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PLUMEN 002: Designer Low Energy Light Bulb's video poster

The Light Bulb Re-imagined by the Team that Created The PLUMEN 001, The World's First Designer Low Energy Light Bulb. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 9, 2014.

The Light Bulb Re-imagined by the Team that Created The PLUMEN 001, The World's First Designer Low Energy Light Bulb.

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The New Plumen 002 Light Bulb
The New Plumen 002 Light Bulb

The world needs beautiful energy efficient light bulbs just like it needs Tesla’s gorgeous electric cars. Reducing our energy consumption should feel like a positive, life enhancing choice, not a compromise.

Our first bulb, the Plumen 001, is an alternative for the 60W incandescent light bulb. It is great for most situations, but not for all.

It works for areas that need to be bright, but isn't always perfect for dimly lit ambient spaces, like bars, coffee shops or your living room. Places where warmer tones define a texture and softness in the atmosphere – that's where the 002 comes in.

Plumen 002 & Drop Cap Pendants
Plumen 002 & Drop Cap Pendants


Our new bulb is an energy efficient alternative to the 30W incandescent light bulb. Anywhere you can use a filament, you can now use the Plumen 002 and save energy (and money) without losing any of the magical light quality.

We love the incandescent style bulbs - the warm and the patterned light they create is beautiful and seductive, making a lovely atmosphere wherever they’re placed. The only problem is, these bulbs are the most inefficient of all.  To put it in perspective a Plumen 002 light bulb requires less than 25% of the energy to power than a 30W incandescent light bulb.

The 002 offers a new alternative. It’s a very mellow new light bulb designed for the coziest of contexts - We’d love your help in making them happen.


Anywhere you want light to set the mood, where you might normally think of using a 30W filament bulb, you can use the 002.

The Plumen 002 has a sculptural and clearly defined form that makes will resonate with square and rectangular spaces where it will usually hang.  It also works particularly well in table lights and wall sconces.

It also means they work beautifully in series, either neat and regimented or loose and organic and the low brightness means its cozy intimate light needs no shading (although you can use one if you want to).


For our first bulb, we made a radical departure from conventional CFLs. Like neon artists we realized that if you can draw with light then you can make any shape you like. So why not a beautiful, poetic form, rather than an uninspiring utilitarian one?

For the 002, we wanted to find new territory to challenge conventions, just as we had with the first.

Through extensive research, play and experimentation we started getting excited about the idea of sculpting the tube, rather than drawing with it in straight, uniform lines. We realized we could create a looped channel whilst blowing the glass tube like a bottle to make a much more fluid and sensual form.

The theory stage was short lived as we knew we needed proof before we went into pre-production at the factory.

We knew from the work of Texas-based neon artist Tony Greer that it was possible to do so much more with glass and light, so it felt very natural to go to him for help.

To create these fantastical, poetic sculptures, Tony has had to crash through many technical and artistic boundaries in creating his mesmerizing works. So he was perfectly placed to help us work through our assumptions about the performance and effects of uneven chambers. Tony created a whole series of working light sketches to observe the effects of different forms and configurations.

Tony’s help had given us the confidence to proceed with the concept. All we needed now was a design that really embraced the simplicity of the looped form, yet fully exploited the artistic possibilities of freely sculpting the shape.

We found ourselves looking to sculptors like Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth for inspiration. Whilst their works are pared back and simplified, they maintain an incredible, sensual complexity that make them feel infinite. Barbara Hepworth’s work, in particular, exhibits an incredible depth, richness and contrast in the most basic constructions.


With the freedom to create any three-dimensional form we liked, we wanted to try and capture this sense of 'the infinite' and this richness and complexity in our otherwise simplistic loop of light.

For the project, we worked with Bertrand Clerc, whose approach and aesthetic we felt would help realize our vision.


The design is finished and working prototypes have been made. We are almost ready to apply for all European, American and Japanese certification.

All the major manufacturing issues have been overcome during the course of our two and half-year development process for the 002. In May, we will be ready to start manufacturing.

There were difficulties at almost every stage along the way from finding the right glass blower right down to deciding on the perfect light color. The biggest challenge, as with the 001, is working within the constraints of the established manufacturing lines used for standard CFLs so that we can make the 002 as affordable as possible.


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“An Eco-Lightbulb that Looks Better Naked”  New York Times

"Lighting with the power to transform your living space"  The Times

“A much-needed solution for pendant lights and other fixtures that feature an exposed bulb”  Huffington Post

“These energy-efficient bulbs make low power consumption a form of high art."  Gizmodo

“The Tesla of light bulbs … sensuous sculpted geometry”  Inhabitat

“A poetic loop of light”

“Has ‘designer’ written all over it”  Mother Nature Network

“The hemispherical shape suggests a filament bulb, which belies both the axe-like profile and slim, bisected teardrop shape of the frontal view”   Core 77

“Sculptural, almost liquid design”  Cool Hunting

“Its sculptural and clearly defined form likens itself to an infinite loop, as the blown glass silhouette sensually and fluidly curves downwards”   Design Boom

“Creating a curved, fluid form that looks great hanging from the ceiling, in a sconce, or even in a traditional table lamp”  Uncrate

“Plumen brings Magic to the Light Bulb”  Design-Milk

"Impeccably stylish design and various eco-friendly features undoubtedly set it apart from the crowd"  The Coolector

“Proof that saving the environment doesn't have to mean installing a bunch of hideous lightbulbs”  Supercompressor


At $55,000 we will be able to make a brand new Chrome Drop Cap pendant.  You can trade this with the Copper Drop Cap pendant, or add it to any orders for $40.  Please see Update 3 for full details.

$55,000 Stretch Goal - Chrome Drop Cap
$55,000 Stretch Goal - Chrome Drop Cap


The Plumen 002 produces a light output equivalent to a 30W incandescent light bulb, but uses only 25% of the energy

Wattage: 7W

Lumen Output: 290 lm

Lifetime: 8,000 Hours (equivalent to 8 years of normal usage)

Color Temperature: 2500 - 2700K


Dimensions: 165mm x 65mm x 65mm

Voltage: Available in 230V, 120V and 100V

Fittings: Screw (E26 or E27) and Bayonet (B22)


Three years ago, we launched the Plumen 001 - 'The World's First Designer Low Energy Light Bulb'.

The reaction was incredible – the bulb is sold worldwide and has allowed people to switch to energy efficient lighting out of desire rather than moral obligation.

Along the way we've won some amazing awards and been recognized by some of the world's most prestigious collections (show e.g. Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) - New York, The V&A - London, Smithsonian: Cooper-Hewitt -Washington DC) and sell the Original and Baby Plumen 001 across the world.

The Plumen 001 was just the start of the journey. Whilst LED products are in development, for the Plumen 002 we chose compact fluorescent technology for the light texture, color and feel. CFLs are still comparable to LED for cost and performance when used for omnidirectional bulbs, thus our new light bulb design uses this tried and tested technology.

The Plumen 001 has been mentioned in the following media titles: BBC1 News, The Guardian, The Times, The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Independent, The New Yorker, Boston Globe, Wired, The Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Wallpaper, Elle Décor, Vanity Fair, GQ, China Modern Weekly, Dezeen, Fast Company, Engadget, Good, Design Boom, Cool Hunting, Core 77 and many more.

This bulb is now available to add to your order for $29 to save you on shipping charges.  It will ship in July along with your 002 pledge.  Complete details can be found in Update 2.


The research and development of the Plumen 002 is complete and we are preparing to send samples for certification, in order to meet all legal requirements for selling internationally. The certification process typically takes 2-3 months and after that we will be ready for manufacturing.

January: Final product optimizations

February: Certification begins

April: European and non-North American certification complete

May: North American certification complete and full production starts

June: Ship production to warehouses in London, Chicago and Hong Kong

July: Ship out products to all Kickstarter backers.

Note to UK backers regarding postage

UK postage is free on all pledge levels.  Please click that you are a US resident and upon completion of the Kickstarter you will be sent a survey for your address.  Apologies, this is a known restriction within Kickstarter that they are working to fix.  Please follow the arrow below for where to click, and if you have any questions please message us.

Risks and challenges

Plumen has successfully developed and brought to market products before, but no development venture is entirely without risk.

To mitigate this risk Plumen is further down the production line than most Kickstarter projects, our prototype was ready in July 2013, the modified second prototype in November 2013 and we’ve since had over 100 bulbs made as samples.

The only difference between the short run and long run production will be that the bulbs are made on a production line.

We manufacture with E3 Light of Denmark who produce millions of light bulbs each year for sale across the world. They are extremely experienced in light bulb manufacturing and are more than capable of handling our first production.

The biggest risk to the project will therefore be in timing. In particular, this relates to certification. In order to sell in any country in the world, every light bulb needs to meet the legal standards required in the territory. We are applying for UL (North American standard), PSE (for Japan) and CE (Europe and the rest of the world). CE and PSE generally take 4 weeks, but UL certification can vary – we have allowed for two months, but it could be longer.

In each case, we are very confident the 002 will pass the accreditation (our manufacturing partners have had hundreds of products accredited) but should it for fail for whatever reason, there would result in a delay of a 2-6 months.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Yes. Shipping to the UK and US is included within the price

    Unfortunately within the Kickstarter set up process there isn't an option to include or exclude countries from shipping charges (except the US), or to vary how much they are by country.

    If you live within the UK, select the option "Ship within the US" and at the survey stage (after the Kickstarter finishes) when your address is collected for postage this will be clarified.

    Please see the section just above this in the main text specific for UK backers.

    Last updated:
  • The 002 works in all standard light fittings – if you can put a standard 60W light bulb in the fitting then you will be able to use the 002 in there too.

    If you are still unsure, you can measure the width of your bulb holder – if it is between 22-27mm wide then the 002 will work.

    Where in the World you will use the bulb tells us the precise fitting you need (please see answer to question "How do I choose the voltage or fitting of my light bulb?")

    Last updated:
  • Yes, there is a two year warranty on every 002.

    Last updated:
  • In the US you only have to pay sales tax if your reside in Illinois, as this is where our US logistical partner is based. The current rate is 6.25%. More information can be found here:

    In the EU there are no additional taxes, the items will be shipped from an UK based warehouse. All taxes are paid for within the pledge.

    Last updated:
  • We use warehouses in the UK, USA and Hong Kong – your order will go from whichever warehouse is nearest.

    For everyone in Europe and Africa, that will be our warehouse just outside of London. For North and South America it will be from our warehouse just outside of Chicago, Illinois. For the rest of the world it will be from Hong Kong.

    Last updated:
  • We are confident that we can deliver the product to you in July of this year.

    As mentioned in the ‘Risks and Challenges’, the biggest unknown is the length of time it takes to get UL certification, which can vary widely. We have estimated 2 months in this instance, but it has been known to be longer.

    For the rest of the world that has 230V electricity, CE certification will be applied and we are very confident that this will be ready by April so that we can manufacture in May and deliver in July.

    Last updated:
  • If you selected the ‘Complete Room Set’, with four pendants then we will allow you to choose from the four non-metallic colors (Red, White, Black and Pastel Blue) you want for each of the four pendants. If you want a copper Drop Cap that is a separate pledge level. This will be determined on the survey sent around after the Kickstarter finishes. The Drop Caps will be the appropriate voltage for the bulbs that you purchase.

    Last updated:
  • We believe that the low light output of the bulbs means that most people will not want to dim it even if they could, and dimming would add extra cost to the bulbs - which we want to be accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, the 002 is not dimmable.

    The 002 is also not compatible with dimming switches even if they are at 100% brightness. This is true of most non-dimmable bulbs including the PLUMEN 001

    Last updated:
  • The Drop Cap Pendant Set is a tailor-made accessory for the Plumen bulbs - the Drop Cap covers the lamp holder and the upper part of the bulb, framing the glass tubes of the Plumen perfectly.

    The Drop Cap Pendant Set comes with a painted metal ceiling rose, lamp holder, drop cap and also contains 2 meters (78") of matching fabric cable. It can be installed onto any ceiling and the cable length can be adjusted to your preference.

    Screw Fitting (E26 or E27)
    Fabric Cable
    Cable Length: 2 meters (78")
    Ceiling Rose Material: Metal
    Ceiling Rose Diameter: 55mm (about 2 and 1/8 inches)
    Ceiling Rose Height: 50mm (about 1 and 15/16 inches)
    Drop Cap Material: Metal
    Drop Cap Diameter: 53mm at widest point (about 2 and 1/16 inches)
    Drop Cap Height: 99mm (about 3 and 7/8 inches)
    11W Max
    Colors: Pastel Blue, White, Black, Red, Copper

    Last updated:


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