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The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
The creative talent behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country reveal an all-new platforming adventure for consoles and PC!
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Yooka-Laylee for Nintendo Switch Arriving Soon!

Posted by Playtonic Games (Creator)

After many months of work, Yooka-Laylee for Nintendo Switch is nearly, almost, so close to being in your possession!


As usual, Kickstarter backer game codes will be distributed via BackerKit, so please keep an eye out for emails and check your spam folder. We are currently awaiting receipt of the many thousands of game codes from Nintendo, and as soon as we receive them they will be dispatched to your inbox immediately. 

Backer game codes will allow you to pre-load Yooka-Laylee on your Nintendo Switch ahead of the game’s official release on December 14. More importantly, you’ll be able to play the game immediately as well! 

The Playtonic team personally handled development on Switch and spent many months adding significant optimisations, plus dozens of game updates to ensure that this version lives up to your expectations. We hope you enjoy it – and thanks again for your support!


In the lead up to Yooka-Laylee leaping on to Nintendo Switch, our artists have been getting in the mood by revisiting some of the Nintendo classics they helped create. See some of their amazing doodles below!

Kev Bayliss goes festive crazy with his character roster!
Kev Bayliss goes festive crazy with his character roster!


DK64's Mark Stevenson proves he has no style (or grace)
DK64's Mark Stevenson proves he has no style (or grace)


Steven 'Klungo' Hurst's namesake is looking forward to Ssswitch
Steven 'Klungo' Hurst's namesake is looking forward to Ssswitch


Steve Mayles has deep roots in this series...
Steve Mayles has deep roots in this series...


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    1. Missing avatar

      kamikazilucas on

      why say you can pre load it if we aren't gonna get the codes until the game even launched

    2. Missing avatar

      -DarkWing- on

      i really doubt we will be getting our codes on time...

    3. Paul Plunkett on

      @Wesley Baron You're not the only one. I'm absolutely dying to play this game on the Switch, avoiding all instances of it on other platforms so I can go in fresh. The junk folder on my email never felt so appreciated.

    4. Wesley Baron on

      Has anyone gotten their key? Still waiting. Have checked my junk folder a dozen times.

    5. Marc-andré Drouin on

      And I am not a bad boy, but I have backed the Y-L since day one for 360 canadian dollars and I wait that for wii U.

      First hurt: wii u was canceled !
      2nd Hurt: Switch will NOT come in same time of PS4/XBOX ONE or pc
      3e Hurt: Backers doesn't have the code for play ! BUT MEDIA HAVE IT !
      4e Hurt: The price ! All other version, the price is cheaper !

      So, I am angry and I have the right to be angry !

    6. Marc-andré Drouin on

      I am really angry ! We wait our code since so long ! Playtonic games, it's over for me. I never bought your future games !

    7. Missing avatar

      Tom Galbally on

      So two and a half years ago I backed this to get a steam digital edition of the game. By the time it came out I no longer owned a PC and have never been able to play the game. I do now own a Switch which didn't exist when I backed the project, but because there's been no opportunity to change platforms I will now have to pay AU$60 to buy the digital version on switch when a physical version on PS4 sells for only AU$39. The only slight advantage left to me as a backer was the prospect of being able to buy it before its official release date, now just 3 days away. Despite the fact that the Switch version has been made available for free to media outlets since last week, as a backer I still have nothing to show for it. To say that I feel cheated would be an understatement.

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel Drewett on

      How come review codes have been sent out and yet backers who funded the game are still waiting?

    9. Alisha Gleeson on

      Any update on the Switch codes? Release day is only a few days away so being able to "play the game immediately" is becoming less and less of a reward . . .

    10. Missing avatar

      Noah Linderer on

      Has anyone else received their backer codes for Nintendo Switch yet?

    11. David Beaudoin on

      I read over this update and missed that important sentence that said backers would be able to play the game immediately after it pre-loads. This makes me very happy! I hope Nintendo turns around the codes in short order. Having it to play this weekend sometime would be awesome, but if not, no big deal. The Switch is always with me when I go to work during the week, so even if it drops on a weekday, I can play during my lunch breaks.

    12. hcfwesker on

      @Magnus Nystrom the option to change versions came up around Feb 5th ( a month before the switch launched), and expired just 11 days later ( still 2 weeks before switch's launch). Which really makes no sense because most people at the time weren't sure if they would even get a switch. The survey most likely was just for the cancelled WiiU version backers to change their version to Switch, but they did allow other versions to be changed to the Switch as well. Strangley it was just an 11 day window to make the change.

    13. Alex on

      I don't think we are going to get the codes today from backer kit even though it says "ready to ship".... I'll still keep hitting refresh today and all weekend but a weekday next week is what I'd guess at this point

    14. Cyborg-Lucario on

      I'm sitting here and patiently waiting for my Switch code.

    15. Vinzius

      @Ben Booth Ha thanks ! Ok, it sucks... Well I guess I won't be playing anytime soon. I'll try to grab it at an unfair price somewhere somehow...

    16. Missing avatar

      kamikazilucas on

      has anyone got a email yet

    17. Magnus Nystrom on

      I backed it on WiiU but I never received any info about a Switch version switchover from the defunct WiiU, how can I get this?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeff Conser on

      Any idea when exactly the codes will be available?

    19. Missing avatar

      tim bartja on

      Great!!! Can't wait for the code :)

      Loving the art too! The ARMS crossover is awesome

    20. KomaruTheHylian64 on

      And now we wait for the DLC and N64 Shader Mode.
      Thanks Playtonic, looking forward to Yooka Laylee 2 (Twooka Laylee) also.

    21. Missing avatar

      Sylvia Rogers on

      Thanks for letting us know that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't a freight train ;) ... just one question: if you made up the game in cartridges to sell at stores, then why can't backers get a physical copy of the game instead of a downloadable copy that'll just take up most of the room on the internal storage? I'm looking forward to playing it; however, I'd rather wait a week for a physical copy than have to settle for a downloadable copy that I can't even back up.

    22. Stephen Kolesarić on

      How will we receive our download codes if we originally backed for PC then changed to Switch?

    23. Missing avatar

      Rahim Adawi on

      That Lanky...

    24. Missing avatar

      Alan Dyke on

      Thanks for the heads up hear's hoping we all get are codes soon :)

    25. Daniel Radtke on

      We will get to play the game before the 14th, Playtonic confirmed it on Twitter

    26. Missing avatar

      Alan Dyke on

      Definitely would be awsome iv got everything crossed I think people are being way to cautious at the end of the day at least they have made the effort to get it to us at a high standard seen some comparison videos and by the looks of things they have done a top notch job getting it right

    27. Alex on

      @Alan That is how I interpreted the update as well.... The Switch just got pre-load functionality so I think selective game unlocks for redeemed codes isn't happening. I would be pleasantly surprised though if we get the codes tomorrow and can start playing 6 days early.

    28. Merik2013 on

      That's great. Maybe time time you can give us the low down on your DLC plans. We still don't even have that 64 shader.

    29. Missing avatar

      Alan Dyke on

      Pretty sure we will be able to play it as soon as we get are code but we shall see hears hoping we get the codes soon I never get much luck with things like this I will be truly gutted if I get my code after the release day but I really can't wait for this I need a brake of skyrim and this is what is needed

    30. Alan Garcia on

      What I understand is we backers can use the code to pre-load it, and play in the moment it will be released at Dec 14th.

    31. Smoke Rulz on

      The time is upon us~

    32. SpicyPandotter on

      Got my steam backer copy a while back. But resisted playing so I can enjoy on Nintendo. Can't wait :D

      Also that ARMS design of Lanky is incredible! He'd be right at home in ARMS!

    33. Ben Booth on

      @Vinzius, I'm in the same boat except that I did get a reply from them. If you didn't select Switch in BackerKit when it was available there's no chance of switching your Steam key over to a Switch one. They said they wouldn't even be able to offer a discount when I said that I'd consider purchasing it again. I never ended up playing this on Steam and it looks like I'll probably just wait for a while before picking it up on Switch

    34. Jayvir on

      Weird... It says the code allows a preload... But then you say we can play immediately. Which is it?

    35. Missing avatar

      Connor Swinney on

      Awesome that this is happening, but as Blake and Timothy have stated/questioned, would you be willing to clarify what you mean by "More importantly, you’ll be able to play the game immediately as well!"? I would like to clarify that before anything is thrown out and lost in translation on social media. Will we be able to download and play the game as soon as we receive our codes, or will we still be waiting until the Dec 14th release date?

    36. Brandon "DonSerrot" Torres on

      Am I seeing that right? We'll get to download/play the game before the official Switch release? If so that's awesome and a very nice way to thank the backers for waiting so long!

    37. Missing avatar

      Ian Charles on

      Too little, too late.

    38. Vinzius

      Hi guys.
      I sent you an email months ago about switching from steam to switch, but I never got a response. Is it too late ? (got the steam key, but didn't it yet).

    39. Andrew Edwards on

      Thanks to all the team. I was happy to wait to play it on Nintendo and appreciate the time you took to get it right.

    40. Timothy Kolek on

      Blake, right when you get the code, you can put it into your Switch, download the game, and play it. Even better than pre-loading (assuming we get them before release day). :)

    41. Blake on

      "Backer game codes will allow you to pre-load Yooka-Laylee on your Nintendo Switch ahead of the game’s official release on December 14. More importantly, you’ll be able to play the game immediately as well!"

      As in, 'immediately on December 14th', or 'immediately after entering the code'?