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The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
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    1. Timmy_22222001 on

      Kudos to 1 year of Yooka Laylee! Really hope the game continues to grow and please re-release the custom Yooka Laylee figure, I'd really hope to get one! Either way, keep up the good work! ^=^

    2. Missing avatar

      SolidSonicTH on

      The N64 shaders are still a thing, right? Was that included in the base game?

    3. Merik2013 on

      Well, I hope some of that stuff going on behind the scenes is DLC. That's a campaign promise you still haven't upheld. I understand that preparing the Switch version took up some time, but we haven't heard a peep about the DLC we were promised.

    4. Brian Denning on

      Meanwhile I STILL haven't gotten my copy for the Switch...

    5. Missing avatar

      Bob Krahnert on

      So when are you going to patch the game to make it something that isn't a barrel of regret

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I hope I can win cause today (12 APR 2018) is my B-DAY !!

    7. Pokelova on

      I still want a refund.

    8. Jason DeSante on

      it really feels like more than a year because the hype came and went so quick because the game was very very bad. I honestly wouldn't be upset if you just re made yooka laylee instead of making a new game. Just keep re making yooka laylee until you make a good game, then release it as yooka laylee and history will thank you.


    9. Felix Springl

      looks neat.... sadly it's not for the backers who got a bit ripped off with that poor excuse of an "artbook" or the physical PC version that was just a steam code....

    10. N. Cooper on

      Is there any way I can make an entry for the giveaway here? I'm banned from Twitter

    11. Missing avatar

      Zack Johnson on

      I love the idea of giving away that signed poster, but why isn't it backer exclusive? Thousands of people who don't even play the game will want it to re-sell on Ebay. People backed your product to play and enjoy it and they actually liked the games the people on your team made. Why do the giveaway for people who, for some of them, don't even own the game at all? The twitter post has been out for 2 hours and there's already 2.4k retweets, there's NO way there's any chance of me, or any of the real backers would win it, shame.

    12. Fruits on

      *serches who that John is..*
      So you're mad cause you want whom you like to voice a toilet!? Tough love XD

    13. Dustin Weibush on

      I haven't even gotten my backer code yet lololol. It's been what a year?

    14. Kevin Moss on

      Even though I have a switch version of the game, are there any plans for a physical release?

    15. Missing avatar

      Buraun on

      @Alex Trautman You as well as I know that Destiny was the cause of that and John isn't really into political stuff and the fact that Yooka Laylee Team removed him after the backing was done was a cheap cash move on John fans. Now I don't know what he said nor do I care because I know that Destiny is a big jerk. So don't you dare come to me with that shite.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rob Hackney on

      Nice to see a giveaway, so thanks for doing this. How about making part of it backer-exclusive?

      It's be great finally to hear about the DLC too - hopefully some more playable content (another world would be excellent) rather than just skins or similar!

    17. Bruno DK on

      Yes Brandon, I hope they're talking about the dlc !
      I actually didn't finished the game, waiting for a xbox one x support and the new contents to actually play the game from the beginning :)

    18. Sami

      So are we finally getting that orchestral score and DLC?

    19. Alex Trautman on

      @buraun Jon dug his own grave on that. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences.

    20. Bruno DK on

      Happy to hear some news !
      I Just wanted to tell here the fact that we would be so happy to have an xbox one x enhanced patch, for shadows, resolution and else... would really love that... Thank you for your work !

    21. Missing avatar

      giant_frying_pan on


      Sorry for the off-topic query, but now a year removed, any chance of opening up the Switch 'upgrade' path to PC backers? Still a bit peeved we couldn't switch as with console backers (even if it would require an upgrade fee)

    22. Missing avatar

      Buraun on

      I still can't forgive what you did to JohnTron and I have a deep hatred towards The Yooka Laylee team. I regret backing this game and giving you my money but I can't have that back at this point, but I truly hope that you will never pull this kind of stunt again and find it in your common sense to ask John back to voice the person in the toilet. Until then, don't expect to see any generosity from me. Not that it matters anyway.

    23. Adam Pippin on

      It has been great to see how far this game has come, I personally also appreciate that you all took the extra work and time to listen to players to update and improve the game after release as well.

    24. Brandon Barlow

      Hopefully the "extra content" is the free backer-exclusive DLC that was mentioned at some point.