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Survival Horror game set in Hell.
Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
Survival Horror game set in Hell. Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Phillip Johnson on

      Possible to reupload the video somewhere?

    2. GoneGrimdark on

      The dropbox video has exceeded it's limits. Did anyone get to see what was censored? I've heard one thing was butt wobble haha

    3. Robert Emery on

      video has reached its download limits, can somebody repost?

    4. Wednesdae on

      So this video was taken down before I could see it as I'd not gotten to the end and was avoiding spoilers...

    5. Missing avatar

      o00oalex on

      Make an unofficial patch to get back everything that was cut from the game. Or provide tools for mods. And we will calm down. )

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthew Milner on

      Yeah, I'd say add a torrent for it or provide a download link or something cause youtube isn't going to allow that...:/ And I really wanna watch the video.

    7. Cordin Aerynn Wrona on

      TORRENT PLEASE!!!!!! :D

    8. Michal Bayerl on

      First of all it's very nice from you pulling out updates so frequently, so we know what's going on. The video with deleted scenes is something really disturbing except the butt physics, which is something I don't understand why was deleted, if it's allowed to have boobs physics.

    9. Sean Trostle McCarter on

      I get the two scenes being censored, but you were forced to cut butt physics? That one baffles me a bit. I was worried when you guys signed on for consoles because I feared you guys would lose some creative freedom, and you did. Despite that I am glad we did get the game, and I enjoyed it for the most part. Only complaint I have was the exploding bodies in the forgotten caves, the damage range seems to have no limit. Once you trigger one, no matter how far you run or what you get behind, you get damaged anyways.

    10. god_kratos_1_ on

      @Jeff LaMarche:
      They did already, look down in the comments, it's only 1 hour ago!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeff LaMarche on

      Any chance you can repost? YouTube pulled it down before I could watch.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rémi Claret on

      I want scene n°5 please and don't tell it in store steam but in secret place in game in mysterious update. Behind a wall for example.

    13. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on

      Unfortunately, YouTube decided to delete our video. Here is the new link:…

      Take care,
      The Hell Messenger

    14. Missing avatar

      Alluvian_Est-Endrati on

      Alas, the video was removed from YouTube before I could check it out. Please find another way to distribute it to backers/fans.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rémi Claret on

      Vidéo striked

    16. Missing avatar

      Stephen Phillip Mattie III on

      I think YouTube took your video down lol

    17. Igloos on

      Yeah YouTube seems to have removed that for their nudity/sex rules, maybe put it somewhere like Vimeo or something?

    18. Edward T. on

      The other stuffs, I somewhat understand but explain to me why buttock physics has to be taken out of the Red Goddess again? How is that going to push it into AO rating when she’s freaking butt naked.

      Why only making it available on “different” characters and not all characters?

    19. Ingo Günther on

      Wow, you had to censor a wobbling butt (which is actually anyways looking unrealistic in my opinion)?!
      In what world do we live? Would probably have been fine if she were wearing a String Tanga.

    20. Justin on

      @Robin Smith..I unfortunately did do that..i guess ill own it twice idk :(

    21. Missing avatar

      Robin Smith on

      I have been tempted just to buy this off the Sony Playstation Store and ask for reimbursement from you but that is hardly likely. So, I'll just wait for the postman to deliver a copy sometime into the month of June and ignore the myriads of YouTube videos uploaded by non-backers who are enjoying the game right now.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark Davenport on

      I think you should mainly be concerned with actually getting codes out to console players, I paid for something I have yet to get while non backers can pick up the game right now.

    23. Angela

      So is there any hope whatsoever that you guys will release an AO rated version of the game with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING cut out or changed? I honestly think that would be your best option. That way Microsoft and Sony won't sue and people will be happy with all the uncensored goodness. I've heard of other games releasing two different versions before. I dont see why it couldnt be done here.

    24. Justin Gadze on

      As a backer who still doesn’t have their game, this update it moot and does nothing to make me feel better about this whole fiasco.

    25. Missing avatar

      Roy West on

      The thing that bothers me is ......the game was supposed to be out last year! You guys needed another year to “make everything perfect” and now it’s been OVER a year! it’s not perfect, the people who backed you can’t even play the game! This whole experience has made me regret my decision to back anything on Kickstarter. My buddy has the game and is currently beating it, where as I sit her with a black screen and controller with nothing, should have just went to the game store like him!

    26. Missing avatar

      Connor White on

      Do you expect me to feel sorry for you?! It does not matter how many notifications you have, you should prioritize the backers who are still missing their keys! You have an email with backers in the name. Surely the only messages there will be people asking for their keys. I am trying not to get angry here, but this constant "Oh it is not our fault, this mysterious company will sue us so we can't release a patch. The console keys we did not prepare ahead of time have not arrived on release. We did send the Steam keys, it is just YOUR FAULT for not receiving them. Now we can't send you the keys because of all of these notifications. It is never our fault because we are the perfect company!" I am so fed up with waiting. I PAID FOR AND SUPPORTED THIS GAME, SO AT THE VERY LEAST YOU COULD PROVIDE ME WITH WHAT I PAID FOR!

    27. Angela

      Ok so maybe I was a BIT harsh earlier...Understand though, that with all the kick ass footage I've seen over the years since backing this game, The wait for it has been excruciating. And then I find out that everything I thought I was waiting for was slowly made into something else. That's like a virgin being told he's gonna get laid in a years time only to find out that the chick has herpes when you're both naked on the bed. Ya REALLY wanna get laid but at the same time, not so much. And then she rapes you. That's how I feel. Angry/hurt that I can't even play the game because of misinformation, and wanting to play it cuz I've waited for so long but at the same time so disappointed with what it has become that thinking about it actually makes me feel sick. I backed this game because I can't stand censorship. I refuse to support it in any way and now I've been tricked out of money to support it against my will.

    28. Manga John on

      Thankyou for this, its good to hear you are keeping on top of the issues and trying to make amends, obviously its not a great situation but you are obviously swamped (not entirely unwarranted tbf). Just keep up the updates and keep us informed and im sure the less salty of us will be appeased for the time being :) (always gonna have the keyboard warriors on your back but welcome to the internet)

    29. Missing avatar

      david loppion on

      Please in next patch, consider AZERTY keyboard...

    30. Missing avatar

      Leland Cecil on

      Still don't have a game key