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Survival Horror game set in Hell.
Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
Survival Horror game set in Hell. Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
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3,926 backers pledged CA$ 182,642 to help bring this project to life.

First patch for Agony is already live!

Posted by PlayWay (Creator)
Hello Players,

We’re coming back with the good news! The first patch is already uploaded so that you can continue your adventure in a new version of the Hell right away! Here is the list of changes: 

- The Maze of Madness puzzle is optional now. 
- Amount of enemies in The Pit is reduced. 
- Amount of skulls needed to solve Ishtar's Room puzzle is reduced. 
- Small tweaks for Dark Forest enemies encounters. 
- Added Torch to Onoskelis Cave area. 
- Amount of enemies in the Fractal Forest is reduced. 
- Amount of enemies in the Mushroom Mind is reduced. 
- Problematic sigils in Ice Caves are changed into easier puzzles. 
- Added a checkpoint after the first scene in Chart Chase (You no longer need to rewatch the first scene) 
- Painting in Chart Chase area changed place, so it's more obvious where to look for it. 
- Ifrit soul apple is now gained faster, and puzzle in this area got streamlined. 
- Added a checkpoint in the last chapter just before meeting with the beast (you no longer need to walk long path again) 
- Changed difficulty options - Easy Possession is now activated on both difficulties, and Checkpoint Destruction is off in both as well. 
- Stamina got a big buff and a small rework while swimming. 

Have fun and keep bringing your awesome reports, so we would know exactly what to change next!
Take care
The Hell Messenger


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    1. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on

      The console physical copies distributor declined the agreement between us and thus is not sending you the physical copies. Our publisher is trying to get the console keys for you and it is its top priority. Promised to do it ASAP. No matter the hour if we get the codes we will tell you about it and send it to you. I know it takes forever...

      Yours truly evil,

    2. Missing avatar

      Connor White on

      Can you PLEASE just send me my key through the Kickstarter message system. The emails are just not working!

    3. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on

      I can confirm, that most of the PC players received the key. 30% of the emails with keys were never opened by the Backers. That's why we sent the keys once again to all that didn't open the email. Maybe it got stuck on the way, as we were using mass email tool.

      About the console keys/boxes, we are talking with our publisher, and we want to give you accurate news regarding this subject, but simply can't. We are trying to make various approaches to solve this issue, ASAP. You have every reason to be mad at us. We'll keep you posted.

      Thanks for reporting bugs and giving your feedback. The part of the team that is not involved in getting everything sorted with the keys is working on the bug fixes.

      Yours truly evil,

    4. Elektrik SENSHI on

      Maybe we gave them money but we're not allowed to play the game..
      What a shame..

    5. Missing avatar

      Joshua Brabender on

      Same here, still no key.

    6. Missing avatar

      Connor White on

      STILL do not have my key!

    7. Missing avatar

      Leland Cecil on

      So just no game then huh?

    8. Missing avatar

      Leland Cecil on

      Agreed I am owed what I paid for

    9. Missing avatar

      Joshua Brabender on

      Sorry but people like you are actually the problem. You guys just take it, companies LOVE people like you.
      We didn't receive what we payed for so we are going to do something against it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Connor White on

      Nope, I am going to stay vocal until I get what I paid for.

    11. Michal Bayerl on

      Complaining is the biggest problem in todays world. Keep calm, take it easy, grab a beer and relax. Wait, be patient, be polite, enjoy what you can and you will see that everything is allright.

    12. Missing avatar

      Connor White on

      Yep, I have sent an email to both addresses.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joshua Brabender on

      Guys, have you used the right email Address?
      It's not

      Hope this helps.

    14. Missing avatar

      Leland Cecil on

      How do I flag this to actually get a RESPONSE

    15. Missing avatar

      Leland Cecil on

      Where the fuck is my key it's been four days, this is just theft at this point

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. Missing avatar

      Robin Smith on

      Now there's a good idea for us Backers who are still waiting for the postman...

      Let's watch a full walkthrough of Agony on YouTube while clutching a controller and we can pretend that we are actually playing the game as I very much doubt if the PS4 disk is hitting my doormat this weekend.

    18. Missing avatar

      Connor White on

      I would also like to know if I am ever going to get my Steam key. I have sent 3 emails about it now.

    19. Daniel Campos Acevedo on

      Please address the issue with the console codes, you're disrespectful to your backers and you're not giving a complete f*** about the people that help you in the very beginning. You're just leaving your supporters without any proper answer. You PR sucks to be honest this is no way to treat the people that had hopes for you at the beginning of this kickstarter, I hope to see something regarding the console players that are craving to play the game (even thought that you lied since update #34) and don't put the hellmessenger to answer questions on the comments we need a professional approach for this.

    20. Edward Drummond

      Implementing a Difficulty setting seems like a no-brainer tbh. Have the unpatched one count as "hard" and the current patch as normal with an easy and harder "Infernal" mode that alter the demon # and puzzle challenges accordingly.

    21. Skankilicious on

      They deserve the hate that they're getting. They treated their backers very poorly with this key situation. Bad reviews is the best way to warn potential buyers about the dishonesty these devs have been practicing, so I'm glad they're getting slammed with bad reviews. Is it really surprising people are mad because they haven't gotten their keys they should've gotten on release? We supported these guys and all they did so far is go back on their promises.

    22. Missing avatar

      Joshua Brabender on

      @Adam McKee
      How do you know that the majority of PC backers have gotten their key already? Please, I need a source for this statement.

      We are pissed, simple as that. And we have every right to be.
      They should have given us our keys at least two days before official release. Now it's the third day after release and we still can't play this game while some random people have already finished it multiple times.

      This is simply not acceptable. They should focus on us first before resolving this whole "censored" topic.

      I just want to play this game man, I love horror games and I know i will like this game...just give me the key -.-

    23. Missing avatar

      Adam McKee on

      I’m not trying to excuse what’s happened either btw, cause it’s pretty stupid somehow not having keys for two of the three platforms, but all we can do is wait, and threatening bad reviews and the like isn’t going to get your key any quicker.

    24. Missing avatar

      Adam McKee on

      Bruh they don’t even have the console keys yet, and the majority of pc backers have their copies now. Just be patient my dudes.

    25. Skankilicious on

      Are you going to address the darkness problem this game has? As well as the horrible npc textures (mainly the females), and environments sometimes not rendering properly? Another problem this game has is how blurry everything looks in general which is a huge eye sore. I don't understand why you reduced the number of demons since there weren't that many to begin with, and it's fairly easy to avoid them, but the checkpoints and stamina were a much needed fix.

    26. Missing avatar

      Joshua Brabender on

      Yeah, about to do the same thing.
      If I get my key after that I will just write a bad review and ask steam to remove it from my library...this is insulting at best

    27. Elektrik SENSHI on

      That's good but.. Where's my game? Maybe i should watch some FULL walkthrough on YouTube..

    28. Missing avatar

      Connor White on

      Everything sounds like it is being to nerfed into oblivion and I have not even gotten to play it. Just great...

    29. Missing avatar

      Adam McKee on

      You should 100% make a difficulty reverting some of these things, I’ve not played yet so I can’t say whether these changes are better for the game or not, but you should make a difficulty that is a lot harder for the more hardcore players.

    30. Missing avatar

      Joshua Brabender on

      Please focus on the important stuff right now guys:
      People who backed this game, who made all of this possible are STILL waiting for their keys. Focus on that.

    31. Missing avatar

      William Huynh on

      Thanks for the update. Would love to have a mode/option where you can stay in possession of the demons infinitely to explore without fear of depossession.