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Locally grown headphones. Inspired by and committed to underground music, arts, skateboarding and sustainability. LKPR headphones!
193 backers pledged CA$ 45,340 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Lukapier inc. (Pierre-Luc Duchesne) (Creator)

Quick update about current shipping status, while hoping to answer some questions!

Here is how the shipments are rolling out:

We are shipping by feature, prioritizing the vast majority of Original and Classic. It simplifies the assembly and cram the remaining of the project into a shorter period of time. 


Blank cups (without “LKPR”) are at the finishing process. Colored cups and Skate cups are coming right after.


UPS is scheduled today to setup in our office two new label printers with a dedicated printer for USA export labels. We have renegotiated our shipping rates, did NAFTA documents, commercial invoices, and account as an exporter. The several negotiations and legal steps with UPS are taking more time than expected. It’s been a month we have them involved and their whole process is slow. We are sorry for that.

But this Friday we should have some headphones shipped out of Canada!


We always appreciate constructive feedbacks. Very few comments came back from the shipments we did so far. Don’t be shy to leave us your impressions. It’s like sending our beloved kid to school for its first day… How did it go?

Thanks again to be with us,  

PL and JF


Posted by Lukapier inc. (Pierre-Luc Duchesne) (Creator)


We are now all geared paperless with UPS and shipments have started. Some left today and we target to have a total of 50 pairs shipped by the end of the week. We still have some paperwork to do for International shipping, but everything should be done by this Friday.

Phone numbers

Most of you have replied to our email asking your phone number. Thank you for your prompt cooperation. Some have not replied yet. Please, reply us back with your name, email and phone number. Make sure to check your junk box; the email was coming from Per UPS requirements: No Phone, No shipping. At the end of the week, we will resend this email to the ones we haven't heard about. If you read this but did not get the email, just send to your name/email/phone number to use for shipping.

Skate cups

For people who pledged on “Skate” and “Last minute offer” (custom kit with leather case), we plan to send an email soon with pictures of different cups to choose from. We will give priority to pledgers of “Last minute offer”, then “Skate”. Again, make sure to check your junk mail.

Some of the Skate cups
Some of the Skate cups




Posted by Lukapier inc. (Pierre-Luc Duchesne) (Creator)

We can now breath a bit better since we got the first 100 earpads. Another 100 is on its way and others will come. A special thanks to two gold fingered ladies in Montreal. 

earpads, earpads, ear... pads
earpads, earpads, ear... pads

Final assembly is progressing. 

Some of the first Originals of the production run
Some of the first Originals of the production run

That is comforting for us to see series of headphones at their finished state.

A Classic of production run
A Classic of production run


The frequency response and total sound pressure level is amazingly even among all the first pairs but we keep our eyes opened and we test them all on a test bench with professional calibrated mics.


We are aware that some of you have moved since the KS campaign so you should have received a request to confirm your shipping address. If you don't answer it in the next 24 hours, we will ship to the address you already gave us. 

It is a UPS requirement to have your phone number. We have not thought about that before because we didn't see the need for it. So we will use a one on one email to ask your phone number. Don't worry, will wont share this information to anyone. The email will come from so please make sure to check your spam. 

Some of you ordered extra cables; we did not forget.  

We will ship locally first : basic risk management. We will expect prompt feedback from you local folks before shipping across the border to our South neighbors and overseas during the next weeks. The first pairs are leaving the door this Friday so the first deliveries can be expected early next week.

Thanks again!

Last mile (not kilometer)

Posted by Lukapier inc. (Pierre-Luc Duchesne) (Creator)

Because a mile takes more efforts. 


About 50 headphones are now assembled, with their cables almost ready to go. Almost. The last part is missing. Keep on reading. 

About test

The bench test with calibrated mics is up and running giving us the frequency response and distortion measurements on both channels.

Under test

While we were working hard on mitigation plans for all risks, the last one got us. After controlling and optimizing the process of the earpads manufacturing with the subcontractor, in the end, he will not make them. Yes, right at the last week before shipping first batch: nada. It is really a situation out of his control and we can't blame him but we were really disappointed. This carrot-and-stick situation at the last mile is discouraging and puts our morale to the test.

We did not loose time and we took out the machine and our leather stocks from the subcontractor site. We are now in the process of qualifying other subcontractors. In the meantime, knowing how tricky this part is to get right, we currently have the help of a fine leather sampler for the first 100 earpads. So, yes: we will still ship in the next few days. 

We stick to the calendar ship date even if it means to work three times more to keep up the logistics by juggling with sample-scale earpads production, qualifying full scale production and have the art of worldwide shipping under control. But no: there won’t be 169 headphones leaving for the first shipment. We plan on shipping about 30 headphones every week, taking about 5 weeks to ship them all in the worst case if full scale earpads production is not up soon. We will do everything possible to go faster.

Cups and Cups 

Skateboards cups are going good! There is a wide array of colors that will really make them noticeably unique but sophisticated. Final coat will add the perk to the colors.

Extra cables

While speaking of shipping, this is the last days to put your extra cables in your shipment. No shipping fees added. Here: We will remove those two Kickstarter Edition cables from the store soon. 


As soon as the first pair gets out the door, prices will go up by $75 and $100 (depending on models). We think you understand why. 

Thanks again to be with us, at this moment particularly.  

JF and PL

Final stretch!

Posted by Lukapier inc. (Pierre-Luc Duchesne) (Creator)

Done / In progress / Remaining

Assembled cables

Hundreds of cables have been meticulously assembled and tested… IN HOUSE. It honestly has been a painstaking task. But it is now going good at a good pace. This will still be ongoing in the upcoming weeks. We took good note of requests from people who wanted both cables, so the cables are available on our web site (English side only for now). For those who desire a second cable, we will combine with your Kickstarter shipment.

Caaaables, cables, cables, cables, cables...
Caaaables, cables, cables, cables, cables...

Internal wiring

We have upgraded the internal wiring with silver plated copper wires. They all have been assembled. 

Silver internal wiring
Silver internal wiring


We got the brown, black, laser engraved and blank headbands. We assembled them with the steel wire arch.


We have received the speakers. 

Remaining tasks

Sub-assemblies are progressing at a good pace. Just in case you are wondering what still need to be done:

  • Earpads: As explained in the previous update, the manufacturer had a hard time putting the production up to speed. We worked with him to come up with top notch comfy-but-precise earpads. The Bonis Never Stop machine has been upgraded with some automation and the earpads should now be coming in the upcoming days.
  • Skate cups: We are optimizing the process to clamp and shape the cups made from recycled skateboards. We should be going at a good pace in the upcoming days.
  • Final assembly: As the earpads will come in house, we will assemble the headphones from the parts and sub-assemblies that are ready. That is "Original" and "Classic" models with "LKPR" engraved cups.
  • Tests: Nothing leaves the house without testing. We will not make any compromise on this step.

Expected delivery dates

In order to ship ASAP, we will begin with what is ready in house. That is: the standard “LKPR” engraved maple cups. The blank cups and the skate cups being still in production, they will be shipped right after. We are deeply sorry to disadvantage the biggest pledgers, but we have to pro-actively deal with the satisfaction of the majority. As earpads will be coming in house in the upcoming days, we will begin the final assembly, tests and boxing. It is fair to estimate the first shipments during the week of October 5th.

As explained in the previous update, we believe the only thing worse than shipping late is shipping a bad product. This is an exciting project you are investing in, not just a product you have bought. 

JF and PL