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You are a SHADOW AGENT. Your job: infiltrate the secret lair, evade capture, find the control room, and stop the doomsday device! You are a MASTER VILLAIN. Your job: capture the meddling agent, rule the world!
You are a SHADOW AGENT. Your job: infiltrate the secret lair, evade capture, find the control room, and stop the doomsday device! You are a MASTER VILLAIN. Your job: capture the meddling agent, rule the world!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ray on

      Well it should be. Other stretch goals would have include: Scarface the henchman and a half-pony half-monkey monster both as purchasable options for lair defense by the villain.

    2. Christopher Ferguson 11-time creator on

      Haha, not officially. That's what I've been calling it since day one. I've thought that a cool stretch goal would be to hire an artist to create an actual Skullcrusher Mountain, where the whole map is the mountain and each area is a room carved out of the mountain, and the corridors are hallways and elevators. (If you've never heard the song, try out Jonathan Coulton's "Skullcrusher Mountain" here -…)

    3. Missing avatar

      Ray on

      Very cool. So the villain's lair is called "Skullcrusher Mountain"? :)

    4. Christopher Ferguson 11-time creator on

      Yes, the agent can purchase as many or as few upgrades as he wants. The only limit is that he cannot purchase them or use them out of order. So for example, the ninja could purchase a gadget and experience, and then just stop there. But he could not purchase training and experience only. First purchase MUST be a gadget.

      This is actually very important. It took at least a month to balance out the upgrade tracks and find combinations that felt right for each agent, but also prevented stacking up the right combination of upgrades to pull out a super killer action combo. The ninja's kind of teleporty move-off-the-map-and-appear-on-the-other-side thing is already pretty strong, so by forcing the gadget purchase first and limiting the training it helps keep the seriously OP ninja+marksman combo out of play until later in the game, and requires two other purchases before that, which gives the villain the option of at least two sentry guns to help shut down that particular combo from totally ransacking Skullcrusher Mountain unscathed.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ray on

      Thanks Chris.

      Can I also assume that the agent does not have to spend any points on G/E/T and just try to go it alone? Has play testing proven this to be difficult? Could you enforce a point limit to make it easier or more difficult for either the agent or villain?

    6. Christopher Ferguson 11-time creator on

      Yes. In the wild psychedelic printer-unfriendly version, the rooms have a color-coded border. But yes, for the purposes of the playtest, the small rooms are on the N and S edge of the map.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ray on

      I'm assuming rooms 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 0, A and D are "small" rooms.

    8. Christopher Ferguson 11-time creator on

      The spy chooses his upgrades, and that's the point value that the villain gets to spend on security upgrades. I'll make that clearer. Spy always chooses first.

      Spy player can place upgrades however he likes, subject to the limitations on the track. That is a very specific limit, meant to keep each agent from pulling a crazy overpowered turn by combining his upgrades with his unique third option, so those are important limitations.

      Agents have three actions from which to choose. All four agents get the same two actions Infiltrate and Diversion, but the third is unique to that agent. They all still only may use one action per turn. I'll clarify that.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jörg S.

      Same question as James. How does the point system work?
      How do upgrades work? Are the upgrades placed on the spy card in the right order, but randomly, in the setup phase and then revealed as an action?
      A standard spy has 1 or 2 actions? (Since Ninja Assassin and Super Commando both may perform a third action?)

    10. James Petit on

      I might have missed the information somewhere, but what's the meaning of the "point" system related to the different counters?

    11. Missing avatar

      Ray on

      Is it just me or do the "G" spaces on the agent upgrade track look like upside down "y's"?

    12. Missing avatar

      Todd Graham on

      Woohoo!! I'm so excited you choose to do a rules preview of this game! I firmly believe in the value of previews, so I hope that it works out to be the right decision and people don't abuse it! Thanks man and keep up the good work.