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Survival Horror game set in Hell.
Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
Survival Horror game set in Hell. Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
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3,926 backers pledged CA$ 182,642 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    2. John Lithium on

      Shame on the developer, but also shame on the publisher(s) who botched the release of the game.

    3. Jesper Uhlin on

      You stink as a developer team.

    4. Ryu T. WoOS on

      Refund(s) are not done by kickstarter themselves but have to be issued by the creator of the kickstarter. I suppose you could take it up with an entity like the FTC or start a charge back on your card. However one can also "report this project to Kickstarter" at the wee bottom from "campaign" tab.

    5. CrazY_IwaN on

      @8-Bit Assassin

      Great idea.
      I'm at 100% with you.So many broken promisses and now THIS.

    6. Retro_viking on

      Can we do that @8-bit Assassin? Because I totally agree, not only was the game literally almost 1 year late but this...heeeeeell no.

    7. 8-Bit Assassin

      Actually, I invoke my right to a full refund, the promised product was NOT delivered, stretch goals not being honored and the company taking our money and running away. I will be contacting KS to begin the refund process.

    8. CrazY_IwaN on

      Hope you will burn in hell.

    9. Missing avatar

      sam65 on

      As a backer who waited years for this game to finally arrive, all I can say is Good Riddance! Your company felt it was perfectly okay to shove out a broken unfinished game to the public. Not to mention, all the censoring in the game, ruining the promises that made hell looked way more interesting than what we really got. I was okay with waiting a few more months for the unrated cut. To finally get the game we've been waiting for. Now that your company is two steps away from collapse, all I can say is that I'm happy. I'm happy that screwing over your investors cost you all so much in the end. Enjoy your bankruptcy.

    10. Nikkolas Diehl on

      Although, for all you backers, I suggest turning chromatic aberration the fuck off cause the game looks 10000% better with it off. It creates a weird, horrible, horrible ghosting effect everywhere. Turn it off

    11. Nikkolas Diehl on

      Eh. I don't mind. I never cared for an uncensored version. The current version of the game is ok... I wouldn't say it's fun, cause it has a lot of bugs and feels quite clunky, but it visually looks good.

      At least you delivered the game as promised. It's not really everything I wanted it to be, but it's an alright game. Pretty average with nice looking visuals.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ray izquierdo on

      When will I get my disc copy then ?

    13. Missing avatar

      Phillip on

      That's too bad. It seemed to spiral pretty fast after the unrated stuff was going on. Hopefully the next venture will have the lessons learned from this one. Thank you for the effort and good luck.

    14. Eric Spalding

      Wow...another Evil Dead...what a shame...I wanted that game as well...what a least I didn't get a soul pledge...good luck to all that want there money back..

    15. Sean Trostle McCarter on

      I figured unrated wouldn't happen due to legal issues but financial issues is a shocker. That's really shitty to hear, I hope you guys pull yourselves out of it. I still think signing onto consoles was Agony's downfall, but I still had some sort of fun with what we were given.

    16. Missing avatar

      William Ross Monahan on

      @BB Shockwave how can you say they delivered the game? The game was so broken down and censored that it practically made it a completely different game. They have made obligations multiple times and failed to meet those obligations on every turn. It took 6 days to get my key AFTER the release date. Hell, there are still some people who haven't received theirs at all yet. This company and publisher deserve no defense or shoutouts. They have horrible customer service and seems as if they have 0 concern for their backer's feelings and horrible treatment we have gotten. They said, "oh you will still be getting the same game!" Everything is still the same, we only had to change a few seconds of a cutscene in a couple endings. This was a bold-faced lie. This whole game has been hacked and slashed and turned into a console rated mature game. Changing the color of the blood of the babies to purple and giving them an old ugly man face they thought was a insignificant change? This is a huge change to people who thought we were backing a one of kind game that only comes along once in a blue moon. What made it so bad is the way they chose to release this information. (ONE) day before release! There were YouTubers and Twitch streamers playing the game 24 hours before the game released and 2 of them that I had asked said that they never even backed the game! They were just given the keys because they have a large viewerbase. The backers are the ones that should have gotten keys early before anyone else. I am ranting at this point. I completely feel the same way @Angela and @Justin Vasquez feels. All three of us have been very active on the comment sections of this campaign. Again, this company deserves no sympathy. They got whatever they had coming to them for being greedy and ruining this game by making a console version. Then tieing them together so that the PC version couldn't even get an uncensored version like we were promised. Well, look where this greed got them. Money issues, lol. My guess is they had a LOT more refunds on steam then they had anticipated. Oh well, sorry guys. Sorry, I and so many of you have had to go through all of this bullshit for so long. When I saw I had another announcement from Agony in my email I KNEW it had something to do with the Unrated version being canceled or delayed or censored. So sad ... this game could have been a damn Masterpiece! Such a waste!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      BB Shockwave on

      @Azuvector - Unlike most kickstarters that take your money and run, this actually delivered the game, it is out and playeable - and I dare say, entertaining - on PC. Now if you backed on consoles then yes, this is bad news, but the game has not a high rig requirement, so you can play it on PC easily. So no, this was not a shitshow... you want to see a shitshow, check Guru Larry's videos on some game kickstarters that make you wonder why those people are ever allowed near this site again.

    18. Missing avatar

      BB Shockwave on

      The game just came out, mixed reviews aside, now would be when you would GAIN profit after selling it to more people than the kickstarter funders... instead, you are going bankrupt? What happened, the management spent all the money on luxury items while the programmers slaved away? Wouldn't be the first time that happened... Ah well, at least the game is out and playeable, so at least this won't be on Guru Larry's failed kickstarters show...

    19. Angela

      Seriously, Just refund my money you MOTHER FUCKERS! I have a key I can't use cuz I don't have a PC yet and now when I get one in a few months I don't even want to play whatever unpolished, Censored mess Agony has become. I want to just move on with my life and completely forget madmind or agony (Both the game and the actual agony I've been put through by you bastards) ever even happened. I feel like a kid that was promised Disneyland and right when I got there the park had to close, Just to reopen and then blow up. FUCK YOU MADMIND AND ANYTHING YOU ASSHOLES TOUCH IN THE FUTURE!!!!

    20. Wednesdae on

      How the hell do I get a refund from this utter shitshow?

    21. Missing avatar

      Cédric on

      I backed this project because I wanted a unrated vr game like this... sorry but you failed big time madmind. At least if the wallpaper was nice lol. Last kickstarter for me

    22. Michal Bayerl on

      I'm confused. I supported this project in good times and bad times, never gave up and these news is kind of shocking. I hope you will explain that in more detail so people know how did this happen. Maybe some videoblog after some time would be much appreciated by the community. Good luck in the future.

    23. Azuvector on

      Surprise = Zero.
      What a shitshow this Kickstarter has been.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jacob Schroeder on

      Holy shit this unrated update was my last ray of positive hope

    25. Missing Things

      Really hope ti find my name in credits.

    26. Justin Vasquez on

      After the way you treated us, your investors and customers, you bringing a product we were never going to be satisfied with because you lied about what we were investing in. After you making backroom deals requiring ultimate censorship of the product and then lying, lying and more lying to everyone. Missed opportunities to make things right, making promises you couldn't and maybe never intended on keeping and just being horrible developers, I am not surprised.

      Less than a month from your game's release and you're having to backtrack again on more promises and now your studio is closing down. While I am human and definitely do not like to see people lose their livelihood so, those in this company that were responsible for everything I listed above wrong and more - you caused your company to fail.

      It's the truth and probably hard for you to reas/hear. The truth typically is that way. I can sleep better tonight knowing there will be no more empty promises and lies told to me and the countless others here.

      However, those innocents at Madmind are being screwed by the developers who are Liars, cheaters, manipulative, over-promised and under-delivered on everything to us are the ones who deserve what is happening and then some. I'm sorry for the others who have been hurt by these people who thought they could do no wrong andade deals to screw with the products promised.

      Goodbye Madmind Studios - I won't miss you at all.

    27. Missing avatar

      Saguez on

      Ok, last kickstarter for me ...

    28. Mihai on

      would been cheaper to make the game for PC then no more rating issues

    29. Conrad Yonosenada

      It's always hard to hear of these types of news... I am grateful that you actually delivered the product while many others have not. Good luck to you and your team.

    30. Francesco Cirillo on

      Well guys, i do not have played yet as i am on Xbox one X and i see there is a not so good situation.
      But i want you to know that i am still happy to help you make the game you wanted to do. And i wait for good news, for you and for me.
      So i am sorry you are having financial issues, i hope you can be fine and continue to work on what you love.

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael DePalma on

      I'm sorry to hear about your financial troubles and hope for the best for your team. Is there any update as to whether the promised VR update will still be released? If so, do you have a timeline for this, or planned features you could share?

    32. Chad Denkhoff on

      Yeah I saw this coming from a mile away ಠ_ಠ

    33. Justin on

      I am sorry to hear this, I do see a lot of good stuff and art direction in this game, I hope things get sorted out and a lot better for you guys down the road with things..patches will help and refinement

    34. Richard Garcia on

      I think you all have done a great job delivering a product. To me, it's always amazing when a product is finally finished and delivered. I can't imagine taking all this time out of my life to manage, develop, and release a crowdfunded project especially with the expectations of all these people on you.

      As a software developer who has had to deal with unreasonable client demands and expectations, it's a great relief that I at least am allowed a salary. I really can't imagine how all of this feels for the team. I hope you are all able to get through this and manage to create another passion project.

    35. Angela

      This doesn't surprise me.
      Not one bit.

    36. Missing avatar

      Elliot Smith on

      @Ash How is this the best game you have ever played? Is this literally the only horror game you have played? In which case I'd believe you. The game was utter garbage

    37. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Ferraz on

      I'm sorry about that. Thank u all for the great game.

    38. Charles Brandon Adkins on

      game has been released and patched...
      ever so grateful ;)
      however, i too am curious what legal problems exist with the company?

    39. Missing avatar

      Mike Norris on

      Any update on physical rewards such as Shirts and Posters?

    40. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Awww man :(

    41. Valores Medina on

      I fully understand, at least we have the video to give us an idea so we aren't fully blue balled on what was being removed. This has been my favorite Kickstarter from the dev updates to the actual game. If there's anyway to help the studio from here please post, I and many others would be more than glad to assist. Only question, did the development time go longer than your estimate when coming up with the Kickstarter?

    42. Oli 'Albatraous' Newton

      Whilst it is never nice to be in a financial struggle, I hope you are able to pull out of it. Despite the issues this project has experienced, as a backer I hoped our financial support would not only allow you to create the game you envisioned, but you would have success with the project and keep producing original game concepts. Good luck with getting back on your feet.

      In regards to the unrated version, I am not at all surprised. I commented before that you shouldn't make suggestions or offer solutions without checking first. As you have said yourself, you can't do this due to technical and legal reasons. What are these?
      I can understand the legal reasons (your publisher would retain the right to the game, so you couldn't release a version without breaking their contract) but technical? The art assets and game files can be modified by yourselves (It runs on the unreal engine, so it could be altered by modders potentially).

    43. Ash on

      That sucks. What can we do to help? You have created the best horror game I've ever played and I've loved this kickstarter.

    44. 8-Bit Assassin

      So I guess the VR Support that was hit as a stretch goal is out the window

    45. Night1505

      No worries or stress from me, but I would like to ask some specifics (that's why I use Kickstarter for games).

      1. Please elaborate on the "reasons". What technical and legal issues are you facing? What about the development of A:UR is technically or legally barred?

      2. What was the cause of the financial issues? Were sales of this game not sufficient? Was ALL of the pledge money used for what it was planned to be used for?

      3. Will you be offering private dinners with the Red Goddess anytime in the future? ;)

    46. RIKUSYO on


    47. Thomas Tawadros on

      Learn from your mistakes. Keep your head above water.