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This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!
16,019 backers pledged $804,268 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Aristides 6 minutes ago

      @Kris Chambers: If you've got a lot of money, might as well share it with us.

      Requesting a refund is not hilarious - it's your hard-earned money and if you want to just throw it away, it's your choice. You back a product with a lot of trust and hope that they will do the right thing. Complexities arise in every project, but it's how they handle it and communicate, reflects on them.

      And if the backer is genuine enough, they will offer a refund. It reflects on their integrity and transparency. They should offer that option if there are significant delays on the project.

      Lastly, quite a few of us here have backed projects and know how Kickstarter works, so let's not get into it. You maybe a Superbacker, so good on you!

    2. Aristides 12 minutes ago

      Hi there,
      I'm genuinely fed up of all your problems, excuses and the lack of transparency in this project. I would simply like a refund and not deal with you guys anymore.

    3. JoungHun Woo
      about 1 hour ago

      Did the shipping schedule come up?

    4. Missing avatar

      Yehuda Cavalli about 14 hours ago

      There it is. I said previously that I would expect to at least receive my Jack for my birthday (January 14th) and it clearly seems it's not gonna happen.

      This project should have been cancelled and the money refunded already.

      Other more mature, honest and down-to-earth project managers already done that. I just received today an e-mail from another project I backed saying that although they reached the goal they wouldn't be able to continue and deliver, so they simply decided to cancel and refund everybody, because THEY ARE MATURE ADULTS THAT DON'T FOOL AROUND WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY AND EXPECTATIONS, just because someone told them that "they shouldn't stop believing and trying".

    5. Alexy CV Chikantsev about 15 hours ago

      I can’t understand what are you trying to do with this update? Tell everybody another sorry words? I know it is impossible to take my money back already, but in July I contributed similar project with wider functionality on Indiegogo. And you know what? It is already on the way! And it even looks better! So I consider my pledge as waste of money. More than 6 months delay - this is totally unacceptable. I will recommend to all my friends and followers not to deal with Podo, unless you want to waste money of course. Because for the time it takes Podo to make the product somebody else will take the idea, improve it and send it to you. And you are still be waiting for original product.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kris Chambers
      about 17 hours ago


      I love it when people request a refund.

      It’s hilarious.

      I’ve backed 78 projects, spent about $13k or so...

      I’ve had huge projects not deliver a thing.

      It’s not an on line shop people.

      Read the T&C’s before pledging.

      Haha refund. You guys kill me.

    7. Darren Osborn about 21 hours ago

      Just wanted to know how i request a refund for this one. Thanks

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Broleman 1 day ago

      It seems to me that the “new feature” of two Jacks syncing is in the original video you posted. Or is this “new sync feature’ not completely understood by me?

    9. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Was it ever explained why the clip was changed? The most recent update shows an image of "Finished Jacks" which feature a different (hollow) clip, which doesn't match what the campaign shows.

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthias Kreuz 1 day ago

      Guys, thanks for the update.
      Is it possible and feasible of starting the attempt of prioritizing certain orders?
      Of course, most people want those devices as quickly as possible, however, I recon that there are also backers (such as me) who are not in a hurry.

    11. Leland Gordon 1 day ago

      Remember other backers, Kickstarter is where people come to get help from the community to get their ideas brought to life. It is not a retail shopping destination. If you're looking to simply purchase a Bluetooth headphone connector there are hundreds of cheap alternatives on Amazon. You can get one in two days if you wish. But, if you're looking to support a growing company create something new and unique sometimes you have to be patient. Please be respectful and considerate. The guys at Podo Labs are working hard to make sure the finished product is a high quality and feature packed item. They are also being completely transparent in their posts, something which is rare if you've ever backed any other projects on Kickstarter.

    12. Leland Gordon 1 day ago

      Thanks for the update. It's great to see that you guys are making the best of the extra time to refine and improve your original idea. I can't wait to see it in person. Keep up the good work!

    13. i hate buying gas
      1 day ago

      Josef - I see where you're coming from now. I actually prefer individual presses for volume adjustment. Gives me finer control and reduces risk of lowering or raising (which would be the bigger risk) too fast.
      At this point let them finish the product and perhaps incorporate feedback after users have it into version 2.

    14. Missing avatar

      BG 1 day ago

      Thanks for the update. I also would like to ask for a refund. I ordered the AirLink from the Indiegogo campaign. They arrived a week ago and they do the same thing as the Jack. You may want to consult with them for Help or license their technology.

    15. Missing avatar

      Geoff 2 days ago

      Hi, I entirely echo the sentiments of the last poster, Stefan Knöchel. The only difference is that, I DO, want to ask for a refund! I understand that you may have had problems, but it seems that there is one problem after another, and ones that should have been iron out earlier on in the whole process, especially as it is NOT your first campaign! You should at least, have been able to deal effectively with these problems as they present themselves, experience should have given you that insight and skill set! I am not prepared to wait any longer, I am sorry! Please process the refund and contact me asap? Thank you

    16. Missing avatar

      Stefan Knöchel 2 days ago

      Hi Podo team, this is very disappointing news. You got 60% of scrap with the first 500 units and you have to do rework manually yourself. What kind of contract do you have if the manufactorer can deliver scrap and get paid for it? But what concerns me the most is, that you will ship this scrap to us backers. Is that your understanding of sending out quality?
      As I stated earlier, these issues (tolerances etc.) should've been solved before production starts.
      In this update there is no reliable timeline We're waiting 9 month for a product you said would be here in 4 month. And now you say there is no ETA.
      And you say nothing about the topic that you promise to produce 25,000 units within 2 month to fulfill the pre-orders on indiegogo. My feeling tells me, you're telling us you have problems. so you can fulfill Indiegogo first because they are customers who can get a refund if you don't deliver in time. (and I'm not asking for a refund but for shipping the product.)
      I wouldn't care for your accounting but as you tell us about it:
      - We paid extra for shipping which is not shown on the Kickstarter site.
      - You got nearly 1,000,000 dollars from Indiegogo and you don't need to pay for office and tooling there.
      - You didn't need marketing and ads for Kickstarter as you were funded within 3 hours (as you state on your campaign site.
      I don't think you have to stand in line at the soup kitchen.
      And now (what a surprise) it's holiday season. Another weak excuse that you might not get the product in time. This is your 3rd campaign. You should've known the issues when you set up the timeline.

    17. Missing avatar

      Anthony Jarvis 2 days ago

      Guys, relax! You are doing a great job and are obviously committed to making an excellent product. Very much looking forward to it whenever it arrives.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Bergman 2 days ago

      I just saw your new update on the progress on the production. The "Special New features" especially the fact that you can pair 2 jacks inspired me to buy an additional jack so i can easily share my music with my friends. No need for clunky splitter jacks that work badly and are unreliable. Thank you for the updates and the effort you are putting in. Every update fills me with new hope for the quality and worth of this product. I'm very glad i backed your product

    19. Missing avatar

      Derek Speight 2 days ago

      Thank you for a great update and the effort you are putting in. I for one, am happy to wait and receive a fault free, finished product when it is ready.
      It may be a hard lesson to learn for first timers like Jolene, but you soon learn that delays and reworking is often the norm, as it would have been before any product hits the shelves.
      The difference is that you, as a backer, have been part of that process and at least it is a product that we will receive unlike some other projects Kickstarter supports.
      A backer has a choice, take a chance and join, or wait for the product to be on the shelves. Please don't start complaining when things don't go exactly as we would have liked.

    20. Herbert Neugebauer 2 days ago

      @Podo team: thanks for the update. I appreciate you keeping us informed, this is one key part of Kickstarter, a project that we fund (not a product we buy).

      @critics Kickstarter is not a product buying platform. This idea is now years old, and it seems like in 2017 people still don't understand, that you cannot buy products on Kickstarter. On Kickstarter you give your money to people to develop their idea. It may work, or it may not work. So far I only funded about 10 projects (few, but then again, many). Three failures, 7 successes. I like it! I spend money that I don't really need for projects that I think are a great idea.
      If you intend to buy a Christmas present, go to a store, or buy online on Amazon or elsewhere, but do NOT go to Kickstarter, as Kickstarter is not a product shop.

    21. Missing avatar

      Hamish Thorn 2 days ago

      Thanks for the update

    22. Missing avatar

      Jolene Seow 2 days ago

      This was the first Kickstarter campaign I ever funded, and I have to say I kinda disappointed. The current product greatly differs from the promised one, even in size, and now, I won't be able to give them as Christmas presents like I intended to. Not too sure what I'm going to do with all the units I ordered. Still, thanks for the update.

    23. Marcus Ditsch 2 days ago

      Excellent update

    24. Rick 2 days ago

      Excellent update. It is nice to get a glimpse into the manufacturing process. Keep the updates and pictures coming. I like the truth over silence. Totally understand that this is Kickstarter not Kmart-er. Well done.... keep your eye on the prize.

    25. Missing avatar

      Hito 2 days ago

      keep on keeping on bros. is it possible to add a couple more units to my pledge?

    26. Justin Jose Caraang 2 days ago

      Thanks for the continued updates, but by just saying majority of us won't get the product until next year, but not actually saying when next year gives me little to no hope. Already picked up the Beats X to sooth me over until I go for the AirPods...Nice dream...horrible execution...I can get similar devices now for cheaper at Best Buy and Frys, etc.

    27. Missing avatar

      Corey Voigt 2 days ago

      Y'all clamoring for a refund realize that you will never see your money and likely not the product. It's gone. Wasted at the hands of a bunch of stargazers with a dream and no real product development experience or knowledge. But, I guess it beats working for a living.

    28. Ken Jazzy Jones 2 days ago

      Thanks for hangin in there and working so hard on this guys! You guys are stars despite the inevitable production speed bumps you are running into. Keep at it :) The negative commenters would have quit long ago because they dont have what it takes. Thanks for giving it the extra effort!

    29. Missing avatar

      Chang Der Ming 2 days ago

      Thanks for the update!

    30. Missing avatar

      Josef Svensson 2 days ago

      @i hate buying gas
      Oh no, I'm not talking about Apple headphones. I'm talking about the Jack itself. As it is right now, if your volume is on max and you want to lower it to minimum, you will have to press the minus button FIFTEEN times. Or if your volume is on minimum and you want it on max volume you will have to press the plus button fifteen times as well.

      This is because they have chosen to make it so holding down the plus button skips forward to the next song instead of continuously making the volume go up like it should. And holding down the minus button skips backward to previous song instead of continuously lowering the volume like it should.

      What I suggested was that they could make it so that pressing twice on the play/pause button skips forward. Pressing three times on the play/pause button skips backwards. This way, they can allow holding down the plus or minus button to continuously higher or lower the volume. I mentioned Apple headphones because that's where I got this idea from because they do it like that. I didn’t mean they should customize the device for Apple headphones. Sorry for the confusion.

    31. i hate buying gas
      2 days ago

      No more changes. Keep with the path to deliver. Not everyone has apple branded earphones.

    32. Missing avatar

      Josef Svensson 2 days ago

      Thanks for the update, please keep them coming! This is how it should be. I'm glad you finally responded about the clip design change, and honestly after seeing the difference with the original design it seems the change may have been worth it. It's just a shame it doesn't look as good with the new clip. I'm disappointed you can't deliver before Christmas but I guess there's nothing you can do about that now.


      I do have some concerns that I'd like you to address. Could you please change so the buttons work like they do with Apple headphones instead? Pressing twice on the play/pause button should skip forward and pressing three times on it should skip backwards. I shouldn't have to press like ten times on the minus button to lower the volume, that is extremely unintuitive. I want to be able to hold the minus button down to lower the volume, and hold the plus button to make the volume higher. Holding down both volume buttons could show battery level. Please change it up to this...

      Also I have a question:
      After we all recieve the Jacks, are you going to release firmware updates now and then to bring new features and/or polish current features? In that case, how would that work?


    33. Kelvin 2 days ago

      thanks for the update, but i'm done.

      decision were made to change the device and looked pretty bad. yep understand that.
      now in the 500 produced, you 3 guys still have to fix more than 300pcs by hand?
      the rest of the backers are still subject to board change, probably further testing?
      no worries, understand your needs to get the product right.

      but i'm done. please advise me on how to get my money back.
      to the other folks who are more patient than i already am, kudos to you and please keep it that way.

      thanks podo, it's been a ride.

    34. Tim Green 2 days ago

      Disappointing update. So realistically speaking, and as you didn’t say exactly when next year I might expect to receive my Jack, we are looking at a total duration of a year from funding to in my hand (best case scenario). Appreciate that there have been challenges along the way, though frankly those could have been mitigated somewhat by not adding to the feature set as you went along.

      February 2017 this all seemed cutting edge. February 2018 this will all be old hat, old tech, and who the hell will care. I already gave up and bought AirPods.

    35. Missing avatar

      Phillip Mader 2 days ago

      Thanks for the update!!!

    36. DPniRadhallaigh 2 days ago

      Hi guys - loved the latest update and the videos are so cool - they got me all excited about the product again (i was starting to forget what it was). Love that you tested it with a pair of Bose headsets as I have one and now i know i'll use it more when i get my Jack. I also really like the extended clip - looks much better and will ensure a better grip on whatever we clip it too. Personally I'm happy to wait for the product as you keep improving it and that tells me that when it does come, we'll love it even more. Keep up the great work and know that many of us recognize this is a new product from concept/design to production and 1st versions of everything take longer. We invest knowing that and knowing that a lot can go wrong but that's part of the fun of investing. At least we are seeing great progress and a product here - many others in other Kickstarter & Indiegogo campaigns end up with nothing. I'm loving it - great work!!! Keeping the faith alive!! Cheers!

    37. Missing avatar

      Brett 2 days ago

      Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you for the great update, clearly I’m also disappointed that’s it’s delayed but if what I see on the update rings true then I’m confident it will be a great product to use, sounds like maybe the delays have been a good thing in that it’s given you more time to add features and refine it.
      Keep up the good work and hopefully I’m not the 25th thousand to arrive�

    38. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      “You still aren’t getting what you paid for, but don’t get mad at us because we’re not making much money.” Cool.

    39. Missing avatar

      Thomas Charbonnel 2 days ago

      Can I come to Dongguan to get one quickly?

    40. Missing avatar

      Alexander Wenzel 2 days ago

      What can i do if mi jack start to fail , there is a warranty?.
      (This is a hypothetical case)

    41. Missing avatar

      Bob Mueller
      2 days ago

      This is starting to get annoying!

    42. Missing avatar

      Brandy 2 days ago

      A lot of us backers are hoping to give this product as gifts this holiday season and the least that PODO should do is post an update clarifying if we will receive our Jacks in time to do this or not. With Black Friday coming up the sooner the update the better.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jay Patel
      2 days ago

      any updates?

    44. Missing avatar

      Kun 2 days ago

      hi creator. I need to know where is mine product. still don't receive.
      pleas give an update to me.

    45. Tim Rezgalla 2 days ago

      Griffin is a piece of tat! It's got a measly 100mA battery & the biggest flaw for me is it has NO pass thru charging,so you have to use that tiny battery! Flip side is its so poorly put together I think prying it open and getting a watch battery may fix it once it dies,that said they're cheap & you'll get them quick. Sounds not great when cranked up high,the manual says to set your volume to 75% for best sound,I found that a bit funny :)

      I hope that podo get these out soon as comments are worrisome now,had hoped they'd be gifts at Xmas!
      Give us an update please podo

    46. Missing avatar

      Stefan Knöchel 3 days ago

      I read the updates on Indiegogo (Thanks to Melissa) and I'm puzled. Podo say there that they will be producing about 25,000 units within the next two month to fulfill the orders there.
      As we are backers we are to get the first deliveries.
      @Podo. Please clarify this topic in an update till the end of this week.

    47. Missing avatar

      Melissa Aldham 3 days ago

      I'm a bit concerned over the fact that your indigogo campaign for Jack is getting different information on different dates than this one.

      I think that both groups deserve the same and true story as to what is truly going on.

    48. Missing avatar

      Hamish Thorn 3 days ago

      Belle + Jack = £1M����️�️�️���

    49. Missing avatar

      Stefan Knöchel 3 days ago

      @Annie: Especially with 2 previous campaigns they should be able to set up a reliable timeline. I f you look at the comments of those campaigns you will see that they had issues and delays there too. And we have a delay that's more than 100% of the original timeline which was not properly communicated. Podo team was last online yesterday and didn't respond to any comments nor post an update.
      I don't think (and didn't say) they're dishonest but their behaviour make me think they're hiding something from us backers.
      And please, don't insult me again.

    50. Annie
      3 days ago

      Technically if they are dishonest they would have ran with the money and sat at some beach. They have fulfilled their 2 previous campaigns and they will fulfill this too. They underestimated their timeline, well shit happens when you go into production. Can anyone tell what's going to happen in the future? No one can predict the future. Do I know if I'm gonna be hit by a car and die tomorrow? I don't... But shit does happen.

      Anyhow you guys can continue being mad. Just giving my opinion.

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