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I'm assembling an exciting new cookbook themed around the tabletop role-playing experience.
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Technology is not my friend.

Posted by Tiffany (Creator)

Experienced a major saving error with Open Office. It lost almost a third of my pages and overwrote the backup file because I had more than one file open. Apparently this is something that happens on occasion. 

Yeah, that dying sheep noise? That was me. 

Thankfully, the recipes themselves are safe and sound, so I'm just here c&ping them back into the templates all over again and messing with the formatting. I also now have it saved in two additional places just in case. 

*rolls up sleeves* I am the Determinator. This is getting done before sunrise, so help me, even if I die doing it and I get all corpsified and gross.


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    1. Missing avatar

      MrKenyon on

      Man, I've been so excited for this. But the lack of response has killed Kickstarter for me. Just give us something. Anything.

    2. Nathan "JintoLyn" Jones

      Update please, positive or negative. We'll give you plenty of time to finish this book, just give us some updates please. Are you alright, are there more issues, etc...Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Frank Timmers on

      With that dying noise, even a sign of life from the determinator would be appreciated.

    4. Hazardous by Design

      An update would be nice.

    5. Chris Duck on

      Status update, please. Anything?

    6. Caley O'Bryan on

      Just wondering the status on this. Don't need any promises, just looking for an update.

    7. Shane Zeagman on

      An update would be nice Tiffany. It's okay if you can't meet your own deadlines, but it's disrespectful to us if you don't let us know what's going on. Hope all is well.

    8. Missing avatar

      Lisa Bauer on

      Is this project shipping soon?

    9. Jesse Grant

      Update would be appreciated.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Can we get an update on this project please. Last update was a month and a half ago, and I was hoping to use this as holiday gifts....

    11. Just Dave on

      Yep wondering the same thing, all her websites are pretty non-active, which makes me think she did a scooby do

    12. Jesse Jacobson on

      Do you have a new ETA on when you will be finished and sending everyone's stuff out?

    13. Evan King on

      So, is everything alright? It's been nearly a month since the last update and the last time you said anything you suggested you'd be done working on the project the very next day.

    14. Andrea Milar on

      Just checking in... how are things going? I'm quite excited. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      minor request...On the Humus recipe it says '1 can garbanzo beans' How big of a can? I cooked my own beans, how many cups? Please include standard measures as well.

      PS We are excited and good luck-

    16. Shayna Shaw on

      Murphy's law. :D But you shall triumph!

    17. Missing avatar

      Alyssa Shrum on

      You'll make it through this. I use the ability "Let me help with that" to give you +2 to your check for completing this project. (don't mind me, I just play Pokémon Tabletop Adventures)

    18. hearmesnark on

      That's all right! After all, this is a cookbook based on tabletop gaming, where five minutes of in-game combat can take a full night of bickering and cussing IRL and two weeks of walking can take two minutes. If I've learned anything from my gaming experience, it is patience.

    19. Gwendolyn Gunn on

      We are patient. Just do what you have to do. We'd rather you not kill yourself trying to get it done "on time." =)

    20. Missing avatar

      Polernotheloud on

      I'd rather a few hours late and a sequel book from a live author, but it's up to you. Looking forward to trying out these recipes!

    21. Sean O'Connell on

      We are here for you, don't worry and just keep plugging on.

    22. Geikichi on

      Haha ! One good thing is that you ll have experienced all misadventures for your next project ! :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Altmann on

      We wouldn't have joined in this adventure if we thought things would be easy!! And you wouldn't have received our support if we didn't have total faith in you. We all know to Never Divide the Party!! So whilst you attempt your Greater Restoration, we as your backers shall surround you and protect you from the Evil Technology Gremlins that threaten the party! Our vorpal blades shall go 'snickersnack," we shall shoot Magic Missiles at the darkness, and we shall feed you +5 drinks of rejuvenation and caffeine, and cookies (let's be honest, while healthy snacks are fantastic, cookies always seem to help when the going gets tough).

      We shall emerge from this adventure stronger, wiser, and with more experience!
      Once more to the breach!!!

      --Figgy Puddingsbane

    24. Benjamin Tayehanpour on

      Also, you may want to switch to LibreOffice. Many (most?) developers abandoned OO for LO when Oracle bought Sun and started ruining things, and that was quite a while ago.

    25. Missing avatar

      Fay Onyx on

      Don't forget to take care of yourself. All of us expect this to take time and understand that things happen. A little bit of a delay is fine if it means you are taking care of your health and well-being.

    26. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      Keep the file in Dropbox. It will save all versions of the file for 30 days, so you'll be able to roll back. It's the least effort version control.

    27. Holly Cook on

      Best of luck with the typing, and +10 to your next Technology roll for the Firefly reference!

    28. Tiffany Creator on

      Oh yes. I'm literally saving after each and every page is to my liking. Thank you for the tip @scantrontb, I will keep an eye out for that. This was my first time working in Open Office Draw, so I wasn't aware of that particular malfunction.

      On the bright side, I've already caught a typo that was missed in previous edits, so that is something at least.

    29. scantrontb

      one thing you have to worry about now, is version control: making sure that when you save in spot A, that it is the SAME saved version as the ones in spot B, and C... i don't know how many times i tried that multi-spot-saves tactic, and ended up flubbing up so badly that not only were all 3 were different versions, as well as the fact that NONE of them were the MOST RECENT saves that i was working on (but lost and didn't know until too late)...GRRR...

      OH Yeah, remember to SAVE OFTEN!!!