires go over your ears. Some people will not like it but the sound is amazing.
      So either these are fake versions of the KZ, which does not make me happy since it means you support counterfeiting or all the so called design changes are not true and you simply bought off the shelf earphones. Care to enlighten us on this matter.

    44. Missing avatar

      Daniel Sanchez on April 19

      Where is the link for the survey?

    45. Missing avatar

      Paul Dupuy, Jr. on April 18

      Haven't received a BackerKit survey link either...

    46. Elba Stevenson on April 18

      How do I find my survey

    47. Missing avatar

      Louis Phutirat on April 18

      WOW. This update is absolutely great! Thank you Podo Labs for making my day.

    48. Missing avatar

      Audrey Koziol on April 18

      Just wanted to say that I'm loving all the updates and how regular they are. It's great to see how everything is going and the process being making Jacks!

    49. Lola Gudgeon on April 12

      I actually like the idea of coloured swirl appearing in the metal - makes individuality and, anyway, I love the possible rainbow effect...

    50. Missing avatar

      Eugene Lim on April 11

      Hey Eddie & Podo team. Love your product so much that I got three of them! Any chance that I can switch the plastic casing with the metal clip section? I would love to have a black and gold combination.

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