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Survival Horror game set in Hell.
Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
Survival Horror game set in Hell. Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
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3,926 backers pledged CA$ 182,642 to help bring this project to life.

Censorship in Agony - final statement!

Posted by PlayWay (Creator)

Dear Agony Fans,

After many consultations and hard work full of trials and errors, we have two pieces of news for you.

Firstly, we have managed to include a lot of things that we originally wanted to provide in the patch in the final game. It has been accepted by PEGI and other rating companies. The censorship now affects only several seconds from two endings (out of seven) and some scenes that may be unlocked only after the end of the game. We will be able to show them to you in a video that we are planning to release soon.

None of the scenes you have seen in the trailers and other promotional materials have been censored at all, and the game will feature those on all platforms:

- Gore
- Brutal Sex Scenes
- Lesbian and Gay Sex Scenes
- Genital Physics
- Eye Gouging  
- Heart Plucking
- Children Heads’ Exploding
- Setting Fire to Martyrs and Demons
- Intense Violence
- Strong Language
- Drugs

Secondly, due to legal issues, we are not going to be able to release the Adult Only patch. However, that content does not affect the game in any significant way because the deleted material that was supposed to be added in the latest version of the patch is from two endings (out of seven) and some scenes that may be unlocked only after the end of the game. We are going to publish a comparison video on May 30th, 2018 so you will not miss out anything.

Please bear in mind that leaving this content uncensored would result in the game being banned and us, Madmind Studio, being sued. That would simply lead to the studio being closed. Obviously, we don’t want this to happen and we hope that you understand it.

Agony is still the game we have planned all along and we are very proud of what we have achieved.

Enjoy pursuing the Red Goddess in Hell!
Madmind Studio

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    1. Justin Vasquez on

      Mangelina Jolie on Steam Forums for this atrocity said it best by saying:
      "Just because Kickstarter is an unrealiable means of supporting a developer does not excuse their behavior. Lies are lies, and yes, they lied and omitted.
      There are two arguments to be had here: one about the censorship itself, and one about their statements on it. They were not truthful about those statements literally hours before the game was to release. Having to censor their game and it being out of their control is one thing (and in my opinion not an issue) but to omit changes in their statements and downplay the extent of it is taking advantage of their backers and gamers as a whole."

      Read the forums post at the link below and see why it's a shit show:

      Also, It's also not a good look when there is literally not a SINGLE DEV POST to be found on the Steam forums on launch day while all the other days before they were pretty active. Just saying. FUCK OFF DEVS!

    2. Justin Vasquez on

      You all censored a HELL of a lot more than just a few seconds in game.

      Purple blood? Succubus missing nipples in areas? Bodies with cloth covering them?

      You've lied and been a shit developer who goes dark with the real questions and hide behind "legal agreements [prevent us from talking more]"

      Two Words, known in every language:

      FUCK OFF!

    3. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on

      At this moment, I can't comment anything regarding the patch due to legal agreements. If anything changes I will inform you right away.

      Yours truly evil,

    4. Night1505

      I see a whole lot of people working themselves up for some censored content. Mark my words, after all the "hype", when they do finally get to see what was taken out, they will be disappointed because it's not going to be what they have in their head.

      Gamer: I'm so angry that they removed content! Let me see the content!!

      Gamer: *sees content*

      Gamer: That's it?!?! After all that, that's all it is? Well that's disappointing...

    5. Zinneera Acheran on

      "Just do this guys". Well, I have my key, time for me to never come back to this comment section, my goodness. Thank you, MadMind.

    6. Edward Drummond

      It's a couple of seconds that they are going to show us anyway. Wise up! Honestly surprised they managed to get so much content through the censors, for which Madmind should be highly praised.

    7. Missing avatar

      Boardr on

      Just release an "unofficial" patch for the game like the makers of House Party did on steam. There is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to do this...

      This game is Disney Land compared to the sexual content in House Party lol

    8. Azuvector on

      Pretty disappointing, as one of the only reasons I backed Agony was to encourage art like this. For it to be censored is pretty terrible in my eyes.

    9. Justin Vasquez on

      Valve would not sue for AO Patch.

      Nom-backers getting early copies passed off a good amount of backers without comment when specifically asked this question.

      The developers are purposefully not divulging information we have asked for because they either:

      1) Are scared with how we will take the Information they give us.

      2) Contractually cannot answer (the early copies on YouTube they can answer and continue to ignore though); BUT the developers could say this instead of many assuming.

      3) Combination of the two.

      The fact so many have praised their "openness" and frequent updates shows they are purposefully not answering the questions we have a right to know as INVESTORS.

    10. Wednesdae on

      It seems to be May 29th in Poland the US and Australia. So when exactly is this game being released?

    11. Oli 'Albatraous' Newton

      Good that most of the content will make it through, however, I am surprised it wasn't checked beforehand what content would allow for them to release this. With such a controversial theme, I would have thought this would be a priority early on.

      Doesn't surprise me another promise to the backers for an AO patch has been broken. Doesn't surprise me that non-backers are getting this game early.

      I am assuming you would be sued by valve for circumventing their ratings system by releasing this patch (which is understandable). Again, why wasn't this conversation had with Valve before mentioning it to the backers?

      Let's just hope the actual game is worth the broken promises and development issues, and doesn't turn out to be style over substance. So long as it arrives today as promised.

    12. Missing avatar

      Spoon Himself on

      I have been waiting a long time for this game.... I have been waiting months for the 29th.... I have been waiting all day for the release, it is now 5 hours away from being the 30th and you are saying the release is 7 hours away...

    13. Artyom Bogomaz on

      I hope you "won't be able to release the patch" the same way other games on steam are not "able to release a patch" officially, but it just kinda happens to float around by some third party person

    14. Missing avatar

      Artoflyfe on

      Can't say i'm not disappointed by this. They might be only a couple of seconds, but if you had to remove them in order to get M rating, it means that they were few meaningful seconds.
      Still hope the patch will come one way or another.

    15. Darby Roorda on

      So I had initially backed for a PS4 copy, but then changed to a Steam version in the hopes of getting that AO patch when the survey went out. Since that patch is no longer a I still stuck with the Steam version?

    16. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      @blazikenowen There is a lot we do not know, especially what contract madmind has.
      They *could* have released a pseudo AO Patch (add some noncontroversial content) and never told us about the missing content so Kudos to madmind for being open about the cut content. I prefer madmind being open about this than some marketing spin to keep appearances.

    17. Missing avatar

      blazikenowen on

      So I actually looked into if you could be sued for a ao patch and you couldn't be sued for it however the fact that there was advertised a ao patch that hit its goal and isn't being made actually could be grounds to be sued for as false advertisement steam definately couldnt sue for an ao patch and steam cant remove the game if an account not linked to steam linked the ao patch

    18. Andrea Scattolin

      Here in Italy is 29. Still waiting for the key. Please HURRY!

    19. Missing avatar

      Christopher Rosario on

      When will the keys be sent out? I funded the digital deluxe edition and my console of choice is Xbox One.

    20. Missing avatar

      Vajda Róbert on

      free uncensored dlc?

    21. Alex Grave on

      Sued?? Can they sue you for making a game??

    22. Missing avatar

      William Ross Monahan on

      Interesting.. streamers in the US already playing the game. When asked if they backed the game, they say no. They just got early access just because. I find this so wrong.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kyle Roman on

      I have an idea.

      Upload the uncensored patch to Nexus Mods.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Stanford on

      I changed my ps4 copy to a PC copy for this AO patch that now no longer exists... can I change it back to ps4 now? Or is everyone's choice going to be set back anyways?

    25. Dookie Monster on

      The fact that you would be sued for releasing the game you intended to make has me feeling pretty angry, if I'm honest. Still, I'm greatly looking forward to giving this a go tomorrow, and I'm grateful that you will be showing us what was considered unacceptable.

    26. Missing avatar

      Bon(kor) on

      Finally it comes tomorrow..... Great works guys!! I hope game will be very intense and fun!

    27. Angela

      Can I switch my copy to Xbox One then? The only reason I switched to Pc was because you said youd release the adult patch.If that's not happening then I'd rather go back to what I originally wanted...

    28. Chris Skuller

      It is what it is. Thanks for fighting for your vision. Any chance you just released the materials online and maybe a fan patches them back into the game?

    29. Missing avatar

      charles on

      I am with would like more information on the legality that prevents the patch. Be fore you comment I am not talking a bout the content. I just want to understand what prevents a patch. Releasing a video of the censored content is a decent compromise. Is the patch prevented because of a breach of contract and if so can you tell us the clause. Or is this covered by a nondisclosure agreement and you cant give any more details. So far the game looks good I will hold judgment until the release.

    30. Zinneera Acheran on

      The fact alone we were able to have 'multiple' methods of completing a game without it being like an Amnesia-style survival horror is great as well. I, for one, don't like horror, so this is okay since it's less scares and more explore. A little less nudity wont hurt it any.

    31. Justin on

      Madming pushed the boundries..i dont believe there was any lie..and think game be pretty awesome..they indeed pushed it as far as possible

    32. JT

      The adult patch was only considered for PC, isn't it still possible to release an adult patch on your website that can be applied to the game itself?

    33. Zinneera Acheran on

      There's a lot more going on in my life than to fret about the absolute minor-level of censorship. The fact the game came out at all is good enough for me and the fact it's not absolutely broken is even better.

      When investing in a game on Kickstarter (or investing in general) the key rule is to realise your money is gone. It was roughly two years ago that we invested so I am glad a kickstarter game actually came for once. Good luck on launch, guys and gals.

    34. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      I think its the first option but I doubt after the Hot coffee fiasco a developer would keep bannable content in the base game if you plan to patch it later.
      Thats why I think maybe its the animation-data that would be patched while reusing models and sounds from the base game. Since the cut content seems to be cutscenes, that would fit.

    35. ziher13 on

      Then we have 2 options:
      1. AO content is in the basic game built but locked away (like Hot coffee in GTA)
      2. Problem is not with Steam but with the publishing contract

    36. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      There are games on steam for which you can buy patches on another (japanese) site, which put those games into full H-Mode (both sold by the designers of the game). You might want to search for "The Heiress" on steam and read the comments to get an idea of what kind of content is added.
      I seriously doubt steam has problems with patched adult content.

    37. ziher13 on

      They basically forbid official developers steam accounts to link to uncensor patches. That's all they can meaningfully do.

      As for second part, then would not it be easy for Madmind studio to take out AO animations/textures from the final built and then upload them as a patch? Then it will not be a part of the basic game.

    38. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Your second link was that bruhaha a few days ago: Steam apologised for that.
      I doubt steam can crack down on Adult-patches: How would you differentiate in a meaningful way between modders and the developers distributing patches?

      The suing probably refers to uploading the uncensored game at steam. Example: I submit some puzzle game with flowers to steam and then upload a patch which changes the flowers to harcorde pornography. There certainly is a clause that would open me up for legal action.

    39. ziher13 on

      So my theory is: Contract between Madmind Studio and publisher obliges Madmind to make a game and RELEASE it on Steam (since Steam was mentioned as first confirmed platform). Steam does not allow AO games and does not allow uncensor patches. So if game is released and then kicked from steam, then in will be violation of contract with the publisher, opening devs to be sued by publisher.

    40. ziher13 on

      There were a lot articles about steam banning uncensor patches like this one:

      Steam even warned the erotic game publishers to fully censor their games or be kicked out (later they retracted that):

      But no mentioning of suing anyone.

    41. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      "Please bear in mind that leaving this content uncensored would result in the game being banned and us, Madmind Studio, being sued."
      I think that is referring to just leaving the stuff in game and uploading it as final product to steam.

      Here is my theory (lets all get our tinfoil hats): The Patch consists of animations and uses assets within the game to create scenes that are not allowed for release in the final product.
      Steam's position is, that the game must ship "clean" and if you patch some 18+ stuff in by yourself, its your choice (patching in 18+ Pictures is ok, delivering them via base-game and unlocking them via Patch gets your game banned).
      Now madmind is afraid of basically getting their assets declared bannable because legally speaking, they do not change the content but remix it, which would mean, the bannable content was in the game from the start.....

    42. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on

      The launch time is 29th of May, 5 PM CET.

      We were fighting as hard as we could. Forced a few things, miss a couple. The game didn't change to a story of teddy bear trying to eat his breakfast. We didn't change sex-gore horror game to rainbow friends racing. Since you miss only a few seconds of the games, that you still didn't see so far, we definitely ask you to play the game and tell us after if you feel like you miss something. Compare it with the videos we are going to deliver. Do trust us on this one.

      Yours truly evil,

    43. Missing avatar

      Meerrettich on

      I understand if you have some troubles bringing it completely uncensored, but why no patch?
      Every adult game on steam has patches to uncensor it, you are just not allowed to advertise for these patches in steam itself. Offering it on another website should be completely fine. Except of course the content itself is against the laws of your country, or usage rights for assets/animations/ect you lost.

      But then you should not be able to show us a comparism video? Sorry, I'm just a bit confused right now.

      Could you at least tell us what exactly you had to cut in order to not be sued?

    44. ziher13 on

      :) I just don't think Steam has the power to sue devs over such patches (kick them from the platform - yes, sue - I don't think so)

      They said about the publishing deal "It is never easy to find investor who will not interfere with our vision, but we have never even considered other options." But the AO rating may overstep the boundaries of "vision".

      But without more details about the contract, my guess is as good as any

    45. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Hard to say: According to the Update, the publisher has no ability to interefere with the game and given that everybody can create patches and change game-assets I'd love to know the legal reasons here out of sheer curiosity.

      If its the publisher: It would be sad but then again we got a bigger and more polished game due to the deal.
      You could say Madmind made a deal with the devil *badading*

    46. MsDemeaner on

      Here's an idea. Don't make promises you cant keep.
      Have you been lying to us about the uncensored version on PC all this time?

    47. ziher13 on

      If they are telling the truth about the cut content, then it's not much. But we can't know for sure.

      I think it's not Steam, but their publisher who forbids the AO patch, but it is just my guess

    48. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      I honestly doubt it would be hard to patch some scenes.
      So maybe Steam does not allow such a patch or it has content that could get madmind in real legal trouble?
      On the other hand, it seems that they got nearly everything into the game that they wanted: Maybe they think, its not worth the trouble for a few seconds of two cutscenes?

    49. ziher13 on

      @Adam McKee
      Thats not quantum physics. If you say to expect it - it's a promise, not a probability.

    50. Missing avatar

      Douglas Cartee on

      Disappointed that Agony has been backed so far into a corner that they can't make good on their promise without putting their livelihoods and careers at risk. I had some harsh words in a previous update about being mindful of who they partner with so just such a situation wouldn't occur, and while I still stand by that, I think it incredible they've gotten as much in as they have and not hit the AO rating, even getting it through the Australian ratings board. I imagine much of the past few months have been extensive discussions with investors and corporate entities trying to persuade them to ease up on the censorship.
      I'm not worried about the sliver of cut content as I can view it on Youtube when it goes up, and I'm certain some dedicated modders will start digging around to release a fan made patch.