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Survival Horror game set in Hell.
Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
Survival Horror game set in Hell. Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!
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Censorship in Agony

Posted by PlayWay (Creator)

Dear Fans and Supporters!

      As mentioned many times, every version of Agony, regardless of the platform, is identical in terms of content.

     However, in order to be able to publish the game, we had to make some compromises. Otherwise, we would have had to to delete the whole project and never release it. With that in mind, we have spent a lot of time to make sure that censorship will not affect the perception of the game. That is why for many months we have been conducting interviews with age-rating companies in order not to cut out entire scenes from the game but at the same time modify it enough (e.g. just slightly changing the camera's frame) to get an M (Mature) rating instead of AO (Adult-Only) rating. AO rating means that the game could not be released on PS4 and Xbox One, and we would not keep the promise made on the Kickstarter.

    We also want to confirm that we are preparing a special, optional patch for PC that will remove the aforementioned "censorship". We would love to do something similar for consoles but from a technical and legal point of view it is simply not possible. 

    With that in mind, we decided that backers who have bought the console version of Agony will be able to convert it into a PC version. Details on how to do this will be provided soon in the next update, here on Kickstarter.

    Many of you ask us what exactly we had to censor, fearing that the game you have been supporting for years will not be the same experience you hoped for. We do not want to list exactly what's been censored due to possible spoilers, but it is important for you to understand that none of the elements you have seen in Agony's promotional materials (gameplay, trailers, screenshots, GIFs) have been censored. Do not be afraid, the full version of Agony is much heavier than what you've seen so far anyway.

The bricklayer was not fired

 Onoskelis still makes the last moments of your life pleasurable

Waifu succubus is still playing with her friend

And martyrs are as shameless as before

So, relax

Eat well

 And prepare for an unforgettable journey

SHE is coming!

Thanks for your support and understanding,
Madmind Studio

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    1. Joshua Sylvia on

      I can't wait! :)

    2. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on


      Yes, you're correct. Everything what you already saw stays the same for the final game. As stated in the update, all things that were censored are going to be presented in the videos which will be available to all. So it won't be exclusive, we wanted everybody to see our vision.

      About the pledge problem, please write us at
      I promise your email will be answered this time.

      Yours truly evil,

    3. Missing avatar

      Akriloth on

      Oh and uh @TheHellMessenger is there any chance you have a private email or can message me directly on here? I've been trying for months now to help get my best friend's pledge fixed but every time i get a reply and I reply back I never get a response and it's been repeating that way every month

    4. Missing avatar

      Akriloth on

      @TheHellMessenger So basically everything we saw in demo + gifs and trailers are still same? I almost hate to ask but will we backers ever get to see what was uncensored to know what WON'T be going in-game as like a backer exclusive?

    5. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on

      Hi Zarathustra,

      Did you see the gifs and read the update by any chance? :) We are going to deliver everything we promised. Every single piece of what you already saw will appear in the game uncensored. So you get exactly what you pledged for. I promise you we are not turning Red Goddess into a pink pony. There are a few things which none of you have seen, that needed an extra touch. But there's really no worries. There will be blood, there will be gore, there will be nudity.

      Yours truly evil,

    6. Zarathustra on

      WOW! What an extreme statement to such a commonplace reply.

      In short: You promised something you've never been able to deliver beause of federal law... And now you tell equals: "Fuck you customer! MSft and Zony are my masters and we do as we were told!" Shame on you.

      I have no interst in any refund. I'll rather spread the word.

    7. Justin on

      @Zarathustra.......I think most of us who funded this Kick-starter agree that freedom of art and what the original concept of the artist is should remained unchanged and uncensored, however on consoles , Microsoft and Sony will not permit AO ratings , That is not these guys fault they have to abide and play by strict cencorship rating boards, Now on PC theres no doubt they can patch like promised for 1% of content...That 1% cannot go onto consoles for reasons not by the developers buy by censorship on consoles (Microsoft And Sony) rules...but that doesnt mean they cant push it to the limits as stated by development team. However if was upto most people im firm believer in art..freedom speech. and if someone dont like it dont buy it or look at it. where playing by the rules of goverments.,not how it realy should be. I think this game will be amazing and I think people requesting $ back is absurd its not these guys fault there doing what they have to , get game gold

    8. Zarathustra on

      1.) Art must not be censored.
      When I became aware of this project, I chose to support it because it appeared to be original, transcendent and artful. To change that premise will result in me cancelling the purchase.

      2.) I'm an adult person and I supported a project aimed at adults. I cannot accept to be treated like a child from whatsoever authority. To change that premise will result in me cancelling the purchase.

      3.) I wish the makers of this piece of art all the best in dealing with all the legal issues. Nonetheless I have to insist on "sale as seen".

      Do not forget your promise: "We also want to confirm that we are preparing a special, optional patch for PC that will remove the aforementioned 'censorship.'"

      Greetings from Germany, where huntig "degenerate art" is now called censorship. :-)

    9. Missing avatar

      Zach on

      What this update fails to address is whether this affects all regions. Reading between the lines I'd say yes, but it's not overly clear. The update talks about the ESRB rating - or altering stuff to achieve a Mature rating. But what about other regions? I'm from Australia and the game was rated R18+ last month (…). The version stated in that classification page is original. Does this mean the pre-censored version? I backed the console version of the game and an curious to know if the console version in Australia is affected by the censorship of the NA console version?

    10. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on


      The word censorship is too big for the changes made. We already wrote it in the update above, no need to worry about that.


      1. No need for being unhappy. These are cosmetic changes you probably won't even notice. 2. You'll get the survey once the game is gold. We will write an update about it, I assure you.

      I'll get back to you as soon as I get the information for sure.

      Your's truly evil,

    11. Michal Bayerl on

      I'm fine with this. For people complaining: If you don't know what was censored, then you don't need to bother anyway. I'm completely aware and I understand that M rating is vital for this project so it's available for as many players as possible and still it's graphic enough to appeal to most fans. P.S.: The "so relax" screenshot is a proof that we should not worry about censorship, it's gross and I like it.

    12. Daniel Campos Acevedo on

      I don't know if I want this game now, the censorship is kind of bull**** specially for those who backed the console version, what a shame

    13. Threemoons

      2 things: 1 not happy about this and 2 WHEN did we have to choose a platform? I may go with PC anyway and pray my rig can handle it.

    14. Justin on

      I was never worried to much about censorship, I feel like this game will be bloody good, and border on the edge of a lot of things :) Look at Dantes Inferno,,and manhunt Im sure Madmind pushed it pretty darn far,, no worries guys..this will all turn out well.

    15. maisydog on

      Unfortunately it looks like the UniLad Gaming Facebook page has boned you for this. People are making it out like you chose to do this. I'm trying to explain (as not everyone is a backer or knows how ratings work) but the vast majority of people on this post are saying the game has been ruined. I really hope this misinformation doesn't hurt your sales too badly :(

    16. Mihai on

      Dan console are thought to be for kids mostly, so yeah more severe censorship and rating.

    17. Missing avatar

      Marcin Brzmilas on

      I assume you showed some straight-up hell pornography to be given A-O rating, because violence, no matter how excessive and brutal will get you to mature rating at best. My guess is you had penetration sex scenes, and you had to change camera angles to not show too much.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Will the PEGI console versions be uncut? They don't censor stuff and they have a USABLE 18 rating unlike the ESRB.

    19. TheHellMessenger Collaborator on

      Fellow Damned Souls,

      Azuvector - This must be a separate patch for various of reasons. It will be easy to install, no need for a hunt.

      Mike Hansford - So far no region diversity.

      Boardr - The survey is yet to come when the game is Gold.

      Thanks all for your words. You are still going to Hell. Nothing will save you!

      Yours truly evil,

    20. Aeshma on

      We will always be the best

    21. Missing avatar

      Dazdigo on

      PC Master race showing it is the best again! :-D

    22. Rudal on

      Thanks for the info :)

    23. Zinneera Acheran on

      Good job guys! I feel that will keep people happy!

    24. Martin Bergmann on

      This update somewhat alleviates the fears and concerns from the previous news. Thank you, and I hope this will all work out as intended :)

    25. Nathaniel Bargar on

      I'm glad I am getting it for PC after this post! And especially happy you are able to keep the promise of the Kickstarter I backed!

    26. Jesper on

      I love all these gifs! Thanks for keeping us all informed in these hard times. I think you got more trouble with the console release than you initially thought. We're all waiting mostly patiently, trying to suck up as much Agony info as we can while we wait.

      Thanks team! It's tough love from us all. Maybe sadistic love.

    27. laracroft on

      Thanks for this great update, sounds like you've walked the fine line of censorship without falling off :). Agony is going to be one hell of a game.

    28. John Lithium on

      Thanks for the update!

    29. Commissar Dan

      I'm sure we will understand.

      And I am eagerly wondering what your sick (and wonderful) minds have come up with that is more twisted than these promo materials.

    30. Jimmy Dali on

      PC + Agony = Pleasure
      PC + Agony patch = PC Master Race Heaven

    31. John McMillen

      Valve doesn't allow the developer to put the patch with the game, nor mention it in the games Steam forums.

      Now the developer is free to put the patch anywhere else on the internet for people to download and people who aren't the developer can drop not-so-subtle hints about where to find said patch in the forums.

    32. Andrea Scattolin

      That's a (CENSORED) shame.

    33. Missing avatar

      Boardr on

      Wait, we were already offered a choice between the two console and PC versions? When? I don’t remember receiving an email about this lol. The only one I received was the one asking which name I would prefer to use in the end credits.

    34. Derek Foley on

      Can we have an option to add a PC version rather than changing over? I play mostly on console but would like to have the complete version too.

    35. Mihai on

      Optional patch for PC that will remove the aforementioned "censorship". This part i like :D

    36. Sam "Savage" Cash on

      Would love to see the game in its uncensored glory, but my laptop will not run the game. I'll have to deal with the PS4 version :)

    37. Nicolo Dresp on

      Getting the PC Version anyway, so I’m fine with that.
      Also, while I don’t like censorship, if you’re not a big ass studio that can get by with a game being only sold on pc and under the table, the sad truth is that you’ll need to adjust a little.
      But let’s be honest, there’s always a patch on pc to make things the way we like. ;-P

    38. Missing avatar

      Mike Hansford

      Are there any region-specific changes? Australia is pretty notorious for being strict, particularly when it comes to sexual violence.

    39. Azuvector on

      With respect to the PC version, can this "optional patch" be integrated with the game so I don't need to hunt it down separately? Not a fan of Agony being censored, or optional patches to remove such.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jr_riketz on

      As on every Game.
      You have to fulfill the rules.

      We hope to see the full game on pc.
      Without that....

    41. Missing avatar

      Caleb Calvery on

      Bad ass update. Will be getting the PC version