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You are a SHADOW AGENT. Your job: infiltrate the secret lair, evade capture, find the control room, and stop the doomsday device! You are a MASTER VILLAIN. Your job: capture the meddling agent, rule the world!
You are a SHADOW AGENT. Your job: infiltrate the secret lair, evade capture, find the control room, and stop the doomsday device! You are a MASTER VILLAIN. Your job: capture the meddling agent, rule the world!
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Rules Errata, Next POG Game Preview: Devils & Black Sheep ... and Emerald City Comic Con

Posted by Christopher Ferguson (Creator)


No matter how many times I check, double check, triple check, quadruple check, have other people do the same, and even turn it over to translators to tear apart, something sneaks through the gauntlet of playtesting and proof reading. In this case:

The villain starts with 13 cameras, not 14 as stated in the rules. There are only 14 rooms, and one will always be taken up by the agent, so there are only 13 rooms left to put cameras in. Furthermore, there are only 13 camera counters. So ... yeah. My mistake.

Devils & Black Sheep

The next microgame project for Pocket Option Games is taking us in a new direction, from the beginning. I present to you DEVILS & BLACK SHEEP, a game of piratish scum and villainy. Two important upgrades compared to previous KS projects: rather than having thicker counters or die-cutting as stretch goals, I've priced them into the game's production costs from the start. You can click HERE to see a preview, star it to receive an email when it launches, leave comments and tell me where I goofed or what needs to be improved on the project page, etc. Or you can click on the image below.

Token Sheets - These will be the thickest token sheets yet. The prototypes are 38pt, which is ever so slightly too thick and too heavy, so I'm getting new prototypes done up at 32pt. We're right at 0.05 ounces over the weight limit, so it's all about trimming here and trimming there and seeing what we can go without, while not compromising the playability of the game. The printing company wants to drop the counters WAAAAY down to like 20pt, but I'm confident we can find weight to trim away elsewhere. We might end up going back to the Tyvek envelope thing, and decreasing the map board from 12pt cardstock to something like 100# cover, if that'll make up the difference. Not optimal, but you'll not be handling the map much, so lighter should be okay.

Die-Cutting - This is also going to be the first game wherein diecut tokens are included in the production cost from the very beginning. I've already double and triple checked the cuts, and gone through several rounds of revision. I'm confident that we won't have the same dramas that we had in Lord of the Dead. Check out this prototype.

The tokens are super nice, they punch out easily, but not so easily that they would fall out in transit. Really nice stuff, I'm quite proud of this production value and this game design. While different people like different themes and settings, I am convinced that this will be the highest quality game I've offered yet. SUPER excited to get this one on a roll! Almost excited enough to launch early ... but I'll resist that temptation. April 1st is the launch goal.

Emerald City Comic Con

By launching Devils & Black Sheep on April 1, you will all get a chance at getting in early, before the convention crowd. I'm planning on handing out some demos at the con, and several backers are already meeting me hither and thither at the convention, to get some swag.

I've also got several meetings lined up with potential licensors (WOOT!!!!), all of which I'm just about beside myself, twisting in knots excited. I want so badly to scream from a mountaintop who they are and what I'm pitching and proposing, but these contractual No-Talky things have me bound and gagged. Like, I'm feeling twitchy, I'm so excited about it.

Two weeks. Then I deliver my proposals, and then I get yays or nays or a mixture of the two. And then I come skipping home like a schoolboy and do back handsprings. Or I come dragging home like Eeyore, with a little stormcloud following me. I'm trying to keep perspective. None of these are a sure thing. But, let it not be said that any of my proposals were declined because I lacked in planning. I've already got the entire game modeled, sizes, weights, production queue lead times, shipping rates, formats, packing plans ...


Hint: two New York Times bestselling authors ...


and three comic books ...

... and I've already got two illustrations for the books ... they'll be part of my proposal ...

I'd be a horrible Poker player. Or spy.


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    1. Diz9000 on

      Is there no way of punching the tokens out before assembling the components ? I'm sure that the excess card that generally gets binned would lower the weight �
      Im guessing there is probably more manpower involved in that method , which is why it's not already done ....... I'll get my coat and sit in the corner �

    2. Henry Fosdike on

      It arrived to my door yesterday in the UK. So impressed with your fast work. Top stuff! Fun game.

    3. Stephen Farquhar

      No worries. It would be great if you could create an Errata document on Boardgame Geek for this and any others that arise.