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Survival Horror game set in Hell.
Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
Survival Horror game set in Hell. Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
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Agony Release Date Announced!

Posted by TheHellMessenger (Collaborator)
Welcome back Condemned Souls,

You’ve been tortured for countless days, not being able to get out of the Hell. But finally! The salvation day is coming soon, so save your strengths and be prepared for the slightest chance of escaping the horrors of the past and solve the riddle behind the mysterious Red Goddess!

I’m coming back to you straight from the Hellish Grounds to confirm that Agony will see a simultaneous release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 29th, 2018! Just don’t party too hard out there! Remember that Succubus will react to any sound you’ll make, so it would be foolish to give away your position just before the window of freedom opens…

I wouldn’t deserve my title if I couldn’t bring you a treat to ease your pain of waiting. Watch the teaser trailer of Agony and prepare yourself for the worse to come:

Let the others die,

The Hell Messenger  

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tarbos6 on

      I have a question and some regrets regarding the surveys from last month.

      Is it possible that the list of backer nicknames showing up in the credits will continue to be updated in future patches (assuming patching will continue) for those who forgot to fill out the survey when the email reminders were sent out?

      I had just found out today that Email reminders for the backer reward surveys had been sent out between April 25th - April 29th, and promptly answered the question for my nickname in the credits (nickname: Tarbos the Tempest). I know I'm a month late, and I understand that the game was released only yesterday, but I'm hoping it isn't too late to fix this. I'd rather not miss out on this backer reward.

    2. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on

      No, it won't show as Jason "Jason Jaccoi" Jaccoi.

      Yours truly evil,

    3. Jason Jaccoi on

      Oh, I already responded to the survey question with just my name... I don't really want a nickname anyway, so hopefully it doesn't show up as Jason "Jason Jaccoi" Jaccoi.

    4. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on


      We tried to contact with all who took part in the rally. We waited long for the answers and the nicks we got found their way to the game. If somebody didn't take part in the rally, she/he wouldn't find their nick. The bodies are well marked in the game, so you shouldn't miss them. If we miss your nick, please send us a message, and we will add you to the next patch. We couldn't do it through a survey, as a rally is a different thing to backing the project. I hope that answers your questions.

      Yours truly evil,

    5. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on

      Jason, Maximilian,
      I wanted to double check it. The answer to the question is number 2 - Moops. So if you wanted Jason "Moops" Jaccoi, you should put that as your nickname.

      The survey is supposed to be available from your account under projects you backed.

      By the time the KS campaign was going on, we had no plans on releasing the game on physical discs. It all happened later on. We are talking about it with our publisher, but as for now. We are not giving an upgrade to a physical copy.

      Yours truly evil,

    6. Geoff Harris on

      I've had 2 emails about filling in a survey, but no link or directions on where this survey is.
      How do I fill this in?

    7. Missing avatar

      Howard Jones on

      So I filled out the survey and still chose the ps4 digital version..
      How come there wasn't a physical disc upgrade option?
      I mean if it's getting a physical release.
      Backers should have first dibs on owning an actual disc.

    8. Missing avatar

      Maximilian Knespel on

      I'd also like to know the answer to Jason Jaccoi's question.

    9. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on

      29th of May is almost June!

      Yours truly evil,

    10. Night1505

      So, I filled out the survey, and answered about my "nickname" in the credits. I'm wondering though if our names will still be found on corpses for the 10 on the 30th rally we did way back when. We really rallied the support with that effort, and there was a lot of discussion about not using nicknames like "LongDongDemarco" (used courtesy of another commenter on one of the rally updates) because it would break immersion.

      I didn't see anywhere to put my "rally name" on the survey though. Are you guys just going to use the "credit nicknames"? I really hope not. I don't mind showing up in the credits as "Night1505", but I don't want to find a corpse in Hell with that tag on it. I'd rather see my actual name, and the actual names of others for the "rally corpses".

      Any helpful insight on that, Misterissus HellMessenger?

    11. Jason Jaccoi on

      I have a question for the backer question I just got. It asks specifically "What Nickname would you like to have in Agony credits?"

      Does this mean it will display between your first and last name? Or will whatever you type in be whatever shows up?

      For example, if I type in "Moops", is my entry in the credits going to be:
      1). Jason "Moops" Jaccoi
      or just
      2.) Moops

    12. Missing avatar

      DarkPun69 on

      Heh, I thought this would've been out in June, and I wouldn't have minded waiting a little longer for the dev's to do a little beta testing either.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ray izquierdo on

      SO what about the physical edition? Any info on that?Will we have to pay more or just pay a little more including the amount we paid already?

    14. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on

      Hello again,

      We really want to release the game on that date, but I'm not promise anything. I assume it's hard to believe it, but still, we want to see the game out even more than you do.

      There was still no survey, no worries. Once it is sent, we will post an update.

      Commissar Dan,
      On the PC, yes, it is going to be the same day.

      Once the game is gold. We are still waiting for a few external approvals. We will post an update for sure.

      On the release day.

      Next update as one of the next updates. We wanted to share the news with you about the release date first.

      Yours truly evil,

    15. Justin on

      wohooo **cheers** to that!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Stanford on

      I too am wondering where the details are for changing a console version to PC. In the last update it said details would be in the next update, or does this not count as an "update" per se?

      Also, will the PC version still allow you to plug in a controller to play?

    17. Daniel Chainer Davenport on

      Question? Will the censorship patch be available on release, or later? Also congrats!

    18. Savonnah Watts on

      So when are the surveys being sent out?

    19. Commissar Dan

      Douglas, would you really rather they just stick to the date at all costs if they discover some issue they need to patch last minute? Welcome to Kickstarter.

      Also, will the release date for the anti-censoring patch be the same?

    20. Matthew Phoenix Churchill on

      i can't wait to find my soul inside the game...

    21. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      Can’t wait for it dudes!

      Also just checking I feel I might of missed the email where we pick which platform we want the game on? Don’t want to miss out!!

    22. Oli 'Albatraous' Newton

      "You’ve been tortured for countless days"

      A month of "we'll tell you the new release date soon" is not what I consider to be just "days".

      Let's hope that this is the final final final final release date and no more delays occur.

    23. Missing avatar

      Connor White on

      Im sorry but I won’t believe this until it is actually out. It has been delayed too many times for this date to be trusted now.

    24. Missing avatar

      Douglas Cartee on

      Good to get a release date, but can we get a confirmation that this is absolutely for sure the final release date, no if's, and's, or but's? The release date has been pushed back a handful of times already, so at this point I'm less concerned about the actual date and more concerned with whether you can promise it won't change again.