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You are a SHADOW AGENT. Your job: infiltrate the secret lair, evade capture, find the control room, and stop the doomsday device! You are a MASTER VILLAIN. Your job: capture the meddling agent, rule the world!
You are a SHADOW AGENT. Your job: infiltrate the secret lair, evade capture, find the control room, and stop the doomsday device! You are a MASTER VILLAIN. Your job: capture the meddling agent, rule the world!
1,262 backers pledged $7,938 to help bring this project to life.

Funding, Print Run Commissioned, Packing Progress, Emerald City Demos, Deathmatch Results (so far)

Posted by Christopher Ferguson (Creator)


We wrapped it up last night with $7938 and 1262 backers.

Print Run Commissioned

I just sent the last file to the printer to be proofed. They're experiencing technical difficulties with their proofing software right now, but they got through the two agent cards and the two rules sheets before it went all wonky on them. No worries, we're still ahead of the curve by several weeks.

With my experiences from previous projects, I'm feathering the timing on this one, and we'll see just how efficient we can make this whole process.

Packing Progress

Anybody who has been with me in the last few projects knows all about my envelope woes. I keep saying "NO MORE LICKY ENVELOPES!!" But printers manage to accidentally send me thousands more licky envelopes. Yeah, well ... I'm done with that. We bought a great big ol' printer with the refund from the last batch of accidentally licky envelopes, which happened to be 5400 Carrier Commander ones (I'm having traumatic flashbacks), and now we're doing the address processing here at home.

So ... we've got 2000 STICKY, that's right STICKY envelopes with the return address already stamped on them because we started addressing them during the campaign. Now we'll get busy applying postage. We should be able to have all the postage applied by the time the game components arrive. When the game components arrive later this month, we'll run the backer report, process the address list, print out the labels, put the labels on the pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes, and get them out the door right quick.

Emerald City Demos

I'll have a few demos that I'm taking to Emerald City Comic Con to show around to various peeps. Basically anybody who will pay attention to me. Anyway, I have no real emotional attachment to them or anything, so if anybody is going to be there the Sunday of the con, you can track me down and I'll give you some free loot to take home and try out.

Deathmatch Results (so far)

So far, the zombie pirate isn't getting much love.

Ninja vampire is edging out the steampunk knight, but just barely, by less than 20 votes. And one person brought up a great point: Is he a sparkly vampire? Because a sparkly vampire would suck as a ninja.

Another person pointed out that it would depend on which one Marcellus Wallace pays to take a dive in the fifth.

And a few people have invited a fourth party to the deathmatch, and in every case the fourth party seems to win ...

  • mummy manticore
  • werewolf scientist
  • alien dino-monkey
  • robot T. rex
  • Donald Trump
  • Donald Trump's hair

One particularly astute backer pointed out that, ultimately, the audience wins.

And probably my favorite answer so far: "They'd settle their differences and form a boy band." There's a game in that statement, I'm telling you. I can work with that. My mind is cranking like a steampunk knight .... there's a game in that ...


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    1. Diz9000 on

      The Werewolf Poet, as Akule said , puppy dog eyes and all that pent up angst which he pours out into his songs � It's either that or misunderstood Franknstien creature from
      a) the future or (b) an alternate dimension/ parallel universe.

    2. Akule

      Young werewolf. He can give the "puppy-dog eyes" that drives the girls wild.

    3. Dominic-Jo

      Maybe some sort of Child Pharaoh?

    4. Christopher Ferguson 10-time creator on

      The real question is: who would be the fourth member? Every boy band needs the edgy bad-boy, the quiet and sweet romantic, the guy-who's-cooler-than-you'll-ever-be, and the cute young one. The pirate is obviously the bad-boy, the knight is the romantic (duh), the vampire is the cool one ... we need a cute young one to round out the team. And no, Cthulhu doesn't count as a young one, so don't even try.

      Well ... maybe mini-Cthulhu ... Chibi Cthulhu? Chibithulhu?

    5. Earl McCammon on

      Vampire Ninja unless the Steampunk Knight has a way to produce light like the sun they'll be slow and clunky.

      Unique question to ask. Hoping it's also the old school type vampire and not the shine in the light or "Diary of a Vampire" vampire.

    6. Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza

      In re mystic battles and boy bands:

    7. Diz9000 on

      Sparkly Vampires are totally UNmythable �
      And how a outs ?
      Steampunk Knights and (vs) The Vampire Pirates from Outer SPACE SPACe SPAce SPace Space space ( that was an echo dying slow out < a Vampire echo as it we were > � )
      Ohh and my wife wants to know why no Demon Cheerleader Assassins ?

    8. CK Lai on

      No sparkly ninja vampires... PLEASE... don't think my brain could handle that... :-o