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A psychological horror of seeking satisfaction on the border of two intertwining worlds.
A psychological horror of seeking satisfaction on the border of two intertwining worlds.
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LUST FROM BEYOND - a continuation of Lust for Darkness is coming!

Posted by Movie Games Lunarium (Collaborator)

Dear Cultists!

Thank you very much for all the trust you've given us during our Lust for Darkness Kickstarter campaign. We hope we've managed to meet your expectations. Nowadays game developers constantly strain gamers' trust, which is why we realize how important it is. We are glad you have stayed with us so far.

Creating Lust for Darkness we were just a six-person team with no experience whatsoever. It was a first project for all of our team members. Despite many difficulties that beginner developers face, we did all we could to give you Lust for Darkness in the best form possible.

You have no idea how much we've learned on the way.

That’s why we are making a big leap forward while staying in the same universe. We are not making Lust for Darkness 2. Just adding the “two” would be to small of a change compared to the journey we’ve been through.

We are thus introducing LUST FROM BEYOND - an erotic horror played from the point of view of the Cult of Ecstasy member. Lust from Beyond is a standalone story that does not require playing the “first” part, however those who do know it will feel right at home. Cult of Ecstasy… Lusst’ghaa… Sounds familiar doesn’t it? We also guarantee that some of the Lust for Darkness characters are returning.

We invite you to visit our new game’s page. We’ve been trying to make progress in every aspect - from storytelling to animation and graphics, We hope you appreciate it. We are also planning a Kickstarter campaign for Lust from Beyond, which will allow you to get the game at a lower price and... play the demo. Oh, we can't wait to show it to you!

For now we gave you a cinematic trailer, screenshots and story description. There is a lot to see!

Visit Lust from Beyond STEAM page:


And remember - Ideas are always eternal.

Yv’h Iauv’abrarc. Yv’h Lusst’ghaa.

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    1. Missing avatar

      OshaoXin on

      @Randall Silver: Not entirely true, Lust for Darkness did have male genitalia but not female genitalia, only some women wore panties. You've never been to an orgy? It's usually more laughing and talking with the occasional moaning unless it's ritualistic in nature. Luckily for us, Lust from Beyond is indeed less 'prudish' than Lust for Darkness according to the preview pictures released, there are female genitalia now for the sake of balance, AND a POV experience sex. I have faith that Lust from Beyond will indeed become a worthy psychological horror-erotica experience.

    2. Randall Silver on

      Curious, but hoping it's a bit less prude- ish than Lust For Darkness. "Normal" games like Conan and The Witcher have full nudity in them, where LfD (supposedly an erotic game) only showed some breasts, no male genitalia, all the women wore panties when you could get close enough, and we even had a completely silent orgy scene. Nobody made a sound. I've never geen to an orgy, but I would think there was at least SOME moaning involved.

      Now don't get me wrong, I don't want a full "hardcore Pornhub game," but it did seem a bit tame, in my opinion.
      Disclaimer: I write this as well- meant criticism, not to be a troll. I do like the game (haven't finished it yet) and will check this one out as well.

    3. Movie Games Lunarium Collaborator on

      @SteveW, About linux and mac versions - It's more work than we thought and that's our little mistake. We are sorry for that. We will inform you about progress in this case as soon as we can.

    4. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      I see you only list Windows for the new game on Steam, but you guys definitely "strain trust" when you haven't fulfilled your obligations on the first game yet.

    5. Emanuela on

      @Movie Games Lunarium thanks for the answer, will look forward then :)

    6. Movie Games Lunarium Collaborator on

      @Judjement Dava, Don't worry, The Lustful God will poke you. ;)

    7. Judgement Dave

      Trailer looks great.
      Any idea when you'll be launching the KS?
      I trust you'll poke us when it launches.

    8. Movie Games Lunarium Collaborator on

      @Sweem, Great that you see our progress! :)

    9. Sweem on

      I am happy to see you guys are continuing the universe. And i am glad you took my criticisms on part one as an encouragement to do better! And it really shows! The Trailer is good, the screenshots of the interiours are even better! Im gonna back you once again and get a glimpse on the story ;)

    10. Adam Alderman

      Hell. Yes. First day backer right here. Can’t wait to see what your amazing team has in store!

    11. Movie Games Lunarium Collaborator on

      @Emanuela, Last months we worked really hard on Lust from Beyond. You will see effect in the kickstarter demo. And about money... Well, Premiere of Lust for Darkness was ok, so we think that this can be the answer to your question. :)
      Lust from Beyond is full standalone game. Every asset is new (ok, we remastered some cultists masks, but that's it!). You will see that Lust from Beyond is something more than just standalone dlc or even sequel. It will be more professional, longer and yes - more courageous. :)

    12. Emanuela on

      hm, we didnt made the extra story level and the game is not even 1 year old and you already worked on a second part, how did you get the money for it if i can ask since i cant see any kickstarter site for it? will it be priced same as lust full game or is it more like a DLC but can be played as standalone? similar as ubi did with the last AC games. Will it be longer then Lust? I mean 6h was a bit short in my eyes, would love too see a longer game and with more "gore", since there is no problem now on steam, saw there sex games already, so do what you can do but don´t cut it :)

    13. Movie Games Lunarium Collaborator on

      @OshaoXin, We saw what you created! Amazing job, really! :)
      We think we can help you with some lore information.
      Please, try to find us here:

    14. Missing avatar

      OshaoXin on

      Still, seeing Amanda's mask in the trailer and on the picture, you know she goes places :p

    15. Missing avatar

      OshaoXin on

      That's awesome, hope Lust from beyond will fill in the blanks on some of the lore behind the Lust universe. Been trying to write the wikia page but can only do so much with unconfirmed information. Hope to see the Kickstarter project for Lust from Beyond soon! I'd love to play the Demo. Also I hope the game will be 18+, because the 17+ rating will only hold back the development team when it comes to artistic representations of erotic scenes.

    16. HeavensArcher on

      Nice! Can't wait for this to release!!! You know I'll back this game up :D