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Looking for a fun, stylish case to hold your phone and cards? The multifunctional PocoWool clutch is your answer!
Looking for a fun, stylish case to hold your phone and cards? The multifunctional PocoWool clutch is your answer!
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Personal Charms

Dear Backers,

Happy New Year! 

I got lots of people asking about the crystal kitty and the iLong key holder &bag charm shown in the video. They are our models' personal charms. However, if you are interested and want to know where to get them, please message me. I can share you the link. We are also negotiating with the key holder designer to make a deal for my backers.



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We are funded today!

My dearest backers: 

Thank you so much for your generous support! Every one of you will be always remembered and appreciated along our project path. Because of your generous support, we were able to reach our minimum funding goal a full week before the deadline. Additionally, we can negotiate with the manufacturer to bring our PocoWool into the market at a lower cost and higher efficiency rate.


As a result, I am placing the first bulk order this week. We promise to produce an excellent product for you. The manufacturer has promised that if we can place an order of $10,000, they can offer an extra 5% discount. We still have 8 days left, I hope and believe we can get there with your help. You already made your pledge, please help spread the word! Tell all of your friends why you like our project and product and ask for their support. For each amount we can raise beyond the minimum goal, we are able to negotiate even better rates with the manufacturer, which, in turn, will result in lower overhead for us and lower end costs to our customers. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, and teach of you will have an even more amazing year in 2013! You are, and will be, remembered in our PocoMaru company history!   



One great user feedback I would love to share

This morning I got a user feedback from our PocoWool clutch. Yes, I have mailed out a few to people who are mobile gurus. Here is a feedback from a busy lady, a mother, and a martial art master: 

"I have to tell you how well my PocoWool is working out! It's great for moms on the go. It worked out fantastically the night of class. I left and went to the store afterwards and had everything I needed right there. I was home for twenty minutes or so, then had to go back and pick up my daughter. I just grabbed my PocoWool and left. Yesterday I was reviewing the Google Maps app and needed to get a screencap of the turn-by-turn directions. So I need to just drive around the block. I didn't need my purse. I just picked up my PocoWool and left. Last night I had to pick up my daughter from ballet, then go to Target on the way home. I just picked up my PocoWool and left. When I had to check my grocery list at Target, my phone was there, easy to find. They didn't have candy canes to make my peppermint bark, so I had to stop at Walgreens on the way home. My daughter wanted to stay in the car and listen to the radio. I just detached the PocoWool and left my keys in the ignition. We were baking some mini muffins to go along with the peppermint bark to give out to the other black belts, and I needed sugar. I just picked up my PocoWool and left, going back to Walgreens. It's truly perfect." 

I am really happy to see ladies love my products and the products do make their daily lives a little bit easier!  

The feedback just made my day today! Cheers my dearest backers and potential backers! 

We are almost to our goal now, please help us spread the words, so we can have more backers so we can reach our goal sooner. Once it reaches the goal, I will place the first order to the manufactory so you would have the PocoWool ASAP. 

Again, thank you very much for the support! 



New function founded by my user group: great for Gents and great for mom!

Chen thinks that PocoWool is very convenient for him. He carries it in his pocket as the wallet for his phone, his drivers license, his credit card, and his work badge. He also uses it as a key chain. 

This afternoon, one of my friend told me: hey, it must be "baby proof" too! I laughed so hard. He said, "Look at the wool wrap, it is so padded. When babies throw the phone around, the phone will still be safe. For moms, if they hook theirs phone on their big tote full of toys, baby food, and diapers, it will be much easier for them to find their phones instead of searching in their big totes forever. 

I laughed. Sure, it is for girls, for gents, and also for moms! Wonderful! 

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Will the cards or the phone slip out from the open side?

My dear backers and potential backers, I got a lot of questions on "will the cards slip out from the open side or not". So we made a video this afternoon and would like to share with you. Please let me know if you have any other questions. We are here to answer. 



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